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Iroso Iwori or Iroso Wiro, this is the Odu number 79 in the lordly Order of Ifa, this sign advises that this person should offer sacrifice to be a participant in good functions (trades). He should not leave his things by half and will treat people with sincerity, if he travels, his home and destination will bring him good fortunes and life will be favorable or comfortable for him.

Other names of the sign of Ifa Iroso Iwori:

  • Iroso Wiro.
  • Iroso Guiro.
  • Iroso Wori.

In the odu of Ifa Iroso Iwori is born:

  • The Stevedores, the loaders.

Sign of Ifa Iroso Iwori speaks:

  • That the person is a friend of taking what does not belong to him.
  • That for this Ifá one has one foot in jail and the other in the cemetery.
  • That because of pride you can have a stroke.
  • For the man: Three people chase him because of a woman, he has two women who are very jealous of him. He has three children and one of them is neither black nor white, he is a mulatto with an ache.
  • Of stomach ailment and that you have to take care of your blood.
  • That the person has to repress himself a lot for being where he lives and wants to leave there, to achieve this he has to do Ebó.
  • That for the young man he has to undergo treatment in order to have a family.
  • That the husband has to take his wife to the foot of Orúnmila so that they can make her Ebó, so that she does not die, as it will be an irremediable loss for him.
  • Of heritage beyond the sea
  • Of a person with stomach problems.
  • Who comes to know of someone who embarked and has not reached their destination.
  • That the person is on the loose because of the adversities of life.
  • That this is where the peasant planted an unknown palm tree, and when it grew it was filled with thorns and could not collect the fruits of it.
  • That here Agayú was a boatman (the person has someone on top of him who is hindering him).
  • That your wife fights a lot with you and when she gets angry you have to leave her.
  • Of flows in women. You have to get treatment to have children.
  • That the enemies are the black ones and one red.
  • From within the people you trust there is one who is going to betray you, since this person is crouched waiting for an oversight to eliminate him.

The Sign Iroso Wiro points out:

  • That the person has a heavy load that they can no longer bear.
  • Death on a sea voyage.
  • That the person has a head full of empty ideas that are impossible to carry out.
  • That the person goes to bed in one way or gets up in another way, if he goes to bed poor he can get up rich, if he goes to bed rich he can get up poor, if he goes to bed healthy he can get up sick, etc.
  • That in the family there are nervous or crazy people.
  • Debts with Azojuano that must be paid.
  • That the woman can be emptied.
  • Death on a sea voyage.

Recommendations of the Iroso Wiro sign:

  • Feed Orúnmila and at the door of the house (Shilikún Ilé).
  • You have to have a right hand and a left hand to rule the house.
  • Do not help anyone who will not thank you for anything.
  • Don't be hard-headed so you don't lose.
  • Here all the children of Agayú have to receive Oduduwa so that they do not go bald, because they ate together
  • Elegba is served with fish in sauce.

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Sayings of the Odu Iroso Iwori:

  • Do not take what is not yours.

Iroso Guiro prohibitions:

  • You cannot be bitten by mosquitoes, you may get malaria (malaria). If you get a fever you have to go quickly to the doctor.
  • You cannot eat black beans.

Says Ifa in the odu Iroso Iwori:

When this Ifá appears in divination, the person will be advised to sacrifice to Ifá with a chicken and wrapped fish and to Eshu with a goat, to counteract the evil machinations of his younger brother against him. You will be told that your younger brother is a sorcerer.

When Iroso Iwori comes out in divination as Ayeo (osobo) for an individual, he will be told that he has no woman,
or if he has one, he is thinking of leaving him, that his wife is not stable. You must make sacrifice with
a rooster, a hen and a dove. If he is Uree (I will), he must serve his head with a rooster and a pigeon.

If this oddun appears in divination, the person will be told to be careful in their movements to avoid sudden death, or to avoid unexpectedly encountering danger such as to lead to death. In addition to being prudent before taking a step, you must also make sacrifice.

