Meaning of the Rider Waite Tarot Cards

Meaning of the Rider Waite Tarot Cards

Each 78 Rider Waite Tarot Cards It has its own meaning loaded with deep symbolism. They represent situations, emotions or human feelings, which despite being a very old practice, their advice continues to endure over time.

understand the meaning of tarot cards It constitutes an excellent tool to access the advice of our spiritual guides to find an alternative with which we can solve certain daily situations.

What is the Rider Waite Tarot?

It is a tarot card game whose authorship is attributed to Arthur Edward Waite. It could be considered one of the most popular decks in the world, created during the first years of the XNUMXth century, but with an extraordinary validity until today. It has a great symbolic load that facilitates its understanding, which is why it is usually the favorite of many tarot readers.


The Rider Waite Tarot was made known in 1910 when its author, the British mystic Arthur Edward Waite, a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a British occult society, publishes it in his work «The Pictorial Key to the Tarot». Later, during the same year, the illustrations of that card game that were made by the artist Pamela Colman Smith are released.

How are the cards divided?

This Tarot deck is made up of 78 cards that are grouped into two arcana blocks (meaning secret). The first group known as "Major Arcana" is made up of 22 cards; The second group called "Minor Arcana" is made up of 56 decks that are divided into four types of cards, just like the Spanish deck.

All the arcana of the Rider Waite Tarot cards have striking designs full of great symbolism, which practically makes them speak for themselves, simplifying their interpretation, unlike all other tarot cards.

Meaning of the Major Arcana of the Tarot Rider Waite Smith

Major Arcana of the Tarot Rider Waite Smith

The Major Arcana are considered the basis of the Tarot card game.. They represent determining points in human life. They refer to the deepest emotions and feelings of man. Each one of them has a number that indicates what stage of life the person being advised is going through, since they also signify the cycle of life that fluctuates in its constant beginning, development and end, resulting in change.

The Major Arcana recounts the development of a cycle known as: "The Fool's journey". A bustle that takes place between physical and spiritual life, which begins with the card of "El Loco" and culminates in the rebirth of the card of "El Mundo" where everything starts again from scratch. Therefore, in a Tarot reading, it is possible to identify which level of the cycle of life we ​​are in, according to the numbers of the cards that appear in the spread. The lower ones suggest beginnings and the higher ones speak about the end of certain circumstances.

0 The Fool


The Fool card refers to absolute happiness, life that flows without ties. Transient loves or ideals, of illusions, of lack of reality. Loves that are believed to be ideal but that only exist in the mind. In the Rider Waite tarot, he expresses that happiness is a decision of one's own and that it is loaded with attitude. The madman is happy having what he needs that he carries in his bag hooked to a stick. However, he also warns that he should be careful with fantasies because left unchecked, they can bring bad results.

It calls for reflection and learning from mistakes, that with one's feet on the ground it is more likely to achieve success and that projects do not remain in the air. He talks about focusing your eyes to the front, to reality, to life, to the objectives in order to succeed.

When does this letter come out? Reversed announces stagnant, blocked or wrong paths, due to their own actions or way of seeing life, calls to stop and rethink plans, otherwise it goes straight to failure by taking wrong directions.

I The Magician

In the Tarot, the Magician card speaks to us of magic, of the power of energies, of incessant creativity, of movements. It portends beginnings, creation, inventions that begin with will and drive. It refers to the ability of human beings to do many things. It symbolizes the four elements that make up the world: water, fire, air and earth. It refers to the magician.

This card describes an individual with a high capacity for concentration and discipline that facilitates the possibility of achieving goals, especially when it comes to sentimental issues, sexuality between the couple, the discovery of a new love, a lover or a new friendship. Indicates good conversations, the gift of oratory, excellent negotiations, and sales. Self-confidence. Person with a vision of the future, projects and ideas. Mysticism, perception that helps you solve problems in any field.

Upon leaving Reversed it conserves its magic, it maintains the same information as the law, but it warns that more caution must be exercised to avoid imbalance in its affairs, and that its ideas may be misunderstood.

II The High Priestess

The High Priestess speaks about spiritual love towards existence, towards others. It represents the brotherly love that feels the importance of helping other people with basic needs. It speaks of the energy of femininity and feminine intuition. It represents a woman, with great wisdom. The search for knowledge. The tarot announces a time of voluntary solitude, of reflection. A reunion with himself.

This card shows a departure from the material world to enter a process of meditation. It can be a harbinger of wanted pregnancy. The High Priestess refers to a woman who faithfully keeps secrets., can be a lonely lady, single, very wise, with a high spiritual development, ready to help others.

Reversed indicates little capacity for reflection, lack of awareness, irresponsibility. Cold, insensitive, selfish woman, more sexual than spiritual. She also warns that a woman can reveal secrets that can lead to conflict, heralds betrayal.

III The Empress

The Empress

It refers to the sentimental aspect, but leans more towards desire, pleasures and physical attractions. It denotes a lot of sexuality. Stability between couples. Talk about fertility. The Empress represents her mother, she refers to energy and strength. The precise moment, the time that she puts everything in her place. It is a very feminine card. It represents a woman. It refers to the vitality, the sexual impetus of youth, the discovery of sexual potential, new pleasurable experiences. The tarot speaks of blessings obtained from nature, of beauty, sensuality, charm that people emanate from the inside out.

The Empress is a sociable person, who interacts with many people, is helpful, and a good hostess. Reversed it is very negative, it points to an unfaithful, frivolous, lying, and calculating woman. She predicts unwanted pregnancies, infertility problems, abortions or health problems and pregnancy complications.

IV The Emperor

IV The Emperor

It is a card that indicates masculinity, the father's card, patriarchal protection. It also denotes authority. Talk about love in a firm couple. Respect for regulations, legality and responsibility. The emperor indicates that desire for control over the entire environment, always exercised by that male figure, who can provide stability, that everyone respects and obeys because of his wisdom.

This deck speaks of the transmission of balance and control over the context. Man who brings wealth, material and spiritual goods. Reversed manifests confused thoughts, incoherence and irrationality; entrenched beliefs that are often wrong and opposed to change and evolution, you only accept your own perspective. The Emperor card also refers to indecision, and inability to make decisions and achieve goals.

V The High Priest

It speaks of true love, deep feelings and spirituality. He indicates great religious strength. The High Priest he is presented seated on a throne with a raised level above the town. He is the one who through his wisdom guides others so that they know how they should conduct themselves through life. The eight-pointed cross, the crown and the two golden keys that intersect at his feet symbolize that he is a character with wisdom, power, and respect. He also speaks of duality. The tarot in this card manifests religiosity, the fraternity of people within spiritual experiences, the correct coexistence within the norms established by the same community.

Reversed warns lack of open-mindedness, lack of understanding, dissatisfaction, emotional and spiritual disappointment. It marks a life outside the established parameters.

VI The Lovers


This card talks about love, but it covers all the senses of that feeling. It refers to lovers, romance, courtship phase, pleasures and pleasant feelings product of love. It refers to everything related to sexuality, eroticism, fantasies, desire and temptations. The tarot speaks of the need for balance between sexuality and love, of feeling incomplete if either of the two aspects is missing within the relationship. The innocence that is revealed and wants to seek to feel and experience the natural impulses of the human being.

It predicts new loves, the search for peace, harmony and resistance to sentimental temptations. In a labor sense, it indicates the love for what is done, towards work or profession, unions or companies that can represent great undertakings.

Reversed It states that couples are in crisis, it speaks of the loss of passion, of love, or of unions of convenience, lack of emotional maturity, and childish mentality. It can also refer to domination, lack of control or sexual addiction, sadness and suffering for love.

VII The Chariot

The car

This card predicts that the path where we are heading will be mastered thanks to the application of wisdom and balance in order to be successful. In sentimental terms, it suggests that emotional self-control must be achieved in order to enjoy firm relationships and stability within the family environment. The Chariot means the constant movement of life that does not stop, if we have a good march and choose the right path, the goals are successfully achieved.

Reversed augurs bad energies, the stalking of injustices and imbalance between good and evil, where evil has the advantage. Also, it speaks of exploitation, hard work, abuse of physical force.

VIII The Force

The force

The Force refers to great passions, intense love desires, basic instincts that guide actions. It raises the need for balance and calm to achieve the fullness of love. It is the inner strength, that of the heart, that of the mind, that of the spirit, depending on what you are asking yourself. The tarot presages the beginning of projects, movements that bring stability at work or professional level, it recommends working hard, with courage, staying energetic, with strength to make goals come true. It speaks of love for all creatures, of kind hearts.

Reversed it is the opposite. It warns of weaknesses, other people are allowed to take control over themselves, abandonment of their own will, mental imbalances, strong and dangerous depressions. In the sentimental field, it speaks of unhealthy relationships, there may be sexual aggressiveness or in the couple relationship, excessive use of force.

