Ogunda She

ogunda she

What is born in the odu of Ifa Ogunda She?

  • Why Oyá uses a scythe.
  • The secret of the Oyá osun
  • Dragging the Yaará from Azojuano to the Ifá board.
  • The Ja de Azojuano.
  • Hypocrisy.
  • The mask and the majá of Oyá.
  • Olofin's holy word.
  • Here: It was where Ogún was discriminated against.
  • It is where the Ifá is not delivered to the godson.
  • It was where the husband and wife fought.
  • It was the war between father and son.
  • It is where a King loses his mind.

What is the sign Ogunda She talking about?

  • This is the monster of the woman speaking.
  • Nothing is used with majá skin.
  • He says that in the Itá the ashé sit down to eat and take the leftover to the door and run away. (from Azojuano).
  • The father asked the son for forgiveness.
  • Goat is given to the four rivers of the region.
  • The woman was lost or cursed out of curiosity.
  • He is put on a red and black cap with two black and white necklaces and Oya beads.
  • The kuakuanardo knife is made of wood (cedar) and the godfather does not give it to him.

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Recommendations of the sign Ogunda She (3-5):

Godfather and godson for this Ifá must receive ODUDUWA and OLOFIN and if they do not have OYA (Iyanza) they must receive it.

When this Sign comes out in Untefa, take a clay pot, look for a fathom of candle and with a little water extinguish the fathom inside the casserole. On Itá's day, a jicotea is killed at the door of Igbodun's room and all the Babalawos present take off their shoes and stockings and wet their feet in the blood, and when they leave the house, that day they cannot return to enter it.

In Ogunda She is born why OYA YANSAN uses a scythe and the secret of OYA's osun, which also applies to Oddun OGÚNDA MEJI. Here also the menstruum of the woman speaks.

In this Ifá it is forbidden to wear shoes, belts or any garment or article made with majá skin.

Here OGÚN is given a machete made with a file, since with this machete OGÚN won the war.

When an Awó of the warriors for this Odu must look for another Awó to deliver it to him, or else he puts it on the mat and tells him to pick it up.

For this Ifá Awó OGÚNDA SHE must receive AZOWANO.

For this Ifá you have a son whom you do not know, because he abandoned him and his mother when he was in a state, knowing or not knowing that he was. If one of the women you have abandoned on any occasion tells you that you are the father of any of the children she has, do not hesitate and try to help her.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Ogunda She:

  • Family discussion.
  • Man proposes and man disposes.
  • The important thing is to speak without mistake.
  • He who does not know his son, tomorrow may be his enemy.
  • Out of curiosity you can lose your life.

Ifa Ogunda She says:

That you are not curious because that is your downfall; You have to do three things that you have been told to do, do them because if you don't you will have a revolution and a question of justice and you will have losses if you don't do what they told you to do; you must see yourself in quite a hurry; you are not very grateful; you were once thrown out of a place with the justice; her husband is jealous; you have a child you don't know; your wife will follow the steps to see where you are going; she has discovered a secret from him; she has the suspended rule; you like to hunt; she fights you because you don't give an account of what you do or your affairs; their situation is very bad; you are almost broke, short of clothes; you owe someone and if you are careless you will be thrown out of your house; his wife's head hurts; sometimes you have things like crazy; you are three brothers, one is female; you have to receive ORUNMILA, you may be the son of OGÚN; you have a dislike you are holding a war, be careful not to be holding that war with someone linked to you; be careful not to destroy the house, and you have to leave; you have to do EBO with a rabbit; you may not know your father, be careful not to face him; you have to host ODUDUWA and OYA; you never use evil or hypocrisy to get to have power; you have relatives you don't know.

At one time you did not own your will; you do not consider anyone; you have to take care of hot flashes for wanting what does not interest you; be careful not to get your money worked; if your wife is on hold she is pregnant; you have to receive AZOWANO, to be free from skin diseases; You cannot say that you know more than people, because there is always someone who knows more than you; never wear anything that has been made from hawthorn leather; you have to be careful with your religious things and your wife, to avoid her curiosity.

Prayer of the Odu Ogunda She:


Suyere Oddún Ogunda Oshe:


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Ebbo of the Odu Ogunda Oshe Ifa:

Put a flag on the house.

Awó OGÚNDA SHE must put a flag (asia) with white, red and purple cloth.

When it comes out in Untefa.

When you go out in Untefa you take a clay pot, look for a fathom of candle and with a little water, extinguish the fathom inside the casserole.

On Itá's day, a jicotea-ayapa- is killed at the door of Igbodun's room and all the Babalawos present take off their shoes and stockings and wet their feet in the "eyerbale" blood and when they leave that house, that day they cannot enter it.


