Ogunda Trupon

odun ogunda trupon

What is born in the odu of Ifa Ogunda Trupon?

  • That through the mother EBO or any ceremony can be done to the children.
  • Give colt to OGUN.
  • Where OLOFIN blessed the duck.
  • The charge of the corporal of the obe of the kuakuanaldo.
  • Here: In the house of a blacksmith stick knife.

What is the Ogunda Trupon sign talking about?

  • Talk about the war that will not win.
  • OGUN is given an igba with omí.
  • Where OLOFIN is called sara-ekó.
  • It is where a well-placed nail is difficult to remove.

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    Recommendations of the Ogunda Otrupon sign:

    This Ifá predicts that both the Awó and the aleyo tend to stumble with justice, so he has to do EBO and prepare an inshé OSAIN against ashelú. Because they are always looking for you.

    It is an Ifá where friends or friends lead you to make irreparable mistakes that can cost you a prison or your life, since you are very violent. Know how to choose friends and be very jealous and selective.

    For this Ifá something religious is inherited from your father or grandfather, which you have to attend to, which will be for your luck and well-being.

    If this Ifa is seen in a woman in a state: she must be told that she has to do EBO, and an Eshu is given to her to protect the child, during pregnancy and after childbirth. It is very possible that this child is Abikú.

    If this Odu is seen in a child: he will be sent to see his sight because he may suffer from myopia and they may be giving him headaches. You have to give him a warrior and see the doctor.

    For this Ifá you have to ask a lot from OBATALA which protects the children of OGUNDA OTRUPON a lot.

    For this Ifá, the one who is consulted has a gray mole or it is his enemy who has it, be careful that they may be preparing a bed to kill him.

    Awó OGUNDA TRUPON must prepare an Inshé OSAIN that cannot lack eye and horse hair. The rest is asked to ORUNMILA.

    Awó OGUNDA TRUPON must have an iron horse which is loaded, since it makes a hole and will live next to OGUN and will eat the same thing that is given to OGUN.

    Also Awó OGUNDA TRUPON must put a piece of a horse's head on his Ifá. For this Ifá the person is very envied for their way of dressing as well as of living, be careful with their violence that makes them lose their intelligence.

    Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Ogunda Trupon:

    • At home blacksmith, wooden knife.
    • Full dog licks happily.
    • If the dog is good, he takes good care of it.
    • A well-buried nail is difficult to remove.
    • There is nothing like a mother's blessing.
    • Only the intelligent man is saved from death.

    Ifa Ogunda Trupon says:

    When a nail is well buried, it is difficult to remove it; your luck is good, but you always have to be careful with your enemies; you want to go somewhere, but first you have to do EBO.

    AZOJUANO plans to pay him a visit due to a debt with him, and will send OGUN to collect it from him; be careful with a tragedy caused by a red-haired woman, stop visiting that woman for at least seven consecutive days, or go out on the street, for the same days, because they are watching you, or go to the winery or a bar to drink drinks, because you can forget what you were told here and you will be in danger; go see your mother and listen to the advice she will give you; give thanks to OGUN and remember not to drink drinks lest justice turn you on, do not listen to the advice of friends; because what they do is harm him; a war is coming to you on the way; Be careful that a child can cause you a dislike, or there already was, do not raise your hand to that child because you can look for a misfortune; you don't want to stay with your husband. You should not fall in love with the wife of any friend, because they may be watching you to kill you, you have to moderate your violent character so that you do not lose your intelligence and your enemies can hurt you or you can kill a person, and justice can catch you You will receive an inheritance from your father or grandfather who must take care of it, this inheritance is religious, that will be your luck, if you do not have ELEGBA you must receive it to help you against your enemies; You must reinforce your OGUN and when you can feed it, ask OBATALA for blessing every day since this saint protects him a lot. Attend ORUNMILA and if you do not have it, receive it for your well-being.

    Prayer of the Odu Ogunda Trupon:


    Suyere Oddun Ogunda Otrupon:


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    Ebbo of the Odu Ogunda Otrupon Ifa:

    Inshé for the owner of this Ifá.

