Iwori Meyi: Meaning, what is born sayings, patakies and more

odu of ifa Iwori Meji

Ifá says that life will favor this person, but he must make the prescribed sacrifice. Iwori Meyi is an omission of Iwa Orí meaning the character of consciousness, or the inner essence of consciousness. Ifá teaches that all things in the Universe have some form of consciousness. The word Iwori implies an association with the consciousness process that forms its own unique identity. In psychological terms this is called individualization.

In Ifá the concept of Iwori is associated with spiritual transformation symbolized by the element of fire.

This Odu is made up of Iwori on the right side, male principle and Iwori on the left female principle.

Treaty of the Odu Iwori Meji

What is born in the odu of Ifa Iwori Meyi?

  • Color brown or matted.
  • The Swirls.
  • Zeal in animals.
  • The analysis of the facts of things.
  • The logic.
  • Antigens or components of the blood.
  • Leukocytes.
  • The ferocious and carnivorous animals.
  • The Decapitation.
  • Alotosin - Gonorrhea.
  • The eyebrows, eyelashes and eyelids.
  • The buzzing and hissing.
  • The phrase "By tying the ropes a rope is made."
  • Yemaya.

The sign Iwori Meji points out: 

  • The menstruation of the woman like phenomenon.
  • Everything rotten.
  • Iron oxidation.
  • The prohibition that establishes the rest of the divination after 6 o'clock in the afternoon.
  • That the man uses the woman to satisfy himself sexually and then repudiates her.
  • Thankfulness.
  • The spirit of Osanyin called «Odesegue»
  • May this Iwori Meyi be the sign where Yemajá came down to Earth (Odu Isalaye).
  • Where Orúnmila retired and left the Adeles to help himself.

Recommendations of the Iwori Meji sign

  • Here (Iwori Meyi) is where Orúnmila is consulted to get a job.
  • Here was born menstruation in women, as a phenomenon.
  • The herbs for baths Ebó-Misi: peony-Ewereyeye- and Ivy-Elikerese-
  • For this Ifá four hooks are put on Eshu.
  • Orúnmila gets two hyena claws.
  • Chain is put on the door so that Olofin will recognize it.
  • In this Ifá, Shango was crowned and later his son was crowned.
  • Oshún gets two ekó and Orúnmila a little house.
  • Eshu is given a small goat and carried to the mouth of the river and the sea.
  • Shango is given Pitajaya, then it falls apart in water and the person bathes.
  • Awó Iwori Meji should always put three heads on his Eboses and ask Orúnmila what he washes his head with.
  • You must use a coral on your Idefa and on your necklace.
  • Iwori Meyi describes rotting of the earth, the decomposition of metals and the decalcification of bones.
  • He is an Oddun of Evil, Mistrust and Hexes.
  • In general, the children of this Odo are ungrateful and ill-tempered; They don't believe in anything or anyone, they are crafty, tricky and investigating things. They have no peace with anyone.
  • Here Olofin cursed the Earth and that's why it rotted. Everything rotten is born.
  • Be careful with diseases that rot the meat. It suffers from the blood, the bones and the stomach.
  • He is a prodigal Odu in adventures and in the debauchery of all things.
  • Here you should not meet three people at the same time.

Advice from the Sign of Ifa Baba Iwori Meyi

In this Odu you don't eat coconut or soursop.

This Odu is Osobo by nature. It is bad and evil Odu.

The children of this Odu are hard of word and are addicted to bad manners. They do not cry easily.
The wife, in general, has more than three husbands.

Their training is command and imposition, they stand out for the imposition they want to impose.

For this Odu, they must not go to the cemetery because the Egun are attached to them, they must not investigate or interfere in other people's things. They are distrustful and uncompromising. They don't want anyone. They must be careful with women.

The person is surrounded by enemies.

You have to be praying not to lose.

Oduduwa and Igba-Odu must be received.

The sacrifices for this Odu are performed in the sea or in the river.