Meaning of the Sign of Ifa Ogunda She

In this Ifá the sacred word of Olofin speaks. Where he gave virtue to man for his behavior, and gave him the right to be the head of the family. He also condemned women to their menstruation because of their curiosity, which is governed by the change of the moon, that is, every 28 days.

For this Ifá, Orúnmila, OGÚN and IYALORDE are received, to be able to win in life.

In this Odu they discredited OGÚN, and out of embarrassment he went into the forest where later, thanks to OSHUN, they had to admit that he was innocent and they gave him the right to be King and to kill. That is why OGÚNDA SHE recognized him in order to kill.

For this Ifá Awó OGÚNDA SHE in the kuakuanardo ceremony it is done with two wooden (cedar) knives.

This Odu prescribes that Igba-Odun (Olofin) can be received at any age, otherwise, when the Awó has made two Ifá.

When this Odu goes out in Untefa, the godfather does not hand ORUNMILA over to the godson, he puts him on the mat, so that he can pick it up.

The main osobo of this Ifá is to have a fault with ORUNMILA.

This was where the husband and wife fought, because the woman wanted to have supremacy, and be equal or more than the man. So there was no reproduction and OLOFIN had to intervene.

Ogunda She talks about the war between the son and the father, where the father had to ask the son for forgiveness.

In this Ifá it is necessary to prevent OGÚN from intervening so that there is no misfortune in the family. Awó OGÚNDA SHE must put a white, red, purple flag -asia- on the house. In this Ifá the King loses his head.

This sign marks their own misinterpretations.

Odu Ogunda Oshe Ifa Code of Ethics:

The Awó must receive Olofin at any age or when he makes his first two Ifa.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Ogunda She (3-5):

The sacred word of OLOFIN.

In this way, it was the time when the woman rebelled, because she wanted to be equal to the man in everything, and still be worth more than him and that is why they were always at war and due to that war, they had no sexual contact and there was no reproduction.

Then they agreed to go in the presence of OLOFIN for him to sentence, OLOFIN heard them both, and took two boxes that he took to his mouth and blew on their ashé, and covered them and said: Keep them unopened until I indicate, and when I call you, you will come with your boxes and I will open them in your presence, and each one will have his or her own.

So the days passed and the man kept his box stored, but instead the woman always wanted to know what hers contained and fondled it. One day she could not resist anymore and she removed the tie and raised the lid and felt a current of air that invaded her body making her feel bad.

Faced with that, he went to see the man and told him that it was time to go see OLOFIN, but the man replied: We have to wait for him to summon us. But the woman's insistence was so great that each one took their box and went to OLOFIN's presence.

When he saw them he said: I have not mentioned them yet, but since they are here I am going to check their boxes. The man immediately gave her his completely closed box and the woman handed it open, and explained what was happening to her and how she felt.

OLOFIN said: What happens is that one of the boxes had intelligence and talent and the other had curiosity, envy, illness and everything bad, and like you, woman, you opened it, the latter is what you it has touched you. She said: Now I'm sick, to which OLOFIN said: Get up to my right hand, my ego will heal you. She climbed up and when she climbed the steps she began to bleed from her parts and when she reached OLOFIN's feet it was removed.

And OLOFIN said: You, man, by your behavior, you will be the head of the family, you will live with it again and have many children, but as long as you see them with blood, you will respect the contact with it. TO IBAN ESHU-ELEGBA.

Ogunda She Nigerian Traditional Ifa


Ògundá làse làse
He roro Òsùmàrè
A day fún Olóbùró dòdò
Èyí ti n retí òkun lo rèé kólé
Or gives him fun or báyìí?
Wón ní ó rbo
Olóbùró dòdò dohùún
Ló bá bèrè Síí Rájé
Olóbùró dòdò bá kólé letí òkun
Ní bá n jó ní n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Ògundá làse làse
He roro Òsùmàrè
A day fún Olóbùró dòdò
Èyí ti n retí òkun lo rèé kólé
Kín ló delégbàá how?
Òbùró dòdòòdò
N ló delégbàá as
Òbùró dòdòódò.

Ifá wishes the fortune of children to this person. There is another fortune that comes from abroad. He must perform the prescribed sacrifice.

Ògundá làse làse
He roro Òsùmàrè
He made divination for Olóbùró dòdò
The one who went to the beach to build a house
He asked Will this be good for me?
They advised him to make the sacrifice
Olóbùró dòdò arrived at the beach
He started doing wonderful things
He got the riches
And built a house on the beach
He began to dance and rejoice
He was praising his Babaláwo
His Babaláwo was praising Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwo had predicted
Ògundá làse làse
He roro Òsùmàrè
He made divination for Olóbùró dòdò
The one who went to the beach to build a house
Who has become a child worth more than twenty thousand?
Òbùró dòdòòdò
It is what has become a child worth more than twenty thousand
Òbùró dòdòódò.

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