Iwori Osa: Meaning, advice, sayings, patakies and verses.

iwori bear

Iwori Osa is Odu # 55 of the Ifá genealogical order. This sign predicts wars and conflicts where only the strongest will be able to succeed. Oshun and Yemaya are the Deities that must be attached to in this Odu, here they demonstrate their power and mysticism.

This sign speaks of the dominion of the woman over the Man, with her beauty she achieves her will to be done.

Ifá says that he will not allow anything bad to happen to this person. He must offer sacrifice to Obatala, His babalawo must ask what this Orisha will accept as an offering, because it is Aremu who will support him.

Other names for Iwori Osa:

  • Iwori Bosa.
  • Iwori Bosaso

What is born in the odu of Ifa Iwori Osa?

  • Born: Cutlery for eating and washing hands.
  • Where OSANYIN is given a mouse.
  • Where the rivers were released.
  • In Iwori Osa: OLOFIN left Earth.
  • Speak debt with ASOJUANO.
  • Iwori Bosa talks about bugs in the body.
  • This is Griyé cheese.
  • It is an Ifá of conjugal deception.

The Iwori Bosa sign points out:

  • It was where ODU-AREMU ate the white goat.
  • It is an Ifá of changes.
  • The goat made a pact with Iku (death).
  • OLOKUN gave YEMAYA all the waters near the coast.
  • This Sign speaks of wars.
  • OSHUN lived with SHANGO and left him for bad treatment.
  • It is an Ifá of struggle.
  • For this Ifá, no cheese is eaten.

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Recommendations of the sign Iwori Bosa is born:

Here, the person has a bad temper and a lot of problems in his life. That is why it is an Ifá of struggle and stumbling.

Here you live at war with the World.

Here Ebó is made with a white mouse.

Here the person should eat low in salt, due to circulatory and heart problems.

For this Ifá, AWO IWORI BOSA must receive ODUDUWA, OLOKUN and OSANYIN.

For this Ifá, the word of ORUNMILA cannot be doubted, because Eshu will charge it.

Here the person seeks discord among people and tries to seek war between them.

Here the person must act legally, especially with those who live with them.

In Iwori Osa the person must attend OSHUN and ORUNMILA, and beg his head with large and fresh fish.

For this Ifá, the person will have a movement or change in life that will harm him.

For this Ifá, you can fall into vicious events, where you can fall prey.

This Ifá says: "That a child fails to see his Parents, he will only defend himself."

Here half of the people fight with the other half and war comes and the weakest lose.

For Iwori Bosa the Awoses have to pray with yams, coconuts, roasted corn and a male peso.

For this Ifá, you have to pay attention to Eshu a lot.

Sayings of Iwori Bosa:

  • Do not fool the one who does not know.
  • Speaking carelessly kills an ignorant person.
  • There is nothing that the fortune teller cannot see, and nothing that is beyond his knowledge.
  • The Babalawo cannot be talkative.
  • Mockery of others is ignorance.

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Iwori Bosa:

The Awó does not eat foods high in salt.

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Meaning of the Iwori Bosaso sign:

For this Ifá, he dies of suffocation at night, of the heart. Here Eshu is given a goat.

Here the person is commanded to change their way of life, so that they can get out of all the problems they have. You must embrace the good life.

For this Ifá, OSANYIN is given a mouse. Before, it must be washed with Omiero de Herb Maravilla -EWE AGUMA- and wrapped in white cloth.

Here the person has an attached Egun, who is in love, who comes to life at night.

If you are a man, in time you will be powerless. It must be done Oparaldo.

Here EGUN is given a bare-necked Malay rooster with a long tail, calling out the deceased Awó he dreamed of.


This Ifa sign speaks of wars and that various people will be in a hurry and the weak will lose. You are one of the weak and you have to do Ebó, so you don't lose.

You have only one daughter and, so that nothing happens to her, you have to make sacrifice.

In this Ifá, the rivers were liberated.

Here OLOKUN gave YEMAYA all the waters near the coasts and he remained the owner of the depths, staying with YEMAYA MAYELEWO, to be the merchant of his treasures.

Here OLOFIN left Earth.

In this Ifá (Iwori Bosa), the person dies of a heart or stroke.

Here, OSHUN lived with SHANGO, and she, because of her beauty and good shape of her body, was the queen and the spell of men, where all were placed at her feet. Despite accepting such requirements, she only wanted SHANGO. But, because of the mistreatment and enjoyment with other women, she got tired and left him.

