Otrupon Ojuani

Otrupon Ojuani

Names or Aliases of the Otrupon Ojuani Sign:

  • Otrupon Juani.
  • Otrupon Nao.
  • Otrupon Owonrin.
  • Oturupon Owonrin.
  • Otrupon Ifa Lufon.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Otrupon Ojuani?

  • Do not embarrass me, I kill or commit suicide.
  • Who enjoys what another suffers.
  • That the dead man is standing at the door.
  • Give akukó in the shilekún to ELEGBA for the Odu.
  • Mark the left hand with Osun (Espanta IKU)
  • The materialization of the EGGUN, is put on banana fufu.
  • KONIBORI, spirit of the river, to give birth or not to give birth.
  • That everything that is made of Osha and Ifá carries Ishu.
  • The separation of the marriage for the inverted.
  • That the Awó does not give obi without opá animals.
  • In Otrupon Juani was born: That the Coco was the first Saint, but he lied.
  • Go to the garbage, look for otá and garbage and give it unite.
  • The angry dog ​​killer.

What is the Otrupon Ojuani sign talking about?

  • The loot that comes to OTRUPON ÑAO.
  • That IKU swears that people die of old age (forced).
  • Protect your reputation.
  • Pour the leftovers from the food in a container or corner.
  • Eat from everywhere and don't give your thing.
  • The disfigurement of women.
  • The sterility of OBA.
  • Settle OBA.
  • Osha must be established for your defense, the Guardian Angel will fight for you.
  • That the mother saves him from the trap, justice and death.
  • OBA had children with SHANGO.

The sign Otrupon Juani indicates:

  • The person is imprisoned or is.
  • The ship crashed into the reefs.
  • ORULA discovers the EGGUNS at a banquet.
  • The coin, the wife and the children are interested in OTRUPON ÑAO (He is in prison).
  • The ship was sinking and the parrot rejoiced.
  • The mother does EBO for the partying, heavy son.
  • Orunmila determines that the Ishu carries the blood that prolongs life.
  • Orunmila wins the war against the Mayomberos.
  • He does not want to show off the wrinkles of life in old age.
  • Speak IKU and the land of hunger.
  • The house is lost (Because of the sinking ship).
  • Otrupon Ojuani points out: Orunmila was saved thanks to ELEGBA.

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Meaning of the sign of Ifa Otrupon Ojuani:

When you finish eating, the leftovers are collected and taken to the corner, because as you eat, luck increases.

The Awó does not shoot obi without animal opá, because the obi was Holy and the first in the world, but by lying it stayed to roll. In everything, the first thing is the obi. The Awó does not break coconuts.

EGUNs materialize in the living at banquets and parties. ORULA and ELEGBA discovered it, that's why seats or empty plates cannot be left on tables.

In the Odu Otrupon Ñao, the Mayomberos cast Ogú and eggun.

People must eat very well to face the adversities of IKU and life.

ELEGBA must be given a goat.

In the sign of Ifa Otrupon Ojuani, the person is proud, carefree and laughs at the pain of others, enjoys what another suffers. It is transfigured and can threaten your life or someone else. He does not want to suffer the wrinkles of life in old age. It is disobedient.

The woman is sterile, for this it is necessary to wash an Odu Ará with curujey omiero, scrape it and take it, in addition to giving goat to OSHUN and addié and ekuekueye to konibiré spirit of the river at the mouth, which is the one who makes children have. He bathes 9 days with Bleo Blanco.

The Awó should not cross the sea if he does not carry ekú, eyá, awadó, oñí, cleans himself and throws it into the sea (The ship crashed).

Mark the left hand with osun to prevent IKU from chasing them because that represents life. The same is done to the goat when it is marked with three stripes on the forehead.

Paraldo is made boldly (Chicken) to scare EGUN materialized on top of the person.

Oddun Otrupon Ojuani Recommendations:

Cleanse your body with three eyelé chicks.

When serving the table, do not put too many plates; When he sits down to eat, he cannot get up from the table and then sit down again, as there is an EGGUN who sits at his post (he can get up by putting his hat in its place). Pour leftover dishes into the container corners.

There is a shortage of everything by sent spirits, by witchcraft or by damage, where you can lose the house if you have not lost it.

OBATALA is given agogo with a handle in the shape of a machete, 4 pigeons are given to OBATALA.

If he gets sick, he has to clean his body with three eyelé chicks (ORISHAOKO gave a dove to the head of MORALA, who was weak). He also puts red tape on his left hand so that IKU believes that his blood is good and strong (this is for sleeping). Have anemia

You don't eat green bananas, it's for EGGUN.

Materialized EGGUNs are shipped.

When the dish of water is thrown at the door, it is said: IRE OMO ORULA, ASHE LOWO OTRUPON ÑAO IFA NI KAFEREFUN EGGUN ARA ONU.

The person was ill since childhood. Someone who died with a Saint made wanted to stay with you. His life is ruffled by the EGGUNs.

She never wants to be old, she does not want to show off the wrinkles of life in old age (the disfigurement of people's faces speaks, of the goat when it dies, the dead materialize into the living). The woman was lucid and is no longer lucid.

He goes to the garbage for this Otrupon Ojuani, he brings garbage and an otá, he washes the otá, he is joined and lives next to his ELEGBA (his enemies rely on garbage and worthless things to sink him).

