Korikoto: Deity of Fertility


Korikoto is an Orisha representative of fertility and births. It is closely related to gestation, conception and all infants who are born predestined.

Who is Korikoto?

Known as: Korikoto, Korinkoto, Coricoto, Corikoto or Koricoto. His name can be translated as follows: Kori = Deity of childbirth and infant deity / Konkoto = children's toys.

It is an Orisha whose cult is highly adored by the descendants of the Aará land. On the island of Cuba the customs and ceremonies of this Orisha were largely lost, therefore, her adoration is not very outstanding.

It is believed that Korinkoto speaks through the snail (diloggún) of Yemaya.

What is Korikoto?

Its energy is closely related to the ability of women to be able to have children. Similarly, the Orisha Korikoto it intervenes in the fertility of the earth. That is why she lives in the company of Orisha Oko and is represented through a bird scare doll, which is evidence of her energetic function that gives her the power to ward off bad spiritualities that do not allow obtaining the fruits of life or from the earth. Its objective is to contribute to the dynamic balance of production and sustainability of life on this plane.


Between her CARACTERISTICS He emphasizes that he dresses like a bird scarer, in that way he removes all the osogbos that approach his initiates.

Attributes and receptacle of korikoto

Its receptacle is a small clay jar that lives next to Orisha Oko. His attributes They are an otá, an iron mace with 7 points and a bull horn or jar accompanied by a hand of cowrie snails.

Korikoto Necklaces

Your necklaces or elekes They are usually made with obbi, kolá and palm nuts.

How is korikoto received in Santeria?

This Deity falls into the category of the "Orisha of Addimú", which means that its foundation is received, but Ita is not realized. During his consecration only feathered animals are sacrificed. Its ceremony is quite simple, its consecration is carried out and on the third day this saint is delivered into the hands of the initiate. Some santeros used to deliver this Orisha together with Orisha oko.

How is korikoto cared for?

Orisha Korikoto

To serve Korinkoto, he is offered corojo butter, honey, brandy, jutia and smoked fish, roasted corn and white candles. LAdimuses what can be offered to Korikoto are the same ones that Orisha Oko is used to receiving:

  • Bread.
  • Cooked fish.
  • Grilled corn with beef or fried pork.
  • Raw or cooked yam in all its presentations.
  • Red bean buns, and little face.
  • Coconuts, and all kinds of fruits.
  •  Sweet potato, coconut, yam sweets, and all kinds of sweets made with fruits or vegetables.

The animal that immolates itself is: white dick.


Share the herbs used by Orisha Oko: yam leaves, red vine, sweet potato vine, guarana vine, partridge vine, milk vine, bibijagua or bell, peony, jiba, pilgrim, and custard apple.

Benefits of receiving Korikoto?

This is an Orisha that is received to reinforce the Orisha Oko energy and to protect against dark spirits and shipments that seek to prevent productivity or gestation, in order to achieve good harvests and good births.

What is asked of korikoto?

  • May it provide protection and blessing to children in general.
  • To accompany and protect during pregnancy and at the time of delivery.
  • For spiritual protection and care against witchcraft wars.
  • So that it stabilizes our businesses or jobs and we can achieve the benefit of the sacrifices and efforts made.
  • To obtain security and firmness on this earth.
  • So that we do not lack food.

Korikoto's Prayer

 I praise and pray to the spirit of fertility

We respect the spirit that brings fertility to mothers and to the earth.

We implore your blessing so that the offspring will be fresh.

We implore your blessing so that the harvest is fresh.

We praise the childlike spirit that dwells in the fields and passes among us.

We turn around once more to thank and implore him.

Mother who scares away evil spirits with your bright eyes all night long.

Look beyond the obvious. Heal my flesh and avoid my death.

May your blessing always reach us and our life always prosper. Asé.

Korikoto song

Akuon: Korikoto my mud

Chorus: orisha ewe emilodo

Akuon: Korikoto my mud

Chorus: orisha ewe emilodo

Akuon: Korysioma

Chorus: eyan koro

Akuon: Korysioma

Chorus: eyan koro

Akuon: bound kuele

Chorus: eyan koro

Works or Ebbo with Korikoto

Work with korikoto for prosperity

All the grains you get (except black) are placed on a blue cloth, two white candles on the sides. The cloth is closed like a satchel and the interested party is cleaned with it at the foot of Korikoto, realizing that this work is being done to ask for a blessing of prosperity and economic development. Then the contents of that bag are buried without the cloth, so that it germinates.

Ebbo with korinkoto to ask for fertility

When women want to get pregnant they can pray at the foot of Korikoto with a pumpkin, flowers, honey, corojo butter, 7 chicken eggs. The Orisha is made aware of the reason for the work being done. The pumpkin is uncovered at the top, the guts are removed, with that the belly of the person concerned is cleaned and it is placed back inside the pumpkin. In the same way, it is cleaned with all the ingredients and they are placed inside the pumpkin. Finally, the belly is cleaned with a blue cloth and the gourd is tied with that cloth and taken to a hill.  

Korikoto quotes

Korinkoto says: "Not even in the darkest night is there an evil spirit that I cannot protect you from."

Korikoto says, "Women and children will always count on my blessing to continue to populate the earth."

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