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odi Iwori - Odi Gold

Odi Oro, is the sign # 64 of the Lordly Order of Ifá, this is the combination between the Odu Elders Odi and Iwori and speaks of the need to develop the intellect and warn that it cannot be associated with evildoers or people of low morals.

This person has been cursed to be permanently poor, but Ifa says that He will be rich in life.

Meaning of the Odi Gold Sign

For this Odu you have to pay for all things to be well. When you want to have something and ask for it, no one can solve it for you.

This Odu brand: A trip to see a person who is far away, or already did.

The Awó of this Odu has more than two wives. Be careful not to bring a sexual disease to your wife's house and you can spread it.

Here you have to use intelligence to succeed, you cannot be a despot with others and not disguise your character.

Other names of the Odi Iwori:

  • Odi Gold.
  • Odi Wori.

In the odu Odi Oro is born:

  • Born: The Drug Dealer.
  • The flower of water. (OYU-GOLD).
  • Here: Talk about blindness.
  • Brand of phenomena and transformations.
  • The ship had nowhere to dock.
  • Talk about cheating in the house.
  • There are problems in the head.
  • There is a curse for a woman.
  •  It is the Ifá of tobacco.

The sign of Ifa Odi Oro speaks:

  • Speak falsehood.
  • OLOKUN cannot be received.
  • He cannot marry YEMAJA's daughters.
  • A secret called YEKUN is assembled.
  • In Odi Oro, bathing in the sea is prohibited.
  • It is explained how Ela is the spirit of truth, honesty and friendly living.

The Odi Iwori Sign points out:

  • ORUNMILA wanted to impose goodness on Earth.
  • Here is the level of the sea and the sea of ​​leva and its terrible consequences.

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Recommendations of the Odi Iwori sign:

  • Here the person will find what they want.
  • It prohibits bathing in the sea, as well as receiving the deity OLOKUN.
  • You can't cut any grass after XNUMX PM, as it is late. When he is in dire need of some herb or root after that time, he will find someone else to get it for him.
  • In this Odu there is always a woman who has died because of Awó
  • I HATE GOLD and the curse haunts him.
  • ODI GOLD, is the Ifá of tobacco. When you see this Odu, you smoke tobacco and smoke SHANGO with it.
  • In a UTEFA, AWOFAKAN or IKOFAFUN ceremony, everyone present is smoking tobacco.
  • In this Ifá ORUNMILA wanted to impose goodness on earth, but OGUN clarified the situation.
    In this Odu the water flower speaks, which opens and closes at a certain time of day. That is why the person of this Odu is variable in character and has a moment in which he gives everything and has other moments in which he denies everything.

Sayings of the Odu Odi Oro - Odi Iwori:

  • With intelligence everything can be overcome.
  • When you tell the truth and you are legal, you can be great.
  • He who walks with bad company ends badly.

Odi Oro (Iwori) bans:

This Odu, when a woman is seen, will have to receive IKOFAFUN and make Santo, so that she reigns with her children and godchildren. You must respect OSHUN, and thank you, as well as ORUNMILA.

This Odu predicts to be careful with drugs, his enemies do not leave it at home or behind his back and then report him to justice.

This Odu (Odi Oro) predicts not to get wet with rainwater.

Here you have a receipt that when you use it you cannot work.

You have to be careful of dislikes with minors, do not end up in problems with older people.

Because of this Odu the person has had times of starvation and need.

He speaks of a deranged average person and has to do Santo in order to heal.

It is forbidden to work at night, because if you do, you will be scared. You will not be able to leave the food from your house, to go out to eat, because you will not eat.

Ifa says in the odu Odi Oro:

Because of this Odu, the person only trusts the shelter or garment they have and it is believed that that is enough for them and there is plenty of it and their good is to receive and work Ifá.

For this Odu Odi Oro they want to baptize three at the same time.

Here you are sent to beg your head frequently and attend to your Protections

Spiritual and deceased relatives with: meals, flowers, candles, cigars, brandy, prayers, etc.
The day Odi Oro feeds his religious things, that day he cannot work.

Some OSHUN and YEMAJA are used here.

This Odu is the one of falsehoods. His home is visited by many people who treat him falsely.

Here you have to try to win the friendship and help of ESHU (ELEGBA) and OBATALA and meet the Guardian Angel.

In this Odu, the trees grew and were decimated by pests, diseases, etc., and only the roots remained.

In this Ifá, there are people who are living on their own or enjoying their own, one takes one thing and others others, if it is Osobo, IFA IRE, you have lived from others.

For this Odu Odi Oro, they made the boys steal.

This Odu speaks of a property or land, where the brothers kill the father or mother for the position of the same.

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Treaty of Odi Gold

Prayer of the Odu Odi Oro:


Suyere of the Odi Wori Sign:


Ebo of the Oddun Odi Iwori:

For Nature.

White elderberry root, malvaté root, for 3 months and you can not ingest alcoholic beverages.

Then Omiero is prepared with: Sasafras, Imo Oshún, romerillo, button of orozus and blood of 6 carmelite pigeons is given along with OSHUN and SHANGO. Then he will bathe with that Omiero.

Advice from the odu Odi Iwori

Here the person is surrounded by portentous enemies in business or relationships.

In this Ifá, the jicotea wanted to be Oyugbona three times.

It is an Ifá of phenomena and transformations.

We must give thanks to YEMAJA and ORUNMILA.

People with this Odu must always tell the truth and be legal, so that they can be great.

Here the ship had nowhere to dock. Ifá of the drug dealer.

The diseases that afflict this Odu are: problems with the waist, digestive system, blindness, brain problems, sexual contact diseases, arthritis, impotence and hemorrhoids.

Here the person is blind with his / her spouse is cheating on him / her.

You are with your eyes closed on something that concerns you and you are believing in something that is contrary to what actually happens. In this Ifá there are deceptions in the house.

Predicts having a male child.

Here, EGUN is made Gold (songs). and the older EGUNs and the spirits in need will be pleaded not to steal his luck.

Odu Odi Oro Ifa Code of Ethics:

The Awó does not pluck herbs after six in the afternoon.

Pataki of the Odi Gold sign (Iwori):

The blind Awo.

ODI ORO was an Awó who was dedicated to selling in a tub of water, the flower of water (ojuro) to cure sight, people paid him fifty cents for each flower.

He had the habit of having money next to the tub, and since he was blind, it was stolen from him. ODI ORO went to ORUNMILA's house to see how he could find out who the thief was, who registered him and saw this Odu ODI ORO, who was his patron Odu. ORUNMILA ordered him to make EBO with: 1 ribbon, eko bagasse, 1 rooster, a pigeon, other ingredients.

ODI-ORO did the EBO and when it was done, it took the loop and the eko and put it next to the tub. When the thief came to take the money out of the eko bagasse, ODI-ORO pulled the tie and took the thief's hand.

Odi Iwori Ifa Traditional

Ifá was guessed for EDU.


The priest of the house of EDU.

Is Ifá doing something beyond the human intellect?

It is necessary to make sacrifice so as not to be relegated to a less important position.

Sacrifice: 4 doves, 8000 cowries and Ifá medicine (crush Awon and Omo leaves; mix with bath soap)
The sacrifice was heard and performed. EDU was not relegated to a less important position.

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