La Ruda: Spiritual meaning, magical properties, rituals and more

The rue

Rue is a plant that enjoys great popularity. It is said that "rue heals everything" due to its many physical and spiritual benefits, which has earned it a well-known reputation among connoisseurs of herbs and believers in esotericism. This is because the history of this plant has been linked to countless traditions from different cultures and times since ancient times. Even its "magical powers" have been the inspiration for various investigations with the intention of determining its true effects and properties.

What is rue?

Rue (Ruta) is known as a genus of evergreen subshrubs. Among its main characteristics, it stands out that it is strongly flavored. Its unpleasant odor has the ability to repel animals and especially insects, which is why it is very useful in crops to keep pests away from crops. It reaches 20 to 60 cm in height, and it is estimated that it belongs to the “Rutaceae” family, native to the Mediterranean area, Macaronesia and Southwest Asia. The best known species is common rue (Ruta graveolens), which is usually used as a medicinal plant, but can have very strong toxicity, so its uses and doses must be well known to avoid adverse reactions.

Rue is a plant with a fairly wide survival capacity, in fact, it survives even in the poorest substrates, it also adapts very easily to temperate or cold climates, however, it needs to be exposed to the sun. In the summer season it sprouts small yellow flowers.

What is Rue used for?

Rue is a well-known plant to which many uses of various natures are attributed. It is a recognized medicinal plant and, in turn, is a popular herb for spiritual or esoteric use. In any case, it is estimated that the active ingredients or essential oils of rue are located mainly in its leaves, which is why it is from them that its various medicinal properties are used. Among the many uses of rue, we can highlight:

  • Sedative action: it is known for its calming and relaxing effects. It is possible to use it to soothe the sensation of pain caused by blows or injuries. Also, its infusions are used to reduce anxiety or nervous disorders.
  • Emmenagogue action: it is widely used to soften or reduce the discomfort caused by menstruation, since its ingestion can ease symptoms such as: headache, belly pain, feeling of irritability, amenorrhea, and the typical breakdowns of the premenstrual and menstrual period. .
  • Digestive action: it is estimated that rue favors digestive processes, because it stimulates biliary function. That is why infusions of rue leaves after meals are used to relieve discomfort such as: constipation or digestive disorders.
  • Circulatory action: it is known that rue can also positively influence the processes of toning of the arteries and the normalization of blood flow.
  • Antispasmodic action: thanks to this property, rue is used in infusions, enjoying great effectiveness in treating cases of stomach cramps and diarrhea.

Spiritual meaning of rue

Spiritual meaning of rue

Beyond the various health benefits that rue possesses, it also enjoys great esoteric and magical prestige. In fact, her spiritual properties are so extensive that it is estimated that she can attract all positive energies, while repelling sorcery, bad luck, even helping to rid people of dark spirits and the evil eye. .

The use of rue as an element of spiritual help has been known since ancient civilizations. For the Egyptians, Hebrews and Chaldeans, it was considered a sacred herb, it was even estimated that rue was the manifestation of the gifts of their gods.

In Chinese culture it was used as a powerful talisman capable of repelling bad thoughts.

In the Roman Empire it was used as a shield to counteract the evil eye and it was also used to protect oneself energetically when it was necessary to visit a prisoner.

Among the Celtic traditions, rue was recognized as an element with a high healing capacity for various diseases and an excellent protective amulet against curses.

In the American continent it was used by the aborigines to calm conditions such as: colic and spasms, considered a natural purgative and an infusion capable of stimulating menstruation. On the other hand, it was used as a spiritual protector against evil spirits; for example: the shamans in Peru considered it a plant that attracts good luck and is very useful for their magical rituals.

Per se, the spiritual meaning of rue It is quite broad, it can also vary depending on the culture that uses it, however, they all agree that it is an herb with extensive magical powers capable of being a powerful amulet, while also being a great talisman that attracts good luck. energies.

magical properties

The spiritual properties of rue, as mentioned above, have always been recognized by cultures and used in countless rituals. Among the most outstanding magical properties of this plant we have:

  • Protects against bad energies.
  • Cures the evil eye.
  • Repels low vibrations and evil spirits.
  • It is used to perform highly effective energy cleansing and cleansing.
  • It attracts positive energies.
  • It serves to heal the spiritual body.
  • Counter spells and witchcraft.
  • Attract money, business, sales and good fortune.
  • Protects, attracts and protects love relationships.

Benefits of having rue plants at home

Due to its ability to cleanse and purify energies, rue is commonly used to strip homes of disturbing energies that could harm the development of all family members, pets, even physical space and utensils as such.

That is why having rue in the house is quite effective to protect the home from low vibrations, drive away curses, witchcraft and any kind of curse, attracting positive vibrations, encouraging harmony in the home due to its ability to change the mood of people; In addition, it promotes union and stability. In the same way, this plant attracts the entry of money and prosperity, it is a powerful magnet for the arrival or stability of true loves and helps to recover from illnesses or frequent ailments caused by exhaustion or stress.

Where do I place the rue inside the house?

Since very old traditions inherited from various cultures, such as ancient Rome, they have recommended the use of a mallet of fresh rue hanging in the center of the back of the main door of the house. This is a fairly powerful protection against envoys and spells of any nature, it neutralizes the vibrations of envy and everything negative that could try to enter the home.

Another good practice is to use two plant decks hanging on the sides of the front door frame. A mallet of male rue (hanging from the left side) and a mallet of female rue (hanging from the right side). The most noticeable difference between male and female rue is that the female has small yellow flowers and the male has larger leaves.

