The Spiritual Mass

Spiritual mass

The Spiritual Mass or seances, refers to meetings in which the manifestation of the spirits is sincerely expected, using as a resource to achieve that connection "mediums" developed for the perception of their spiritual fluid and power.

What is the spiritual mass?

It is necessary to understand that being together and manifesting that it is done in the name of God is not enough for the spiritual energies to converge and this becomes a spiritual mass, however, the first step for it to happen is the congregation.

That meeting goes beyond a material meeting. Participants must establish invisible links, products of feeling, and genuine thoughts in common, which should be oriented towards the good. It is there that the mystical process of "the spiritual mass" begins when several individuals meet in pure and sincere invocation, without a doubt, there will be access to spirits, which even vibrate at different energy levels, the ideal of course is to aspire to the presence of spirits of the highest lights.

"For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them" (Matthew, Chap. 18 V. 20) As long as at least one of the pure spirits manifests through a congregation or spiritual meeting, we are before the blessing of God. That's what spiritism is all about, the learning through which the spirits come to our call and can be among us.

The Investigative Mass

Investigation Mass

This type of spiritual session sIt is performed mainly to invoke the spirits that are part of the spiritual guide table. of a particular person. This is done in order to clearly identify their characteristics and abilities, as well as listen to their advice through which the initiate will have a guide for the development of their spiritual path and the unfolding of their situations in the earthly world.

Why is the spiritual mass used in Santeria?

Spiritism is another of the most deeply rooted popular religions in Cuba. In this country, as we already know, from the beginning it was not possible to establish an orthodox Catholicism. Therefore, it enjoys all kinds of believers who mix different religious cults. This is why they are known for their multiple belief systems and syncretisms.

At present, spiritualism in relation to Afro-Cuban practices and beliefs has an enormous cultural wealth, even being mixed with other traditional Cuban religious practices such as Santeria, the Rule of Palo, Ñañiguismo and popular Catholicism, giving rise to what is known as "cross spiritism."

For the practitioners of Santeria, a descendant of the Yoruba culture, death is interpreted as another way of life. When individuals have fulfilled the objectives proposed by coming to this plane, both material and spiritual, accompanied by their respective funeral rituals, they will be able to transcend to other dimensions that will turn them into a "ku" or luminous spirit, which will allow them to reincarnate into the essences that are related to it.

Now, if he does not satisfactorily meet the aforementioned conditions, his death causes him to transform into a "ba" or wandering spirit, which can only manifest as negative energy, since it will not contribute to increasing his spiritual purification, or what is the same, it will not bring ashé to embodied beings.

The soul of beings who reach the hierarchy of "ku" will reach "Ode Orun" (world of the gods). In addition, on the way to reach that spiritual degree, Olofi entrusts him with a variety of tasks of collective benefit. As in the Spiritist doctrine, it is understood that spiritualities carry out various charitable missions to reach a higher spiritual level.

Death is such an important theme in Yoruba culture, which in fact, represents a spirituality in itself, and has great relevance, as the following story pertaining to its culture refers to:

It happened that When Olorun was looking for the right material to create man, all the Orishas participated in his search. Many of them brought different materials, but none of them were appropriate. It was then that death appeared with his hands full of mud, it is said that he had no mercy for his crying, which was manifested thanks to the water he distilled. He moved that mud to where Olodumare was, who originally gave it to Orishanlá and later he himself breathed the breath of life into it.

Olorun ruled that since Ikú (death) had been the one who chose the appropriate material for the creation of man, he would be the one who would have the privilege of returning it at any time to its place of origin ”. This is the explanation by which, it is understood that Ikú's work is to take us back to the mud. This speaks of a regression, the goal is to return, as indicated by the spirits. It is well stated by the Ifá oddu Irete Kutan: "What the earth gives, the earth takes away."

This is one of the many explanations that show why Santeria has learned to live with spiritual practices, even using it as a complementary resource for the initiation of the alleys in their consecration through the coronation mass.

The coronation mass

Is a spiritual investigation that is done before the consecration in Kariosha of the neophytes to start in Santeria. Their goal is to obtain the appropriate recommendations and blessings from the spirits that guide the person before taking that important spiritual step in their life.

It is also carried out to recognize the importance of those spiritualities that have accompanied the individual since birth and convey gratitude for their mission, at the same time, that they are notified of the ceremonial that is intended to be carried out.

It is given the term "coronation mass" because this session culminates with a coronation performed on the initiate by means of which the blessings of his spiritual guide cadre and the entities that have labored during that meeting settle on his head.

The consecration mass of the spiritual vault

For practitioners of spiritism, the Vault is an altar of vital importance, where different missionary spirits with a great variety of interests are concentrated. The energetic power of this instrument can be invoked by the devotee for his benefit, that of his family, or others whom he wishes to help in some way.

