Okana Otura


What is born in the odu of Ifa Okana Otura?

  • The wasp. Poisonous animal.
  • The separation of the Sun and the Earth
  • Yoko Osha's costume from ELEGBA.
  • In Okana Otura the formation of the Earth is born.
  • Where the person communicated with his spirit guide.
  • Eating peaches and bananas is prohibited.
  • Mark OLOFIN's curse on Earth.
  • The mouth did not make Ebbo.
  • Speak greed.
  • You cannot ingest alcoholic beverages, nor should you be a talkative in public gatherings.

What is the Okana Otura sign talking about?

  • There are dislikes with the neighbors because of gossip.
  • He talks about women who are not maidens and they hide it.
  • You have to wear a green sash.
  • Avoid letting your efforts reap the benefits of others.

The Okana Turale sign points out:

  • The diseases are: scotral hernia, digestive system, stomach operations, Duodenum, gallbladder,
    nervous tic, detachment of the womb, mouth germs, detachment of the uterus.
  • The herb of this Odu is: Tua Tua
  • Okana Turale marks debt and lack of respect with the Saints.
  • Brand family separation.

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Recommendations of the Okana Otura sign:

For this Ifá the person eats a lot and in a hurry, and over time it will hurt him. You should not go to treats without doing Ebo first, because you can get sick and be useless.

In Okana Otura the person cannot tell a lie, nor be greedy. You should not hang out with people who are homosexual, as they can confuse you.

Here the person is not going to do anything that is advised to do for not spending money, because they lose what they ask.

He also has a bad temper and likes to speak ill of the Saints.

Here the person has a condition in the mouth and if he does not take action, his teeth and stomach will be affected, produced by germs that the person may have in his mouth and affect his digestion, causing bad breath. You will also need to chew your food better and eat slowly.

It is not possible for this Ifá to ingest alcoholic beverages.

The person with this sign of Ifa, should not talk about others, should understand that everyone lives in their own way and you do not know who will do for them tomorrow.

For this Odu you have to take care of stomach, duodenum or gallbladder operations.

There are three people who are your enemies, do Ebo to get rid of them. Be careful with moorings; here he talks about the bottomless jug: Women who are not maidens and can lay a trap or a snare to catch him. The broken dishes are paid.

Okana Turale brand: Debts with the Saints; you have to receive ORUNMILA.

Here you have a grimace or a nervous tic.

This Ifá is Kaferefun: SHANGO, ELEGBA and YEMAYA.

The formation of the Earth speaks. The separation of the Sun and the Earth, but the latter was trapped under the dominance of the Sun.

For a woman she separated from a man, but she has never been able to forget him. There is witchcraft on the part of a woman.

You have to be careful with justice, someone is watching over it.

Man or Woman: They have not been able to free themselves from a person who exerts a great influence on him or her. The Earth always revolves around the Sun.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Okana Turale:

  • Food comes in smelling good and comes out stinky.
  • Gunpowder saves and gunpowder kills.
  • What you do to me, I do to you.

Odu Okana Tura Ifa Code of Ethics:

The Awó does not go around with effeminates so that they do not confuse him.

Says Ifa Okana Turale:

The person through this Oddun can be embarrassed, can kill or be killed by a tragedy. When they send you to look for a problem, do not go, because it can be seen at an unpleasant moment.

When the sign of Ifa Okana Otura appears in an ordinary record and is IRE, the person is told that he is facing a difficulty of understanding, but that he must move on after making the sacrifice with a hen and four slugs. If it is Osobo, the person must throw the sacrifice.

When this Odu appears in an ordinary record, the person is warned that they must make sacrifice to avoid having their efforts redound to the benefit of others.

When this Okana Turale appears in an ordinary record for a woman, she is told that she must marry a Babalawo because of the problems she will have with a black man who will pretend and you will reject her. If he is a man, he will be told that a black woman wishes to marry him, he must accept her having previously taken his Ifá.

When this Ifá sign appears in IGBODU, the person is warned not to drink and not to be very talkative in public gatherings and gatherings.

When this sign appears in IGBODU, the person will be ungrateful to the Awó who prepared his Ifá, and it will create problems for him. You must serve ESHU with a goat and OGUN with a rooster, and you are also prohibited from eating bananas.

Prayer of the Odu Okana Otura:


Ebbo of the Oddun Okana Otura:

Head prayer for the oddun Okana Turale:

The head should be begged with a pullet.

