Obara Otrupan

Obara Otrupon

Obara Otrupon is the sign # 117 of the Lordly Order of Ifá. Ifá says that he will not allow this person to be afflicted by a sudden illness that can disfigure the person, Orunmila advises him to offer sacrifice with a bundle of white and black clothes.

Other names for Obara Otrupon:

  • Obar Tumo.
  • Obara Trupon.

In the odu Obara Trupon is born:

  • The anus (endoko).
  • Why Oyá wears 9 colors.
  • The intelligence of Obatalá.
  • Where Eshu-Elegba ate dog with Ogun.
  • The tragedy as a consequence of the incitement of human beings.
  • Rabies, flea, mange, tick and all parasitic diseases of the dog.
  • Here: The jicotea put the daughter to sleep.
  • The woman wants to do the sexual act for the Anus (Indoko)
  • The woman has to marry an old man.
  • The house is hot (refresh with Omiero).
  • Ogun and Osanyin are given a dog.
  • A doll is made to make Ebó.
  • The enemy lives at the front or next to your house.
  • An Inshe-Osanyin for health is prepared at the foot of a bush or a pond.

Obara Trupon notes:

  • You cannot live supported by brute force.
  • You can not blame what happens, or create a scandal.
  • You cannot eat coconut, yams, or peanuts.
  • No one can be baptized.
  • The diseases are: Parasites, circulatory system, hemorrhoids, digestive problems (ulcer, etc.), blood problem.
  • You have to feed his head.
  • The person must move from where they live.

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Recommendations of the Obara Trupon sign:

This Odu talks about solutions for infertility and abortions. The person must sacrifice the Orishas to have conceptions.

In this Sign of Ifa dog is given to Osanyin. Eshu Elegua and Ogún are also given a dog.

Here the intelligence of Obatalá was born. You must be very smart to live with this Odu.

The anus (endoko) was also born. In this Odu the woman prefers to make the sexual act through the rectum.

Here the woman has to marry an old man to seek happiness.

This Odu predicts that the house is always hot and you have to be cooling it with omiero de prodigiosa (ewe dun dun) and white piglet (ewe tete-nifá) and Iyefá prayed from the Odu

For this Odu (Obara Otrupon) to prosper three roosters are given to the road and they are dressed as mariwó. Cocoa butter is crushed with 9 guinea peppers, Creole hen eggshell and spread on the body. He takes raw corn and when he reaches the point where he goes, he waters it for luck. A rooster will be given to Shango and another to Yemajá, before giving it he will put his head on the sidewalk of the house and call Eshu-Elegba Shango. Afterwards, Iyefá and honey are added to their beaks.

Here, Ogún is also given a dog and an Inshe-Osanyin is prepared. (see Works of the Odu).

For this Ifá to neutralize the enemy's maneuvers, Shangó will be given two roosters, bouncing one of the heads in front of the enemy's house, with the other head an Inshe-Osanyin is made to use it on top.

The Awó must receive the following Saints: Osanyin, Azojuano, Oduduwa, as soon as possible.

Obara Tumo bans:

For this Odu one cannot live supported by brute force, trampling, vexing and enslaving
the rest, for that would be their downfall and downfall.

When the Obara Trupon sign is seen, fresh Fish blood is given to Ogún and two black hens to Orúnmila along with Oyá. You will wonder the path that the bodies of the chickens will take.

Here he was born: Why Oyá dresses in nine different colors. Tragedy was also born as a result of incitement between humans. All dog diseases such as mange, tick, rabies, flea and other parasites were also born.

This was where the jicotea lost her daughter.

The person is in very poor health and gets tired of going to the doctor and they do not find anything. Make Ebo and then go to the doctor. His enemies will always be hurting him so that he loses his job, health and position.

For this Ifá it is necessary to be washing the house with Obatala herbs to refresh it, because the enemies want to make it hot with witchcraft.

Description of the Odu Obara Trupon

When this sign of Ifa appears in an ordinary record, the person will be told that they must make sacrifice in order not to be involved in an accident on the way from work to home.

When this Odu appears in IGBODU, the person should be warned to expect troublesome troubles motivated by their relationships. They will perform stick witchcraft on you, but the Night King will invariably be by your side assisting you with his services. Sacrifice a goat to the Night and a goat to Eshu and its head with a duck. In an ordinary register, he must serve Eshu with a goat and his head with a duck to be victorious over his enemies.

