Otura Tiyu


Other names of the Odu Ifa Otura Irete:

Otura tiyu.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Otura Tiyu?

  • The Nuns.
  • Born: The ebb of the sea waves.
  • The compass on Chinese land.
  • Eating OLOFIN together with ORUNMILA.
  • Why the guinea is given to OGUN when he gives Okana at the door of the Igbodun.
  • Here: It is where the woman is dedicated to the care of Ifá.
  • The charges of the Vestals speak.
  • ORUNMILA in spirit comes to live with Apetebí.

What does the sign of Ifa Otura Tiyu talk about?

  • Otura Tiyu speaks of eating bone and feeding ESHU.
  • ORUNMILA did Ebó and works to the aleyo and he did not resolve and suffered an embarrassment.
  • The house is always destroyed.
  • ORUNMILA was a child and a Saint.
  • The head is requested with apple bananas.
  • An Arabic entity speaks.
  • The sea moves away from the land.
  • Abortions are prohibited.
  • Borumu and the Jimaguas are received.
  • The Ifa boy spoke with AWAKAFAN.

The sign Otura Irete points out:

  • He suffers from varicose veins and arteries.
  • ESHU LAROYE's son, ESHU LARIO, was born.
  • When this Odu (Otura Tiyu) is seen, the okpele is removed and put on ESHU.
  • 9 Flamboyan pods are placed on the ORUN oath.
  • The grass is banana leaf.
  • Speak moderation.

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Sayings of the Sign of Ifa Otura Tiyu (Irete):

  • The Owl is seen screaming yesterday, and a child dies today, but who knows how the death of the child is caused by the bird.
  • The reformation of spirituality gives benefits to man.
  • Moderation makes a rich man.
  • When children are happy, luck enters the house.

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Otura Irete:

The Awó must ask Orunmila what power he should receive because there are powers that can make the Awó sick.

Ifa Otura Tiyu says:

That all your things from today, will begin to go forward, if you do everything that ORUNMILA tells you.

Do not communicate your secrets to anyone, not your business, or anything good you have, because there will be your misfortune. -The warriors are angry with you and want blood.

Do not keep anything for anyone inside your home.

They are going to send him to look for a place to heal a person, but first he must go pray, and do not take too long in that place.

He has Ashé and that is why he is the only one who can heal that person, he must receive a lot of luck, very great, where he will get out of all his troubles.

Prayer of the sign Otura Irete Ifa:


Suyere Oddún Otura Irete:


Ebbo of the Oddun of Ifa Otura Tiyu:


An Ekó is cut in the middle, corojo butter is spread on it and the two halves are placed on top of ESHU (Elegba). A hala hala stick doodle is also put on it with three slugs and three hanging bells.


A chicken egg white will be poured into a glass, it is presented to OLORUN at twelve o'clock.
and that Arab entity or protection is asked.

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Tips from Oddun Otura tiyu (Irete):

The person with this oddun of Ifa, should put a doodle of stick hala hala with three slugs and three hanging snails.
The sea moves away from the land.

By Otura Tiyu abortion is prohibited, as well as the children who visit their house are not thrown away, so that they do not lose their luck, as well as to celebrate the Jimaguas and invite the children to run and scream and eat sweets and soft drinks.

Here in this Odu OLOFIN gave him the ashé of all the Oshas and Orishas, ​​and he gave it to ORUNMILA.

For this Odu "Otura Irete" is where the husband sits talking with the business and work woman and with that the man advances, because her Guardian Angel will help him.

Here Boromu is received and all the works are done to win, because if he does not lose power.

The Sign of Ifa Otura Tiyu carries an Inshé which is the compass that works astronomically. This compass is hung on a necklace from OLOKUN and ORUNMILA and is placed within the Ifá of OTURA TIYU.

Here thanks are given to the Chinese Egun and also to the spirits of Chinese science, which is where the Compass was born.

For this sign it is necessary to reinforce the OGUN of the Awó to which you have to put a scimitar which is washed with Ifá herbs and given a white banana, so that OGUN always defends the Awó from all incidents and betrayals that weigh on him .

When this Oddun from Ifa leaves in Untefá, before the Itá you have to give OGUN a banana at the door of the IGBODUN and on the day of the IYOYE after giving the rooster to OGUN in the KUTUN, SHANGO is given 2 roosters and has his call . (see the way).