For this Ifá, because of money they can curse him and he will lose his luck and health.

Pay the one who owes you or the one who works. Do not be a thug, or a cheater.

Iwori Osa is an Ifá of struggles and stumbles, because each one tries to live in their own way and way, without respecting the rights of others.

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What is the Iwori Osa sign talking about?

This Ifá describes that there are debts with ASOJUANO San Lázaro, which must be paid so as not to harm oneself.

The person with this Ifá will be very careful with parasites, access, cancer in the bones, infections in the blood, etc., because it speaks of bugs in the body. If it is not attended to, it can be lost. Gruyé cheese speaks here.

In this Ifá, YEMAYA MAYELEWO, BUKUMU's favorite daughter, speaks. He lives in the middle of the sea, the seven ocean currents, he looks from the side, he is a merchant. It was the one that differentiated each Saint with the painting that OLOFIN sent and did so in the Odu OGBE TUANILARA. She went to the bottom of the sea with OLOKUN, under the name of SOMU GAGA and only goes out to sea a few times at different points of the coast. She married ORISHAOKO and he insulted her because of her large breasts.

For this Ifá, ORISHAOKO must be received, for marital stability.

Here speaks OBATALA AYAGUNA, the creator of wars. It is the OBATALA who had the revolutionary spirit and he said that, if there was no discord, the world would have no progress.

This Ifá speaks of conjugal deception, marital infidelity, lack of respect, raising of hands and mistreatment.

In Iwori Osa, it was where ODU-AREMU-ODUDUWA ate the white goat.

Here were born the cutlery to eat and not use your hands. He also talks about not eating with dirty hands, as they must be washed before touching food.

This is an Ifá of changes. By IRE, the changes will be favorable. By Osobo, they will be unfavorable.

Here the goat made a pact with IKU - death -, for him never to die. And at night, with his howls, he would let IKU know when people were asleep, so that he would take them away. For this reason, for this Odu you cannot have a goat in the house, only when they are going to give it to the Saints.

Says Ifa Iwori Bosa:

That you think to intervene with a woman and try to have an empty stomach and have digested the food well, because you are called to stay dead on top of a woman.- You must be careful when you go to treat a sick person, do not go to It is something that the patient is cured and you get sick.- You came to see what happens that you cannot sleep.- You be careful with a robbery.- You have a knife and you want to attack another person with him.- Your whole body hurts; their business is bad. You want to take a woman with you these days and it is going to bring you a tragedy and the one who will remain will be you.- You have a son who will have to pray if you want to save him.

You and your wife separated, due to lack of respect, you have to be careful with problems of vices because you can fall into prison. He has a dead body attached, which does not let him live. Do not take examples that are not in accordance with social behavior, because you will fail.

You must bear in mind that the one who is persecuted, sooner or later they will catch him.- You cannot sit at the table to eat without washing your hands. You cannot eat with a lot of salt. There is a war between his family and the weakest will lose. You cannot have goats in the house, because it will bring you death. They will invite you to a party to cast witchcraft on you. 

When he leaves, another enters. You have a friend who has a commitment, keeps you sweet and you enter hidden; be careful not to be surprised. You cannot look down. You must take care of your spouse very carefully and not do bad deeds to him.- Your luck comes through your godson or your wife.

OSHUN will reward you.- Money can make you antagonize a person.- The head of the family can get sick.- You must bathe in the river, to get rid of all the bad things that you have on top. She has curses from people who have cheated her in life. You cannot cheat people, this can drive you crazy.- You have to be careful with stroke and take care of your heart. You have to be careful with punctures or bruises.- You have to see the doctor, because your health is not good.

Prayer of the Odu Iwori Bosa:


Suyere of the Sign Iwori Bosaso:


Ebbo from Iwori Osa:

EBO: 1 white goat, 2 roosters, 1 white hen, 2 black hens, 16 ekó, 1 gourd with honey, 16 pieces of bread, everything you eat, jutía and smoked fish, toasted corn, knife, machete, trap, sweaty clothes, land of the house, land of shoes, candles, coconuts, brandy, herbs and ritual fabrics from Oparaldo, rope, a lot of money.

The goat is sacrificed to ODUDUWA, with the roosters and their ingredients, 16 days after the

Ebo or, failing that, OBATALA. The black hens for ORUNMILA, with its ingredients. The white chicken for Oparaldo, with its ingredients.