Prayer of the Odu of Ifa Iroso Wiro:

Iroso Wori Iroso neither bayé nor baun nor tenshe nor Lodafun Ayó omo Odé, Maferefun Shango.

Ebbo from Oddun Iroso Wori:

EBO: rooster, chicken, 1 doves, 2 white doves, a wooden dummy, bow and arrow, a crown, a red hot line nail, ritual paraldo fabrics, ritual paraldo herbs, a lot of ashé, a cane, 2 bananas, a lot of money.


The rooster for Eshu, a dove and two bananas for Agayú, 2 white doves for Orishaoko. The chicken for Paraldo. Agayú eats with Oduduwa and all the children of Agayú must receive Oduduwa so that they do not go bald.

Meaning of the sign of Ifa Iroso Iwori.

This Ifa sign speaks that there is no peace or tranquility or genuine unfoldment. Difficulties and changes are part of growth and wisdom. The person needs to realize his goals and desires in long terms, although his gratification will be in a short time.

This Ifá prohibits the person from being bitten by mosquitoes, as they can become ill, either from malaria or other diseases.

This Ifá is ungrateful, because the person speaks badly of the one who helps him, or the one who gives him food.

Here, too, the person has a head full of vain ideas, things that are impossible to do.

This Odu points out: that the person has a heavy load on him and that he cannot bear. Death on a sea voyage. You will not eat black beans. That the person lies down in one way and wakes up in another. If he goes to bed poor, he can get up rich and vice versa. If you go to bed healthy, you can wake up sick or vice versa. It is an Ifá of instability.

The person is friendly to take what is not his. You have one foot in the house and the other in the cemetery.

By Iroso Iwori, the person has relatives with nervous disorders or crazy people.

He indicates a debt with Azojuano (San Lázaro), which he must pay.

For a man: Three people are after him because of a woman. He has two women who are very jealous of him.

He has three children and one is a mulatto.

For this Ifá you suffer from the stomach and you have to take care of your blood. He suffers from problems in the head, such as: forgetfulness, cerebral ischemia due to stenosis, thrombosis or embolism. Hemorrhagic Lesions.

The person is repressed where he lives and wants to leave. To achieve this you have to do Ebó.

Ethical code of Ifa of the Iroso Iwori odu:

The Awó must overcome difficulties.

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Pataki of the sign of Ifa Iroso Iwori:


At the time when the vapors were not known, and there were no means of crossing from one place to another by sea; There was a person called Yayu Orozuz who had a big business on his hands, which he could not win because he had lawsuits with his declared and hidden enemies that he had and that did not let him do what he wanted.

One day, tired of fighting, he went out into the street with bad ideas and on the way he met Okanankó who is like a messenger, like Eshu of the roads, after knowing what was happening to Yayu Orozuz he sent him to Orúnmila's house. Osode made him and this Ifá saw him and told him; that he had to get palm kernel to be able to win and that although there was none in the town he was going to get it on the other side of the sea, but first he had to make Ebo with: rooster, 4 pigeons, a ladder, rope, a blade, casserole . The pigeons that were black and sent him to take everything to the sea after they finished the Ebó.

Upon reaching the shore, he met Agayú who, upon seeing him, told him; I know what you're coming for, and he asked for the Ebo and he carried it on his shoulder and put it on the other side of the sea. Where there was a palm, he left the Ebó and climbed onto it and picked up palm and Agayú passed the sea to him again and told him to put anything on Yemayá because they had passed through his house, he did so and was able to win.

Iroso Iwori Ifa Traditional

You guessed it for the people of Iwoye.


He divined for the people of Iwoye when they ardently desired general prosperity.

The people had been suffering from great need and deprivation when they decided to invite Kpomusheghe to divine for them. He advised them to sacrifice 10 pigeons, 10 rats, 10 fish, 10 chickens, 10 roosters, 10 cowries, 10 yards of cloth, and a goat.

After making the sacrifice, all the attributes of prosperity that they had abandoned in the town began to return. Following the return of prosperity, the people experienced an atmosphere of rejoicing and began to sing in praise of Kpomusheghe with the following words.


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