The spiritual mass of consecration of the vault is done with the intention of channeling the spiritualities that accompany the initiate through the energetic concentration of the fluid of those entities.

To achieve its proper consecration, during that spiritual meeting a medium with full knowledge of these spiritual sciences invokes his spiritual guide picture, supported by a series of elements necessary for its foundation (glasses, cup with water, a cross or crucifix, flowers, candles, among others) configuring what will become from that moment on your spiritual portal of work.

How is a spiritual mass done?

A Spiritual Mass begins with the congregation in front of a spiritual vault or portal of people interested in such work. After a brief meditation, the medium proceeds to recite the respective prayers of love to the Heavenly Father and other invocations to the spirits, whom he invites to participate in that meeting.

Once the first prayers accompanied by various songs have been completed, and fresh flowers have been placed, the candles lit, all the elements are in place and communication is considered established, consent is received for the opening of the conversation with the spiritualities that They will manifest according to your energy level and elevation.

The advice provided by the spiritualities that come to the call will be listened with respect and solemnity, attending to any requirement that they manifest until the session is ended, which will be culminated by farewell songs and thanks to the participating entities and to God Almighty for allowing them to come to our calling.

To improve the section on the benefits of the Spiritual Mass, the information can be structured into a clear and concise list that highlights the main points. This will make reading easier and help readers quickly understand the benefits of participating in these spiritual sessions. Here's a revised version of the section, with a list of benefits included:

Benefits of the Spiritual Mass

Participating in a Spiritual Mass offers numerous advantages, the magnitude and effectiveness of which depend on the understanding and practice that the initiate applies to the advice received. Some of the most significant benefits include:

  • Guide and Spiritual Help: Spiritual sessions provide access to benevolent spirits willing to offer guidance and assistance on our spiritual and daily journey.
  • Personal and Spiritual Development: Masses encourage personal and spiritual growth, helping participants better understand their purpose and advance their path of enlightenment.
  • Connection with the Beyond: These meetings allow a direct connection with the spirit world, facilitating communication with deceased loved ones and spirit guides.
  • Strengthening Faith: Regular practice of the Spiritual Mass can deepen faith and connection with the divine, offering a sense of peace and belonging.
  • Free Will and Personal Responsibility: The teaching of free will emphasizes the importance of personal choice and responsibility for our spiritual actions and decisions.
  • Ability to Request and Receive Advice: Offers the opportunity to request spiritual guidance on decisions or life situations, promoting conscious decision-making aligned with spiritual principles.
  • Spiritual Purification and Protection: The sessions help clear negative energies and offer protection against harmful influences, thus improving general well-being.
  • Community and Support: Participating in spiritual masses provides a sense of community and mutual support among attendees, strengthening bonds and offering a safe space for spiritual growth.

These benefits highlight the importance of the Spiritual Mass not only as a religious practice, but as a path to spiritual and personal well-being, underscoring the importance of intention, faith, and openness to spiritual guidance.

Prayers of the spiritual mass

Spiritism teaches us the essence of Prayer. It is a way of transmitting thought, with the aim of ensuring that the being to whom we pray can come to our call, or failing that, that our thoughts can reach them. This occurs because all beings, both incarnated and disembodied, are part of a whole that constitutes universal balance, and therefore, we find ourselves connected thanks to the fluid current that transmits thought, in the same way that it does. the air when transmitting sound.

That is why the Prayer is heard by the spirits wherever they are, and in turn, they communicate with each other. Thanks to this phenomenon, the importance of prayer is given and in addition, the spirits can transmit their inspirations to us and establish distance communication with the incarnated.

As has been mentioned in other articles, there are a variety of Prayers to attract spiritual influx but, the most important thing during this action will be the faith and sincerity with which that call is made.

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Prayer to invoke the spirits in the spiritual mass

Prayers of the spiritual mass

In the name of Almighty God, I request that evil spirits stay away from me and that good spirits serve as a shield against them.

Evil spirits that inspire evil thoughts in men. Cheating and lying spirits who deceive them, mocking spirits who abuse their credulity, I reject them with all the strength of my soul and I close my ear to their suggestions; But I want God's mercy to be poured out on you.

Good spirits who deign to assist me, give me strength to resist the influence of evil spirits and the light necessary to not be the mockery of their perverse intentions. Guard me from pride and presumption; Separate from my heart jealousy, hatred, malevolence and all feelings contrary to charity. Amen.

Songs used in Spiritual Masses

Be the Blessed

"Be the Blessed Sacrament" this song is usually used to start the meetings and spiritual mass. It consists of a praise of God and the Virgin Mary, where reference is made to the three theological virtues: faith, hope and charity, the fundamental basis of the Spiritist doctrine.