The children of this Odu will wear a mask to work with Egun.

The Ifá priest should ask, when making the sacrifice, if he should sacrifice the animals or leave them alive.

Talk about a person who hides things.

It is recommended to hang chains behind the door of the house.

Under the energy of this Odu one should not practice or participate in funeral services, wakes, or Itutos ceremonies. Not even visiting the sick.

You are a slave to someone else's whims.

Never pick up what another pot.

He must help the beggars and the dispossessed.

The Odu Iwori Meji reveals that a pig (Elede) is sacrificed to the deity Yemajá to obtain peace and tranquility. Before the sacrifice, dissimilar dishes of grains, meats, fruits, etc. are presented to him.

Secret of this Odu Iwori Meji:

In a jar of Ox-Malú, it is loaded at the foot of Ogún and put 6 steel bars tied with steel wire and wrapped with black thread and then placed in the center of Ogún.

For this Odu you have to do Ebó with care, lest when it is done, the omission of a small detail makes everything useless.

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Sayings of Iwori Meyi:

  • The lame person cannot run and the one who has only one coin cannot ring it.
  • By sending two ahead of me being the first, I will come third without remedy.
  • Of three brothers that we are, the youngest is the one we will take care of the most because one of us may be the youngest.
  • If I don't go out during the day, then neither at night, because I'll have to have four eyes to go out.
  • Who does not love Ikin, will not love himself and everyone will despise him without a doubt.
  • I was born but I already lived in this world.
  • The dirtier and hairier, the cleaner in conscience.
  • By tying the ends, a rope is made.
  • The Ikin of the divine Palm will protect me, I will serve Orúnmila with all my heart.
  • Sometimes we want to see beyond and we are not able to see within ourselves.
  • Protect head, four eyes.
  • An orange to be planted, an orange to be plucked.
  • The Lion shows its teeth and uses them in the jungle and in the city.
  • Anyone on the road can be botched.
  • The air makes the vulture.
  • The handle of the hoe has a head but no brains.
  • Show head.
  • Never offer the last card.
  • Coral is the symbol of my honor.

Ifa Code of Ethics of the odu Baba Iwori Meji:

The Awó analyzes the facts, the things and will apply the logic.

Baba Iwori Meji bans:

  • Not to be eaten: rooster, flour, coconut, soursop.
  • Be careful not to throw you away from where you live or work, because you are not safe in those places.
  • This Odu calls the organization in its way of life and it tends to fall into voids and illicit games.
  • Enunciates hoaxes by signing documents.
  • The spirit of Osanyin is born, called Odesegue, which means "The sacred fire."
  • You should receive Osanyin as a means of protection when you are traveling.
  • In the sign of Ifa iwori Meyi, the person must carefully examine and reaffirm his temporal, spiritual and emotional paths.

Meaning of the odu of Ifa Baba Iwori Meyi:

This Odu confirms that the 16 sacred Ikines represent Orúnmila and are objects of veneration on Earth. That is why the Babalawos have it to reveal the mysteries of Life.

This Odu speaks of people who were given the ability to see things in their true perspectives. Those born under this Odu often dream and have clear vision and eventually become soothsayers and spiritists.
Ifá says that if something is lost, the person under this Odu will surely recover it. You will have opportunities for good work, as long as you make the right sacrifices.

If through this Odu the person wishes to travel, outside his city or go over the sea, he must make a sacrifice, so that his eyes do not see evil. When the correct sacrifice is made, the person will achieve a good position.

When Iwori Meyi goes out for a client, he is advised to worship Ifa, as it brings him good prospects, long life, wealth, wife and children.

In practical terms, Iwori is the fire of passion. Passion can lead to conflict. In positive terms, conflict can lead to resolution and growth.

In negative terms, conflict can lead to more conflict and defeat. Passion is also associated with the drive towards procreation.

