oshe fun

Oshe fun

Life and death

Other names for Oshe Ofun:

Oshe Fun.

In the odu Oshe Fun is born:

  • Incest.
  • Leukemia and Amnesia.
  • The noise women make when they wash their parts.
  • The scales on the skin.
  • ORUNMILA's yellow and green necklace.
  • Use the Iddefá linked by chain, to the owner of this Ifá.
  • The pact between IKU and ORUNMILA.
  • The Iddefá, the ORUNMILA brand.
  • That OBATALA covers all the good and discovers all the bad.
  • OSHUN gave up the quail.
  • The curse of the pigeons by OBATALA.
  • Dip your finger in epoxy and spread it on the lenú so as not to burn yourself.
  • The KOMO OSHE, KOMO OWA (The little right-handed).
  • The children who did not wait for ORUNMILA and die.
  • This is the basket holder.
  • ORUNLA is asked what he does with owó of this Oddu.
  • He puts on a mat or rug to get out of bed.
  • SHANGO was not considered.

The sign of Ifa Oshe Fun (5-10) indicates:

  • A very big epidemic is coming.
  • It marks the union of human beings to win.
  • Santo should not be abandoned for Mayombe.
  • They speak the diseases of the throat, the stomach and the blood. Diabetes.
  • He cannot sleep under the moon.
  • ORUNMILA gives the Iddé to OSHUN.
  • OSHUN kept his wealth and garments in an Eleguedé.
  • YEMAYA curses Eledé.
  • OGUN disobeys OBATALA.
  • Ifa was not believed.
  • ORUNMILA wore a mask like IKU and they took fear of him.
  • ORUNMILA was a pilgrim.
  • OBATALA walked with a monkey and with IKU.
  • The Ewé are: Cordobán and Ponasí.

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Meaning of the oddun Oshe Fun:

This is Oddu # 237 of the Lordly Order of Ifá.

Oshe Fun is an impure and dangerous Oddun, use a towel with alcohol and rub it over the face for the Arayé.

Do not get fat, be bald and shaved, seek the presence to avoid IKU.

Do not leave clothes askew after they are washed.

Do not put on handcuffs or necklaces while you sleep, you can hang yourself.

Sleep with a mat under the mattress with Iyefá from ORUNMILA.

Use carpet to get out of bed.

It can be stalled.

The Awó takes Obiní by the anus and pray OSHE KASHEREFUN ADIFAFUN ALALEYO ADIFAFUN OKUNTE, with that he maintains the erection of the penis.

You cannot have animals that lie down because they die.

It marks the union of human beings to win.

There are debts with AZOJUANO.

Recommendations of the sign of Ifa Oshe Ofun (5-10)

Investigate what OBATALA wants.

The man does not have to do Oshá, but Ifá, because they can operate urgently.

There is stubbornness between the dead and the Saint.

Do not answer for anyone, they will make you look bad.

Avoid eating sweets in excess due to blood problems, if you already have the condition you should not eat sweets.

Everyone who has the ORUNMILA brand (Necklace and Iddé) will be respected by death, due to the pact that ORUNMILA made with IKU. This prevents disease.

Do not practice the Mayombe, thinking that because it is the fast track it is the best, because the delay comes.

In the Odu Oshe Fun, death looks for someone to take away.

Give join ELEGBA, OGUN and SHANGO.

Give up the love triangle because it is discovered and everything is lost.

Give a goat to ELEGBA and it is divided into 3 blocks.

They make him Oggú with doves and feathered animals.

Do not be disobedient, for death seeks you.

The Oddu is one of disbelief and pride.

With this Oddun (Oshe Ofun) they are not all chosen, but the one who is will be lucky at last, he has to learn Ifá or Oshá.

The Ifa Oshe Fun sign speaks of Ifá's ability to solve all problems.

Do not blaspheme the Creator. Don't complain about luck.

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Oshe Fun Sayings:

  • OBATALA covers all the good, but discovers the bad.
  • They acknowledge God in the morning and always.
  • The quail wanders so much that the dog discovers it.
  • The quail knows so much that it sleeps on the floor.
  • Do not tell lies, because you are deceiving yourself.
  • For disobedient, the same thing happens to the majá.
  • If it is unfortunate, then it is not wise enough.
  • There is always water in the sea and in the lagoon
  • ARODE (I'm sorry that the children fall into the trap).

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Oshe Ofun:

The Awó does not wear a whisker or mustache, nor does he walk without peeling himself.

Oshe Fun talks about:

Talk about a big epidemic that is approaching. Talk about Leukemia, blood, brain, impotence, scales on the skin, disease of the genital organs. Amnesia. Operation, throat, belly ..

Talk about ifa's ability to solve problems.

Talk about new enemies. There are up to 7 characters.

The Oddun of Ifa Oshe Fun talks about children who die and the difficulties they face in the course of life, the illnesses and accidents that come their way. They must be guarded by the Oshá and by ORULA.