IX The Hermit

the Hermit

This card indicates that it is necessary to look inward. It speaks of reflection and introspection that can help self-knowledge. It heralds a season of estrangement and loneliness. In the sentimental field, couples may need time to find each other, and determine their true feelings. Emotional stability can only be achieved from self-esteem and harmony. It represents kindness and spirituality. The tarot points out that the correct path must be traced from reflection, humility and patience. The tarot card "The Hermit" speaks of enlightenment, of working for transcendence, the presence of a spiritual guide, the discovery of really relevant things in life.

Reversed it also refers to personal isolation, but this time it is mandatory. It symbolizes fears, complexes, shyness or cowardice to face the setbacks of life. It also warns of mistakes, missteps, inability to evolve. It determines the absence of inner peace and the lack of connection with a guide that supports you to evolve in every way.

X The Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of fortune

This reflects the functioning of life, presages the luck that is coming, the personal development in which our actions will determine if we succeed or fail. The Wheel of Fortune announces a new stage, changes to which we must adapt, a beginning in which we bet with great confidence and hope towards victory. It predicts positive development in all aspects of life: in love, at work, new businesses, good projects, trips and displacements. In another sense, it indicates unexpected and surprising events.

The tarot invites us to accept the avatars of destiny, although sometimes we do not agree, the changes are to have a better future. On a sentimental level, new loves begin, it indicates that opportunities should be taken advantage of, that luck will improve in that aspect, that an important change is approaching. On an economic level, a stroke of luck may occur, you win the lottery, or an unexpected inheritance. The Wheel of Fortune bodes well.

Reversed heralds a poor prognosis. It predicts very bad luck, loss of opportunities without even realizing it, difficulty to prosper and evolve.

XI Justice

This card "Justice" announces that there will be good resolutions before the trials, the legal or police procedures will be carried out with responsibility, capacity, with a clear mind, using logic and good reasoning to achieve excellent final results. On a sentimental level, it is necessary to promote mutual respect and reciprocity in the relationship, it shows an imbalance in appearance.

At an economic level, it talks about criticism of our actions in work or professional environments. The tarot says that you have to beware of ambition, impartiality, coldness or selfishness, because these attitudes can jeopardize the proper functioning of businesses, or companies.

Reversed presages judgments against, injustices, and injuries.

XII The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man XII

This card "The Hanged Man" indicates on a sentimental level that the individual is hanging by another person, that is, that his love has become an obsessive feeling, since he feels an uncontrolled attraction. There is a great inclination towards sexuality. In addition, he refers to immobility. The person, his thoughts, his affairs are suspended or paralyzed, due to the fact that the necessary actions to achieve the goals are not carried out, a spontaneous change of circumstances is expected.

This card graphically shows a man with his head down, which is interpreted to mean that his perspective of the world is upside down, or he simply has a different way of understanding things, without this affecting him at all. The tarot speaks of acceptance of oneself, of sufficient self-esteem that allows one to live adjusted to his parameters regardless of those of others, in calm and tranquility.

When it appears Reversed, The Hanged Man refers to the absence of suffering, feelings and emotions, due to passivity or conformism. He warns that it is necessary to remove the ties that limit him, he speaks of inability to achieve his goals, of pressure on the person. It refers to the fear of changes, and the need to clarify thoughts and ideas to generate appropriate actions for personal evolution.

XIII Death


This card announces radical transformations. It refers to stages in which very difficult moments are experienced, things that end, but at the same time, things that begin. On a sentimental level, a relationship can end, however, this situation opens the opportunity to find a new love that really represents the happiness of the person, which indicates that although painful, the change that occurs is favorable. This process is inevitable and definitive, therefore, it is necessary to accept it in order to evolve, resisting reality can cause serious setbacks, even stimulate the appearance of mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety. At the labor level, it can portend changes at work, the start of another activity or a change of employment.

The letter of "Death" can also announce moving, moving to another city or country. When it is worse aspected, it can refer directly to death as such, a bad omen, a death, which does not necessarily refer to the consultant, it can be someone known.

Reversed the tarot predicts in the same way, changes that are needed but stagnant. Negative feelings, sadness, and loss of energy prevail. Indicates harmful situations that overwhelm the individual and that it seems that they can never get rid of them.

XIV Temperance


This card refers to recovery processes, finding the desired balance. It invites you to work in order to achieve that fundamental balance to have an optimal life. On a sentimental level, the functioning of certain things should be discussed as a couple, evaluate the sexuality that is practiced, seek a better understanding. Rider Waite's tarot card Temperance suggests that a more delicate love relationship should be encouraged, balancing love with the sexual and passionate aspect. At an economic level, it invites us to balance the time we spend in the workplace and the time dedicated to rest and recreation, with the time dedicated to the search for spiritual balance, since deficiencies are identified in this regard.

Temperance at the health level indicates that harmony and moderation will allow the person to have a healthy life, full of love and spirituality, in fact, it speaks of the presence of a protective angel that helps and protects them.

Reversed heralds the need for good communications. Refers to lack of communication and understanding with the environment. Vices, bets or excessive taste for alcoholic beverages. Abuses of authority, and everything contrary to its original position.

XV The Devil

The Devil

This card talks about a hostile environment, you live surrounded by enemies who are waiting to act against the querent. It speaks of attempts to harm him and harm his affairs. The fears and fears of the person are evidenced, come to light. Luck changes, things turn negative. He talks about strong enemies, that you have to pay close attention to those oppositions. It is also possible that the person causes damage to himself, being able to be his worst enemy. On a sentimental level, the tarot warns of the loss of love, of pure feelings. He refers to greater attention to sexual practices, there may even be excessive taste for all kinds of perversions. Feelings do not prevail in relationships, the physical or material being more relevant.

Reversed the card El Diablo has a positive omen. He announces the possibility of improving his situation, he comes out of states of abandonment. The rebirth of new opportunities. Spiritual evolution can be achieved. It predicts a recovery from stages that have been difficult but that come to an end and the lifestyle is improved.

XVI The Tower


The Tower, this card forecasts negative situations. It speaks of an abrupt and unwanted change. Indicates that the consultant may be going through multiple conflicts, usually due to situations that are out of their hands and that occur spontaneously such as: accidents, fires, death of loved ones, company failures that cause layoffs, clashes within the nucleus family or sentimental that lead to traumatic separations.

It warns the end of a situation, but those setbacks, even if they are painful, bring something good for the consultant, the completion of things to which he was attached but that did not do him good either. On a sentimental level, the tarot can predict a final separation and divorce. Indicates couple conflicts caused by infidelities, lack of sexual understanding, or impotence. Reversed The Tower warns of everything announced by the interpretation of the letter to the right, but intensifying the seriousness of the situations. The conflicts are prolonged, the disease is prolonged. This card is negative in any sense.

XVII The Star

The star

In the Tarot, The Star heralds good omens, beginnings, hopes, and optimism. It is a positive card, favorable for what is being asked. Objectives are achieved, wishes that come true with future benefits. On a sentimental level, the tarot announces that it is revealed if there is indeed honesty in the feelings that are professed. The Star is a card that manifests the importance of balance and harmony. He refers that the ability to get out of any problem is within himself, and that any conflict will be effectively resolved.

The Star talks about job development, new projects, travel. Spiritually it suggests that an angelic entity constantly conspires in our favor.  

This letter when leaving Reversed, is a bad omen. It indicates serious imbalances in thoughts and actions. He talks about the waste of individual energy in things that do not lead to good results, due to wanting to walk down inappropriate paths. In general, he warns that the objectives of his interest will not be achieved.

XVIII The Moon

The Moon

This card speaks about unknown matters, about intuitive ability. It enhances the psychic energies that are in the consultant, which are evident beyond reason. The moon in the tarot indicates that spiritual virtues allow us to see beyond the darkness, the night, feelings, and fears. Thanks to these faculties, it is possible to discover deceptions provided by others, or provoked by oneself in order not to accept certain realities. There is disappointment. You must be careful to avoid suffering slander, betrayal, dangers caused by hidden enemies. On a sentimental level, the Moon card speaks of instabilities, of inconstancy that does not allow for consolidation or stability.

Reversed states that one suffers from negative attitudes that can become pathologies such as: excessive exaggerations, phobias, uncontrolled fears that lead to panic attacks. The Moon reversed can forecast various levels of insanity or mental health issues.



In the Tarot, The Sun Card means the presence of projects that will come true because good fortune is on your side, the path is illuminated, successes are coming in the workplace, in business, or professionally. It is in a favorable stage in which it is necessary to take advantage of it to show and achieve its interests. This "El Sol" deck speaks of clarity, of coming out of times of darkness, of a propitious moment to recover. On a sentimental level, it speaks of love in all its aspects; self-love is of great relevance; brotherly love, and the love of a couple where you can find a lot of satisfaction.

Reversed The tarot predicts that you must be careful not to make mistakes. Bad decisions can be made due to bad attitudes in which the person refuses to modify her behavior. If he manages to correct these attitudes, he predicts that what the right letter indicates will be experienced, but in a slightly lesser sense.

