Sign of Ifa Ogunda Meyi: Meaning, Sayings, Recommendations and More.

ogunda meji

Ogunda Meji is an Odu of Ifa belongs to the group of 16 meyis, this sign is violent, it represents the violence, wounds and incisions that can be made to the body, as well as the different wars that can arise when wanting to acquire a good prized by others.

Ifá says in Ogunda Meyi: this person's life will be fine. He will bear witness to good things but should not hold a grudge towards people. He must prepare a large fresh fish to offer as a sacrifice to Ògún. Ifá would vindicate it.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Ogunda Meyi?

  • Surgery.
  • The science of war.
  • Weapons.
  • Castration.
  • Aggressive actions, such as: cutting, slicing, sawing, puncturing, and all the trades that have to do with these actions.
  • Cesarean deliveries.
  • Wild dogs, wolves, jackals, coyotes, canaries, the jicotea.
  • The brandy (otí)
  • High blood pressure
  • Peritonitis.
  • The erection of the penis.
  • Venereal diseases.
  • Penis.
  • The testicles.

What is the sign Ogunda Meyi talking about?

  • Let SHANGO see everything on land and seas.
  •  Oshalufon and the seven pieces of OGUN.
  • Leprosy and spread throughout the world.
  • The slavery of man by the garment of OGUN.
  • The one who looks at himself through the mother and performs EBO to save a son, even if he is not present.
  • AKARO OPA OKUN. (Egun spirit of OLOKUN).
  • The autopsy.
    The OKPELE. (The messenger of Ifá).
  • Why the saints live apart from ORUNMILA.LAGUEMA).
  • They made Ifa to the cat.
  • Talk about building the house. It is Ifá to have your own home. If the house is in poor condition it is rebuilt.
  • The Ceiba speaks: he who looks at himself has done something at the foot of a Ceiba.
  • Here you take baths with Ceiba leaves.
  • Talk about how the crown doesn't suit the head.

The sign Ogunda Meyi points out:

  • Espionage in women.
  • That despite being the son of any saint, he does not necessarily have to be Awó.
  • The iron.
  • All metallic structures.
  • It was created: The navel.
  • It was created: Sperm.
  • Diseases from the neck to the head.
  • Brand: Impotence in man.
  • Vaginal diseases in women.

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Recommendations of the Ogunda Meji sign:

This Odu warns the person about fighting, dispute, and impending hostility. During a divination section, if this Odu appears, for him or her, it will be advised to be careful with traitors or enemies. The person must trust someone they trust. If the person has financial problems and has problems with his enemies, this oddun says that he must sacrifice Ogun and feed his head, in order to be successful and prosperous.

Ifá says that the person is overloaded with work and personal problems of another person.

Ogunda Meyi's children are the ones who worship Ogun, and are renowned for their power, courage, and creative talent; With their imaginative skills, they open doors and create job opportunities for others.

The enemy enters your house to find out how you live, and they throw bad thoughts at you.

Every Friday morning put some salt water in your mouth and throw it in the air and say: for the enemy who wants to know how I live and throws bad thoughts at me. This is done on an empty stomach.

The person incarnated with this Oddun will have many children.

In this Odu, to remove the curse (shepé), which is dangerous, you have to look for herbs that are vines such as: sarsaparilla, scourer, coral, tame handsome, omiero is made and blood is given at the foot of OYA with river water.

Ogunda Meyi 3-3 in Osogbo:

The head is smaller than the crown they put on it.

Against imminent danger of death, you must offer a goat, a rooster, a bag of money in 201 different places, and a goat to Eshu, a rooster to OGUN, and the goat's skin is to make a drum.

The person is indecisive.

Ogunda Meji Ire:

The head is bigger than the crown they put on it.

In order for you to live peacefully and defeat your enemies, you must sacrifice a dog, a rooster and a turtle to OGUN. Due to an imminent war, he must offer the Earth Deity (Otá Olé) a sheep and his Guardian Angel a white goat in order to reign peacefully.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Ogunda Meyi:

  • Crying turns to laughter and the lost appears.
  • Dispute over one thing.
  • You are neither meat nor fish.
  • The knife cuts and tears, the blood runs.
  • If the machete goes to the field, whether or not it cuts grass, he returns to the house.
  • If ELEGBA's penis stops, there is no vulva that can resist it.
  • The cut and transplanted branch reproduces similar to its trunk.
  • The crooked tree fears nothing from its kidneys.
  • The hunter's wife does not scream without reason when the arrow hits the target.
  • The knife that reaches old age still eats the trunk of the millet
  • The tree that finds iron does not have a good birth.
  • From the discussion the light is brought out.
  • Knowing how to wait is wise.

Other sayings of Ogunda Meji 3-3

  • The sky is huge, but the grass is not growing.
  • Life for the Awó will not be good when the white heron lays the black eggs.
  • War calls for war.
  • In equal parts life was conceived for man. Are you the one who distributes?
  • The hunter's wife does not cry out for joy when her husband's arrow hits the target.
  • The impact of the iron makes incisions.
  • Nobody begets it, nobody kills it.
  • For you, eating salt is like eating the boa and the rabbit at the same time.
  • There is a woman who has ants in her belly.
  • If my head doesn't sell me, nobody buys me.
  • Patience and benevolence go inside the chest of riches.
  • The advice of that old woman led me to the pinnacle of my desires.
  • It is useless to know a lot, if I don't have the courage to teach.
Ogunda Meyi (Meji) Sayings

What are the prohibitions of Ogunda Meyi?