When AWO OTURA TIYU goes to receive KAKUANARDO, the knives before the lavatory are put on top of OGUN and given a banana and afterwards they are put on SHANGO and given two roosters and it is sung:

This Odu symbolically points out the men who are tied by the deep power felt in sucking the genital organs of women (LABA-OBO), which in this Odu is the art and the worst vice of immersing in the orifice of the vulva of the woman.

Diseases that affect the Otura Tiyu Sign: Osteoporosis, varicose veins, memory loss, arteriasis and arteriactosis problems.


Meaning of the Sign of Ifa Otura Tiyu:

This Odu speaks of the reaffirmation of our spirituality. As well as knowing how to take moderation, which will be the most difficult for the client.

In Otura Tiyu is where the woman is dedicated to the care of Ifá, and where the Awó takes care of the Apetebí but does not have sexual contact with her. They also speak the positions of the Vestals, who are Maidens wives of the divinities who are in charge of their care.

In this Odu the Nuns were born. (Women who accept to live their entire lives in a religious order, which professes)

Here ORUNMILA, in spirit, comes to live with Apetebí.

The ebb of the sea waves was born, causing the erosion of the coasts.

This Odu indicates ups and downs in the life of its ruler.

In this Odu the house, the marriage is always destroyed.

Here he speaks of the termite in the bones or disease of the bone system (Osteoporosis) The person also suffers from a leg due to the action of an Egun (dead) who was lame and Indian.

In this Odu, ORUNMILA was a child and a Saint.

Here ORUNMILA did Ebó and works for a person and he did not resolve, and he went to claim him and ORUNMILA suffered an embarrassment. So when you see this Odu on a person, you will be very careful when marking him and when doing the works, because it may not solve. Nothing should be assured. That is why this Odu is prayed in the Ebó to avoid embarrassment to the Awó.

This Ifá indicates that a work has been done to the person with a dark Egun that they buried at the foot
from a tree.

Here head praying (Kobo-Ori) is made with apple bananas.

The Awó with this Odu Otura Irete must be made Ebó before going to plants or Ifá.

This Odu speaks of an Arab entity that lives in its spiritual picture. A glass with an egg white is placed on it, it is presented to OLORUN at twelve o'clock in the day and it is requested from that entity.

When Otura Tiyu is seen with the okpele, it is removed and placed on top of ESHU, an Ekó is cut in the middle and corojo butter is spread on it and ESHU is put on it.

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Pataki of the sign of Ifa Otura Tiyu:

When Eshu didn't want to eat.

Once ORUNMILA left the town where he lived at that time, to go to another town. As he went to where he was going, as he entered the mountain, he saw in the distance a great smoke, which was produced by a bonfire. Towards there ORUNMILA went, when he reached the place of the bonfire, he saw that the one who produced it was ESHU, but that, at the same time, ESHU was kneeling in front of the bonfire and a cauldron, to which he made requests.

ORUNMILA, seeing that, asked ESHU, what was the cause for which he was doing that.

ESHU replied: -I am doing it because the town in which he lived did not feed him and that was why he did it. In addition, he said: - «Look how I have them». ORUNMILA looked at the place that ESHU pointed out, seeing a town that had been totally destroyed, because its inhabitants were in such conditions of destruction and disease, that they were pitiful, since the one that remained standing was a starving skeleton, a product of the epidemic that arose. It had been produced by the amount of unburied corpses there were.

ORUNMILA refuted ESHU for what it was doing and went to the town with the intention of trying to save it.

When he got to town, the first thing he did was make OSODE, seeing this ODU OTURA TIYU.

He quickly began to make EBO, and whose EBO he sent him to the bush, along with the rooster. From that moment on, ESHU began to eat from the EBOSES that ORUNMILA sent him.

So, being entertained eating, the inhabitants of this land began to get up and get well, thanks to ORUNMILA, who was the savior.

NOTE: The EBO rooster will be sent to the jungle and will be given to ESHU.

ÒTÚRÁ ÌRETÈ (Otura Tiyu) Traditional Nigerian Ifa.