XX The Judgment

The judgment

This deck announces that it is necessary to make an important change in the querent's life. These changes may cause improvements and evolution in your affairs. You should not be afraid, if you dare to work according to your goals, you have a very good omen. On a sentimental level, the Judgment card calls for renewal, suggests changing habits to avoid monotony and revitalize the couple's sexuality.

The oracle indicates that people or situations from the past are coming back, who may want to destabilize the consultant in any field. Old stories or situations come to light that need to be clarified and forgiven in order to leave behind. Spiritually, the tarot speaks of the search for identity, of the need to find the right path to follow.

Reversed warns delays, weakness of character, bad decisions. Final sentences. Indicates legal problems and slow processes.

XXI The World

El Mundo

This card speaks of financial successes, positive businesses, projects that prosper, plans that are carried out, everything that is proposed will be positive. There may be births, job promotions, or any situation that has been expected and causes a lot of happiness. On a sentimental level, the card The World speaks of love that is approaching, it announces the arrival of the right person for the consultant, it indicates an opportunity that should not be rejected. The tarot presages moments of happiness, the experience of pleasures.

It is recommended to open up to the experience, not limit yourself in order to enjoy the true love that is written in the person's destiny. A relationship that is consolidated in marriage.

Reversed The tarot warns that things can stagnate, it reflects lack of movement, growth, indisposition for evolution.

What are the Minor Arcana of the Rider Waite Tarot?

Minor Arcana of the Rider Waite Tarot

The Minor Arcana complement the information that must be deciphered through the tarot spread. They are divided into four decks: Cups, Pentacles, Wands and Swords. Each type of card has a general interpretation that can help us understand the messages of a card individually. In general terms, these arcana mean:

  • The minor arcana of Swords represent the element of air. It refers to the mind, reasoning, the intellectual, intelligence, decisions, fears, the ego, opposites and oppositions.
  • The minor arcana of Cups They represent the element of water. It talks about emotions, love, human interactions, the interior of the human being, and his sensitivity.
  • The minor arcana of Pentacles of the tarot represent the earth element. It manifests physical reality, the material and earthly world, finances, money, home, stability, and work or professional matters.
  • The minor arcana of Rider Waite's tarot wands represent the element of fire. He talks about passions, communication, desire, creativity, inspiration, changes, and actions.

Which represent?

  • As: beginnings and new cycles.
  • Two: groupings or decisions.
  • Three: acknowledgments, movements or actions.
  • Four: stability and balance.
  • Five: instability or disharmony.
  • Six: balance or evolution.
  • Seven: opportunity or aspirations.
  • Eight: openings or changes.
  • Nine: intensity and strength.
  • Ten: conclusions or finals.
  • La Sota or El Paje: represents people in the prime of youth. Things that start, new positions. Jovial and cheerful spirits. Talk about seizing opportunities.
  • The Knight or the Horse: is masculine. It represents the spirit that prevails over matter. He describes people with ideals or fighting strength, who defend their interests. It refers to integrity, impetus, and courage.
  • The Queen: is feminine. She represents the institutions, the projects carried out, the strength implicit in femininity, the guide, the protection, the maternal instinct. She talks about the inner world of the individual, sensitivity and what no one sees.
  • The King: is masculine. he represents the actions, the movements. Depending on the element that the King represents, his action may be faster or slower. The Kings of Wands and Swords are usually more active than the King of Cups, which, corresponding to the element of water, is less energetic. The King of Pentacles is also usually calmer and more predictive as an earth element.

Meaning of the Sword Cards in the Rider Waite Tarot

Meaning of the Sword Cards in the Rider Waite Tarot

Ace of spades

Ace of Swords (Tarot)

This card warns of good ideas or projects. It speaks of the search for truth, the prevalence of justice and honesty. It reflects intelligence. Fight obstacles with strength. A new job or professional proposal. The tarot predicts pleasant encounters and prosperity.

The Ace of Swords shows a strong hand holding a sword with a golden crown, from which laurel leaves hang. It means: intelligence, good fortune, wisdom, harmony, and reflection.

Reversed in a tarot spread warns problems caused by thoughts, confusion, bad ideas, or unfinished plans. The disorder does not allow clarity, injustices, betrayals and bad actions can be presented against you. It recommends modifying the behavior, if there are no changes you can have many losses. It must take hold of something to achieve true stability.

2 of Swords

Two of Swords

The Two of Swords manifests a situation of rejection of the world. He talks about closing in on himself, a person who is blocked or in a state of shock. The two of swords can reveal that you experience a rejection towards the outside for having suffered some traumatic situation. It refers to emotional blocks, or lack of emotional balance. The image of him presents a blindfolded person, sitting with two crossed swords on her chest. He denotes protection to himself despite having his eyes covered. It symbolizes feelings, emotions, perception and psychic vision, the subconscious.

Reversed portends emotional problems, or psychic illnesses. You need to stop being defensive in order to improve, the constant readiness to attack can bring you many problems. There are no positive feelings for anyone. It speaks of loneliness, of estrangement. The 2 of Swords suggests seeking to fix these problems as soon as possible to your benefit.

3 of Swords

Three of Swords (Tarot)

The 3 of Swords card portends an unexpected betrayal. You can announce infidelities. It speaks of feelings of pain and sadness caused by third parties. The tarot suggests facing something that is happening and that has been consciously ignored.

The three of swords is a card that warns that if the necessary actions are not carried out on the situations that affect you today, later they will cause irreparable damage to the consultant. It invites reflection, to identify if it is the same person who is allowed to live that great sorrow. You can also warn of a death that you have to know how to cope with.

Reversed portends a more positive conversation. It announces that an emotional storm is passing and that you will soon be much better. Also, you can talk about a stage that begins, where health settles, you can get out of a physical or mental illness that afflicted the consultant for a long time. He warns that you must be prepared because you have to find out about a death, a situation or illness that can no longer be sustained, despite having done everything to solve it.

Announces the arrival of a sentimental healing process, the pain leaves his heart. Beware of spiritual damage, witchcraft and spells.

4 of Swords

Four of Swords (Tarot)

Four of Swords speaks of the need to take a break. It is necessary to take a moment for your recovery, take a vacation, enjoy life, do things that make you feel alive. The tarot also speaks of a stage of reflection, of meditation that will lead to important decisions. The four of swords speaks of the proper handling of problems, the search and application of peaceful solutions. If handled well, you will find harmony and peace, despite the stalking of opponents.

He suggests staying out of situations that do not concern us, even when dealing with problems of loved ones, getting into a debate about it will only make things worse for everyone. It can predict the presence of diseases and recommends taking things very calmly, so as not to accelerate processes that harm the functioning of the body.

Reversed warns of the need for a good rest, there is excess work or worries. You must find a way to regain your strength. It speaks of nervous disorders, impatience, anxiety, stress, which make the person erratic. It can also indicate that health problems do not allow you to rest well.

5 of Swords

Five of Swords (Tarot)

The 5 of Swords heralds victory. However, he warns that things can change unexpectedly at any time, therefore, the tarot recommends not trusting the happiness that is experienced at this time. He speaks of positive offers, of good environments that suddenly change. It can also refer to feelings of selfishness, unfair attitudes, humiliations and degradations that are done to others. He invites you not to pigeonhole yourself into always being right. It is recommended to act with intelligence and respect towards others, which guarantees success, otherwise you can lose what has been achieved. You must act out of your own conviction, not allowing impositions or manipulations that in the end will only cause dissatisfaction.

On a sentimental level, it can presage that the time has come to make radical changes, especially if there is not full satisfaction in the couple. The Five of Swords is a card that reminds us that the actions we do have consequences, if you act with good results, if you act with bad intentions, sooner or later you will fail.

Reversed warns suffering, stagnation, bitterness, loss, failure. It is a letter of bad omen. Announces times in which strong feelings of pessimism, negativity, irritability, exhaustion, anguish, confusion are experienced. He talks about getting involved in situations that later cannot be resolved. Refusal to interact with other people that intensify states of depression.

6 of Swords

Six of Swords (Tarot)

In the Rider Waite Tarot, The 6 of Swords heralds a change of life, it can herald travel, moving to distant places with the intention of finding a better chance at life. You arrive at a new place, new job, or new project that will be positive. The tarot suggests handling with prudence to reach a good port and achieve the stability that you want to achieve. It speaks of a person who leads the family. It can reflect abuse of power, domination, or authority, without letting others also have an opinion or participate. Arbitrariness, control of the situation.

It can suggest that balance or equality should be encouraged within the family circle or in the couple. It portends the need for inner change and the search for spiritual enlightenment. The Six of Swords is a card that can also speak of internal changes, of clearing up, improving your spirits to overcome vicissitudes. Announces the exit of states of depression, high anxiety or stress.

