Oyekun Birete (Irete): Meaning, advice, sayings, patakies and more

Oyekun Irete

Oyekun Birete, is the combination between the Ojú Odù Oyeku and Irete and is the Odu number 44 of the Ifa genealogy, It was through the energy of this Odu that the Orisha Ode came to Earth. When this sign of Ifa comes out in divination, you will be warned that an older friend has prepared an evil trap for him. Before acting with him, he must make sacrifice to Eshu and his head, because in this way he will prosper.

Ifá, in Oyekun Irete advises this person to offer the sacrifice because he and another person are planning to travel somewhere. Both must make the sacrifice so that they can be housed; and it does not turn out that one is hosted instead of the other. They must each offer a machete as a sacrifice.

In the odu Oyekun Birete is born:

  • Born: Ode.
  • Here: All the holes in the house are covered.
  • It signals sodomy.
  • Egun and Shango are lit a lamp.
  • You have to sleep with light.
  • It indicates marriage separation.
  • You have to receive Azojuano in Arará.

Meaning of the odu Oyekun Birete:

The Ifá sign Oyekun Irete indicates that the Awó is lit for seven days at home. And it has to be cleaned with: jutía and smoked fish, corojo butter, toasted corn, coconut, beef, honey, brandy and husk, and the boot to the four corners and light candles to Oshún and Azojuano for 3 days.

When this Ifá is seen, Ebó is made to tie up luck, so that it does not go away. The Ebó is made with bellows, if there is none, it is made with a rope. When it is done with rope, two pieces of firewood are put on it.

Here, when you have to settle Oshun, you catch a chicken egg, 2 pigeons, corojo butter, toasted corn, cocoa butter, cotton. The egg is placed in a white cup and cocoa butter, Iyefá prayed from the Odu Oyekun Birete and feathers of the pigeons are added to it, to be placed in front of Oshún before settling it.

Because of the Oyekun Irete sign, you cannot receive Azojuano in Yoruba, it must be in Arara. Point out Sodomy. Beware of sissies visiting your home, cold bones, arthritis, impotence from sexual abuse. It suffers from the legs.

The Azojuano (San Lázaro) necklace is worn with a hanging Inshe-Osanyin.

Lamps are lit to Egun and Shango.

Five crowbars (Ado marun) are placed on Oshún and the names of the enemies and an ammunition are placed inside.

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Recommendations of Oyekun Birete:

Whenever this Ifá is seen, Oshún and Azojuano are turned on.

You have to sleep with light.

Ifá nor Kaferefun; Shango Adifafun Orúnmila, Obatalá and Azojuano.

Here a white and red hat is used.

Points out: Marriage separation.

Shango is put okra with hutía and smoked fish. Ogun is put on brandy.

Fruits are put on the Ibejis.

Egun must be attended to.

In the Oyekun Irete sign, Ode was born, so the Awó who has this Odu de Ifá must receive it.

This is a tough Ifá, because you are fighting with a person who was your friend before and today is your enemy and knows all your things.

For this Ifá, it is ordered to cover all the holes in the house to prevent the disease from staying –arun- and Azojuano must be received in Arara, which are the ones that seal it and thus protect the disease.

They are ordered to fix the teeth and not eat peanuts or sesame, do not have them in the house.

He has to be careful, they are sprinkling witchcraft on the ground to tie his feet so that he cannot walk and kill him.

You have to be careful with revolutions and scandals in the house.

Here the person does not have a seat and stubborn, that is his great delay.

Here he suffers from a left hernia.

Look to see what Azojuano -San Lázaro- wants with you.

You have to be careful with contagion of diseases.

You have to constantly check your blood, because here you have leukemia.

When this Odu comes out Oyekun Birete divination is advised to receive Olokun. The man must also receive his own Ifa and the woman is warned to marry a man who has his own Ifa and will have a son who will bring him prosperity.

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What does the sign Oyekun Irete talk about?