This Ifá Sign is male, his parents are Tohitana and Neheugede. For this Odu rules the Planet Mercury.

Metal: Quicksilver Day of the week: Wednesday. Color to dress: canary yellow.

Usually, the children of this Odu are ungrateful and ill-tempered.

They do not believe in anyone or anything, they are crafty, tricky, investigating things. They have no peace with anyone.

Represents the cardinal point: South

This Ifá invokes: An obstacle destroyed.

Here were born: The color brown or matipó, the whirlpools, the zeal of animals, the analysis of facts and things, logic, antigens or blood components. Leukocytes. The ferocious and carnivorous animals. The beheading.

This is where evil is done to the woman with the dirty cloth of her habit. For that he is asked with a gourd, guabina fish –Ejá-Oro- and smoked hutía inside the gourd and five Parrot feathers around it.

It represents the four-legged animals, before the human being. Male animals. The Ajemo and Adamú Orisha societies were created.

Iwori Meyi means: Guard the head.

It is the exterminating angel.

They speak: Iroko, Ogún, Oshosi, Obatalá, La Hyena, El León, Los Genios del Aire.

He suffers from psychosis. The person is schizophrenic.

Announces the death of a child.

This Odu (Iwori Meji) marks a debt with Oshún.

Oshún is after you, due to debts. Pay them so you can make Santo and your son heal.

Be careful with your door because there is only one thing you can throw at it. You, or a close relative, have a Saint that they do not attend and that abandonment in which they have him harms all of you, even his house may be burned.
You want to go somewhere else to see if your luck changes.

There is a place where several young people live or meet whom you counsel. You were very well but you were delayed because of an evil that they did to you in your own house. Make Ebó and feed Eshu, so that he gets what he wants.

The bad lives at home.

You must have a dog.

Beware of going to an operating table, because the doctor will make a mistake and they will open it for pleasure.

Woman: Three days ago she fell with her period and it was withdrawn. You are not in good health and you have to see Osha and the doctor to help you get well.

Buy a little house and make Ebó so that it becomes well.

After finishing the sexual act, wash your breasts well, as the man's saliva can lead to health problems.

Here Aronipin had an Osanyin who was a dog and it was with him that she guessed. Kaferefun the dog - aya-

Iwori Meyi for a Man:

  • He has the woman only for his material needs and then repudiates and mistreats her.
  • Speak: of inner cancer. Breakdown of blood
  • There is a person in his house who eats everything and takes it and enjoys everything without working (path of the bear).
  • Your head is very hot.
  • You do not stop the money in your hands, because it enters through one and leaves the other.
  • They gave you a false testimony, which will cause you a problem of justice.
  • You will enjoy with another person the possession of something, give a goat to Eshu and two chickens to Orúnmila so that he can emerge triumphant in the dispute.
  • You must receive the deity Olokun.
  • You will have a son who will be very spoiled, try to educate him as well as possible.
  • Never speak your secrets and intimacies, never offer the last letter.
  • Talk about hypertension or hypotension problems.
  • Iwori Meyi enunciates problems of menstrual imbalances.
  • It warns us of skin rashes and low hemoglobin.
  • You must be careful with a woman who is a virgin, as this can be your misfortune.
  • Avoid getting uncomfortable. Do not claim anything in bad form.
  • Iwori Meji predicts suicide.
  • You will have more authority than your elders.
  • To make the offering, the pig is shaved and blue dots are painted all over its body.
  • Then a rooster should be given to him, and both sacrifices will be taken to the sea.
  • Babá Iwori Meyi is the Ifá sign that accompanied Yemajá on his journey to Earth. It thus constitutes his Odu Isalaye.
  • In this Odu it was where Orúnmila withdrew towards the sky and his children begged him to return and he did not want to and gave them 16 seeds of that palm tree -Ikin- which would be his representation on Earth.