Olóun Oba níi wonfón eji wéréwéré
Àwòdì òkè níí rà goronbì goronbì lóríbè
Ball bá n wá nií bò wá
Ko lédà nnú mó
Ota inú omi ò gbárìnrin
A day fún Àjòjì gòdògbò
Níjó tí n rèé joba lóde Ìbínní
Or give him a foo báyìí?
Wón ní kó rbo
Ló bá rbo
lo ba tedi mole
Ngbòó said kan
Ló bá lóun n lo òkèèrè
Ni ón ba fi jOba lóde Ìbínní
Ló bá dèyìnwá
Àwon ará ilú è bá pè é
'Oyè ìlúù re'
'Agbánri téèé je'
'Móo bò wáá je é'
Ó lóun ò heh
Ó lÓba Ìbínní yìí túun
Àwon tí n be nlé ó móo mÁgbánri
Ó joyè tán ní n jó ní n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Olóun Oba níi wonfón eji wéréwéré
Àwòdì òkè níí rà goronbì goronbì lóríbè
Ball bá n wá nií bò wá
Ko lédà nnú mó
Ota inú omi ò gbárìnrin
A day fún Àjòjì gòdògbò
Níjó tí n rèé joba lóde Ìbínní
Ebo n won ni or se
ó gbébo nbè
Or ruby
Oba tímo je nÍbìínní
Oba to o
Àjòjì gòdògbò ló ní won or móo mÁgbánri
Òun ti joba níbìíní
Òun ò wá mó or
Àjòjì gòdògbò
Ó ní won or móo mÁgbánri.

Ifá says that this person will have profits. He is exhorted to keep a ward in his royal house so that wealth and good fortune of position will not find him abroad deterring him when he returns home. Ifá wishes for this person the good fortune of obtaining a coronation title both at home and abroad, but he must first ascend to that of his home before that of the foreigner.

It is God who makes it rain in gentle torrents
The sky is the only one that limits the Eagle to rise and descend on the peaks of the mountains
If a source of wealth is coming looking for you
There is no need to be retained again
Chinese stone on the river bank does not care about the cold
They were the ones who made divination for Àjòjì Gòdògbò
The day he was going to ascend the throne of Benin
He asked, 'Will my life be good?'
They advised him to offer sacrifice
He after offering the sacrifice
He stayed at home
But on a fateful day
He left a message that he was traveling abroad
Since it was how he became the King of Benin
He got very rich
Your country sent you a message
"The title of the throne of his city"
"Agbánri, it was granted to you"
"Come and ascend instead"
He refused
He said "Being Monarch of Benin is more than enough"
"People at home can take the title of Agbánri"
He ascended the throne and started dancing and was happy
He praised his Babaláwos
And their Babaláwos praised Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwos had said
It is God who makes it rain in gentle torrents
The sky is the only one that limits the Eagle to rise and descend on the peaks of the mountains
If a source of wealth is coming looking for you
There is no need to be retained again
Chinese stone on the river bank does not care about the cold
They were the ones who made divination for Àjòjì Gòdògbò
The day he was going to ascend the throne of Benin
He was advised to offer sacrifice
And he did
The throne I ascended to in Benin
It's enough
It was Àjòjì Gòdògbò who refused to obtain the title of Agbánri
I have ascended the throne of the King of Benin
I will not come back
Àjòjì Gòdògbò
He said that they should follow the Agbánri.

Eshu of the Sign Otura tiyu


The stone of this Eshu is sought in the corner. To look for it, he takes: hutía and smoked fish, toasted corn, corojo butter, guinea peppers, honey, 4 pieces of coconuts (with which he asks if the stone is Eshu Laroye and eats with the person's head) . When he answers yes, he will be given the ingredients and given a chicken.

The load carries: powder from 21 strong sticks, powder from 7 different roots, powder from 7 herbs, 7 branches of pica pica, 21 guinea pepper, 21 grains of roasted corn, bibijagua and its land, beads of the Saints, land of Church, cemetery, sea, ox jar scrape, rooster's head powder, dog's head and feet powder, chicken eggshell and pigeon taken out, 3 snails (dilogunes), ero, obi, kolá, osun naború, aira, land of the hill, and head of tinea.

The dough will be given a black rooster and jicotea, the heads of the animals will be thrown inside. A chick will be given to him in the corner and three candles are lit for him.

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