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Oyekun Di is the combination between the main Odu Oyeku and Odi. For this Ifá you cannot walk in a group. Here the Sun is prayed for 16 days early in the morning, since this Odu is the immortality of Olorun. This person will overcome many obstacles in life, they urge you to be honest.

This is Odu number 34 in the Ifa Genealogical Order and advises us to sacrifice Eshu in order to achieve the popularity we need to be prosperous in our lives and to get clients in our business.

Other names of the Odu Oyekun Odi:

  • Oyekun Di.
  • Oyekun Sidi.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Oyekun Di?

  • Born: That the goat that is given to Orúnmila be touched by the forehead.
  • That to close the songs of Osanyin Olorun be implored with the prayer of Oyeku Odi.
  • Why Orúnmila does not fall on the head of any Awó.
  • The Oceans that divided the Lands speak and with them men.
  • They despise the Awó.
  • Olorun is implored.
  • It was where the World was bad and Orúnmila told Olofin that he would come to fix it.

Oyekun Di notes:

  • It is where women were sterile.
  • Oyekun Di is an Ifá of conspiracy and disappointment.
  • It marks that what goes away does not come back again.
  • You don't speak until you look at yourself.
  • They touch their buttocks and blow it out.
  • It was where the orange cajel saved Orúnmila from Impotence.

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Sayings of Oyekun Di:

  • The penis dies on the buttocks.
  • The World was bad and Olodumare sent the law to fix it.
  • Says Oyekun di (Odi), put the money here.
  • Always tell the truth, so that God will give you luck.
  • Do not rush so that when you arrive, what is going to happen has already happened.
  • What went away does not come back.
  • When the world goes bad, God sends the law to fix it.

Ifa Code of Ethics of the Oyekun Odi Sign

Al Awó, even if he resolves, they never thank him.

What is the Oyekun Di sign talking about?

  • You have an accident on your foot.
  • Here you have one less bone in your spine.
  • Oyekun Di marks Impotence in men and Sterility in women.
  • It should be investigated whether the Egun lives with the registrant or with his spouse.
  • Let everyone solve their problems however they can.
  • In order to do something, you must do Ebó.
  • You must have a goal to strive for in life.
  • In this Ifá, the world was bad and Orúnmila had to go down to Earth to fix it. It must be ordered in life and one must not live to live or eat to eat.
  • And they must have a love for life and a reason to live.
  • Here the person sits next to Orúnmila to tell him to get money.
  • Here, for doing good, he gets into a mess.
  • Here the Babalawo does not speak until he takes out the Odu in the register.

Oyekun Di Recommendations:

When this Odu (Oyekun Di) goes out in Igbodun, he is warned that his mother will have or has three children and that each will achieve fame and that their fame will be stronger if they join together to cooperate with each other.

He must be warned that he must sacrifice a ram, 16 slugs and two doves to Ifá, before completing his initiation ceremony.

In an ordinary hearing, he is told that he must sacrifice a goat to Eshu to prevent prosperity and popularity from waning.

When the sign of Ifa Oyekun Di appears in divination, the person should be warned to make sacrifice on his head at home and outside of it, for his honor and respect. After the sacrifice you will lose your fear and gain respect and recognition in the world.

When this Odu comes out in Igbodun, the person must make a special sacrifice with antelope, goatee grass (Edu), nine slugs and a hen, this is to have a long life and continue living in the world. In this divination, the person must offer a rooster to Ogún and a goat to Eshu, to avoid inconvenience through offenses to people stronger than him.

It must have its own Ifá. In the case of a woman, she should be advised to marry a man who has Ifa.

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Meaning of odu Oyekun Di:

In this Ifá, the Oceans speak, which were the ones that divided the Earth into different continents and in turn men separated. It marks separation from family or friends.

The person is subjugated by foreign things, such as the way of life, the way of dressing, the customs, etc. Here if the person leaves their land, it is difficult to return to it.

In a woman, it marks Sterility. Oyeku-Odi means: The penis dies on the buttocks. For this Ifá, Ogún is given a machete that goes to the mountains, the person is cleaned and delivered with white cloth. Ogún is also covered with white cloth.

The person's ancestors were foreigners.