Invested warns that feelings of sadness and emotional instability are experienced. There are sensations in which the solution to the problems is not found. You must change places in a forced, unexpected, hasty or dangerous trip. The flight from the problems that brings greater instability.

7 of swords

Seven of Swords (Tarot)

This card talks about a person escaping or fleeing from something or someone. It can presage a separation, or the flight to new destinations because you are not satisfied with the life you lead. You set the value of what belongs to you and you don't want to share it with anyone. He speaks of the desire to be alone, of doing things his way, of the absence of other people's opinions to carry out his project. The execution of a plan in secret so that it is acted with caution and dissimulation. You can talk about robberies.

The Seven of Swords is a card that can also express the need to run away to feel free, due to situations that do not please you. You tend to be very happy alone. It speaks of independence, of the precise moment to live alone. He warns that one should not be irresponsible, or run away from obligations, it is necessary to face reality even if we don't like it.

Reversed The 7 of Swords portends irrational or dishonest behavior. It can indicate the proximity of failures, fraud, betrayal, infidelity, or theft. It recommends evaluating the behavior that one has because it may be that one acts in a shameful way, without scruples and without feelings, causing harm to others. You can notice that you are discovered by committing dishonest acts, by taking possession of other people's things, or by revealing the truth about love affairs.

8 of Swords

Eight of Swords (Tarot)

It indicates that you are going through negative situations, it can be imprisonment, paralysis, agony or suffering, which causes the feeling of being trapped. The tarot speaks of the impossibility of acting, being limited. The problems may be causing a feeling of suffocation and frustration. The Eight of Swords is a card that recommends making changes, making decisions no matter how hard it is, overcoming fears, only in this way can a better future be achieved.

Sword 8 shows us a woman blindfolded and tied up, denoting loneliness, sadness, confusion and impotence at not being able to change her situation. She can also express mental blocks, which do not allow her to get out of her problems. This card suggests seeking help to be able to face the necessary changes to improve her situation. Also, she can talk about enemies and people causing mishaps that cannot be avoided. She may have lost her energy or faith.

Reversed warns that attention must be paid to the actions that are carried out, because dangerous decisions can be made that can have serious consequences. He speaks of rebellion, of unconsciousness, of refusal to listen to the reasons of others in order to get away with it. It invites reflection because otherwise you can be very affected by your own actions.

9 of Swords

Nine of Swords (Tarot)

9 of Swords speaks of feelings of unhappiness, sadness and anguish. It refers to the lack of sleep caused by spending sleepless nights due to worry, anxiety or depression. It speaks of torments, fear of the unknown, doubts and uncertainties. This is a card that shows that you are going through a stage in which you feel a lot of pain, this may be due to some misfortune, bad news, or simply due to remorse. This deck recommends that you pay attention to your health, you may be suffering from nervous diseases that disturb sleep.

The nine of swords also invites us to modify the way we care about everything. In some cases, an agony is experienced for what is imagined, without being certain of what is really happening. It indicates that it is necessary to analyze well the situations that concern you, perhaps, it is not as serious as it is estimated.

Reversed warns that he lives between lies, a betrayal is brewing against him. It can indicate that one of the members of the couple dreams of another person, while she sleeps in her bed. Alerts the need to attend to health ailments to prevent diseases. This card indicates that the person lives absent from many things to avoid suffering, there is fear to face the problems of life and everything is allowed to flow as he pleases without intervening.

10 of Swords

Ten of Swords (Tarot)

This card does not represent death as such. However, if you notice that you are going through a very difficult situation or a misfortune. The tarot speaks of failures, betrayals, losses, or defeats. Projects do not have a good ending. The ten of swords also shows that there is an imposition on the person, authority or excessive submission, but invites to recover, to defend oneself to put an end to that situation and start a new cycle. On a sentimental level, the tarot can presage the end of a bad love relationship.

At the health level, it speaks that a disease that has caused a lot of pain is coming to an end, since it is undergoing adequate treatment or there is healing. If you have some type of vice, it is time to put an end to those excesses because you begin to see the consequences. Financially it is very negative. It talks about bankruptcy, debts, and liens. It is necessary to start from scratch. In the worst case, it warns the loss of a pregnancy, or the death of a loved one who has suffered a lot and can now rest in peace.

Reversed its meaning is contrary to law. It predicts that sadness and desolation will pass. It announces advantages, benefits, authority, power and successes over other people.

Jack of Swords

Page of Swords (Tarot)

This card speaks of the ability to adapt correctly to changes. It refers to the learning processes, it describes a mind that is awake and willing to educate itself. He can be a curious, spontaneous, honest, prudent and upright young man. He talks about a person who wants to know many things, who wants to succeed and evolve in life, so he prepares himself with discipline.

In the tarot it indicates that the person is sociable, communicative, with many virtues that have been developed over time. The Jack of Spades can also indicate that a young man will bring good and surprising news. He portends good fortune, opportunities that change life for the better. He recommends seeing problems as an experience that, thanks to reflection, gives us new knowledge.

Reversed This card warns that learning problems are going through, there is no evolution, there is a lack of understanding of what is happening, or one refuses to accept what is happening, therefore, there is no capacity to act. It speaks of passivity and stagnation. Things that happen unexpectedly, negative surprises. It can even indicate madness.

Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords (Tarot)

The Knight of Swords signifies the movement of life. He talks about thoughts, acting logically, intelligence, looking for a way that rationality prevails. The tarot indicates that it represents a person who says things straight, who speaks loud and clear, has a great intellectual capacity, proposes solutions, and has a great personality. This card speaks of struggles and authority.

The Knight of Swords indicates action, reaction, bravery, skills, ability to defend oneself, feelings of anger, past enmities that resurface, oppositions that manifest themselves with force, intentions to harm or ruin it, so you have to use all your capacity to not be harmed. It talks about solving problems by facing situations.

Reversed warns of dangerous challenges. They have concerns, there is a lack of delicacy, they speak sarcastically, without thinking, their treatment has no subtlety, it is brusque, without tact. The sufferings are often caused by the person himself by his way of acting or reacting to everyday situations. He has enemies that he has made for himself. He can also announce bad news or urgent trips.

queen of spades

queen of spades

The "Queen of Swords" card indicates that we are talking about a very special person, she has a great personality. Her energy is positive, although melancholic, she represents values ​​of honesty, rectitude, sincerity and loyalty. In the image of her the queen of spades wields her sword, and she looks forward as a symbol of enlightenment, clairvoyance, spirituality and justice. It is a good card for those seeking spiritual development and improving their mediumship.

In the tarot it speaks of a determined and brave woman, who has developed the ability to face her fears, and with a willingness to help others; she possesses great insight, she is not easy to deceive. Her path has not been easy but she has learned from her experiences and that is why she has great character, although she is also spontaneous, charismatic, with a good humor; she knows how to have fun. This card represents culture, art, science. She can indicate that it is an elderly woman, or a mature woman, single, without children or in mourning, who may not have found love as a couple but knows brotherly love very well.

Reversed speaks of a lonely person, there may be abandonment, suffering for a loss. Warns that it can be a manipulative, fanatical, deceitful person, who is plotting something, or willing to do harm.

king of spades

King of Swords (Tarot)

This card speaks of a person who predicts positive energies. She speaks of a person with position and gift of leadership, which she is used to giving her opinion. It denotes authority, position to judge, or command. You can talk about the father, the grandfather, or a relative who leads the family environment. At the labor level, it represents a judge, a lawyer, a teacher, a politician, or a boss, who does his job efficiently, has intelligence, vehemence, is organized, impartial, extroverted and very capable. It means that he must use reason, work under logic and calmly analyze the problems that arise in order to solve them quickly and successfully.

The king of spades speaks that the actions of life are what will allow respect and recognition from the environment to be enjoyed, that knowledge is gained through experiences and often through suffering in life, for what, to stay whole and become wise the best success that can be had.

Reversed It speaks of a person who acts wrongly, reacts without thinking, can be cruel, perverse, and evil. The movement is paralyzed, the ideas flow but they lack meaning. It refers to irritable moods, annoyances, and arguments. It is intended to advance in life but it is not acted correctly to achieve it. Indisposition towards changes. Obsessions and perspectives out of reality.

Meaning of the Pentacles cards of the Rider Waite Tarot

Pentacles of the Rider Waite Tarot Cards

Ace of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles (Tarot)

Announces a great opening of the roads, improves the current situation. It means that safety and comfort are achieved. It can state that the consultant lives comfortably or will, since it speaks of good economic times. Worries about money or material needs diminish. Also, it augurs the beginning of a project that can guide you towards a different destination, there may be trips, hopes are renewed, the expected success is visualized. It talks about business opportunities and proposals, ventures, or professional improvements.

The Ace of Pentacles shows a hand with a coin that refers to the materialization of wealth, prizes, moments of satisfaction, recognition and rewards for efforts.

