Ika Ogunda

Ika Ogunda

What is born in the odu of Ifa Ika Ogunda?

  • May the ashé of the head of the Iyawó at the consecration of the son of Oshosi be crushed with the stone of Abata.
  • Maritime trade.
  • The formation of the triiles and highways.
  • Communication between peoples.
  • You don't eat fruits.
  • You can not throw leftovers to dogs and cats.

What is the Ika Ogunda sign talking about?

  • You have to watch out for thin young people with sideburns.
  • You cannot live isolated from others.
  • You have to feed him in the shadow of the person.
  • It is where Egun eats with the person.

The sign Ika Ogunda points out:

  • The Odu is represented by the boat.
  • Good is brought by black people or in everything black.
  • ABITA is given a black cat.
  • The person does not fulfill what is promised.
  • You must receive Inle Abata, Osanyin and Ode.

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Recommendations of the Ika Okana sign:

The black people in this Odu give ashé.

For this Odu you have to be careful with justice, because he is going to prison.

Use a piece of ivory. Ode must be received on the run.

When you have tough situations you will have to ask a lot from Inle Abata and Olokun.

In this Ifá it was born that the ashé of the head of the Iyawó son of Oshosi was crushed with the stone of Abata

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Ika Ogunda:

  • In the nonconformity is the triumph.
  • Who perseveres wins.

Ifa Code of Ethics of the odu Ika Ogunda:

The Awó will always know who cooks his food.

Says Ifa Ika Ogunda:

That to you Your whole body hurts and when you. When you arrive at your house, register the barrel of water that has something that is against your saints; beware of a robbery; do not keep anybody's things, much less from theft ;; You. He has a friend and the two of them share a secret; when you When eating meat, never give the leftovers to the dogs; do not eat fruits; be careful with the irons where you work; do not carry weapons on you because justice can arrest you; You.

He has a wound on his body; at home a person who drinks goes crazy; to you They want to do a bad thing to him so that he doesn't have peace of mind; be careful with a tall thin boy who wears a sideburns, who is the one who is working it bad; do not go to the field without doing ebbo first, I would not return; the saints are waiting for him; You. You plan to go to a place that is convenient for you; to you They are going to give you a gift, be careful, the money is not going to kill you; search every day the corners of your house; after you Make a request you have to give him every day
to his head; You. He has had losses but by doing ebbo he will be able to recover everything he lost and take care of Eshu-Elegba and if he is Awó the saints ask for uwere fa.

Prayer of the Odu Baba Ika Ogunda:

Ika ogunda ad Ifáfun ozain, akuko lebo.

Ika ogunda ad Ifáfun Orúnmila eure lebo. Kidi bogbo baye tishe
kidi oma odagun aruko medilogun eyele, ikele, ewefa, olele, akuko
lebo. Ifá Ika migunda iru omo Orúnmila oun omo ozain kaferefun ogun,
orun mila, yemaya ati inle.

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Meaning of the oddun of Ifa Ika Ogunda:

This is an Odu, it is necessary that whenever Oshosi or Ode is received, Inle-Abata is also received, since ultimately the latter is the one that makes it possible for Ode to ensure well-being.

For this Odu you should not eat fruits. Also when you eat meat, you do not add the leftovers to the dog or cat.

You have to be careful of young, thin and sided people, because they are your enemy.

This Odu represents the boat, Kaferefun Inle and Osanyin.

The person with this Odu must have an Inshe-Osanyin, which is prepared in a sachet with prayed Iyefá, ivory, cotton and cocoa butter.

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Pataki of the sign of Ifa Ika Ogunda:

The monkey that saved Ika Ogunda.

Ika Ogunda was a hunter who had the virtue that only Olofin ate what he hunted. Once all the animals surrounded him in the forest to eat him, preparing a trap for him, already in these conditions Ika Ogunda had no choice but to climb on a stick or tree that had a hut where a Mona lived, from there he could see everything the trap that the animals had prepared for him.

When Mona returned home, she found the hunter who was inside her house, the hunter spoke to him because he already understood the language of these animals from the time he had been in the bush, dealing with animals. He told Mona what was happening to him, and as the hunter was in good harmony with all monkeys, because since no one ate monkeys, he did not hunt them. La Mona lent herself to help him on the condition that later he would allow the monkeys to interact with the people of the town, since they lived far away in the mountains.

When the monkeys went to the village, everyone was scared and the men chased them and tied them up. The hunter accepted the condition, then the Mona got down and looked for the skin of a dead monkey and put it on the hunter, in this way with the hunter lying down, he was jumping from tree to tree until they could get out of the bush.

Now the hunter is free and safe from the machinations of the animals, the

Mona followed him so that he would keep his word and take her to the village to stay there, because Mona had fallen in love with the hunter and wanted to live with him.

The hunter was kidnapped in the bush.

Then Olofin said that he would not accept anything that the other hunters brought him.

Ika Ogunda Ifa Traditional Nigerian


Káà káà gundá
Kàà kàà gundá
A day fún Olónkò ègì
Tí ón ní ó mó fìbon gbèyìn owó n níná
Wón ní kó rbo
Ayé or ye é
Sùgbón kó mó yin Ìbon or
Ngbà or dé ibi tí ayé gbé ye é tán
Ìbon ló lòó gbé
Bó ti yin Ìbon báyìí
Gbogbo èèyán bá túká
Taa ní ó gbòó ìró ìbon tí ó tùún duó mó?
Ifá lóun pé iré Iyì fún eléyìun
Àyìn éyin ni Olónkò Ègì n yin Awo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Káà káà gundá
Kàà kàà gundá
A day fún Olónkò ègì
Tí ón ní ó rbo
Kó mó fìbon gbèyìn owó n niná
Ìgbà àì sebum
Ègbà àì èerù
Olonko jó jóó jó
N ló sì gbé ìbon!

Something worth celebrating is coming towards this person; He will be happy for this occasion. Ifá urges you not to dance during the celebration. And when the other people are dancing, no one should shoot a gun in the air. Ifá foresees many good things for him, but he must be warned that his excessive enthusiasm could cause a commotion.

Káà káà gundá
Kàà kàà gundá
Divination launched for Olónkò-ègì
He was warned not to waste his money at the party with a shot,
They advised him to make the sacrifice
For life to please him
But he should never try to shoot a gun in the air
When he came to the place where he was highly honored
He drew his gun
When shooting into the air
All the people without warning scattered and disappeared
Who on earth would hear a shot and stay or be around?
Ifá wants this person to be well
Olónkò ègì belatedly began to praise his Babaláwos
His Babaláwos were praising Ifá
He said his Babaláwos had told the truth
Káà káà gundá
Kàà kàà gundá
Divination launched for Olónkò-ègì
He was warned not to end his happiness with one shot,
The problem of not offering the prescribed sacrifice
The evil of not giving the prescribed free gifts
Olónkò danced and danced
Then he pulled out a gun.

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