What does it mean that this plant dries up?

When we have a bunch of rue or we have it planted at home and we observe that it begins to dry, we can take it for granted that it has fulfilled the spiritual mission for which it was entrusted, that is, that it absorbed some negative energy that wanted to settle in the place or in the person, being neutralized by the properties of the herb.

Therefore, seeing that the rue begins to dry should not be a cause for concern, on the contrary, we are grateful that it has fulfilled its function and we replace it as soon as possible with a fresh one.

Bath with rue for luck

It is estimated that baths prepared with rue are highly effective in attracting good fortune and luck, since they allow our physical and spiritual bodies to be stripped of the energies that hinder the arrival of beneficial opportunities for our evolution. A highly recommended bath consists of mixing hot water with:

  • Rue.
  • Sea salt.
  • Yellow flower leaves.
  • Rosemary leaves.

When the water boils, the flame will be extinguished and it will be left to rest until it is lukewarm. This mixture will be used after grooming as usual, being the last liquid that runs through your body (it will be used from the neck down, the head will not be washed with this herb). Then it will be left to dry without using the towel so that its properties are absorbed by the skin, while it performs a small meditation in which it invokes its guardian angel so that these elements allow it to attract all its objectives.

How to clean a house with rue?

To strip the house with rue, or any other physical space of our interest, there are various very useful rituals. Some of the most recommended cleanings are:

  • Veladoras (candles) prepared with rue leaves: These types of elements are very useful when we perceive that our home is under the influence of some spell, because the energy feels very heavy, gloom prevails, conflicts, quarrels, setbacks or prosperity and evolution are not achieved. because everything is late. Therefore, we can prepare a candle (if it is large, much better), melting pieces of wax or candles in a saucepan over low heat, stirring constantly. Once it is in a complete liquid state, it will be mixed with rue leaves and aromatic oil of your choice. It will be placed in a glass jar while holding a wick in the middle that will touch the bottom of the container. It will be left to rest and once it is solidified, it will light up in a corner of the house asking its spiritual guides for protection and dispossession of the home.
  • Dry rue smoke: Burning dry rue leaves inside the house, like an incense filling every corner with smoke, is a very easy and practical way to cleanse the house's energies. It is believed that by burning dry rue, negative energies are immediately neutralized, completely disappearing from the place. This ritual is also quite effective in reducing the feeling of stress and anxiety that in many cases hinders the arrival of good fortune.
  • rue incense: These incenses that are already prepared are a very simple and effective option for dispossessing bad energies in the home. One or several sticks of incense are lit and moved throughout the place so that its smoke neutralizes the energies that could be harming development. In the same way, this element can be used to cleanse the energy of a person, animal or thing, just by passing the sticks around it and wrapping it with its fumes.
  • Washdowns with rue waters: This cleaning is done with water mixed with rue leaves from which the juice has been extracted by rubbing them together and mixing them with the water. Once this procedure is completed, the house will be washed from the end to the main door. This bath can also be mixed with plenty of ice to intensify the beneficial properties and expel all bad energies.
  • rue alcohol: This can be prepared by mixing alcohol with rue leaves and leaving it to macerate for a minimum period of 24 hours. It can be used to place some drops in the corners in order to protect the home from negative entities. Similarly, its use is highly recommended on a personal level, just by placing a few drops on the neck, behind the ears, in the center of the forehead and on the back of the neck, it acts as an excellent spiritual protector.

Rituals with rue

rituals for protection

Planting rue around your house is considered a fence that efficiently protects from low vibrations and all kinds of witchcraft invoked against the members of your home. The most recommended thing is that it be planted by the person interested in protecting the home, they should only do it when they are in a good mood, happy and calm, otherwise, it will not have the desired effect, since, due to the high energy capacity of the grass immediately picks up the vibrations around it. Remember that if at any time it withers, it is only evidence that you are fulfilling your objective, which is to catch bad spiritualities.

If you do not have the necessary space to plant your own plants, you can also place rue mallets in one or more vases in the place you want inside your home, your business, or where you want to attract good energies and protect the given entities. to adversity.


Rue has properties that repel with the same intensity as they attract, therefore, we can take advantage of its nature to attract the appropriate conditions to make our goals a reality.

A fairly effective meditation to materialize our aspirations by taking advantage of the attractive properties of rue is to spend a few minutes visualizing what we want to achieve by holding a mallet of the plant in our hands. State the goals you want to achieve out loud as if they were already a fact. Then place the deck in a vase of fresh water and trust that your requests will manifest at any moment.

for fortune

To attract prosperity or increase money income, you can take rue leaves and flowers and put them in a kraft paper envelope. This package will then be kept inside your wallet, in your desk drawer, inside your business cash register, or anywhere else that represents your productivity.

For the love

Using rue plants with sentimental intentions can be of great help to attract new loves or protect the existing one.

to attract love It is recommended to mix a few drops of rue oil or alcohol with your daily perfume and use it constantly making affirmations that describe and decree that you will find the person you want as soon as possible.

Another ritual for attraction consists of placing rue leaves inside a red cloth envelope and leaving it inside the wallet, taking it from time to time and affirming out loud what you want to achieve. This talisman is usually very effective in attracting love and that the right person appears in our lives.

If we want to protect the love or the relationship we have, an infusion of rue can be prepared and with that liquid the intimate clothing of those involved will be washed. Another option is to place rue leaves under the insole of each one's shoes.

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