Reversed This letter warns that things are expected that never come. It talks about missteps, scams, falsehood, theft from underhand. He warns us that in order to achieve economic stability one must be very cunning, intelligent, distrustful and realistic, in this way we will reach the development that the letter to the right predicts.

2 of Pentacles

Two of Pentacles (Tarot)

The 2 of Pentacles announces the success that is to come. It predicts trips that can be for business or pleasure. Approaches to the sea that cause excellent emotional and spiritual effects. You have an excellent ability to adapt to changes in life and do not allow the ups and downs to throw you off balance emotionally or mentally. The two of coins makes a reference to infinity, which predicts that various opportunities will come in relation to the economic issue. It speaks of the inheritances that are transmitted from generation to generation, both material and intellectual, home education is the key to success.

On a sentimental level, one is living like the sea, there is restlessness, entanglements, a swing in relationships that does not allow true stability; It is necessary to balance the actions between the stakeholders so that the situation can be improved.

Reversed warns that you must act appropriately with respect to your responsibilities. He talks about simulated joys, constant mood swings. It also recommends being careful with expenses, debts, credits and ends.

3 of Pentacles

Three of Pentacles

3 of Pentacles in the Tarot, talks about business, or employment in general. He states that he is in an apparently inferior position with respect to his position, but in reality he is the true executor of the work, or the one who has the necessary knowledge to carry out the work. Also, he says that others are left with the credit of the results but the risk and the effort is made by the person.

The tarot predicts that changes are approaching, transformations within businesses, or remodeling of the house, improvements of the physical space, where its presence is fundamental. Both material and knowledge rewards are obtained. On a spiritual level, the three of coins speaks of good energies, good feelings and love for others. Indicates satisfaction.

Reversed warns of a malfunction within the work environment. You must be more organized and avoid mediocrity. It can also represent that you work hard and your effort is not recognized. Alert that you may have an inability to work as a team, so you try to cover all the work, making an effort without need and with greater chances of bad results.

4 of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles (Tarot)

This card in the Rider Waite Tarot is a good omen on an economic level. Announces stability, security, tranquility and carelessness of material shortcomings. It shows that you live with a lot of energy, you have vitality that spreads to others, you enjoy power and the means to succeed. The 4 of gold speaks of a position of command, where he is successful and enjoys what he does.

The Four of Pentacles is a very powerful card. It is recommended not to fall into greed, obsessions, or selfishness, to preserve good fortune, since you have a gift for business and everything that has to do with money. Projects and plans that succeed. On a sentimental level, alert that there may be behaviors that lead to loneliness, where you can be obsessive with money and not pay attention to personal relationships. Material, spiritual and love life must be attended to at the same level.

Reversed warns the opposite of what is right. He speaks of waste, mismanagement, there is no vision of the future, there are excesses that alert the possibility of suffering financial shortages later due to his way of proceeding. It can indicate the presence of vices, gambling or other practices that will ultimately end up ruining you financially and in your health.

5 of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles

The 5 of Pentacles is a warning about the imminent arrival of economic problems. Situations in which productivity is paralyzed, there is no prosperity, there is precariousness, and misery. It suggests that it is necessary to seek help to be able to get out of the circumstances that afflict us, because we do not have the resources or the strength to do it on our own. The five of coins, in addition to austerity, reflects illness, sadness, misfortune, exhaustion, depression, and a sense of failure. It is important to change your attitude in order to improve, courage and the ability to make decisions will be decisive to progress.

On a sentimental level, he talks about not being alone, about the support that the couple represents to get ahead.

Reversed the 5 de Oro, is a very bad omen. He speaks of debauchery, lack of control, illnesses and losses that arise from his bad habits. Really difficult situations are going through, misfortunes in which it is very difficult to find a solution. It can portend layoffs, bankruptcy, separations. It is necessary to find an urgent solution because you have the feeling of not being able to continue, it is a total loss.

6 of Pentacles

Six of Pentacles (Tarot)

The 6 Pentacles card speaks of generosity and a sense of justice in the person. It reflects that help is provided to others regardless of who it is. Good financial position, you have good fortune. It can also represent a teacher, connoisseur or expert who transmits his teachings to others, or who obtains very good results thanks to his wisdom. It can also point to a figure of power that we approach to get help that is obtained in a positive way.

The six of coins speaks of a good position, of justice, of balance, of balance; expresses intelligence, culture, wisdom, good leadership, gift of command. He talks about everything that refers to prosperity. You get what you want or need financially.

Reversed notices great imbalance in all senses. Those who have a good income do not use wisdom to manage themselves, and those who have few use money in meaningless things, in any situation they go straight to failure. There are abuses and lack of control with budgets, paying more than things are worth or receiving less than they deserve. You can also notice envy and opposition in the work environment.

7 of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles (Tarot)

7 of Pentacles speaks of a person who sacrifices and strives for their work to achieve the desired goals. He indicates that patience is the best tool to obtain the victory that is approaching, since it is deserved. He announces positive plans, businesses, or projects, the result of making good decisions in life. He recommends that it is time to enjoy a well-deserved rest as a reward for the long effort that has been made.

The Seven of Pentacles heralds good results and recognition, but also warns that one should not be overly naive because they may experience confrontations, disputes or altercations over money.

Reversed This card warns that there are plans that are not going to work as expected, energy and effort are being wasted for a job that has no guarantees. You may also feel that you are working in the wrong place and feel frustrated. The tarot predicts that the time has come to change occupation, profession, business, or workplace.

8 of Pentacles

Eight Pentacles (Tarot)

This card indicates dedication, the practice of hard work, the expertise to apply your knowledge. He is a meticulous person, who pays attention to detail in what he does, lives focused on his work or his studies, enjoys what he does. The 8 of Pentacles reflects great mental energy, can be self-taught. He announces new projects, which at first may be in unknown areas but with effort they give very good results.

On a spiritual level it speaks of enlightenment, of discoveries through meditation. It can also represent a person who is an expert on a subject and who shares their knowledge with others.

Reversed The Eight of Pentacles warns that the efforts being made at work are in vain, due to a poor focus or poor management of resources, the objectives are not achieved and it will be difficult to enjoy the desired fruits. This may be due to lack of vision, or excessive ambition. It can also mean that you are dissatisfied, you do not see results from your work, you are not comfortable with what you do, or you are tired. You have to be careful not to go straight to failure.

9 of Pentacles

Nine Pentacles

This "Eight of Pentacles" card augurs success that probably comes from the workplace, it is the product of your efforts and personal skills. He walks in the right direction towards triumph. The necessary actions are taken to ensure a good future. They enjoy the benefits and economic comforts of their work. Talk about a hot streak.

The 8 of Pentacles describes a cultured, wealthy and refined person. She enjoys luxuries, important purchases have been made or are about to be made, it can be a vehicle, a house, a business, among other things. On a sentimental level, it is possible that to obtain all these benefits it has cost him to be alone, motivated by the efforts that she has had to make.

Reversed the nine of coins warns that there are very few chances of success in what is being sought. It alerts us that projects may end sooner than expected and that efforts will be unsuccessful. You can also talk about deficiencies, thefts, disappointments, lack of administration, need to renovate the home, problems in the physical structures of your environment, ruin, or bad faith actions against you.

10 of Pentacles

Ten Pentacles (Tarot)

It announces the arrival of money, speaks of profits, prosperity and stability within the home, of a happy family life where you have all the necessary resources and there are no shortages. The 10 of Pentacles can mean the receipt of an inheritance that can represent a significant inflow of money or property.

The ten of coins is a very material card, it is good fortune. It can also represent an intellectual wealth that allows you to successfully achieve your goals, and that brings your economic evolution. The tarot says that what is truly important in life must be appreciated, such as traditions, good education that passes from parents to children, spiritual or mediumistic abilities. On a sentimental level, it indicates family well-being. It talks about a well-established family where union prevails.

Reversed warns that economic problems are going through, debts are contracted that are difficult to pay, there are setbacks to be able to receive money that is expected. There may be family disputes over an inheritance, there is family separation. You want to achieve a position but it is difficult to get where you want. It is necessary to be alert, it can suffer robberies or considerable economic losses.

Page of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles (Tarot)

The card talks about a young person who is in a stage of discovery. It means learning something new, a new job, or an unknown trade that is just being understood. The Jack of Pentacles is a card that symbolizes studies, culture, what is learned that allows us to prosper, skills that are developed, new sensations that are enjoyed. It can also refer to the desires and aspirations that motivate you to work for great riches in the future.

In the tarot it announces that you can have a stroke of luck in games of chance or bets, or receive very good financial news. At the health level, it predicts that there may be positive changes in diseases or illnesses, or medical tests with good results.

Reversed warns that you may be entering an activity without being sufficiently prepared. It is necessary to be patient, not to rush to achieve the objectives without making mistakes. There may be obsession with money, greed, excessive ambition. It is also necessary to analyze if what is really desired is being done or studied.