In an ordinary registry the sign Obara Trupon comes out, the person is told that he must make sacrifice to find the right woman to marry.

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Sayings of Obara Otrupon:

  • From failure to failure due to stubbornness.
  • The enemies have me surrounded.
  • Because of my madness, corruption is in my family.
  • I rape, and the other will be blamed.
  • I was born, and I must return to Heaven.

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Obara Otrupon:

The Awó does not harm anyone.

What is the Obara Trupon sign talking about?

In an ordinary registry the person must make the same sacrifice to avoid the risk of being involved in a case or a dispute of which he knows nothing.

When this Ifá appears in an ordinary record, the person is told that he must make sacrifice so that he does not get lost in the forest or in a place far from his home and then die. You must make the sacrifice with a small piece of white cloth and a goat.

When this Odu Obara Trupon appears in an ordinary register, the person will be told that he must make sacrifice with a piece of white cloth, a goat and a pumpkin (Ugba or Okpan) so that a son who is a bird of passage does not leave him and return to Heaven.

When this sign appears in an ordinary record, the person will be warned that he must make sacrifice to avoid problems that could lead to a bad temper.

Says Ifa Obara Otrupon:

To have a seat, you have to do Ebó, and if your wife is pregnant, seven days after giving birth, you have to register the child and do Ebó and the father as well, because the child when it is seven years old, they will have to separate from the father, because otherwise at fourteen he will harm her or lose his own daughter. Be careful that they want to hurt you, where you will lose your destiny.

Thank Azojuano, receive it and put on your necklace.

You have to be careful with the girls in the house, one of them is not going to be raped by the father or stepfather, who will later try to blame someone else. This was where the male jicotea (tiroko) raped her daughter and accused the goat of being the rapist.

If this Odu appears to a pregnant woman, seven days after the baby is born, it is necessary to make an Osode to make her Ebó and that same Ebó is made to the father at that very moment, so that in the future she does not subject her to acts dishonest.

When this Odu appears in IGBODU, the person is told that a problem is approaching him and that he must give a goat to Eshu with a knife to survive in any fight.

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Prayer of the Odu Obara Trupon:


Suyere Obara Trupon:


Ebo by Obara Otrupon:

To health.

A dove will be given to the person and to the Awó who is doing the work, in such a way that it falls into an Omiero casserole that will be prepared in advance. After the Ebó is finished, both will bathe and burn their clothes, which are thrown away with the bathroom waste, and then the officiating Awó and the person will beg their heads (Ko-Obori) with coconut, cocoa and husk (obi-omi- tuto).

For the enemies.

Shango is given two roosters. The head of one of the roosters is bounced in front of the enemy's house.

With the other head an Inshe-Osanyin is prepared for use on top.

Herbs (Ewe) of the Odu Obara Otrupon:

Stick chicken, Victor, Italamo Real.

Obara Otrupon Ifa Traditional


Ó kó nádúnádú bí eni oko ò bá I will be
Ó kó kùkùkèkè kùkùkèkè bí eni oko ò bá sòrò
A day fún Òbàrà Òtòkú
Omo a rà, à rà soko
Wón ní kó rbo
Òbàrà Òtòkú ni ò rí Okùnrin bá a seré
Wón ní yóó rìí Okùnrin bá I will be
Wón ní kó móo terí ba fun okùnrin
Wón ni 'ìwo lóó lòó tújú Okùnrin láyé'
'Ó móo là móo lówó'
'Sùgbón ó ó tiiri fún okùnrin'
'Lóó fi gbádùn gbogbo nnkaàn re'
'Ó ó ra oko ni'
'Kóo mó baà sìnà'
Ó kó nádúnádú bí eni oko ò bá I will be
Ó kó kùkùkèkè kùkùkèkè bí eni oko ò bá sòrò
A day fún Òbàrà Òtòkú
Omo a rà, à rà soko
À n rà egbèje
à n rà egbèfà
Àgbà tú lówó lówó
E wá rÈdú soko
Ení or lówó lówó
Òbàrà Òtòkú bára Èdú
Ló bá fi Òrúnmìlà soko è
Èmí è bá gùn
Ló bá bèrè sií bímo
ni on ba la
Ifá pé kí eléyìun or moo tojú okoo rè.