When this Odu comes out in Igbodun, the person is told that he must take good care of his three children because they will pass critical moments in life. If you do not have children yet, you should find one from your family and stay with him or her. He will not receive support from his wealthier siblings who will abandon him in time of need. You must have a lightning stone in your Ifá, because Shango will help you fight against your enemies in the future, you must also put a machete on your Ifá.

In an ordinary divination he must give a goat to Eshu to prevent himself from a disease and divert him from the mad because they will do him an injury.

When this Odu (Oyekun Irete) comes out in divination the person must be warned that his older brother is planning to do something to him. He must be warned not to keep his arms outstretched, as his vile brother will act against him. It is here, because it is said that there is a good soul against evil things.

When this divination comes out for a man who wants to have children, he must make the sacrifice for his virile member and if it is the woman for his ovary.

The person who gets Oyekun Birete in Igbodun must also have his Olokun prepared and a lightning stone will be introduced into his Ifá and thus he will be able to triumph in the many battles he will have to face in his long life.

He will have long prosperity, several children, and enough life to support his old age. You should only be forbidden to eat rabbit and any food with entrails.

In this divination the person must be warned that he was born to be a leader. He must serve Eshu with a goat and a dove at his head for his destiny to be manifested.

Sayings of Oyekun Birete:

  • He who imitates, fails.
  • Stubborn thing is lost thing.
  • He who is free from sin, cast the first stone.
  • Where sickness is around, death is.
  • Even if you are King, consider the one who is sentenced.
  • There are those who put their hearts where there are interests.

Ifa odu Oyekun Irete says:

There in his house, for any simplicity a scandal or revolution is formed. You don't stop anywhere, you don't have a seat, don't insist on anyone, much less your wife, because you have to raise your hand and then it will weigh you down; If something contradicts it, keep your mouth shut and ignore it.- You want to know a lot and you are fooling yourself. -In his house there is a patient and he is very ill, and there is no assurance of salvation, he suffers from the left hernia and is the cause of the revolution. -You. you are lucky, but in one thing you are going to get involved that there will be a mess, where you will see yourself with your feet on your head. -Respect the elderly. -You. he has a wound that hurts a lot when it rains, he has to be careful not to open it up again.

It is very violent and, from today, be calm. -Care to the Saints and very special to Oshún and San Lázaro. -You. You should not eat sesame or peanuts, as you should not have them in your home. -You. your teeth must be fixed. -Do not fight any more with that person who was your friend before and today is your enemy. Beware of witchcraft that has been thrown on the ground to make his feet sick, so that he cannot walk and kill him in spite of himself. -You. his feet are sick, with sores and pimples, do Ebo. -Be careful where you step. -Do not go to see contagious patients, because the disease can hit you. Do not be nosy and do not do what others do, lest you meet a misfortune and go to prison or get sick, because the one who imitates, fails. -If he speaks well: a person must come from the field to make a Saint. He has to attend to her, he has to light a lamp for a dead man or Shango, and give okra, jutía and smoked fish, corojo butter and brandy to Ogún and fruits to the Jimaguas. -Do not drink or take anything that is not yours, you have to receive Eshu and a daughter of Yemajá will be the one who will save you.

Beware of sissies visiting your home. -You. you have to be careful with your marriage, as there may be separation. -You. must sleep with light.

Watch out for cold bones, arthritis, impotence from sexual abuse. -Watch out for sodomy.

Prayer of the Odu Oyekun Birete:


Suyere from Odu Oyekun Irete:


Oyekun Birete's Ebbo:

Ebo to tie the luck odu Oyekun Birete:

This Ebó is made with: ewiri bellows; if there is not, it is made with rope, a rooster, other ingredients. When using rope, you put two pieces of firewood on it.

With Oshún for the enemies of the Sign Oyekun Birete:

You put five crowbars-ado-marun- and inside you put the name of the enemies and an ammunition.

Herbs (Ewe) of Oyekun Irete:

Yagruma, Tongue Vaca, Jara jara, Pendejera.