Knight of Pentacles

Horse of Pentacles (Tarot)

The Horse of Pentacles describes a measured, honest and responsible person with their obligations, whose energy and skills are directed towards work. This is someone you can trust. He speaks of having ambitions but not losing one's head for it, that with constant work, responsible prudence, and a balanced awareness of the commitments assumed, success in objectives is achieved.

The Rider Waite Smith Tarot with this card may be representing the husband, a good partner, a father, a brother, an uncle, or simply a very discreet family person who is always willing to support you. He can also predict that a well-deserved vacation is approaching, the reception of good news or an expected trip. The golden horse speaks of a very serious stage in which he is determined to achieve his goals by working with discipline. New motivations, impulses and ideas are born, with a high probability of success.

Reversed it can represent an irresponsible person, a liar, who appears to work, or who does not make enough effort to achieve their goals. There is immaturity, he does not know how to handle himself well in solitude. He speaks of constant criticism, of living deceiving others or himself, he victimizes himself. He may notice layoffs or bad news regarding his work. A trip that is canceled or delayed.

Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles (Tarot)

The Queen of Pentacles describes a mature person who possesses a great deal of wisdom due to all the knowledge they have gained from life experiences. She is a fertile woman, enjoying prosperity, abundance and wealth. She helps others prosper, she is good at keeping secrets, and very supportive. This deck speaks of a close, trustworthy person, she can be the mother, aunt, sister, boss, teacher, in short, she is a figure with authority for others.

It represents feminine intuition, traditions, adventures, generosity, mental abilities acquired thanks to knowledge, vision, calm and patience. She speaks of a great filial or brotherly love. The queen of coins may also be announcing that after reaching adulthood it is time to retire from obligations and enjoy life, family and love.

Reversed warns of problems conceiving, speaks of infertility, of dissatisfaction. Describes things that do not progress, stagnation, obsession with work, bad companies that do not advise well, inflexibility. She can refer to an adult woman who is exhausted from the responsibilities that she has under her charge but she cannot leave them and that generates frustrations, torments, and worries.

King of Pentacles

King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles Tarot card describes a successful person, who has power and courage, has acquired a lot of knowledge, wisdom and experience in business. He is intellectual, literate, has intelligence in all senses. He is a man with influences, he can represent the father, husband, brother, boss, lawyer, judge, among others like that. He predicts the arrival of money, good fortune, the construction or remodeling of the house, success in business, recognition within his profession or trade.

The king of coins speaks of a mature man who wants to enjoy the pleasures of life, who opens his eyes to the good things in this world, since he has always been focused on work and his work commitments, family and friends. the rest.

Reversed notices many defects in a person to whom help can be asked without obtaining a positive response. He talks about stagnant businesses that go bankrupt due to weak leadership, incompetence, corruption, or vices. He talks about failures, austerity and suffering in general.

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Meaning of the Wands cards of the Rider Waite Tarot

Rider Waite Tarot Wands Cards

Ace of Wands

ace of clubs

Ace of Wands: refers to a full life, where you live with positive energy, enjoy vitality and passion, enjoy a lot of experience, knowledge and intuition. The tarot announces new things, beginnings, births, the invention of new projects, creativity. It grows in all aspects. The tarot announces pleasant experiences, pleasant emotions, adventures, enthusiasm for the new.

The ace of wands has a hand holding a wand that begins to bloom, which indicates the emergence of good ideas, invites to be daring, speaks of optimism, opportunities, good job, business, or professional proposals. Sometimes it is necessary to take risks to get what we want. It augurs a change towards the life we ​​have dreamed of, times of happiness, where the key to success is to believe in oneself.

Reversed it means that the joys are not complete, there is dissatisfaction. Warns that plans may fall, there may be loss. He talks about insecurities, we must focus on what is true, on what is authentic, on what is really important for our lives. It indicates that you have what is fair and necessary and not what you deserve.

2 of Wands

Two of Wands (Tarot)

With this Card "2 of Wands" the Rider Waite Tarot announces new experiences, speaks of reflection, melancholy, introspection. The energy is subdued. The tarot refers that after leading a life full of energy, courage and bravery, everything material that has been desired has been achieved, one has a position of power, command and authority. Despite feeling that the world is in your hands, there is some sadness that is kept inside, it may be due to illness or sentimental issues. The Two of Wands card describes a powerful, attractive person, whom everyone wants access to.

The Two of Wands indicates that clear ideas bring good decisions that lead you to achieve your goals. It speaks of comfort, opulence, abundance, and success. It predicts that news will arrive that has been expected, important contracts, negotiations, agreements that leave great profits are finalized. Also, it can announce that doubts, expectations or misunderstandings are clarified.

Reversed warns of extreme control, where the opinion of others is not allowed. You can be closed in on yourself. It indicates emotional imbalance, fears, or internal problems, despite having very good economic development. You work without satisfaction, there is boredom, lack of motivation.

3 of Wands

Three of Wands (Tarot)

The 3 of Wands represents stability, established power, rest after having worked to carry out plans with good results, a firm family that has risen, a successful business, or a recognized professional career. The remembrance of the moments lived, the clear thoughts towards the future, the tranquility of having achieved the objectives that you want to achieve.

The oracle can also indicate investments, long-term plans, ventures, start a new life, change of house, city or country. The three of wands speaks of progress. It reflects a person who looks at the horizon, calmly, expresses thoughts, planning, creativity, decisions, and travel. It indicates that you act safely, you know what you are doing, you are intelligent, firm, intuitive, wise, and responsible.

Reversed This card warns that you must be careful when embarking on new directions because it warns that you can experience failure. It speaks of distances, or separations that can mean the cessation of some adversities or conflicts. It invites you to take projects calmly, remembering the experiences that have already been had, you can go very quickly, emotions predominate and not thoughts.

4 of Wands

Four of Wands (Tarot)

This card predicts celebrations, a life in which happiness is enjoyed, the arrival of harmony, love, unions that are celebrated. It is lived with optimism, enthusiasm, and gratitude. It augurs that the reward of good deeds will be received, the victory is celebrated. The four of wands can mean a wedding, a birth, or a welcome. At the work level, you enjoy awards or recognition.

On a sentimental level, it refers to a stable home, with good energies, feelings of love, brotherhood, happiness, calm, and peace. You can also forecast a meeting with family or friends that will bring a lot of happiness and enjoyment. It augurs positive beginnings, it can bring a new job or business. It talks about the first times, experiences of discoveries, intense and exciting feelings that are experienced for the first time.

Spiritually, it augurs inner growth, harmony in the energies and mediumship that bring love and peace.

Reversed it has the same meaning backwards and forwards, it only recommends that we must work to maintain the harmony of our energies without allowing stress or anxiety to cause concerns that unbalance our stability, patience and calm must prevail.

5 of Wands

Five of Wands (tarot)

The 5 of Wands symbolizes all types of confrontation, from traditional competitions to establish a job, in a business or profession, sports fighting, to serious conflicts and fights. All this is motivated by the struggle to achieve position and economic stability in life. Some unpleasant situations are going through, but all this is necessary to clarify certain necessary things.

On a sentimental level, it is the right time to work on family harmony, encourage everyone's participation, and listen to other opinions. The tarot recommends maintaining the best possible attitude in the face of conflicts, working on staying in the best possible mood. The five of wands warns that one must be emotionally prepared to face the adversities that may arise, one must be very intelligent to solve situations of misunderstanding, and avoid falling into physical violence.

This card predicts that contests are won if you know how to lead in the face of problems. It can manifest a fight for beliefs and principles, it must be understood that there are various spiritual paths and that the best belief is respect for others.

Reversed warns that serious conflicts, confusion, communication problems can occur in all environments. Alert confrontations where there may be physical aggression.

6 of Wands

Six of Wands (Tarot)

The Tarot card 6 Six of Wands means victory, success or triumph over something that has taken a lot of effort to achieve. There is talk of recognition, praise, admiration. Describes a person who is admired, who has a great personality, charismatic, with good self-esteem. It can also be predicting the successful completion of a project, a business, or a plan.

He is proud of his achievements, and there are celebrations for it. The six of wands speaks of the confidence you have in yourself, which allows you to achieve your goals and dreams for which you work disciplined, this is a card full of positive energy, optimism, flourishing, where you are left behind. difficult times, of sacrifice and austerity. It can also mean the arrival of good news that is cause for celebration.

Reversed warns that a betrayal may be brewing against him. It talks about the benefits of enemies, it has advantages and high chances of winning. It can alert behaviors inclined towards arrogance, pride, abuse of authority, which can cause confusion, conflict and failure.

7 of Wands

Seven of Wands (Tarot)

The Seven of Wands represents the daily struggle for goals. It speaks of the value that one has, of the tenacity and integrity with which the person is capable of facing challenges and their opponents, who, no matter how hard they try, cannot harm their position, which is always above others. The tarot indicates success through this card, despite the fact that everything is risked for what is believed.