Be the most holy.
Chorus: Sea
Be the most holy.
Chorus: Sea
My Mother of Charity, help us, protect us, in the name of God. Oh God!
Be the most holy.
Chorus: Sea
Be the most holy.
Chorus: Sea
My Mother of Charity, help us, protect us, in the name of God. Oh God!
From heaven the mother of God has come down, let us sing a bird at her appearance.
Chorus: Hail, hail, hail Mary. Hail, hail, hail Mary.
Oh Maria! Oh my gosh! Heavenly comfort shelter us and guide us to the heavenly homeland.
Chorus: Hail, hail, hail Mary. Hail, hail, hail Mary.
Long live Mary, long live José, long live this spiritual work. She is Mary conceived without original sin.
Chorus: Hail, hail, hail Mary. Hail, hail, hail Mary.
If in the sky three stars illuminate the truth. It is faith, it is hope and it is Sister Caridad.
Chorus: Hail, hail, hail Mary. Hail, hail, hail Mary.

Oh come

This song is used to invoke the guiding beings and protective spirits to bless the spiritual coronation that is taking place or to invoke their blessing before some spiritual consecration that takes place during the mass. In general, it is used in coronation masses or channeling of spiritual vaults.

Oh come, protector, oh come. Be the Guide of this mission. Oh come protector to this earth, to this beautiful coronation.
Chorus: In coronation, in coronation beings descend (bis).
You left the earth, my brother, now you come to do charity I ask the Father for mercy so that you come seeking peace.
Chorus: In coronation, in coronation beings descend (bis).
How distant these beings are, and yet we keep them in mind they come from the infinite watering flowers in a jiffy.
Chorus: In coronation, in coronation beings descend (bis).

Saint Hilary

The song "San Hilario" is used to invoke the spirits of various spiritual courts calling for them to be present at the spiritual mass that is being performed and through which, it is intended to make a connection with them to achieve the reception of their advice. 

Saint Hilary, divine power, Saint Hilary. Where are those congos?
Chorus: Saint Hilary, divine power, Saint Hilary.
Where are those dead?
Chorus: Saint Hilary, divine power, Saint Hilary.
I call them and they don't come.
Chorus: Saint Hilary, divine power, Saint Hilary.
African Commission.
Chorus: Saint Hilary, divine power, Saint Hilary.
Where are the gypsies?
Chorus: Saint Hilary, divine power, Saint Hilary.
Where are those Indians?
Chorus: Saint Hilary, divine power, Saint Hilary.
In the name of the Father.
Chorus: Saint Hilary, divine power, Saint Hilary.

Work Half Unit

Saint Mary on the Moon, Saint Elizabeth in the Sun. I don't want any disturbance around us.
Chorus: Saint Mary on the Moon, Saint Elizabeth in the Sun. I don't want any disturbance around us.
I call a being and it does not come, I call it in the name of God. I call the seven powers, I do not want disturbance.
Chorus: Saint Mary on the Moon, Saint Elizabeth in the Sun. I don't want any disturbance around us.
Saint Mary Mother, Saint Teresa of Jesus, a Missionary is coming around and looking for light.
Chorus: Holy Mary Mother, Saint Teresa of Jesus, a Missionary is coming around and looking for light.
Oh, work, work, hey, work half a unit; by working you receive faith, hope and charity.
Chorus: Work, work, work half a unit working you receive faith, hope and charity
But work, work, hey, work half a unit; by working you receive faith, hope and charity.
Chorus: Work, work, work half a unit working you receive faith, hope and charity
That by working you receive faith, hope and charity.
Chorus: Work, work, work half a unit working you receive faith, hope and charity
With the dead we receive faith, hope and charity.
Chorus: Work, work, work half a unit, working you receive faith, hope and charity
Hey, work, oh, work, hey, work half a unit; working you receive faith, hope and charity, you see.
Chorus: Work, work, work half a unit working you receive faith, hope and charity
Work, work, work half a unit working you receive faith, hope and charity.


In conclusion, the Spiritual Mass emerges as a practice deeply rooted in the desire for spiritual connection and communication with the afterlife. Through congregation, prayer and the mediation of mediums, participants seek to orient themselves towards good, aspiring to the guidance and consolation of spirits of high light. Beyond being a mere ritual, it represents a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds, offering the faithful the opportunity to better understand their spiritual path, receive advice and blessings, and advance in their personal and spiritual development.

The integration of spiritualism with other religious practices, such as Santeria, highlights the adaptability and cultural richness of these traditions, showing how different beliefs can coexist and complement each other. The spiritual mass, in all its forms, from the investigation to the coronation and the consecration of the spiritual vault, proves to be a vital element in the spiritual lives of many, providing clarity, solace and connection to the spiritual world.

Finally, the spiritual mass emphasizes the importance of faith, sincerity, and free will in the spiritual quest. Through prayer and pure invocation, a dialogue with spirits is fostered that can guide, inspire and protect believers on their journey through life. In this sacred exchange, spiritualism offers a window into the collective soul of humanity, reminding us that we are eternally connected, not only to each other but also to those who have transcended the physical plane.

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