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Ika Bemi or Ika Ogbe is the sign number 167 in the genealogical order of Ifa, in this sign Orunmila advises to pay more attention to education and examples that are given to children since they may be seeing or in the middle of irregular situations that will end damaging their personality or behavior.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Ika Bemi?

  • Aina-Yogun. The guiding spirit of the Ibejis.
  • Put the Idefa on the children.
  • The great secret of drumming Yemajá.
  • The marriage scourge.
  • The jicotea wanted to learn to fly and her carapace broke.
  • The great secret of giving Tambor to Yemajá.
  • It tells of a familiar Egun who is resentful of the person and wishes to destroy him.
  • When this Odu Osobo is seen, the first person who arrives at the Awó's house that day has to receive Orúnmila.
  • Evil hides itself in the stamp of good.
  • Make war between two powerful and pay the daughter of one of them.
  • When it comes out in divination; Aleyos comes to the house.
  • The diseases are: Cancer, cardiovascular problems, embolisms, digestive system, hernias and problems with

What is the Ika Bemi sign talking about?

  • It speaks of the son who is an incarnate spirit of a guinea.
  • In Ika bemi a Saint Oparikosha speaks; which is the intermediate between Eshu Elegba and Elegba.
  • The Awó is afraid of the night and covers his head.
  • The children and godchildren destroy the father and godfather.
  • You cannot say that you know more than anyone else.
  • The Awó must take his Ifá to the seashore, wash him and give him two black hens.

The Ika Ogbe sign points out:

  • When you see a woman, she is looking for position.
  • Women like to have an abortion.
  • It speaks of two people with the same spirit guide and shared luck, even if they are not Jimaguas.
  • Talk about spousal cheating.

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Recommendations of the Ika Bemi sign:

Ika Bemi advises the people of this Odu, that they should be careful and cautious where they walk since some araye is placing Ogu (witchcraft) in their path.

In case you have traveled and you feel bad, you should give Eshu-Elegba a hee-hee on the trail and light a candle for him and no longer pass there.

When Awó Ika Bemi sees his Oddun in an ordinary search, he should not go out into the street without first becoming Ebo, because there may be danger.

When this Ifá comes out in consultation or planted, it predicts that aleyos come to the house. In ordinary consultation, the person will be told that they should receive Orúnmila and other Saints.

This Odu predicts that in the house of the person who is seen this Odu there is a dark Egun.

The son of Ika Bemi is the incarnated spirit of a guinea, you have to do a work with a guinea for the control of the family.

People under this Odu will have problems with their genitals and their brain. You can also suffer from embolisms, heart attacks, bitterness in the mouth, produced by the digestive system, gastritis or ulcer.

This Odu predicts slipping falls, which can lead to a hernia.

When this sign of Ifa is seen in divination on a pregnant woman, she will be told that she will give birth to a boy, will be very foolish and mischievous and will be called Fínkale. This boy should not be beaten and he should not be spoiled a lot, you have to put a brake on him early so that he does not get lost and give him Awafakan as soon as possible.

The person with this sign is a merchant, all business will succeed, he will have money and he will be very prosperous. It is an Ifá "Fore Aye".

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Ika Bemi:

  • Al Awó is destroyed by his sons and godchildren.
  • Trade brings together peoples, and divides men.
  • Disobedience is the father of innocence.
  • The customer is always right.
  • No one claims to be related to someone who has no money, but when they
  • He is rich, everyone claims him as a father.
  • In the jungle, your spear and your heart must stand firm.
  • Evil hides itself in the stamp of good.
  • For wanting to learn to fly my carapace broke.

Says Ifa Ika Bemi:

Be careful with justice, because there is a gossip or mess, he is a person who always does well in all businesses.

Merchant, and you have money already to receive more money. She has to put an Idefa on her child, and if she is a woman she is told that she is pregnant and that she will give birth to a boy, which must be very bad, this boy will have to do Ifá.

His enemies want to harm him, he has done something to Elegba and he believes that he has done nothing to her and that it will not work. And if it comes to a woman who is in your house, that she had a dream for which she has to do ebo, so that she is well and achieves what she wants.

You cannot tell lies. You have to give thanks for the dream that Eshu already had.

At home it is possible that a person has set fire to himself, he must make himself stand up. A drainer is hurting him.

She is scared when night falls and covers her head to sleep. He has to refresh the door of his house, he has to be careful of blond or mulatto people, they will be his enemies.

Prayer of the Odu Baba Ika Bemi:


Suyere Oddún Ika Ogbe:


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Ebbo of the Odu Ika Ogbe Ifa:

Work to defeat enemies.

Jutía and smoked fish, roasted corn, cocoa butter and corojo, husk, crushed yam are added to a gourd. All this is put in front of Elegba and a candle is lit for her. Eshu is covered with mashed yams and given a chicken. A little water is poured on jícara and a red flag is put on it. The chicken is cooked with enough pepper and added
inside the gourd and the destruction of the enemies is requested. Seven days later it is taken to where Eshu-Elegba has said and there the desired is requested again.

For the Awó Ika Ogbe:

When the Awó Ika Bemi sees his Odu, he does not go out without first becoming Ebó, because he may be in danger.

Ebbo for the pregnant woman:

1 goat, rooster, dirty cloth of your custom, six arrows, hutía and smoked fish, toasted corn, corojo butter, a lot of money.

EBBO: goat, rooster, 2 hens, trap, house soil, sweaty clothes, Ogún knife scrape, ritual cloth, hutía and smoked fish, corojo butter, candles, coconut, toasted corn, a lot of money.

Tips from the oddun of Ifa Ika Bemi:

When this Odu comes out in an Athepha, Awafakan or Ikofafun, to the children of this person it is necessary to urgently give the Idefá de Orúnmila.