He has great self-confidence. He remains energetic at the top, feeling the power and authority that comes with the status he finds himself in. The 7 of Wands can also predict a confrontation where it is necessary to defend himself and protect his position, or complicated negotiations in which, through character and acquired intelligence, he emerges victorious.

Reversed warns that you can suffer failures, breaks, conflicts, a poorly managed fight, situations in which you have no control at all. He says that anxiety or inactivity in the face of conflicts causes them to intensify. It is possible that your life is being managed in the wrong way.

8 of Wands

Eight of Wands (Tarot)

This card talks about the fixed direction that you must maintain, the purposes and goals that you want to achieve and that you have to start working on it right now. It symbolizes movement, you have to act in order to succeed. An enterprise, a project, a job or business is started. Things are on the right track, we just have to speed things up a bit because the decisions have been appropriate.

The Eight of Wands augurs success. On a sentimental level, it represents the arrows of love, augurs courtships, marriages, relationships full of love, seduction, it represents a strong and stable union. It also predicts the arrival of important news, unexpected events so you have to be in constant movement so that the changes do not harm, but benefit. This card represents a good start and a happy ending.

Reversed represents the darts of envy. It announces conflicts, it can warn of losses and disputes. He talks about internal conflicts, remorse, he walks blindly, without a clear vision of where he is going. It has no continuity or discipline. It falls into repetitive situations, cycles that become negative.

9 of Wands

Nine of Wands (Tarot)

The card Nine (9) of Wands symbolizes a state of alert, you are on the defensive, you expect an attack from your opponents or you have become a distrustful person who lives in expectation of what may happen. This makes it infer that he has had bad experiences, so he acts cautiously, without trusting anyone, he protects what has been achieved. He has been the victim of assault or robbery.

He points out that the person is persevering, works with great perseverance, insistence and does not give up, but is on the defensive with everyone around him. The nine of wands describes the image of a man attentive to any situation to fight, he is always prepared, he does not care about the injuries of previous combats, he is always willing to protect what he wants and what he has achieved. He recommends advancing without fear, just attentive to the goals you want to achieve.

Reversed The Nine of Wands is a very negative card, as it warns of conflicts, obstacles, setbacks, inability, lack of courage and strength to get up after the setbacks of life, you do not fight to achieve your goals. It describes a person with a weak character who, from being immobile, can become very violent. Things are abandoned without fighting hard enough for them.

10 of Wands

10 of wands

The 10 of Wands symbolizes a person who carries many responsibilities, which may be his own, or those of third parties. He tries to do and manage everything. You go through moments of great pressure, the working hours are very long, there is not enough rest. It speaks of being overwhelmed, of exhaustion, of boredom. The tarot recommends that you find a way to strike a balance between his obligations and some activities that allow him recreation and relaxation. You need freedom to be yourself, you long to travel, experience adventures, new experiences, but commitments do not allow you to do what you want.

The Ten of Wands means that family and financial commitments are weighing you down more than you can bear. On a sentimental level, a sentimental relationship or family union is being maintained at the expense of anything, or at the expense of oneself.

Reversed warns the presence of conflicts, setbacks, gossip, intrigues, dissatisfaction. Projects can fail because they take on more responsibilities than they can handle. It can also refer to problems that were already believed to be solved.

Page of Wands

jack of wands

Jack of Wands, this card represents a young person. He speaks of financial independence, of audacity, of an energetic attitude that allows him to take risks with enthusiasm. He describes noble feelings, you want to change or undertake new things, renewing, venturing into projects. He lives full of emotions, of encouragement, he enjoys what he does. He talks about the balance between the external and the internal.

On a sentimental level, it speaks of opportunities that arise where intense passions are experienced. Qualities such as creativity, charm, and courage are developed. The Jack of Wands announces unexpected circumstances that arise and that must be taken advantage of. You are ready to face the world, leaving complexes and doubts behind, reaching maturity to be able to carry out your plans and achieve your goals. Good news arrives.

Reversed the tarot warns that bad news will be known. He speaks of a person who takes risks but achieves nothing. There is confusion, lack of definition, communication problems, immaturity, irresponsibility, opposition and inability.

Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands (Tarot)

In the Tarot, the Knight of Wands describes a person with a positive attitude, energetic, vigorous, who is ready for action but is not interested in confrontations. He speaks of enthusiasm, concerns about learning new things, willingness to compromise. The goal is clear and you want to win at all costs. The tarot speaks of a noble, charismatic, and irresistible man, with a gift for command, people admire him, he has good fortune and success. On a sentimental level, he says that he is normally carried away by passion.

The Knight of Wands represents the intelligence that allows you to demonstrate your reason and your position with facts. It works by balancing the heart, mind, spirit and body. It augurs adventures or trips.

Reversed He speaks of insecurities, of irresponsibility, he acts without thinking about the consequences, which leads him to get into trouble easily. People are given to fights, to confrontations and they can go as far as violence to measure their strength. You can also notice poorly managed projects that end in divisions, sentimental separations and emotional instability.

queen of wands

Queen of Wands (Tarot)

The Queen of Wands describes a person with good energies. She speaks of enthusiastic, honest and sincere personality. She is about a mature woman who has learned from life encouraging her intelligence and her strength; her eventualities do not disturb her because she has many experiences and knowledge.

On a sentimental level, she talks about managing the home, the children, she is a good mother, everyone turns to her for help to solve problems, she is a good guide. With regard to the economy, she warns that she may be involved in debts acquired by third parties, she loves material things and likes to live well. The queen of wands describes a woman who is usually cheerful and smiling, she is very positive, always active and busy, healthy, in good physical condition.

Reversed he notices difficulties, setbacks, there is opposition against him, he suffers from jealousy and he may be going through situations of infidelity. Bad streak alert.

King of Wands

King of Wands (Tarot)

The King of Wands describes a lively, active, noble man, full of positive energy, highly creative and original. He speaks of faith in himself, of the balance between the physical and the emotional, of taking advantage of opportunities to achieve goals, of a strengthened mentality, of maturity. He is a straight, honest, positive and optimistic man, respected by those around him.

This Tarot card can symbolize a parent, or a teacher who educates and is worthy of respect. On a sentimental level, he speaks of a married man who takes the reins of the home.

Reversed the tarot refers to a good man but who lives in austerity, he can be severe at times, although he knows how to be tolerant. He warns that the desire to achieve goals in life is lost, states of depression, blockage, denial, weakness, reluctance, or fear can be experienced.

Meaning of the Rider Waite Tarot Cups cards

Meaning of the Cups cards of the Tarot

Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups (Tarot)

The Ace of Cups represents happiness, joys that are greatly enjoyed. It speaks of abundance, prosperity and home. On a sentimental level, this card talks about love in all senses, from intense erotic and sexual desire, transcendental love, family love, to brotherly love. It also announces a time of fertility, gestation, family growth, pure feelings. Moment in which the true meaning of love, peace, tranquility is discovered and revitalizing emotions are experienced. It can indicate the beginning of a romantic relationship.

The tarot talks about help and compassion towards others, where support is provided from the heart, because a high level has been reached in your spiritual or emotional world that makes you capable of offering love to all creatures.

Reversed the ace of cups manifests the lack of love in the person's life. There are feelings of sadness, there are emotional problems or mismanagement. It is recommended to search for meaning in life, reactivate the emotional aspect to feel alive.

2 of Cups

Two of Cups (Tarot)

The 2 of Cups speaks of spiritual blessings, gifts for divination, good unions or advantageous negotiations. On a sentimental level, it manifests an intense connection between two people, it can announce that a marriage or stable union is coming. Speak in this letter of romance, a great love is born, moments of great eroticism are lived, passion is fully enjoyed, positive energies are shared, mutual attractions.

The two of cups reflects two people toasting each other under the caduceus of Hermes with a large lion's head between its wings, which symbolizes the birth of pure feelings, falling in love, reconciliation, or a triumph that is celebrated in company. of another important person in your life. It is a card that augurs triumph, it speaks of the balance between the mind and the emotions.

Reversed warns the opposite of its meaning to law. Alert separations, false love, transitory madness, obsessions, unhappiness, loneliness, depression, sadness, misunderstandings, dark interests towards other people. You can announce business bankruptcy, company separations.

3 of Cups

Three of Cups (Tarot)

The 3 of Cups indicates the conclusion of a successful affair, celebrations, happiness, victory, stability, satisfaction, atmosphere full of harmony. It can announce a birth or a desired pregnancy that is celebrated. On a personal level, it talks about fulfillment, recognition, achieving dreams and making wishes come true.

The three of cups announces harmony between the couple, you get what you've always wanted, there may be a marriage proposal. Times in which everything prospers, business, work, and planning give good results. A person arrives with good news. The work teams are consolidated, there are promotions, bonuses, recognitions.

Reversed warns of celebrations that can end in problems due to misunderstandings, family quarrels, broken relationships, or loneliness. Excessive drinking and nightlife that brings negative consequences. It can also alert labor conflicts, clashes with co-workers, communication failures and problems working as a team. Hostile environments at home or at work.