  • You have to be careful with betrayals and traps. They do not believe in family, they are unruly, deceitful, they deceive anyone by the way they speak and they are attentive to know when and how they strike the treacherous blow.
  • Justice persecutes them because they carry out responsible actions without analyzing their dire consequences. They do not trust anyone, they only think of themselves and they are dangerous people because of their genius.
  • OGUNDA MEJI, is an Oddun cursed by Ofóbile, the OBATALA that lives in the atmosphere.
  • In this Ifá you don't eat lobster, because here the lobster betrayed ORUNMILA.

Says Ifa Ogunda Meyi:

When this Odu appears in Okpele or Ikin divination (in ordinary divination with the Oracle of Ifa), the divination should be advised that:

Do not do business that is half or equal parts in the proposed company. The person can become involved in gossip and entanglement. You can suffer jail for your hurtful attitude towards people.

He must sacrifice for Eshu a goat, abundant corn and other edible dishes in the bush.

He must then sacrifice a father ram to Azojuano (San Lázaro) to avoid suffering due to a devastating disease.

To govern, he must offer various plants, a goat to Eshu, hutía and fish, seeds, all kinds of grains and sow vegetables, bananas, corn and tomatoes.

When Ogunda Meji comes in divination, she should be advised that if it is for a single woman, she should offer a goat, cold corn breads, bean shavings and roasted corn in grains mixed with oil or honey to Eshu and a ram to Ifá de her father, or else she will marry two husbands before she settles in the third. If she is already married, she will be told that either she will be at the third husband's house, or she agrees to go out there. But you must make the offerings.

In order not to suffer a setback, he must offer a goat to Eshu, a hen to Ifá, a fish and hutía.

To achieve prosperity you must avoid a trial or death, you must sacrifice a goat to Eshu, open three holes: one for a rabbit and release it, another gap for a boa and release it, and another for a cat, but this must be sacrificed.

Prayer of the Odu Baba Ogunda Meyi:


Suyere Oddún Ogunda Meji:


Ebbo of the Odu Ogunda Meyi Ifa:

Work to solve work problems:

An oil lamp to Egun, the oil has to be from a used motor. The Egun is prayed for to help him find work and money. This is because in this Ifá the forces of the Earth's axis moved.

Ebo de Ogunda Meyi 3-3 To cure impotence:

A piece of silver or stainless steel is made, with the figure of an erect penis and an arrow hanging from a chain, washed with Ogún herb omiero and prayed on the board: Oshe-Turá, Ogunda Meji, Ojuani-Ogunda , Okana-Yeku, Okana-Sa and Otura-She, then pray: OGUN EDEYI UMANI ERU ODO OKUNI KANKURU BURI BURI FOWO BAOKO IDIRE BOYU ETIKU OFIKALE TRUPON OPOLOPO ODARA OREKEKE TIWO LE KEKU KIKI EPON EPON ODARA IFA OMO IFA ARIKU BABAWA ASHE OFIKALE TRUPON ODARA.

Advice from the oddun of Ifa Ogunda Meji (3-3):

In the man it marks a highly developed penis that injures the interior of the woman.

In the Ogunda Meyi Sign, one must have a straight path so as not to fail, since it marks confused life, dirt.

In the woman marks slavery, she can trade even with her body and that will be her Osobo, because she has to leave that profession so that she does not destroy herself physically.

You have to improve yourself morally and materially for your progress so that you are considered and respected by others, since because of this Oddun «Ogunda Meji), because you do not have those qualities, they do not give you a place in society. Speak the thoughtlessness.

There are garments that are encrypted. Beware of accidents, tragedies, unexpected attacks, where you can be beaten to rob you and you can even lose your life. You must receive ODUDUWA.

Children see shadows in the house, don't be scared, that's why you have to put fruits on OBATALA and then take them to the bush far from the ilé (house).

It speaks of a maid who has to do works to get married. the person possesses a grace that he has to develop for his material and spiritual advancement.

If he throws the decks, he has to put an offering of salted yam covered in white cloth until the next day, so that his eyes do not go away.

There are professionals in the family.

You have to take care of your mouth, so as not to have chipped pieces, if you have them fix them or take them out, so that you do not get sick to your stomach, and take away bad breath.

In this Oddun you cannot kill Eyó (majá)

To control headache: Head spray (Ko-Bori Eledad) with 3 guinea peppers. This Odu indicates that in due time he has to receive Azojuano (San Lázaro) and Yewá, to avoid contagious diseases.

Here aya (dog) keké (little one) is given to OGUN. OGUN is also strengthened, double the tools. Kaferefun the Ibejis- the children.

OGUNDA MEJI is an Odu of toughness justice.

