Oshe tura

Oshe tura

Treatise of the Oddun of Ifa Oshe Tura

Other names of the Oddun Oshe Otura

  •  Oshe Tura.
  • Oshe Etura.
  • Ashe Etua.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Oshe Tura?

  • Give hutia (EKUTE) to Eshu (ELEGBARA).
  • The ashé.
  • Dawn.
  • The godfather Ejiogbe and this Oddun goes out to Alawó, an Odu Ará is placed on the board, he is given a hen and jicotea so that the Odu does not destroy it.
  • That the IKOFAFUN goes on top of a little board and an okpel is put on it.
  • Give money to cooks.
  • Cry for having children.
  • The art of killing and saving oneself, the world in two poles, life and death.
  • Cancer in the mouth and throat.
  • That SHANGO killed the enemies of the Awó.
  • That OLOFIN decides to send Ifá to Earth with OSHE TURA.
  • That OSHUN gave birth to Oshe-Turá as a male child and named him AKIN OSO.
  • Give the Ashe of the word to the Orisha.
  • The song ALAKANIKA, ALAKAKANIKA, ALAPASABA IJAKALU, name given to Ifá, the Odus and Eshu ODARA respectively.
  • OSHUN, so it is your Odu Isalayé.

What is the sign Oshe Tura talking about?

  • The dove offended ORUNMILA and he cursed her.
  • The rooster and the dog fought each other, and the rooster won for Eshu.
  • The boys accused ORUNMILA of a thief and became ill.
  • No one could remove the ashé from OSHE TURA because it was in their mouth.
  • They wanted to kill OLOFIN.
  • Here: ODUDUWA is the father of OSHE TURA and gives the vital spirit to sperm.
  • Eshu and OSHE TURA became bearers of the offerings of ORUN (To Heaven).
  • They were looking for OSHUN to kill her.
  • OLORDUMARE was not paying attention to the world.
  • The seller and buyer of palm oil speak.
  • This is Eshu ODARA.
  • The cat asked OLOFIN for the grace to walk without being heard.
  • Squids saved ORUNMILA.

The sign Oshe Otura points out:

  • Red (OSHE TURA) fouled white (EJIOGBE)
  • The Oshas ate the prohibitions of ODUDUWA (Salt and I will tie)
  • Oral horns, teeth, mouth sores, pharyngeal and laryngeal diseases speak.
  • The door is knocked with stone (By SHANGO and the thunderbolt)
  • The herbs are: mango, Sargasso, Moruro, Dagame, Blackberry, Prodigious, Belladonna.

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Recommendations of the Oshe Tura sign:

  • By this oddun of Ifa, it is born to give hutía (EKUTE) to Eshu ELEGBARA.
  • Here what the person wants, he must pretend that he does not want it, so that he can succeed in life.
  • ADAMU ORISHA is born, who is the son of ODUDUWA and father of Inle and Abata.
  • It is danced with a mask and a suit.
  • Because of this Odu, you cannot eat rooster or corn and respect the foods of AZOJUANO.
  • This is where, in the war, OSHE TURA advised the two opponents to defend themselves.
    It was the war between life and death.
  • It was on the oddun of Ifa Oshe Tura that ODUDUWA animated the man's sperm with spirits. It is the vital spirit that is received with the breath of life and that is lost with death.
  • Here a rooster or hen is fed to the well, by an EGUN to give you the luck it has for you.
  • If his mother is alive, let her cross him. If she is deceased, celebrate Masses for her.

Sayings of the Sign of Ifa Oshe Tura:

  • The cat is a thief by nature.
  • The candle is wild but it goes out.
  • If your Guardian Angel does not abandon you, laugh at the world.
  • The cloud covers the Babalawos since time immemorial, the crabs are in the river, consult Ifá (God always accompanies the Awoses and no matter how much drought exists, Ifá will give a solution, the rain will come and the crabs will return to the river).
  • The Great Power of God brought the son.
  • Nothing happens without the help of Eshu.
  • The curse of the father reaches the son.

What are the Oshe Otura bans?

  • Here he cannot say more than his share, as he suffers from embarrassment and loses acquired powers.
  • For this Odu do not eat taro, because when they were looking for OSHUN to kill her, she saved herself by hiding among the leaves of a taro field and they could not find her.
  • You will want to avoid salt and stay away from guinea pepper. 

Says Ifa Oshe Tura:

Your house should be full of people, give thanks to the children who protect you.

Insidious people want to hurt you. A person in your house has committed a fault, give thanks to your Guardian Angel. Do not curse because they are met and then it overwhelms you. Avoid resentment, leave disgust. Be careful with justice. Rest more to eat, even in the chair you feel restless. I lived in a house where there was money or something for you.

She wants to tie up her husband because the one she loves is someone else. You tell a lot of lies, you are very deceitful, that's why a misfortune comes to you. Give a rooster to the dead for luck. Do not believe the gossip they tell you, do not listen to them, because a revolution can be formed. Do Ebo to ward off death.