4 of Cups

4 of cups (Tarot)

The 4 of Cups speaks of being able to enjoy all the benefits of life, there are so many things that none of them satisfy you anymore, it suggests the need for a change of life or perspective to be able to enjoy everything that life offers you. The spiritual path is the most recommended to fill a little of that existential emptiness that you have, a spiritual guide offers you a gift from heaven.

On a sentimental level, unions are achieved, new feelings are discovered that come to transform the person. The Four of Cups augurs progress, opening your eyes to the good things in life, gratitude for what you have achieved, the arrival of new people who will change your way of thinking and feeling for the better. Moments of reflection in which you learn to value feelings or the spiritual more than the material.

Reversed the tarot warns worries, dissatisfaction, pessimism. Warning that if you do not change your attitude, situations can be complicated, since all the setbacks are caused by the way of thinking of the same consultant.

5 of cups

Five of Cups (Tarot)

The 5 of Cups means passing through very intense emotions. Abrupt changes, speak of losses that bring economic gains, but do not satisfy, such as inheritance, transmission of family or business control. It portends sadness, depression, the loss of something very dear, it can be a separation, a death, something very difficult to handle. The Five of Cups speaks of a major emotional crisis. It can indicate divorce, betrayal or infidelity with someone you trust.

This card suggests that an effort must be made to move forward, to recover, to seek motivation in the people who depend on us and need us to heal. It indicates that you can have enemies wanting to harm or make us suffer.

Reversed announces the arrival of revealing messages, hidden things are discovered, everything can improve considerably or get much worse, depending on the attitude that is assumed to get out of difficult times. It announces great losses but there are still things that can be saved. This card reminds us that life is not always fair, but losing is also won.

6 of Cups

six of cups

This card speaks of memories, the remembrance of the past, childhood, good times, positive feelings that motivate us to fight for what we aspire to achieve. The tarot bodes well for love, announces satisfaction, harmony, pleasures, enjoying life from the smallest details. He talks about acting with innocence, with nobility, with kindness, generosity, and nostalgia.

You must learn to forgive to live in peace. The six of cups on a sentimental level is very positive, you enjoy passion and eroticism, you have what you want and there is a lot of satisfaction. You go through a moment in which you can say that you feel full, balanced and have learned to be happy. On a sentimental level, it is recommended to enjoy life without demanding anything from your partner so that everything flows positively without forcing it.

Reversed warns that there may be dissatisfaction with current life, but you should concentrate on what you are looking for in your future. The tarot recommends concentrating on what will happen and not on what has already happened.

7 of Cups

7 of cups

The 7 of Cups talks about visions, things that are imagined or perceived. It is important to focus so as not to fall into vain illusions and to be able to achieve everything you dream of for your life. Projects, plans for the future, you yearn for good fortune and you are waiting to succeed. The Rider Waite Smith tarot warns that you should avoid falling into confusion, temptations, or mirages. It is necessary to be very realistic in order to be directed towards the right path, so that emotional and material success can be achieved.

On a sentimental level, it talks about love for goods and not for the couple, an interested and materialistic love. The Seven of Cups can also signal that you are in search of true love. In conclusion, the tarot through this card recommends getting off the clouds and putting firm feet on the ground.

Reversed It talks about a person who falls into reality, who reacts when he realizes that things are not as he imagined them and wakes up to work according to what he wants. It indicates the discovery of a deception, a false happiness was lived and it is time to put things in true perspective.

8 of Cups

Eight of Cups

The 8 of Cups speaks about abandoning the love of the material and dedicating oneself to the search for emotional or spiritual satisfaction. You take a new direction in life, you need to feel and discover new things. You walk into the unknown with enthusiasm and interest. He speaks of meditation, of traveling within ourselves, understanding our heart and our soul.

On a sentimental level, there is a need to have a lasting love, which represents harmony, peace and tranquility. The Eight of Cups expresses courage, introspection, withdrawal from everyday activities.

Reversed The tarot warns that the person is going through a situation that cannot be changed, but that things will improve considerably. The most important thing is to abandon the fear of the unknown, and have confidence in yourself. This card shows that the energies are very negative but will be reversed, so that the power to achieve goals that had been given up for lost is predicted. A surprise joy is coming.

9 of Cups

9 of cups

This "9 of Cups" card portends deep satisfaction, success is achieved. He speaks of great enjoyment, of celebrations. On a sentimental level, new love experiences are lived, self-satisfaction is encouraged, the pleasure received is taken care of, there is the presence of a great love, relationships are consummated with great eroticism. It also announces that he delights between beauty and luxury, he enjoys many things at the same time, love, good food and drinks, trips and walks, inner and outer harmony. Here it is expressed that happiness is in the small details, and learning to value them can lead a fuller and more satisfying life.

Reversed warns that you may be being very demanding with yourself. He speaks of an exaggerated meditation and reflection that does not allow him to enjoy life. On a sentimental level, there can be many shortcomings, or submission where only one of the two parties feels good, there is a great imbalance and unhappiness.

10 of Cups

10 of cups

The 10 of Cups symbolizes being in good health and harmony in every way. It speaks of tranquility at an economic level. On a sentimental level, it expresses great satisfaction as a result of the family, a stable marriage, a growing family, the arrival of children, the enjoyment of family moments. It speaks what could be understood as perfect love, what has always been dreamed of.

This tarot card expresses the importance of commitment, of love, of having and respecting a partner. The Ten of Cups is a card of happiness, good fortune and a good omen. It is the moment in which serenity, satisfaction, maturity and fullness are reached. There are good interpersonal relationships, they know how to work as a team until the objectives are achieved. This card is one of the most positive in the tarot.

Reversed warns that bad news will be known, unexpected situations that can be harmful to the person or a family member. Problems of understanding, lack of communication.

Jack of Cups

jack of cups

This card represents a young person who is experiencing new emotions, with a great capacity for studies and a desire to learn. On a sentimental level, it speaks of eroticism and sexuality, it may be that the first love relationship is being discovered, or things are being discovered at the couple level that have never been experienced before.

The tarot speaks in this card of the imagination, intelligence, creativity, meditation before the things of life, psychic ability, discoveries, and the sharing of feelings in common. The Page of Cups can also portend good news or a pleasant surprise. It predicts pleasant moments, it can announce a pregnancy, a birth, a wedding, or a project.

Reversed talks about the intensity in which emotions are experienced in youth. He speaks of seduction, and at the same time of disappointments, of unions that arise unexpectedly. He recommends being careful with excesses, and not falling into vices, since they can bring serious illnesses.

Knight of Cups

horse of cups

This card symbolizes the arrival of someone special in the person's life. You live with benefits or advantages over others. On a sentimental level, a love arrives, a new stage in sentimental life is experienced, romanticism is enjoyed, promises of love are made, intimacy is enjoyed.

It can also mean the arrival of a lover. This card is very intense, it speaks of a lot of desire, of pleasures, fantasies, overflowing passion, fleeting loves, infatuations, of being carried away by the heart. The Knight of Cups can also predict a long journey ahead.

Reversed The tarot talks about suffering due to unrequited love, separations, painful breakups, suffering from the abandonment of the couple or the home. He lives without feeling emotions, without passion, full of monotony due to past disappointments. He also warns that he must beware of fraud or cheating.

Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups

This card describes a woman who can be of great support and help to the querent. She speaks of a lady who acts according to what her heart dictates, a good mother, a lover of home and family, but she is also full of charm, sensuality and eroticism, she is mature and focused. On a sentimental level, she speaks of the ability to enjoy intimacy as a couple without limitations, without complexes, offering mutual happiness and pleasure. The queen of cups also represents a wise counselor, especially in love affairs, she can be a mother, a friend, or a professional, sexologist, psychologist, among others.

The rider waite smith tarot talks about the importance of resolving conflicts that have to do with love or brotherhood, in order to have a more pleasant life. Spiritually, he says that the person may have important psychic gifts, being very intuitive, and it is even possible that he can work on a spiritual level to help others.

Reversed warns about a woman who is not trustworthy, there may be perversion, behavior out of honor, vices, and infidelity. It also warns of difficulties and misunderstandings in her social, family or love environment.

The King of Cups

King of Cups

In this card, the tarot talks about achieving success, triumphs, well-rewarded skills, intelligence, creativity, enjoying what life offers you. He represents a man with a good economic position, with a maturity that allows him to be very wise in his actions, he is affectionate, passionate, noble, sincere, but also strong, authoritative and dominant. He speaks of feeling, of venturing out, of enjoying experiences and pleasures. The King of Cups is a good omen card in love and economic matters.

Invested The tarot warns that you have to beware of a man who is not what he represents. He warns that scandals and embarrassments can be suffered. You have to be careful with vices, corruption, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. It can also warn about a very intense, jealous, dominant person or lover, who only cares about his satisfaction.

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