    A small iron horse is ordered to be made, it is hollow, and it is loaded with:

    Lerí de ishín -horse-, lerí de akukó, eyelé, aguema, root of araba, of atorí, atiponla, atitán of ibú losa, ekú, 21 strong sticks, root of ceibilla, ero, obi, kolá, osun. This little horse lives next to OGUN and eats what OGUN eats.

    Inshé within ORUNMILA:

    Inside the tureen of your Ifá you should put a piece of the lerí of a horse.

    Inshé OSAIN from Ogunda Otrupon:

    This Inshé OSAIN wonders what animal it is made of and it should not be missing: eye and hair of a horse that has a mole on its forehead, 21 strong sticks, eru, obi, kola, osun. After it is determined which animal (leather) is lined, ORUNMILA, SHANGO and OGUN beads are inserted.

    Meaning of the Sign of Ifa Ogunda Trupon (Otrupon)

    OGUNDA TRUPON is an Odu that predicts that the person or the Awó will have a war that will not win, so he has to be doing EBO to get rid of this situation.

    For this Ifá, the Awó or aleyo is prohibited from ingesting alcoholic beverages, since it can bring great tragedies that can cost him his life. That's his biggest bear.

    The Awó who has this Odu must attend ORUNMILA and study with great effort, in order to win the wars that lie ahead.

    He cannot abandon the study of Ifá, to dedicate himself to other tasks since it is an Ifá of consecration.

    For this Ifá the Awó OGUNDA TRUPON when he receives kuakuanaldo must give OGUN a colt from which he will take the leather and make a girdle and two wristbands, to the latter 7 dilogunes are put on each one.

    For this Ifá you have to be careful with the obiní, since through them it can cost you your life, because they are watching to kill you. So it is forbidden to be with married women, since they can catch him and they can kill him.

    For this Ifá the blessing of her iyaré is asked, since she and OGUN were the ones who saved OGUNDA TRUPON, listen to their advice that will be your salvation.

    For this Ifá, when the person looks at himself and wants to move from one place to another, he must do EBO, the one marked by ORUNMILA so that he can be successful, and avoid any danger that may arise.

    In this Ifá you are commanded to be careful with children, as they can cause you disgust, do not hit them, because a tragedy may occur.

    In this Ifá in a woman: you are not satisfied with the husband you have and have thought to leave him, do EBO so that you do not have a big problem.

    Ifa Code of Ethics of the odu Ogunda Otrupon:

    The Awó will be careful to see how he solves the problems so that he does not keep the osorbo.

    Pataki of the sign of Ifa Ogunda Trupon:

    When Eshu didn't have to eat.

    IKU lived in a land where he never ate, no matter how hard he looked, he couldn't find food.

    Seeing himself like this, he went to consult with ORUNMILA, who made him bear and saw this Ifá OGUNDA TRUPON and Ifá said: You have to do EBO and that you had to leave that land or town and that you only eat ripe fruits.

    IKU followed the advice of Ifá, and thus she went to a land where everyone was born sick and she ate them. So IKU was happy to have abundant food.

    In that land there was a married couple that the obiní was oboñú, and when she realized her state of pregnancy, she began to think and said: I am going to consult with Ifá. In the registry ORUNMILA ordered him to do EBO. The woman left ORUNMILA's house determined but she had no money to do the EBO.

    When he arrived he made a collection among his relatives and relatives and it was to do the EBO. When she finished, ORUNMILA ordered her to take the EBO to the cemetery and not to look back. Upon returning, ORUNMILA told ONIBORI to accompany her and to be by her side and that when the child was born, protect her so that IKU would not unite.

    When EMERE was born, ONIBORI hoped that she would not die and free her from the IKU, when the relatives found out the meaning of the collection, they began to protest and ELEGBA, who had heard everything, got upset and left. In that the mother said: What will be of EMERE without me.

    One day, late in the afternoon, the fever took hold of EMERE and she began to sweat and her body filled with water, she could not look, her mother cried and cried when she saw her in the condition she was in.

    The mother made up her mind and looked for her relatives to pray to heaven, ONIBORI said: This is very good and took the girl.

