Ojuani Obara - Ojuani Lozure: Meaning Sayings and Stories

Ojuani Obara - Ojuani Lozure

Ojuani Obara is also called Ojuani Lozure, this sign is number 97 in the genealogy of Ifa. Here Ifa says that this person is experiencing a general shortage, the appropriate sacrifices should be asked to solve this situation, his tutelary Orisha will guide him on the path of good fortune.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Ojuani Obara?

  • The eviction.
  • The collection house.
  • That in the union is the force.
  • Difficulties are overcome.
  • He authorizes the Awó to scratch himself and work on a Brujo garment.
  • All the Oshas went to war and only ORUNMILA returned.

What is the Ojuani Obara sign talking about?

  • You are out of luck for gambling.
  • OBATALA was crazy (Asiere).
  • The Awoses lived with the ORUNMILA woman.
  • The bastard son was the one who ruled the town.
  • The Awoses kneel on the ground at the consecration of the IKOFAFUN and scrub it on the ground.

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Recommendations of the Ojuani Obara sign:

Ojuani Obara, in a certain way, is FORE, because difficulties are overcome if the person lets himself be guided by the Saints.

This Ifá predicts that she will have a son who will be her happiness and will be consecrated in Ifá.

When this Ifá is seen to a person, they will be told, if he is a man, that he has to reach the consecration of Ifá, if there is no greater cause that prevents it. Causes: Spiritist Possession or Adodi (effeminate) For women:

Receive IKOFAFUN, so that you have a seat in all your things.

Ojuani Lozure at IGBODUN: If the Alawó has a witch's garment, he can continue to care for it and work on it. You can continue to have godchildren in the garment and godchildren in Ifá. If it does not have a pledge, this is the only Odu de Ifá that authorizes its owner to receive a pledge after having made Ifa. That can only be done by Awó OJUANI OBARA. All of this is contained in the path known as "El Bohío."

This Ifá says that when the Osun de Awó OJUANI OBARA falls from where it stands, the Awó will fall.

As long as Osun is standing, its owner will also be standing.

Here you have to avoid tragedies with weapons, so they don't kill you.

This Odu speaks of a woman who is ill or will become ill at home and it will be because of the people who are fighting with her or with you. She will have to cling to ORUNMILA and make Ebo with a rooster so that she wins the war against her enemies.

In this Odu they speak: EGUN, SHANGO, OSHUN, OGUN, OSUN, Prenda de Brujo, ORUNMILA, ELEGBA.

Gambling is prohibited here, as it can be ruined, as you are out of luck. Besides, he becomes addicted and it will be his downfall.

By gambling, the person is lost.

He also prohibits mistreating his wife, as she will be his salvation.

For this Ifá sign, the woman looks at her blumer because spots appear. The interior should be taken care of, in addition to taking baths with new güira leaves.

Ojuani Lozure prohibits walking with your back to traffic.

This is the Ifá of the Guayabito who stole. Be careful not to call him a thief.

Due to the Odu Ojuani Obara, the person tends to have mental imbalance problems and may even go crazy.

Here the Awoses live with the woman from ORUNMILA. Be careful not to make your wife fall in love with an IKOFAFUN or AWAFAKAN plant.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Ojuani Obara:

  • You bought rope for your neck.
  • When you have nothing, no one visits us.
  • Rats leave the ship when it sinks.
  • The strength is in the joining.
  • Action is seeing and not looking.
  • Nets abound, luckily for the fisherman.

Ifa Code of Ethics of the odu Ojuani Lozure:

The brothers unite so they can win.

Says Ifa Ojuani Obara (Lozure):

This Ifá predicts that the bastard son in the end was the one who ruled the town.

Here it speaks of the inherited pledge or EGUN of a close person, ancestor who walks with the individual.

This Ifá says that the luck to defeat his enemies is in the wizard's garment.

This Odu, when a child is seen, is very dangerous, he is sent quickly for a medical check-up, because like his against Abure OBARA JUANI, they are dangerous in children and more so in those of the white race.

Have peace of mind, do not run so much. You should not fight with your wife. You like to play, this will slow you down. You are lost and far behind; but from now on, your business has to go well. You must have a son, who will be your lot and will be a priest of Ifá, take care of him.

You have to do EBO so you can see what you want. Feed your head. You must have a Warlock garment and you will have to scratch, that is your salvation. Never walk with your back to traffic, it is your Osobo. Be careful not to be called a thief. You have an EGUN from a close person or ancestor who is with you.

Prayer of the Odu Ojuani Lozure:


Suyere Oddun Ojuani Obara:


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Ebbo of the Odu Ojuani Obara:

Ojuani Obara's work for a sick person.