When the Ebó is launched, the Oparaldo hen is taken with the Ebó alive, corojo butter, jutía and smoked fish, honey from bees, toasted corn, the 16 Ekó, 16 pieces of bread. The Oparaldo is made and placed inside the gourd, on which the following Athena is painted: OTURA-NIKO, IRETEYERO, IWORI BOSA. It is launched together with the Ebó.

Herbs (Ewe) of the Odu Iwori Bosaso:

  • Borage.
  • Clover.

Patakie of the Iwori Osa sign:



There was a man and a woman, who had a gold ring, which was an amulet, and whoever possessed it always had enough to live. But they did not know it and sold the ring, for little money, and with it luck.

As soon as the ring left their hands, the couple began to have work and to become impoverished, they did not know where to get the money to feed themselves.

They had a Dog and a Cat, which starved along with them. The two animals conferred to see how they could help their masters and restore luck.

After the conference, they see their masters discussing the matter and hear when he tells her that he had reached the conclusion that it was all about recovering the ring they had sold.

The Cat said: - The ring is well kept in a box that cannot be opened.- «Take a mouse- said the Dog. The mouse will gnaw on the box and open it. And tell him that if he refuses, you will eat him ».

The advice was very good to the Cat. She went with him to the house where the ring was. The Dog was walking behind the Cat and thus they came to a very wide river, and since the Cat could not swim, the Dog took him on his back and passed him to the other side of the river. So the Cat got to where the mouse was, then he took it to where the box was.

The mouse had to gnaw on the box and took out the ring. He caught it in the snout and gave it to the cat. The latter returned to the bank of the river, where the Dog was, who passed him to the other side, and then, both triumphant, they set out on their way back, to bring the amulet to the masters.

The Dog could not walk quickly, because when an obstacle was in its path it had to go around it. Instead, the cat would climb and cross it, which is why it arrived long before the Dog and gave the ring to its masters.

The Cat is a good animal - the man said to his wife - we will always feed him and we will take care of him like our son. When the Dog arrived at the house, they beat him and insulted him, because he had not worked to bring the ring.

The Cat was sitting, in abundance of everything, in the house without saying a word. The Dog was outraged at the Cat, because he had taken his reward from him. And every time he saw it, he chased after it to catch it. And from that day on, cat and dog have been enemies.

Iwori Osa Ifa Traditional


Gbabilà Gbabilà
A day fún Ìwòrì
Èyí ti n relay Òsá rèé kájé wálé
Wón ní kó rbo
Won ni kó mó báàyàn jà
Kó sì mó bénìkan bínú
Nígbà ti ajé or bérè
Ilé Òsá ló ti bèrè
Ìwòrí rájé kó wále
Inú is dun
N ni wán n jó ni wá n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Gbabilà Gbabilà
A day fún Ìwòrì
Èyí ti n relay Òsá rèé kájé wálé
Gbàbilà omo olówó eyo
Ìwòrì ló loolé Òsá lòó kájé wálé
Gbàbilà omo olówó eyo.

Ifá says that good news will be established in the house of this person. Many pigeons and a lot of money is the required sacrifice. He will have peace of mind. He should not hold a grudge against anyone and should be tolerant because it is through a friend that his wealth will come to him.

Gbabilà Gbabilà
He made divination for Ìwòrì
When he went to the house of casasá to bring the wealth home
They advised him to make the sacrifice
They advised him not to hold a grudge or argue with anyone
And that should not provoke anger in anyone
When wealth began to bloom
It began was in the house of Òsá
Ìwòrì got a lot of wealth in his house
He was very happy
He started dancing and was very happy
He praised his Babaláwo
His Babaláwo praised Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babalawo had said
Gbabilà Gbabilà
He made divination for Ìwòrì
When he went to the house of casasá to bring the wealth home
Gbàbilà the son who is full of snails
This is Ìwòrì who went to Òsá's house to bring the wealth home
Gbàbilà the son who is full of snails.

Eshu of the sign Iwori Bosa:


This Eshu is mass. Mouse is given before washing.

Load: Goat's head, rooster's head, coot, guabina, quail, crab earth, 3 guinea peppers, 3 silver coins, 1 white mouse, 3 roasted corn, Garro grass, white Bledo, doll, 1 stone, 3 snails , 3 knives, 3 parrot feathers.

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