    The girl was a maiden, it was Abikú, when she thought her head ached, she had short eyesight, but well from a long distance, when she was 15 years old ONIBORI said: I am going to take you where your mother is, but first we will go to OBATALA's house. . When I left OBATALA ONIBORI's house, I took EMERE to her iyaré's house, and IKU couldn't eat her.

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    Ogunda Otrupon Ifa Traditional Nigerian


    Ònà to tààrà mó yà
    A day fún Ògún tí n regbó méje èlùjù méje
    Èyí tí n lo rèé fé Obà wálé
    Wón ní kó rbo
    Gbogbo àwon Irúnmolè ni ón fé Obà tì
    Ipá or ká Obà
    Gbogbo Okùnrin tí ón bá làwón or fé e
    Ìjàkàdì ní or mùú
    Níó bàá gbé won sánlè
    Won or pèe mi kó!
    'Obìnrin tí ó móo lu okoo rè'?
    Àwon ò faith
    Gbogbo wón bá n ké Obà Sílè
    Ògún bá fi erín mérìndínlógún rubo
    Kùnkùu erín tí on fi se Ifá fun Ògún
    Wón bá kó or lé e lówó
    Ògún bá n padà relay léyìn tú rubo tán
    Ó bá pàdé Obà lónà
    Òun àti Obà bá fijà peéta
    Obà è é sìí faith
    Ògún bá so kùnkù si Obà lésè
    Obà bá yò tèerè
    Ó bádi pàà nilè
    Ògún bá jan Obà mole
    Ògún bá fa Ìpòn ìdí and you
    Ògún bá bá Obà sùn
    Wón ní 'Ògún mò dá Obà mò túpòon rè'
    Ògún wá n jó ní n yò
    Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
    Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
    Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
    Ònà to tààrà mó yà
    A day fún Ògún tí n regbó méje èlùjù méje
    Èyí tí n lo rèé fé Obà wálé
    Ògún nìkàn ní n be léyìn tú rbo
    Ogun da Oba
    Ògún túpòon re
    Ògún nìkàn ní n be léyìn tú rbo
    Ògún nìkàn.

    Good fortune will come to this person. There are people who would have tried to earn this fortune, but were unsuccessful. He must sacrifice sixteen ears of corn. Ifá says that fortune is a woman. She is a very powerful woman.

    Ònà to tààrà mó yà
    He made divination for Ògún, the one who goes to seven renowned forests and bushes
    The one who was going to marry Obà at his house
    They advised him to make the sacrifice
    All the Irúnmolè had tried to marry Obà
    But Obà is not easily overwhelmed
    All the men who had tried to conquer her
    She invited them to fight
    And I would hit them all
    They all said: I, no, 'To marry Obà?
    'The woman who will beat her husband'
    'I don't want her'
    They all just ran from her
    Ògún, who saw the effort of the other deities as futile, sacrificed sixteen ears of corn
    The ears of corn were used to prepare a special Ifá preparation
    And they gave it to Ògún
    When Ògún was returning home the same day after the sacrifice
    He met Obà on the way
    He and Obà fought for a while
    Obà que noj was prepared to have a relationship with any man
    Èsù threw an ear of corn at Obà's feet
    She walked on it and slipped
    Falling flat on the ground
    Ògún fell on top of Obà
    He took off Obà's skirt and underwear, throwing them aside
    And had sexual contact with her
    Rumors quickly spread 'Ògún defeated Obà and took off his skirt
    Ògún began to dance and rejoice
    He was praising his Babaláwo
    His Babaláwo was praising Ifá
    He said it was exactly as his Babaláwo had said
    Ònà to tààrà mó yà
    He made divination for Ògún, the one who went to seven renowned forests and bushes
    The one who would go and marry at Obà's house
    It is Ògún who comes from behind who had made the sacrifice
    Ògún defeated Obà
    Ògún had removed her underwear
    Ògún is the only one who offered sacrifices
    Only Ògún.


    Eshu dies.

    This Eshu is prepared with the normal load of the Eshus, the secret is that it carries leri and elesé merin de ishín -horse-. This Eshu is to achieve the power to be guided in life and preserved from dangers.

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