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The Sign of Ifa Iwori Meyi speaks:

  • The spirit of the Elder Odu.
  • The spirit of this Odu is Ala-Ala.
  • Iwori Meyi's Osanyin carries garbage lifted from the ground by a whirlpool of air and sand, from where the river and the sea meet.
    In this Odu the secrets of Mother Nature were discovered.
  • Iwori Meji is a head that speaks from inside the Earth.
  • The herbs of the Odu Iwori Meyi: Bledo blanco, Copal, Pitajaya, Holy Thistle, Iroko (African Mahogany), dry love.
  • Speak: Aporo (The one who carries the poison), Apooloiña (The one who carries envy), Ajemoluworan (The one who carries assistance), Ateginidekun (The one who looks into the eyes).
  • Iwori Meyi marks: The destruction of Orúnmila's children because they want to know more than him, so he could not save them and, out of feeling, he began to cry.
  • Born: Alatosin, Gonorrhea, with its general affection to man.
  • They were born: eyebrows, eyelashes and eyelids.
  • You have to make Ebbo to preserve what you have and to avoid slander.
  • The buzzing and hissing were born. Repeatedly emitting the sound, to call or to express displeasure.
  • During the day, you should not throw water into the street.
  • The Awó who has a godson with this Oddun, should not give him much power, because this Odu represents a hidden beast.
  • The children of this sign of Ifa carry things hidden inside, they never communicate them to anyone.
  • This is where the Babalawos got upset with Orúnmila and he told them: "The eyes of the Babalawos will not see the evil of Iwori Meyi."
  • Here you should not receive visits from aleyos after six in the afternoon, because here was born, the granting of the rest of Ifá divination after six in the afternoon. Therefore, you should not register after that time.
  • Here great things are known through small details.
  • The phrase was born: "By tying the ropes a rope is made."
  • Iwori Meyi talks about: blackmail, robberies, of a woman who tries to get the man she is interested in without caring how she achieves it. Of marital instability, of memory loss. To avoid the latter, the interested party will always have a walk that he will play under the pillow at midnight, calling for the older Odus.

Predictions of the sign of Ifa Iwori Meyi

When this Odu «Iwori Meyi» appears in the divination of the ókpele or of Ikín (in ordinary divination or daily consultations) the consulted must be told that: He must sacrifice a handful of broomsticks, white cloth, a rooster and a white hen so that the people of this world honor him, respect him and so that he is not looked down upon. Sacrifice will give you power and energy wherever you go.

If you are a man, you must tell him that he must consecrate himself in Ifá quickly, because he may lose all his patrimony. You were born to be a follower of Orúnmila, you are a seer and a fortune teller.

For a woman, she will be advised to receive Ikofafun and worship him, for that will be her staff in the

For a person who is disputing a property taken from him, he must offer a ram to Shango, a goat to Orúnmila, a goat to Eshu, urinate the confines around the property and loudly proclaim his legitimacy.

The person will be advised not to go into the forest alone, day or night, and not to walk alone, because it can lead to death. He must sacrifice a rooster to his head, a goat to Eshu, a small chicken in the heart of the forest, and a rooster to Shango.

For a person who is going through a lot of work, he must receive Orúnmila, give Eshu a goat, adopt an abandoned dog and tie him up at a crossroads, and he will surely solve his problems.

When the Odu Baba Iwori Meji appears at the initiation ceremonies of Igbodun, the initiate should be told that:

In order for him to be respected and honored, not to be looked down upon and gain power and energy, he must sacrifice a handful of broomsticks, white cloth, a rooster and a white hen.

For a sick person, this sacrifice or Omo Ifá, is the one that he must perform, so that he can live for a long time on Earth: a duck, a rooster and an aura.

You must be the third child in your family, who must have reincarnated before or died shortly before being born, to be reborn again from the same parents.

You must make the following sacrifice: throw ten pieces of Elephant meat into the river, serve its head with a dove and a kolá nut and give a goat, a filter and precious stones to Eshu. And be very patient to be able to rule and occupy the position of his dead father.