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Otrupon Ojuani:

  • Enjoy the misfortune of others.
  • Something that is coming will gladden your hearts.
  • You need to protect your reputation.
  • ESHU will not get ahead of your spoils.
  • Evil crime haunts every human being.
  • The embarrassment brings facts of blood and death.

Ifa Code of Ethics of the odu Otrupon Juani:

The leftover from the Awo table goes to the curb on the sidewalk.

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Ifa Otrupon Ojuani says:

Who is going through work, always has something on his hands and is already upset. They have put a curse on him that caught up with him. He took money from the souls. Do not attend a banquet or festivities until you do EBO, avoid them that can kill or arrest you.

It can be the cause of a death. Celebrate the dead. Take care of your blood (anemia), legs and stomach. Put OBATALA with a machetico. The dead take possession of him and make him tremble. You have a nickname. Does not like
work, or help anyone, that's why you lose your luck.

For Otrupon Ñao must do Paraldo, that IKU pursues him, as well as dead that materialize to him. Put flowers, food to EGGUN so that they do not harm it. Justice is behind the person. There were cheating in the marriage by a woman visiting his home.

Prayer of the Odu Baba Otrupon Juani:


Ebbo of the Otrupon Ojuani Sign

Work of Otrupon Ñao to get out of INLEWA (prison):

Ekú is crushed, eyá, ataé, is put in an Igba keké (little one) with an eñí addié put by the addié on any Friday, it is requested in front of the Saint to catch, on Fridays to mark the Saint. After it takes to the door of the jail and is put face down.

When an Awó sees a little boy, he can go to Ará Onú, he cannot be neglected, because Koboniré can take him away. Do EBO fast. ELEGBA is given akukó at the door with food scraps and Paraldo is made boldly.

A parasite that lives in the woman's vagina, hinders and kills the man's sperm.

For parasites in Obiní, vaginal baths with green coconut shell and baking soda.

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Pataki of the sign of Ifa Otrupon Ojuani:

The sterility of OBA

When OBA and SHANGO got married, a long time passed and they couldn't have children. Then OBA went to look at herself with ORUNMILA, the one who made her Osode and saw this Ifá and told her: «Where you live, which is a river of your name, there is an Egun who does not let you have children. His name is KONIBIRE and he lives in one of the streams that flow into that river.

ORUNMILA marked him praying with: Ounko, ekuekueye, an adié, an akukó, an Odu-Ará, curujey, ewé tete ború (White Bleo).

OBA took everything necessary for the prayer and ORUNMILA did it to him and then the Ounko gave it to his sister OSHUN in the river, along with the adié, the ekuekueye gave it to KONIBIRE at the mouth of the river and the stream, the Odu-Ará took him home. After washing it with the curujey so that I would do it and take it on an empty stomach for 9 days and bathe for 9 days with: ewé teté ború.

And that's how OBA was able to overcome the evil influence of KONIBIRE and was able to have children from SHANGO.

Otrupon Ojuani Ifa Traditional Nigerian


Àlópò ìtàkùn níí múgií dìtí
A day fún Akin ní kùtùkùtù òwúrò
Wón ní or sebo àjínde
Kí àjíndé or lè bá a dalé
Akin ni n se nnkan pèlú akíkanjú
Kí akoni è ó mó wàá so ó dòle
Wón ní ó rbo
Àjíndé bá jé tie
N ní wá n jó ní wá n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Àlópò ìtàkùn níí múgií dìtí
A day fún Akin ní kùtùkùtù òwúrò
Kín nií sAkonií dole?
Àrùníí sAkonií dòle

Ifá speaks well. This person must offer a sacrifice to prevent a certain disease. It is a type of disease that affects half of the body, or genital areas. He is an energetic person but genital disease can make him weak.

Àlópò ìtàkùn níí múgií dìtí
He consulted Akin early in life
Who was advised to make sacrifice for his vigor
Since your burst of vitality will last you into old age
It was Akin who was worried
'May my vitality not turn into laziness',
They advised him to make sacrifice
Akin made the sacrifice
The vitality was back to him
He began to dance and rejoice
He was praising his Babaláwo
His Babaláwo was praising Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwo had said
Àlópò ìtàkùn níí múgií dìtí
He consulted Akin early in life
Who would turn a lazy man from an energetic person?
The illness
The disease would turn an energetic person into a lazy person
The illness.

Eshu of the Oddun Otrupon Juani

Eshu Ayakolokolo

This ELEGBA lives on the hill. It is destructive. Live outside the home. It is made of dough. It is lined with 4 rows of snails, which are 18 each. On the blade there are ELEGBA and ORUNMILA accounts.

It is sown in a pot.

Cargo: Gold, silver, copper, lead, iyefá, lerí de aparo, gunugú, cao, an ikordié, lerí de akukó, ayapá, root of guira, Iroko, root of china, 7 bibijaguas, ekú, eyá, epo, awadó, 3 atare, 3 eweriyeye, lerí de adan, puffin, land of bibijaguero, of a hill and 4 corners, ewe atiponlá, ewe tete, prodigious, tamer stick, San Manuel, jicotea stick, erú, obi, kolá, osún, airá, obi motiwao.

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