This Oddun points to the Awó gossip and tangles.

The person with this Odu will have to carry out certain investigations on a familiar Egun who is resentful towards him and wishes to destroy him.

One of the diseases that Ika Ogbe talks about is cancer and to avoid it you should take cooking of cimarrón tobacco leaves and avocado leaves.

The person must bathe with brandy, to remove the drag that life puts in his way.

When this Odu in Osobo leaves in an Ikofafun or Awafakan plant, the first person who arrives at the house must receive Orúnmila (if he does not have him) so that he does not die. If it does, you have to see what Orúnmila says.

For this Oddun mounts Masebin which is a garment that mounts in a jar of Antelope.

Here an Osha called Oparikosha is mounted which is the intermediate Osha between Eshu-Elegba and Elegbara.

Ika Bemi talks about a war between two powerful people and the daughter of one of them is going to pay the consequences.

Meaning of the Sign of Ifa Ika Bemi (Ogbe)

The Ifa Ika Ogbe sign speaks of claiming our rights and demanding respect.

The client has to learn to moderate his words and actions when presenting his point of view

This Ifá indicates that you have to be careful of blond people or jabadas mulattos, because they are the enemies of Ika Bemi.

This Odu «Ika ​​Bemi» points out: That evil hides itself in the stamp of good. It is an Ifá of mirage or vain illusions, where what seems good is actually bad.

The Awó Ika Bemi must not have godchildren, as they destroy him. So also the person with this Odu, the children destroy it.

This Oddun speaks of marital deception. It is necessary for this Ifá to receive Oduduwa and Azojuano.

The secret; for situations in people with this Odu is to give

Drum a Yemaya.

Odu Ika Ogbe Ifa Code of Ethics:

 Al Awó is destroyed by his sons and godchildren.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Ika Bemi:

The child who should not be born.

There was a time on earth when water was scarce and the only one that had was the crab (Akan) who owned the well and sold the water or exchanged it for something else. The quail was very poor and he sent his son to fetch water, when he arrived at the crab's house, this skinned and cold, he felt envy of the quail's son and said: -I don't give water, tell your mother to pay for it, but he has to buy everything in the well.

The quail's son said to the crab: -If you return without the water, my parents will pluck all the feathers from me. Then the crab told him that the water in the well belonged to Ogún and that he could not give it to her, to go and ask him.

The quail went to Orúnmila's house who saw this Odu and made him Ebo and told him to go looking for Ogún. The quail set out and met a majá, who said to him: Please quail, peel this hen, the quail was so hungry that it ate all the hen's feathers and gave the hen peeled to the majá. Then he continued on his way and met a leper and he understood that the quail was hungry and gave him a yam, the quail ate the shell and gave him back the peeled yam, and continued on his way, reached the mountain and met a A big black man with many irons, it was Ogún. The quail asked him how to get to Ogun's house, since he had to talk to him because they didn't have money to pay for the crab's water.

Nearby there was a güira bush and Ogún told him: -You see those three little güiros, grab them and when you leave the mountain, throw one to the ground in the middle of the road, throw the other and in the well you throw the other and you will see how the crab give you water.

This is what the quail did and was able to bring water home.

Ika Ogbe Ifa Traditional Nigerian

Ìká gbè me
N or joba Ìlá
Ìká ò gbè me
N or joba Ìlá
Òòsà ìkà nií gbe ìkà
To day fun Ìkookò
Èyí tí n lo rèé lóyúun méjì níkùn
Òun le bímo layé yìí?
Wón ní kó rbo
Ìkookò sì lóyún nnú
Won ni kó nií séwu
Ìkookò bá rbo
ó bá bímo è
Ayé ye Ìkookò
Ní wá n jó ní n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Ìká gbè me
N or joba Ìlá
Ìká ò gbè me
N or joba Ìlá
Òòsà ìkà nií gbe ìkà
A day fún Ìkookò tí n lo rèé lóyúun méjì níkùn
Èyí tí ón ní ó níí lè bi
Wón ní kó saca káalè kó jàre
Ebo did not know
Ó wáá gbébo nbè ó rbo
Mo bi tibi tire
Tibi pull làfòón wò
Mo bi tibi tire

Ifá wants this person to be well. Ifá predicts that he will ascend to a throne. People will say they will speak ill of him, so he must make sacrifice, there is a pregnant woman near this person. Enemies have ruled out her pregnancy as they say she will not give birth to her baby; Ifá advises the woman to offer her sacrifice well. She will give birth to her baby.

If Ìká benefits me
I will ascend to the throne of the king of Ìlá
Evil does not benefit me and
I will ascend to the throne of the king of Ìlá
The Deity of Evil rewards the bad
He made divination for the Hyena
The one who was going to get pregnant with twins
The Hyena asked 'Will I have children on earth?'
They advised him to offer sacrifice
Meanwhile the Hyena was at that time serious with the pregnancy
They assured her, there will be no problems
The Hyena made the sacrifice
She had her children safely
Life pleased her that way
She started dancing and rejoicing
She was praising her Babaláwos
His Babaláwos were praising Ifá
She said it was exactly as her Babaláwos had said
If Ìká benefits me
I will ascend to the throne of the king of Ìlá
Evil does not benefit me and
I will ascend to the throne of the king of Ìlá
The Deity of Evil rewards the bad
He made divination for the Hyena when she was going to get pregnant with twins
Some of them wished that she did not give birth to their babies
They advised him to please take care of the earth
And make the sacrifice
She then heard about the sacrifice and performed it
I have delivered the placenta and the babies
Therefore, it is with fresh and dried herbs that the Àfòn tree is dressed
I have delivered the placenta and the baby

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