Ebó of the Okana Tura sign:

Ebo is made with: rooster, 2 pigeons, 16 pointed sticks, the belt that you use, a hot pepper corn, sprinkle collected with a sponge in a gourd and a lot of money.

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Meaning of the Sign of Ifa Okana Otura:

The Odu OKANA OTURA speaks of conflicts in the family and with other relationships. The client faces conflicts with their peers over material possessions.

This Odu marks OLOFIN's curse on Earth because of envy and betrayals among men.

Here is the mouth for not doing Ebbó when ORUNMILA recommended it, everything he eats with pleasure is thrown away through another conduit with plague. The mouth did not do Ebo because it was believed very necessary and therefore it did not have to and it happened. Be careful what you eat with pleasure today, lest you one day be ashamed of what you ate with pleasure. Here you can become homosexual.

Here as the Mouth did not do ebo because it was believed necessary and it happened that one day it began to hurt everyone and they despised it.

In this Odu the plant is the Tua-Tua.

This is where the person communicates with his Spiritual Guide and invokes him the same in happiness as in adversity.

You must wear a green girdle. And beg your head with cocks.

The Okana Otura sign prohibits eating peaches and bananas.

Here the Yoko-Osha costume from ELEGBARA was born.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Okana Otura:


There was a woman who had four children and each one was from different parents. This woman decided to get engaged to another man who was a merchant sailor. This couple lived together with their children and since the woman worked, she used her mother-in-law to take care of the children.

There in her workplace, the woman met a man and began to live clandestinely. It happened that as time passed, the man became impotent, and the woman no longer wanted to continue with him.

The man would not leave her alone and even blackmailed her by telling her husband about her adultery, since he had a portrait of her. Things reached an extreme that when the loved one got drunk, he went to the door of her house to offend her, and even mistreated her.

Faced with this desperate situation, the woman went to ORUNMILA's house so that he could solve the problem, because that man was damaging her morals if her husband found out, and since she had already been accused by a woman that she was living with a man who He lived near her and her husband had found out, she did not want him to find out about this new love in her life. All this had her in an uneasiness, almost on the verge of insanity. In the bear this Odu came out and ORUNMILA marked him Ebó (the one above).

She performed all the indicated ceremonies and that is how the woman was able to get rid of that man.

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Okana Otrupon Ifa Traditional


Òkànràn you you
Babaláwo Enu ló día fun Enu
Enu ni n sawoó re Agbaa Ègbòo Fè Olúkiribítí
Enú bá de Agbaa Ègbòo Fè
Wón bá tjú Enu
Tea dÒnÍ
enu là n bo
osà lenu
Enu nìbo ru
Enu nibo yè
Bí ón se oúnje Sílè
Enu nió je é
Well, ohun múmu
Enu náà ní or je é
Enú heh, Enú mu tán
Ní bá n sàdúà
I'll go bá dé
Neither wón wá n jó nor wón n yò
Wón n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ni béè ni Babaláwo tòún wí
Òkànràn you you
Babaláwo Enu ló día fun Enu
Enu ni n sawoó re Agbaa Ègbòo Fè Olúkiribítí
Enu mòmò lEgúngún or
Enu mòmò lÒrìsà
Enu ni won n bo lóótù Ifè
Táyé fí n dara
E jé á rójú ká móo bo enu
Enu mòmò lÒrò.

Ifá advises this person to offer sacrifice to the mouth. He must prepare food and drinks to entertain
people. Ifá says that if he does this, they will pray for him, so that his things improve.

Òkànràn you you
It is the Babaláwo of the Mouth who made divination for the Mouth
When La Boca was venturing his priesthood in Àgbá Ègbò Ifè Olúkiribítí
When La Boca came to town
They entertained him
Till the date
All of us are offering sacrifice to the Mouth
Because the Mouth is a Deity
The mouth is the target of acceptability of sacrifices
He is the only one to sacrifice for survival
If they cook any food
It is the mouth that will eat it
If they prepare any drink
It is the mouth that would consume it
La Boca ended up eating and drinking
And began to pray
And the good things came
They began to dance and rejoice
They were praising their Babaláwo
His Babaláwo was praising Ifá
They said it was as their Babaláwo had predicted
Òkànràn you you
It is the Babaláwo of the Mouth who made divination for the Mouth
When La Boca was venturing his priesthood in Àgbá Ègbò Ifè Olúkiribítí
The Mouth is the Masquerade
La Boca is the Òrìsà
It is to La Boca that they are offering the sacrifices in the city of Ifè
That is making life livably better
Let us try to offer sacrifices to the Mouth
La Boca is the word.

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