Ifá says that he should not commit a fault with Babalawos.

Be careful with lightning, your house can burn. You are blamed for thefts, you cannot spend time with thieves, you are branded for what you are not, the world is in conflict with you because of your pride.

Prayer of the sign Oshe Tura:


Suyere Odun Oshe Otura:


Ebbo of the Odu Oshe Tura:

Work of Oshe Otura to Oshun to remove delay.

Banana or hen to OSHUN, 2 pumpkin, 3 chicken eggs, the animals are killed, the pumpkins are opened and 5 caps are taken, honey is added. The eggs are cut into 10 and added with salt and honey. Everything to OSHUN.

The pumpkins are closed with their caps.

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Tips from the oddun of Ifa Oshe Otura:

  • When an Awó sees this Odu in his house, he puts bee honey on Eshu (ELEGBARA) and OSHUN.
  • This is an Ifá that serves to raise the fallen and to cast curses.
  • This Odu points out that the person's father will die soon.
  • It is an Odu where it indicates disrespect of the children towards the parents.
  • Here the cat is a thief by nature.
  • This is where all the Odu went before Olodumare to ask him what each one of them wanted to be and only OSHE OTURA asked for the ashé.
  • OSHE TURA's wife is used and even deceived in order to obtain her husband's secrets from her.
  • For exceeding his mandate, they seek him to kill him from behind.
  • This Odu says that Guardian Angels are stronger than Oshas.
  • When your Guardian Angel does not accept the evil they want to do to you, it does not proceed.
  • Nothing is fulfilled, if OSHE TURA is not taken into account.
  • In this Odu is when ELEDA (Head) with the name of ASHEDA ORISHA, is empowered to speak as ORISHA in every human being.

Meaning of the Sign of Ifa Oshe Tura:

This Oddun predicts that nothing happens without Eshu's help.

Warns to avoid justice and enemies.

Here all the Odu went to OLOFIN to ask what each of them wanted.

OSHE TURA is born as a male child and restores harmony between OSHUN and the 16 Agba Odu, saving the land from chaos.

In the Oddun OSHE TURA was born from the womb OSHUN IYANI AYE (OSHUN head of the ancestral mothers who possessed magical power) The feminine element and the ashé of the AGBA ODU, the 16 Orishas Irunmale, that is, the masculine element) OSHE TURA is the result of that interaction, repeating the pattern to the early myths about the birth of Eshu. In all of them, Eshu represents the procreated element, the third IGBA KETA principle of the system. In this sense, the number 3 is associated and constitutes the fundamental principle of the OBONI company in Dahomey.

OSHE TURA is the messenger of all the other Odu, his name is ELEBODA, that is, the one who makes the EBO effective. In this Odu, Eshu came to transport all the sacrifices to the foot of OLORDUMARE, so that they were accepted and how he thus became the carrier of offerings on Earth and Heaven. For this characteristic, it is known as the ELEKBO, one of the first functions of Eshu in the planetary system.

OSHE TURA: It was when Ifa was launched for the Earth when she died, she opened her immense mouth and a sacrifice filled her life, AKIN OSO was born, the one who brought the offering, the one who made Eshu control her existence.

OSHE TURA was in the square of EYIEBOMEKUN and he was the one who took the Ebó to Heaven and cured OLOFIN, that is why he is called first.

OSHE TURA is the mouth, that there were so many good things as bad, it likes all the colors and all the herbs settle on it.

OSHE TURA's word or sentence is always fulfilled. He is an Odu of great material and spiritual wealth.


OSHE TURA's mother or wife will put him in mortal danger.

He is in charge of bringing the offerings - OJISHE EBO FUN ESHU.

This Odu is the direct representation of Eshu, to whom the latter delegated part of his functions to OLORDUMARE.

Oshe Tura Ire:

Oddun of many riches.

Here a rooster is given to the spirit of the father, with yellow rice in a malanga bush.

It is an Ifá of epidemic, especially for the boys, for behaving badly with the elderly, by curse, it is necessary to give food to Eshu and ORUNMILA to save them. You must find out what OBATALA wants.

OLOFIN blesses OSHE TURA and tells him that it will be needed at all times.

For this Oddun of Ifa, they want to discredit the person, but his Guardian Angel will protect him.

4 prayers of OSHE TURA are said for 3 days and the Iyefá is blown into the house from the door.

Oddun Oshe Otura in Osogbo:

You cannot build castles in the air here, so as not to be disappointed.

Here, if your wife is not a slave, make her a Saint so that she may be healthy and help her prosper.

When this Odu «Oshe Tura» speaks of pressure, the Ebó is tied with a rope and wonders if it is going to a road or to the four corners or to the foot of an IROKO bush.