Pataki of the sign Oyekun Birete:

Birth of Ode.


In the land Kentú lived Yemaya okute, who was a woman from Ogún Alaguede and had 3 children: Añaqui, Akoro and Igbo.

Igbo had long hair, ruffled like a ram, and liked to hunt. Añaqui lived on the reefs and always had 2 coconuts. Yemajá left him on the reefs because he did not want to leave there. Akoro, who was the eldest, worked in the smithy with his father Ogún.

One day, Yemajá goes to Orúnmila's house because she wanted to know the fate of her children. In the bear he got this Odu, Oyeku Irete, where Ifá told him that one of his sons would be a hunter, but if he hunted on the night of the full moon,

Osanyin would find him, consecrate him, and return home no more. When Yemajá arrived at the house, he called them and told him what Orúnmila had said. But he ignored it and went hunting on a full moon. All the
hunters gathered in the bush, around a large bush called Iroko, and from there they set off in different directions.

Igbo went into the bush and when he was trying to hunt a deer, he met Osanyin, who entangled him with his leaves and Igbo fell asleep during the whole hunt, without knowing where he was.

When he awoke, he had become Ode - the sorcerer. He knew nothing of what had happened in the world of the living. When the hunt ended, the hunters gathered by the Iroko bush and saw that the Igbo did not return. Realizing that something had happened, they decided to go home and told Okute-Yemajá that their son had not returned. Yemajá knew immediately what had happened.

Akoro, his brother, immediately decided to go looking for him and went to his father's smithy and forged 7 tools - pick, shovel, ax, spear, knife, scythe and machete - he threw them on his back and went to the mountains. And along the way he sang:

At that moment, he found Ode covered in feathers from the hunted animals. Akoro threw it on his back and returned with him to where Okute was. She did not want to receive him for disobedience, he was not a sign of love from her father or mother. Then, Akoro said: - «If you cannot receive Igbo, don't receive me either, I am going to the mountain with my brother».



And so he stayed to sleep with his brother Igbo Ode.

Oyekun Irete Ifa Traditional:


They were esín kún mi lénu tétéété
A day fún Ìyálóde Òpò
Ekún omo ni n sun
Òún le bímo layé òun báyìí?
Wón ní kó rbo
Wón nire ó to lówó
Wón ní Àgbébò adìe lebo
Eku, Eja lebo
Ìyálóde Òpó bá rbo
Wón bokè ìpòrí e fun
Ìyálóde ti ón ti n pé or dàgbà
Ló bá lóyun
Lo bímo
Omó kún ile
Ìyálóde bá n jó ní n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
They were Esín kún mi lénu tétéété
A day fún Ìyálóde Òpò
Ekún omo ni n sun
Wón ní ó saca káalè ó jàre
Ebo did not know
ó gbébo nbè
Ó rubo
Taa ló báwónyí beere?
Ìyálóde Àgbà
Ló bímo báwònyí beer
Ìyálóde Àgbà.

This person is eager to have children, but people would say that it is too late for her to raise children because of her age.

Horse meat fills my mouth to overflowing
He was the one who made divination for Ìyálóde Òpò
She cried because she had no children
She asked, Would I be able to have children on earth?
They advised her to offer sacrifice
Since she would have children
They said a grown hen is the sacrifice
Rats, fish are the objects of sacrifice,
Ìyálóde Òpò heard about the sacrifice and did it
They did a special Ifa work for her
Ìyálóde, as she was thought to be old
She got pregnant
And gave birth to her children
And they were many
Ìyálóde danced with joy
She praised her Babaláwos
Their Babalawos praised Ifá
She said it was exactly as her Babaláwos had said
Horse meat fills my mouth to overflowing
He was the one who made divination for Ìyálóde Òpò
She cried because she had no children
They advised him to take care of the earth
And make the sacrifice
She heard about the sacrifice
She offered it
Who has many children?
Apparently old Ìyálóde
Has many children
The supposed old Ìyálóde.

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