If it is for a woman to whom this Odù is revealed, a rich man is not destined to be her husband. She will have to buy a substitute herself. If she decides to marry someone rich, her ending will not be very good. This woman will be rich, but she cannot marry a rich man. She must be respectful and obedient to her husband. However, if this Odù is revealed for a man, He must make sacrifice so that his wife understands his language.

She looks as disgusting as a woman whose husband doesn't touch her
She seems like she wants to cry like the wife of the husband who doesn't talk to her
They made divination for Òbàrà Òtòkú
The son of the clan 'We will buy; and we will buy until we make our husband '
They advised him to offer sacrifice
Òbàrà Òtòkú is the one who couldn't find a man to touch her
They assured her that she would find him
'But you will have to be submissive to the man'
'You will be very rich'
'You will be very happy in life', they told him
'You will have to buy one yourself'
'So that you don't stray from your path'
She looks as disgusting as a woman whose husband doesn't touch her
She seems like she wants to cry like the wife of the husband who doesn't talk to her
They made divination for Òbàrà Òtòkú
The son of the clan 'We will buy; and we will buy until we make our husband '
We buy about 140.000 units of money
We buy about 120.000 units of money
The old women who are so rich
Come and buy Èdú as your husband
The wealthy
Òbàrà Òtòkú when he bought Èdú
And made Orúnmìlà her husband
Would have long life
And I would start having children
And she would get rich
Ifá advises this person to take care of her husband.

Patakie of the Obara Otrupon sign:

Divination was made for the soldier ants, the earthworm and the fly.

He made divination for the soldier ant (Ijalo in Yoruba and Okhian in Benin), the earthworm (Ekolo in Yoruba and Ikolo in Benin) and the fly (Eshinshin in Yoruba and Ikian in Benin), warning them that war was imminent. Ijalo was told that he should serve ESHU with a goat and knife, and Ekolo and Eshinshin that they should serve Eshu with a goat. Ijalo made the sacrifice, but Ekolo didn't. After making the sacrifice, Eshinshin ran into the bush to build and hide a house that had neither doors nor windows. While the war had started.

Although Eshu directed the invading troops in the direction of the soldier ants, he had not used the knife with which they sacrificed to equip their mouths as weapons of attack and defense. The soldier ants ran for cover but did so within the invading forces. With knives in their mouths, they attacked anyone who tried to stop them.

Meanwhile, the worm ran to hide, it did so between the lines of the soldier ants and these with their knives cut them into pieces. As the war subsided, some people looted the King's palace and hid the stolen things in Eshinshin's house. For this he was accused of stealing the King's property and a trial was held before the King. He had no defense and was found guilty and sentenced to death by execution. At that time Eshu turned into a girl and asked her if she had not been divined. The fly confirmed that it had consulted Orúnmila but had not made the sacrifice. He asked her to make the sacrifice for him, which she immediately complied with.

On the day of the execution, Eshu influenced the man who was the King's right hand and the head of the court to ask the King for clemency as the fly was not guilty enough to be executed. The judge proposed that the fly be warned never to live in the bush again, that from that moment on it would live in the surroundings of where there were two or more people settled.

That is the reason why flies live in town to this day. When this Odu appears in IGBODU, the person is told that a problem is approaching him and that he must give Eshu a goat with a knife to survive in any fight.

In an ordinary registry the person must make the same sacrifice to avoid the risk of being involved in a case or a dispute of which he knows nothing.

Eshu of the sign Obara Otrupon:


This ESHU, is very indecent. It's called Fotifo. (indecent and drunk). He likes to show his parts, when he comes down at the head of his horse (Adosu). He likes to blind, when he is not well cared for.

It is made into a doll. Which must be with the penis erect, a mariwó skirt is put on it.

It is drilled through the head and loaded with: 4-corner land, from the cemetery gate, plowed, from a hill, goat's eye and rooster, goat's and rooster's eggs, güira root, majá's head, zunzún, a hill stone, eru, obi, kolá, osun naború, gold, silver, copper, 3 corals, 3 jets, hair is put on the modest part of a dead woman (if it is for a man), if it is for a woman hairs from the parts of a dead man.
This Eshu Elegua eats from the back: Jicotea and rooster.

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