When this Odu Osobo is seen, the person will be sent to travel to detract from their enemies. They blame him for robberies, he cannot hang out with thieves, they qualify him for what he is not. The world is in danger with you, because of your pride.

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Oshe Tura:

The Awó respects everyone so that they do not embarrass him.

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Pataki of the sign of Ifa Oshe Tura:

The ashé of OSHE TURA

Olodumare called all the Odu to give each one their position. To the Odu who were arriving first, OLOFIN gave them the Mejis, that is, Reyes, for having been the first to arrive in his presence.

As the other Odu arrived, OLOFIN gave them his position and qualities.

When OSHE TURA's turn comes, Olodumare grants him the ashé.

After a while, the other Odu, full of envy, tried to steal the ashé from OSHE TURA, that is, all the powder he had in his house. The woman of

OSHE TURA gave them to him. They immediately left Olodumare's house and told him that OSHE TURA did not have ashé and that, so that he could check it, he would call him and ask.

OLOFIN did so and, when asked, OSHE TURA said that his ashé was in his mouth and that no one could take it from him.

Olodumare blesses him, telling him that everything he said would come true and that, from that moment on, he would occupy the first position on the right, "being necessary at all times." TO IBAN ESHU.

NOTE: The person who gets this Ifá is told that there is a person who says that she does not know anything and they have wanted to discredit her, but while her Guardian Angel does not abandon her and is compliant, let her laugh at him. world.

Oshe Tura - Traditional Nigerian Ifa.


Píítí lesèe sùbú
Ààlà Alágemo ò tú gèlè
Ó to gèlè béè ni ò toó fi wérí
A day fún Awúrelà
Níjó tí n sawoó surrounded Ìjèbú
Òun le là lókèèrè túun n lo báyìí
Won ní yóó là
Wón ní kó rbo
Ó bá ké si àwon Píítí lesèe sùbú
Àwon Ààlà agemo ò tú gèlè
Àwon or to gèlè béè ni ò toó fi werí
Wón ní 'ayé ó ye ó'
Gbogbo eni o bá n so nnkan fun
Nnkan òhún or móo dáa
Awúrelà bá korí yes òde Ìjèbú
ó sawo
Ó bá kó Ola wále
Píítí lesèe sùbú
Ààlà Alágemo ò tú gèlè
Ó to gèlè béè ni ò toó fi wérí
A day fún Awúrelà
Níjó tí n sawoó ròde Ìjèbú
Ebo n won ni or se
Ó wáá gbébo nbè
Ó rubo
Àpèjìn làá pOnírú
Àpèjìn làá pOnìyò
Àpèjìn ni wóón pe Aláta
Àpèjìn ni wóón pe Elépo
Àpèjìn¸Àpèlà ni won n pAwúrelà nÌjèbú
Òsé Awúrelà Awo rere ni.

Ifá wants this person to be well. Ifá advises you to pray well; he will be blessed and rich in life. Píítí lesèe sùbú

Agemo's white fabric is not enough as a scarf
It is enough to be a scarf, but still not enough to tie it over the head
They were the ones who made divination for Awúrelà
The day he was exercising his priesthood in the city of Ìjèbú
'Will I be rich in this foreign land?'
They assured him that he would be rich
But who must offer sacrifice
He then called his priests 'Píítí lesèe sùbú'
To the priest 'Ààlà Alágemo ò tú gèlè'
To 'Ó to gèlè béè ni ò toó fi wérí'
And they assured him that 'His life will be good for them'
'All those people to whom you predict anything'
'All predictions will come to pass'
Awúrelà then left for the city of Ìjèbú
He exercised his priesthood there
He came back with loads and loads of wealth
Píítí lesèe sùbú
Agemo's white fabric is not enough as a scarf
It is enough to be a scarf, but still not enough to tie it over the head
They were the ones who made divination for Awúrelà
The day he was exercising his priesthood in the city of Ìjèbú
It's the sacrifice they prescribed for him to do
He heard about the sacrifice
And he did
Àpèjìn is a way we call Irú's vendor
Àpèjìn is a way we call the salt seller
Àpèjìn is a way we call the pepper seller
Àpèjìn is a way we call the palm oil seller
Àpèjìn, Àpèlà is the way we call Awúrelà in the city of Ìjèbú
Òsé Awúrelà is a good priest.

Eshu of the Oddun Oshe Otura:


It is mounted on a Cobo snail.

Load: It carries a hand of snails, chameleon, quail's head, chicken and pigeon eggshell, beads of saints, 1 dove and head, hutía and smoked fish, corojo butter, 21 guinea pepper, atiponlá root, of Ceiba,
poplar, prodigious herb, almacigo, jobo, plantain, voice change, botolla, cocuyo, for me, cedar, nettle, holy thistle, royal ítamo, bitter broom, bat head, jicotea, jio jio and other ingredients of the Eshu .

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