Their children are hard-hearted, they don't believe in anyone, they only think about them, they are selfish, they are naturally addicted to fights, fights, wars, they like to hit and attack with irons or weapons and are extremely selfish .

Meaning of the Sign of Ifa Ogunda Meyi

This Odu of Ifá is masculine, son of OKE and AWOUN, Esi.

Metal: iron.

Day of the week: hey-hey; Tuesday.

Represents: a dagger, which symbolizes justice, the law.

Its colors are: white, red, blue and black.

OGUNDA MEYI, means splitting the difference, this was where OBATALA cut the fish (ejá) into two halves, so that the war between ELEGBA and OGUN for the possession of it would end. OGUNDA MEJI, is the kingdom of iron, so the Awó of this Odu cannot carry weapons of any kind. During 12 days the sun (OLORUN) is greeted in the morning.

Lottery tickets are bought or played on three different roads.

For this Oddun gives luck to the Awó. This is where the Awó teaches his children or godchildren the practices of Ifá, and he then begins to watch them work. Here SHANGO and OGUN became compadres.

By the sign of Ifa Ogunda Meyi one does not eat: breadfruit, rooster, yams, cassava, lobster, and alcoholic beverages are not ingested. No pits or holes are crossed or skipped.

Herbs of the Odu: Peregún, Mirra. Both have aphrodisiac properties.

OGUNDA MEJI defeats death.

Ethical code of Ifa of the odu Ogunda Meji:

Orunmila selects the Ifá priests.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Ogunda Meyi:


On one of his many trips around the world, OLUO POPO ended up at Lake Abayu which is next to the Aga-Oko village in Abyssinia. There lived an Awó Yoruba, who had come to that land with Obá Lamurunda, and when the war with the kingdom of Solomon. This Awó was called FOKA and he settled in that land where he married.

When OLUO POPO arrived, as he was ill, full of sores, when he found out that an Awó Yoruba named FOKA lived there, he went to visit him and when he recognized the dialect, it turned out that OLUO POPO was FOKA's godfather whom he knew for having consecrated him in his childhood.

FOKA took on the task of curing his godfather, catching him with leprosy. When FOKA was dying, he called OLUO POPO and told him: Godfather, I have here a secret that I brought from Egypt, so as not to have to grope Ifá every so often, it is a chain folded in the middle with 8 pieces of certain seeds and it is thrown on the mat. He also said: When I die
look at my grave that days later you will find the secret to do the ÓKPELE.

The next day FOKA died and they buried him next to Lake Abayú and on his grave a strange tree grew, which produced large and elongated fruits which when dried opened saying OKPELE OGA OKO AFAFUN FOKA.

Hearing that, OLUO POPO looked and saw that inside those fruits was written BABA EJIOGBE and he understood that the secret was that the seeds of those fruits were used for OKPELE, OLUO POPO made the okpele, remembering the instructions of his godson FOKA. And since then the ÓKPELE is the messenger of Ifá.


In OGUNDA MEYI is where the godfather teaches or is a teacher, makes his godchildren or children work and slaughter the animals and deliver their pieces, and once the work is finished the godfather is presented to him to thank him, and see that everything It's well done; because tomorrow the godson will be godfather and will have to know everything he needs to work and be able to teach.

OLOFIN, to reward ELEGBA's services on Earth, sent OGUN to make and put on a crown, as well as a white, black and red necklace. For this reason ELEGBA wears a crown and necklace in this Odu.

Ogunda Meyi - Traditional Nigerian Ifa.


Gúnnugún níí se yigbo yigbo
Àkàlàmògbò níí se yìbó yìgbó
Enìkan ò mo ibi ti or solè yes lóla
A day fún Lákannígbò
Èyí tíí se Ìyá Olójà mérìndílógún
Èyin ò mò ni
Gbogbo Isòrò
Gbogbo Isopè
Èyin ò mò pé aré ajé làá n Sáá kiri?
Igún mò dé or
Gee pray
Ìgbà táa gbé ohun rere kalè
No wolé give.

Ifá says in Ogunda Meji, this person is about to achieve wealth. Your hands will be able to touch it. But he must offer sacrifice. Your sacrifice will be accepted, the day a vulture eats of it.

Gúnnugún níí se yigbo yigbo
Àkàlàmògbò níí se yìgbò yìgbò
No one knows where it would settle next time
Divination launched for Lákannígbò
Olójà mérìndínlógún's mother
Don't you know everything?
To all ritual watchers
All you ritual watchers
Don't you guys know that we are running close to riches?
The Vulture is here
Gee Ore
It was when we put the good things on the ground
That the Vulture walked in it.

Eshu of the Oddun Ogunda Meyi:

The Eshu of Ogunda Meji is made a crown and a necklace of black, white and red beads is put on him. This was sent by OLOFIN to reward ELEGBA's services on Earth.

The Eshu that accompanied BABA OGUNDA MEJI and OGUN when they traveled from Heaven to Earth is called ESHU ELEGBARA.

This Eshu is the controller of the sacrifices (EBOSES), that is, when a person performs one, ESHU ELEGBARA is the one who is in charge of getting the message across, so that said person can solve the problem for which he sacrificed.

The 16 Meyis of Ifa:

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