The person did not know part of his family, by ancestry of the father or mother, grandparents, uncles, etc. Here they despise the Awó, they do not thank him for anything. This Ifá indicates ridiculous or insults to the person of the Awó.

It is an Ifá of conspiracy, of nonconformity, because the children are not satisfied with what the parents give them, as they aspire to more or what the Parents cannot give them because of their economic level.

Oyekun di will always tell; put the money here.

You cannot accompany anyone to claim anything from anyone, so that they are not involved in serious problems of justice.

Here you have to close your doors early because of the Wandering Spirits.

You must always tell the truth so that you have the help of Olodumare.

You have to be careful with friends don't get you in trouble. And you can even go to prison.

Here, when this Odu comes out, the Awó touches his buttocks and blows out.

Visiting prisoners is prohibited, because due to their bad character, a serious problem may be sought and they may even be imprisoned.

He suffers from leg disease.

Oyekun Odi is Obatala's spoiled goat. 

Herbs (Ewe) of Oyekun Di:

  • Gimp.
  • River fern.
  • Paradise.

Says Ifa odu Oyekun Di:

That they are going to invite you to do something wrong, let them convince you, but you don't go ahead, because what they want to do will not work and you will be in danger; When you arrive, what is to happen has already happened. he will be saved and will be cleansed of guilt and pain.

He does not have children and it is good not to have them. always tell the truth so that Olodumare will give you luck. -In your house there is a sick person who is rather there than here; but if they walk soon, they can save themselves because they don't want it there yet. Give thanks to Orúnmila and Obatalá.

You were going down into a hole and in that hole there was a man who was Orúnmila. Beware of a trap and evil people who come to your house. you have to take care of foot accidents. he lives by living and a path must be traced and love of life.

For doing good, they put him in a tangle.-Sit next to Orúnmila to sing to him so that he can give you wealth. You cannot walk in a group and you have to take care of your friends, because they can get you in trouble. You have to beg the Sun - Olorun 16 days in the morning and close your door early so that the Evil Spirits do not enter.

You have to raise a goat, spoiling it, and walk around where you live. it cannot serve as guarantor or witness for anything.

Prayer of the Odu Oyekun Di:

Oyeku di orunmila adifayoko orubo akuko, eure, eko yarako, Eku, eja, epo obeyo owo.gbogbo ikan araye ebebikan lenle ile Olofin.

Ebbo and Works of the sign Oyekun Di:

For Ogún.

You are given a rooster.

Inshe Osanyin Pocket.

Leopard hair and loaded with: Gold, silver, coral, amber, jet, ivory, two precious stones, ero, obi, kolá, obi motiwao, osun naború and victorious stick.

Machete that is put on Ogún odu Oyekun Odi.

A machete is taken, which will be put inside Ogún, but before; the person must go to the forest with that machete after having washed it with omiero and the person will be cleaned, taken home and wrapped in white cloth and placed in his Ogún.

Here, Ogún is also covered with a white cloth.

Ebó: Rooster, two black hens, two pigeons, a machete, house land, shoe land, white flag, smoked hutía, smoked fish, corojo butter, a lot of money.

Secret of the Odu:

Whoever has this Ifá, must raise a goat, having it spoiled well, and every so often he will put a rope on it and he will go out all over the neighborhood with it. Then Ebó will do with the rope and what Orúnmila marks and the goat is not killed.

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Patakie of the sign Oyekun say:

When the world was bad.


EBO: A goat, a goat, a rooster, 2 black hens, a pigeon, smoked hutía, smoked fish, corojo butter, coconut, candle, a lot of money.


In this way, the World was bad and Orúnmila told Olodumare: I am going to compose it. He asked him: In what time are you going to compose it? -Orúnmila did not answer him and came to Earth.

When he arrived, it was found that the women who lived there had never given birth. He asked for accommodation in a house and they gave it to him. They asked him: -Sir. what is your name? He answered them: Oloyu Ekun, then they asked him: -What is your job? He replied: My job is to speak. They invited him to speak, where he told them: - In order for me to speak, you have to put money.

They put money in and Orúnmila took the ókpuele, threw it away and this Oyekun Odi sign came out and told them: You live here to live, you eat to eat, you sleep to sleep and everyone has to do Ebó (the one indicated above). Then Orúnmila prayed: OLOYU OKUN AMIRIRE LUOSI OLOYU OKUN LOYULE Oyekun DI.