Chiva, rooster, clothes of the sick person, hair of the sick person, soil of the house, coconut, candles, colored ribbons, everything that is eaten, many herbs, a güiro, 1 fresh fish, wonder grass, peony grass, river water , a bag, smoked jutía and fish, corojo butter, a lot of money.

Ebbo for when this odu (Ojuani Lozure) comes for IKU.

2 goats, 2 chickens, white and punctured cloth, smoked jutía and fish, corojo butter, other ingredients, a lot of money.

NOTE: After doing the Ebó, a bag with the money is tied to the goat's neck and released on a road.

Ofu Ojuani Lozure's Head Praying.

Head prayer will be done at ELEGUA's foot and a necklace will be put on her. He will also refresh his head with Omiero by Ewé Nifa.

Meaning of the oddun of Ifa Ojuani Obara:

This Odu predicts that the person must seek an answer in himself to solve his problems, since he must always expect a positive change in daily situations, since he is an Ifá FORE NIRE, IFA FORE AYE KAFEREFUN ORUNMILA.

The ashé of the Ojuani Lozure sign is in the goat (EURE) Here EBO is made in a sachet or bag with the money and tied around the neck of the goat. And it is released on a paved road, to ward off death and change of mind.

Here the money from the EBO the Awó will give it away.

This Ifá speaks with siblings, they have to live together so that they can become great. The saying is born: "In unity there is strength."

This Ifá predicts that you have to live calmly and not fight with your spouse, so that they enjoy peace and happiness.

Here the person likes to play roosters.

Ojuani Obara marks: delay in everything, you have to do Ebó and obey the indications of Ifá to prosper in life.

You have to beg your head with herbs to refresh it and thus clear your mind, because here the person forgets things.

You also have to eat so that your brain is not going to weaken and you go crazy.

Here the disease persecutes the person.

We must give thanks to OBATALA, CHOOSE and OGUN.

In this Ifá, the person is poor and confused, and those around him do not consider him.

Feed the dead blood, so that they help you win, to get ahead.

The eviction was born here, because you have to be careful not to get thrown out or have to leave where you live or work.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Ojuani Obara:


ADOTI was an Obá, who was very fond of debauchery. Product in their own way, their children lived in their own way, that is, as they pleased, and no one would stop them.

The King of that land, seeing this situation, wanted to control the education of ADOTI's children. But since the thing already had roots and it could not be fixed, he had to accept living in that debauchery, where women were equal to men and they fought the same with a man, as the man with them.

The Gallero

In OBERE land there lived a man who was dedicated to raising fine roosters and, in turn, the cockerel had a rooster that was his favorite. With that rooster, the man had won many fights and made a lot of money, because it represented so much to him that he did not let the rooster rest.

One day, after the favorite rooster had won two fights, the man wanted the rooster to fight again and did not want his rooster to rest. He took him back to the fight, as if by force, but already fighting he saw that he was not the same. And since he was tired, the other rooster said death to him.

This represented so much to that man that he killed himself.

Ojuani Lozure (Ojuani Obara) Nigerian Traditional Ifa


Òwónrín lawo Gbáro
Olóbàrà lawo Alè odò
A dífá fun Monírèré ò sèsè
You are Olórò kan àtijó
Wón ní ó rbo
Wón ní oròo babaa won kan àtijó
Wón ní ń be ńlè omi
Wón ní kó rubo kó báà jáde yes i
Ó bá rbo
Oròo baba è bá jáde yes i
Ní wá ń jó n ní ń yò
Níń yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo ń yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Òwónrín lawo Gbáro
Olóbàrà lawo Alè odò
A dífá fun Monírèré ò sèsè
You are Olórò kan àtijó
A wáá rí or réwà a ríre
Monírèré or sesè
A rí or réwà a ríre
A rí o réwà or ku omo
Monírèré or sesè
A rí o réwà or ku omo.

Ifá advises that this person should offer sacrifice. Life will please you. Ifá says that a wealth belonging to their parents exists somewhere, where it had been for a long time. Ifá says that this wealth will not be lost.

Òwónrín is the priest of Gbáro
Olòbàrà is the priest of Alè odò
They made divination for Monírèré ò sèsè
The daughter of a very rich old man
They advised him to offer sacrifice
Because the wealth of his deceased father
It exists in the bed of a river
She was advised to offer sacrifice so that wealth would flow to her
She made the sacrifice
And wealth came out to her
She started dancing and was very happy
She began to praise her Babaláwos
Their Babaláwos praised Ifá
She said it was exactly what her Babaláwos had predicted
Olòbàrà is the priest of Alè odò
They made divination for Monírèré ò sèsè
The daughter of a very rich old man
We see its beauty; we see the good in life
Monírèré or sesè
We see its beauty; the children keep it
Monírèré or sesè
We see its beauty; the children keep it.

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