When this Iwori Meyi appears, the first sacrifice he has to make is a goat to Eshu, a rooster and a dove at his head and a ram to Ifá.

You should systematically offer Eshu a goat and multiple dishes.

To achieve wealth, he must sacrifice a lot of corn, a lot of beans, a white rooster, a white dove, two peacock feathers, two red rooster feathers, and two parrot feathers; divide the corn and grain into two portions and take one portion with you and give it to the birds in the forest. Also, put two red rooster feathers on Ogún, two peacock feathers on Orúnmila and two parrot feathers on Orishanlá.

You must be constantly traveling from one place to another. This will bring you benefits.

Serve Orúnmila well and with all your heart, because Orúnmila will always take good care of you from all enemies and problems.

Make a sacrifice when you are disputing a property that was taken from you, with a ram from Shango, a goat from Orúnmila, a goat from Eshu. In addition, you must urinate the confines of the property and loudly declare your legitimacy.

Says Ifa Baba Iwori Meji

That your blood rises to your head.- Three days ago your habit was lowered. -You. He offered Oshún something and he has not complied. "If he is a man: he is told that his wife's blood rises to her head and that she goes crazy and that everyone dislikes her because of gossip. - Out of envy some of his friends wanted to get together to upset his luck, they want to hurt him at all costs until they put him in the hands of justice; and they have done the damage they could but it has not had an effect. -Be careful, that in a place they are going to despise you and they are going to give you faults, telling you that you are a very false and not very clean person. He was suffering from the blood, he had pimples on his body, a person ran away from him because he thought he was going to hit it. -You are being chased by a money man.

They want to kick you out of where you live or work. Be careful, they want to put a nail buried in the door. You want to obtain something and you cannot, because they have put many obstacles in the way. -You. He despises that money man who is after him. You aspire to a great job, but you have many opposites. -You. he has been looking through a hole in the house to see what happens. -You have to be presented with a naked woman, miss, be careful, because it may be your downfall.-Be careful with theft of consideration. -You get money along the way because you are very lucky for money. -Avoid getting uncomfortable. He is not very sure of his work, he has to do Ebó to make sure.

When you get uncomfortable, you want to fix it in a bad way. The money, when it arrives, becomes salt and water, and that's why you comply. You, as soon as it is good as it is bad. -You. is in a rush for money. -Be careful with a slander that they are going to raise. -You. You have to do Ebó with care because for a small detail it may be
disable everything. Be careful with infections from sexual intercourse. You are surrounded by enemies, do Ebó. You owe something to Oshún, pay him to get some money. Don't be a slave to your home anymore. -They are throwing bad things at you and they are slandering you. And they can throw you away, both from your work and from your home. -You. You have a person in your house who is living off of you, everything that is there eats it and enjoys everything, and does not want to work.- You, or your family, have a Saint that they do not take good care of or have abandoned and that is hurting him; be careful because the house can catch fire. You must receive Orúnmila to resolve your situations.

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Prayer of the Odu Iwori Meji:


Suyere of the Odu Baba Iwori Meji:


Iwori Meji's Eboses:

Ebo for the bear Iwori Meji:

EBO: 2 roosters, 2 knives, 2 dolls, a güin, 3 arrows, hutía and smoked fish, coconut, honey, candle, brandy, a lot of money.

The dolls are put on the river bank.

Ebó to secure the job:

1 rooster, land from work, work tools, a clay pot, hutía and smoked fish, toasted corn, coconut, candle, brandy, a lot of money. Everything will go into the pot. The rooster will be given to him at twelve o'clock at night, at the foot of a Ceiba.

For a prisoner:

A goat or a ram. If he takes a goat, it is for Eshu. If he takes ram, it is for Shango. 1 rooster, prison land, sweaty clothes, a trap, sea sand, sea water, hutía and smoked fish, corojo butter, honey, coconut, candle, brandy, toasted corn.