When the Ebo was made, the women began to get pregnant and they all gave birth, the plants began to bear fruit and everything was arranged.

Orúnmila, seeing that everything was behaving normally, left that land and did not know about it for a long time and then returned to Heaven.

Orúnmila was slow to return to earth. When he returned, the born had already grown up and had children. When the old men saw him, they wanted to know him but it had been so long that they did not recognize him, until an old man took a good look at him and asked him: Are you not Oloyu Okun?

He replied: I am myself. Then the old man called everyone and the younger ones taught that man, who had prayed for women to give birth and had saved them all.

Then they began to think and as they thought they began to ask him for things. Orúnmila answered them: -That's up to Olodumare to consider it or not. They all got upset and said: We are going to fight Olodumare. They told Orúnmila that he had to accompany them.

Orúnmila became a bear and this Ifá Oyeku Di was seen, where Ifá marked him: make Ebo with a goat and a long rope. The day they went to look for him to go fight against Olodumare, Orúnmila went out with the goat tied to the rope and along the way it got tangled in his legs and sticks. He stopped to untangle her and thus lagged behind the group. They, tired of waiting for him, continued on. When they arrived before Olodumare, he, hearing them, ordered them to kill everyone.

When Orúnmila arrived, Olodumare asked him: Orúnmila, what is offered to you? Orúnmila replied: Babá, I'm fine and I don't want anything, but some men forcibly took me out of the house and forced me to go with them, I don't know why, along the way I left behind because I did Ebo: A goat and rope (yarako); Well, I brought him this goat.

Then Olodumare opened the door and showed them all without a head and Orúnmila was thus free.

The dream.

Ebó: 2 jutía, a monkey, jutía and smoked fish, roasted corn a lot of money.


On this road, there was a person who had a dream and he saw that he fell into a hole and there he met an old man, who gave him something, telling him to ask Orúnmila what he had to do.

When he went to Orúnmila's house, he was made bear and this Ifá Oyeku-Odi saw him and ordered him to roast sesame, get his whole body muddy, climb on top of a stick and pretend to be dead.

He did so and all the monkeys as he passed by said to him: If he is dead. When the last one happened, he clawed at him and took him to clean up.

Oyekun Odi Ifa Traditional


Oye kundi kundi
A day fún Ayílórùlé Òjòpò òrà
Èyí ti or rà ràà rà
Ti or rerú méfà lóòjó
Ti gbogbo eye okó fí n sorìín ko
Ayé ye òun báyìí?
Wón ní kí Ayílórùlé Òjòpò Òrà ó rubo
Wón ni òpòlopò owó lebo
Ó bá bèrè Síí là
hey hey
Okàan rè balè
ó nísinmi
N ní wá n jó ní wá n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Òyè kúndi kundi
A day fún Ayílórùlé Òjòpò òrà
Èyí ti or rà ràà rà
Ti or rerú méfà lóòjó
Ti gbogbo eye okó fí n sorìín ko
Awo rere momo ni
Adábà bá n kígbee rè kiri
Ní n pAyílórùlé Òjòpò Òrà
Ayílórùlé Òjòpò Òrà

Says Oyekun DI: Ifa wishes this person to be well. He will be rich and popular.

Oye kundi kundi
He made divination for Ayílórùlé Òjòpò òrà
The one who would buy and buy again and again
This one would buy no less than six slaves in one day
The act is that every bird on the farm sings in the forest
Will life favor me?
Ayílórùlé Òjòpò òrà was advised to offer the sacrifice
They told him that a lot of money is the sacrifice
He then performed the sacrifice
And began to have wealth
Life so pleased him
He had peace of mind
And I also had peace
He danced happily
He praised his Babaláwo
His Babaláwo praised Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwo had said
Oye kundi kundi
He made divination for Ayílórùlé Òjòpò òrà
The one who would buy and buy again and again
This one would buy no less than six slaves in one day
The act is that every bird on the farm sings in the forest
He is a good priest
Ayílórùlé Òjòpò òrà
He is a good priest
The dove then began to sing a noise
Ayílórùlé sang Òjòpò òrà
Ayílórùlé Òjópò òrà.

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