Says Ifa odu Oshe Fun

You have many debts, but you must receive money, for which you must ask ORULA what to do with it. Give OZUN ekú, eyá and obi omi tuto. Beware of illness that comes upon you. Make praying. Do not raise pigeons or chickens. You will receive good news. Has a chain or fob, EBO with it. Comply with OBATALA. If you are a woman, you are about to become pregnant. Avoid internal wars at home, stay away from Mayombe, stick to Santo. Do not abuse eating pork, it can be indigestible, it can get stuffed. Be careful her husband surprises her with another. It must be removed dead and bad influences, which are what motivate the integration into the body of ailments of all kinds.

Prayer of the sign Oshe Fun:

Shefun Shefun Baba Areru Orunmila Ni Ayashe Ria Ria Awo Igbin Koto Kilu Osala Kole Ika Koye Adafun Lode Ikoko Keye Wofin Awo Oni Kako Adifafun Onikako Pewo Oni Kako Orubo Igui Ni Asho Eru Eni Peyu Tompon Kolero.

Oshe Fun Ebbo:

Oparaldo of Oshe Ofun:

A chick, ashó dundun, orí, efún, otí, oñí, obi, itaná, bogbo ewe (Omiero for the Oparaldo bath). The coconuts of water are to drink, you must do it often. In this Ifá, the person suffers from these ailments and, due to disobedience, death is on the way.

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Patakie of the Oshe Fun sign:

Yellow and green necklace from Orunmila, the basket.

When the Saints were separated, each one lived in their own territory. At that time, no one could know more than the King and Queen, no one could see them. Death traded at night and hiding in the dark, it took the one she wanted.

The territory that death did not visit was that of OGUN and OSHUN, which caught the attention of the other Orishas and they gathered to go to the house of a wise man, who lived in ARA-IFE (ORUNMILA).

When they got there, they saw that the sage used to guess some seeds chopped into two parts, hooked on a chain. The sage also used a necklace of green seeds and another of yellow seeds, but they did not know the use that the sage gave it. They knew that they were similar to the identity of OGUN and OSHUN, and that death used it to tie up its victims.

None of the villagers dared to denounce this test for fear that it was a friend of death.

One day, OBATALA arrived, made himself known and said: I think I have come for the representation of OLOFIN and as I cover all the good things, I also discover the bad. You do not dare to say what you feel for fear that this sage is a friend of IKU, OGUN and OSHUN, but this had to happen to you. You, broken up, couldn't get anything.

OLOFIN came down from Heaven and said: I have the 16 rays of the Sun and I give you my power to find the forgeries. That wise old man is the gatekeeper and has control and lack of control of death on Earth.

OBATALA looked and this Odun came out, who commanded to unify the green and yellow seeds. He explained that yellow was the identification with OSHUN, which represents half the world of GOLD.

The green seeds, with the chain, is OGUN, who is the killer, commanded by the God of Death. That is why death did not kill anyone in their territory.

You will already look for what OLOFIN wanted: to be recognized in the morning and always. He put his IDDE on them and said: This door will always be open for all OLOFIN's children.

Oshe Fun Ifa Traditional Nigerian


Or I know funfun bí ajé
Mìnìnjò mininjo bí àte Ìlèkè
A day fún Òwú
Èyí tí n lo rèé bá won múlè ní bùdo
¿un le là báyìí?
Won ní yóó là
Wón ní kó rbo
Wón ní èèrùn tí n bò ní or là
O mon mò tí n lo káàkiri
Wón ní ó mó se kìràkìtà mó
Wón ní kó rbo èèrùn tí n bò
Òwú yes ti se see se
You ò là télè
Òwú bá ru àyágbáyagbà ebo
Ó bá bá won múlè ní bùdo
Èèrùn tí on wí
Owú bá là
ó ló se funfun bi ajé
Mìnìnjò mininjo bí àte Ìlèkè
A day fún Òwú
Èyí tí n lo rèé bá won múlè ní bùdo
Wón ní ó saca káalè ó jàre ebo ní ó se
Òwú waá gbébo nbè
Ó rubo
Òwú ò sàì là or
Òwú sàì là
Gbogbo béè ba ti se tú
Òwú or sàì là
Bée bá gbógun le won
Òwú or sàì là.

Poverty will end for this person and in the next dry season and wealth will come to him. He shall offer
sacrifice against your enemies that you do in front of the realization of your objectives. If the sacrifice is complete, the enemy will die. His spiritual color is white.

Turns as white as the snail
It's as cool as the bead display tray
They were the ones who made divination for the Cotton
The one who was heading to choose a land to settle
He asked, 'Will I get rich?'
They assured him that he would become very rich
But who should offer sacrifice
'The dry season is coming and along with it the appearance of their wealth'
'I've been hanging around' He reminded them
They said 'don't bother anymore'
'Just offer the sacrifice so you can see what will happen in the next dry season'
Therefore Cotton had tried to do all kinds of things
But he had not succeeded in making money
He soon offered an impressive sacrifice
And he set out to choose a land to settle
The dry season that was predicted for him to come for the Cotton came true
He said It turns as white as the snail
It's as cool as the bead display tray
They were the ones who made divination for the Cotton
The one who was heading to choose a land to settle
He was advised to offer sacrifice
And he did
Cotton opened wide and got rich
The Cotton definitely opened up and became very rich
No matter how many antagonists you have on you
Cotton will definitely open and be rich
Regardless of the opposition that is mounted against him
The Cotton will open.

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