The head of the 4-legged animal is taken, with its ingredients, to Olokun to the sea. Sesame seeds are taken in powder and blended with the Iyefá el Ebó and blown where the prisoner is. If it is done with goats, the heads are put to Olofin.

Herbs (Ewe) of the Odu Iwori Meji:

Pitajaya, holy thistle, bulrush, Iroko, white piglet, copal, dry love.

Patakie of the Baba Iwori Meyi sign:



On this road, there was a landowner who had many people working on his farm. And one day, ORUNMILA appeared to him, who was IWORI MEYI, and told him that he alone did much more than all those who were working there.

The landowner replied: «Well, if that's the case, you can start today. But, ORUNMILA began to look at all the workers.

While in this operation, it was time for lunch and so did ORUNMILA. The landowner said to him: «Well, when are you going to start working? To which ORUNMILA replied: "In the afternoon."

Time passed and ORUNMILA did nothing. The landowner, slyly, sent for the Mayor and, after speaking several times with him, said: «By the way, look at this man who is here, he has charged me an advance job and these are the many hours that his work is abandoned ».

ORUNMILA, who heard him, turned to him and said: Doctor, a man on horseback will arrive shortly, in great haste, who is coming to look for him because his wife is in labor. In order for her to give birth well, she has to do EBO, or else she dies.

The Mayor responds: "Is there no remedy to avoid that?" And ORUNMILA said to him: Give me two pesos for the first thing I told you and two pesos for the medicine; And since I have to keep talking, Mr. Squire, take out a horse that you have, that you stole and keep it hidden.

The landowner told him to be quiet. "If you want me to shut up, you have to give me two more pesos." And he gave it to them.
And since then, IWORI MEJI stayed as a fortune-teller in that town.

Iwori Meyi Ifa Traditional


Láàmbókò ìre
E pé kó mó ráhùn mó
Títí alé a móo daláso
A day fún Òde gbànsàsà
Èyí ti n sunkún alláì lénìkan
Òún le níìyàn láyé òun báyìí?
Wón ní kí Òde ó rbo
Òdé debenó lè
Ó rubo
Bówó bá sì ti kó Èsù lójú
Léyìn téèyán rubo
I'll go give
Ebo da fun
hey hey
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Láàmbókò ìre
E pé kó mó ráhùn mó
Títí alé a móo daláso
A day fún Òde gbànsàsà
Èyí ti n sunkún alláì lénìkan
Ebo n won ni or se
Òdé gbébo nbè
Ó rubo
Òràn Òdé glowered ò
Òrán Òdé gbayò
Òof Gbànsàsà
E wá wosé Òdén se
Òof Gbànsàsà
Wá gbijó ò
From Gbànsàsà.

Ifá wants this person to be well. He will live a long time and should not regret again because all good things will come to him. Ifá says that those things that he had done without achieving success in the past, will come to him soon.

Láàmbókò ìre
Don't let him regret it again
Before twilight he will be clothed
He was the one who made divination for Òde Gbànsàsà
The one who was crying for not having a partner
He asked 'Will I have companions in life?'
They advised him to make the sacrifice
Òfrom Gbànsàsà I hear about the sacrifice
And he did it
Once Esu extracted the sacrifice money
Immediately after the sacrifice was offered
This would mark the arrival of fortunes
The sacrifice proved to be effective for Òde Gbànsàsà
Life pleased him
He said it was like his Babaláwo said
Láàmbókò ìre
Don't let him regret it again
Before twilight he will be clothed
He was the one who made divination for Òde Gbànsàsà
The one who was crying for not having a partner
They advised him to make the sacrifice
Òfrom Gbànsàsà he heard about the sacrifice
And he did it
Òde's success deserves a celebration
Òde's success deserves joy
Òof Gbànsàsà
Come see the functions that are being performed by Òde
Òof Gbànsàsà
Come on and dance to the beats of the drums
From Gbànsàsà.

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