IWORI OJUANI (OWONRIN): Meaning, Tips, Sayings, Pataki, Traditional Ifa and more

ifa iwori ojuani sign

The Odu of Ifa Iwori Ojuani (Owonrin), is number 51 in the lordly Order of Ifa and is the combination of Iwori with Ojuani, this sign is the one that takes care of the mortuary graves and the hollows, fundamental Odu is the ceremonies with eggun. He is also the one who accompanies the 16 mejis and the Odu Iroso Umbo on the left side when the Ebo is performed on the board.

Ifá says that this person is deprived of his father or uncle. The widow should not despise anyone because she has no one to help her. And that his contempt could later bring his own destruction in life.

Other names for Iwori Ojuani:

  • Iwori Juani.
  • Iwori Wani.
  • Iwori Owonrin.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Iwori Ojuani?

  • The guardian of KUTUN.
  • Here: The Ebó is passed on the back and inside his clothes.
  • OBATALA left home annoyed because of the children.
  • Eshu is given a rooster and a feather duster is made.
  • Speak the corn cob.
  • The Guardian Angel or Saint who requests it is given a drum and attend them.
  • The Awó Iwori Ojuani will wear a half white, half red cap and the center of the green crown.
  • Eshu is given a rooster on the New Year.
  • Awó offers him the door and window frames every month.

The sign of Ifa Iwori Ojuani points out:

  • You have to take care of your face and eyes from blows.
  • Pride loses the person.
  • Talk about man's labors for existence.
  • The head is requested from your spirit guide.
  • A promise is made to OSHUN and it must be kept.
  • Beware of hot flashes.
  • OYEDOGUN and OYEDOMA are prepared.

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Recommendations of the Iwori Ojuani sign:

IWORI OJUANI must prepare an Ifá board in the form of a human liver, which he will only use to become Ebo.

For this Ifá, it is commanded not to fight with your spouse so as not to lose luck.

Be careful not to get hit in the face or in the eyes with badly placed sticks in the house.

Here something is owed to Yemaya. Pay him.

For this Odu Iwori Ojuani, OSHUN is asked and a promise is made; to grant it, comply with it.

Here OBATALA is given pigeons to give him health. By Osobo, the person is very ill and is peeled like a corn cob.

The person who is happy is sent, laughing and singing, so that OLOFIN and the Guardian Angel help him.

Here, for this Ifá, you cannot mourn misery, because it is delayed.

For this Ifá, the person has to be very careful with health.

Meaning of the sign of Ifa Iwori Owonrin

IWORI OJUANI wanted to know the misery, hunger and needs that men went through in existence. And ORUNMILA showed it to him.

IWORI OWONRIN has to be careful with the witchcraft of paleros who want to destroy him, throwing them on the door and windows of his house.

Here you have to attend SHANGO, who is possibly your Guardian Angel.

Here, when the person takes possession of wealth, he should not despise the poor so that his luck does not go away.

For this Ifá, ORISHA OKO and the Earth are fed.

In this Oddun de Ifá, an Inshé is prepared, who lives together with OSHUN.

For this Ifá, Awó IWORI OJUANI must receive ODUDUWA, OSANYIN, swear in ORUN, OLOKUN.

In this sign of Ifá, the person has to be careful when navigating the rivers, as they can lose their lives.

You will have to sacrifice so that nothing happens to you.

Iwori Ojuani bans:

For this Ifá, two Palo Abre camino dolls are prepared, which are called OYEDOGUN and OYEDOMA, and live next to the Ifá of IWORI OJUANI. This secret will be given to you two black hens together with ORUNMILA del Awó and you will eat every time you eat ORUNMILA.

The corncob speaks here.

The person with this Ifá is commanded not to cry so much and is commanded to sing.

The Osobo of this Ifá is Pride, that is why IWORI OJUANI is lost.

For this Ifá, you have to take care of an embarrassment that can cost you your life.

Here OBATALA or the Guardian Angel is drummed. And the ancestors are sacrificed.

OKE is put on a drum.

For this Ifá, Awó IWORI OJUANI has to beg the head of his EGUN ALAGBO in his IGBO EGUN, using a loaded coconut for this ceremony. This coconut is painted white and is changed every three months. Athena is painted from EGUN and when mounting the new one, the old one is carried to the foot of a Ceiba.

For this Odu, the Babalawo with the IWORI OJUANI Sign must sacrifice a rooster to Eshu in the New Year. The Awó will pour EKO into a gourd with dry wine and offer it to the door and window frames, once a month, he makes a cross with cocoa butter. He will also use an ivory ball, which will be fed a black dove.

Sayings of Iwori Ojuani:

  • He who sings, his evils frighten.
  • OLOKUN does not open his door to the one who did not open it to his brother.
  • The eye of the master fattens the horse.
  • Pride destroys the soul.
  • It's peeled, like a corn cob.

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Iwori Ojuani:

The Awó, although he knows everything, does not look down on the poor.

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What is the Iwori Juani sign talking about?

This Ifá is the guardian of KUTUN and cannot be absent in the Athens of EGUN or in those of the Paraldos.

Every time an Awó opens a KUTUN, he has to pray this Odu de Ifá.

This Odu is also essential in the Ebó, which will be worn after 16 Mejis, accompanying IROSO UMBO.

For this Ifá, for the Ebó to take effect, it must be passed to the interested party on his back and inside his clothes.

When this Ifá a person is seen and INTORI ARUN (illness) comes, the interested party is given a cane so that every day they walk to the door.

IWORI OJUANI is in charge of caring for the cemetery graves.

For this Ifá, OBATALA left his children's house annoyed and Eshu brought him back with luck.

Here Eshu is given a rooster and the feathers of the wings and tail are taken, and a feather of tinea, which is placed in the center, and a feather duster is made, to which Iyefá prayed from the Odu is blown and lined with black and white cloth, and hangs over Eshu.

Says Ifa Iwori Ojuani:

That he does not fight with his wife so that luck does not go away.-In your house there is a stick embedded in the henhouse or in the yard, that stick bumps into the heads of those who pass under it; take it off, don't go to get disgraced with it. You are close to winning the lottery.

Dreamed of a man, who was ORUNMILA, or dreamed of OSHUN and OBATALA.

You owe a promise to YEMAJÁ, pay it. -Even if you are rich and everything is left over, do not despise the poor so that your luck does not go backwards. In your house there is a pigeon chick, give it to OBATALA. And if there is not close to where you live, try looking for it or buying it. You are very ill and you are peeled like a corn cob.

Be careful not to get hit in the face or in the eyes with badly placed sticks. He is always happy and singing, so that OLOFIN and his Guardian Angel help him. he cannot cry misery, because that delays him, he cannot be proud, that he will lose in life. You must give your Guardian Angel a drum. You must take care of a hot flash that can cost you your life.

Feed your ancestors to watch over you. -You. You must give a rooster to Eshu every year.-Give a party to the Saints, they will help you to seek stability and tranquility in life.-If you make a promise to OSHUN, you must comply with it, so that it gives you what that you want.

Prayer of the Odu Iwori Ojuani:


Suyere of the Iwori Ojuani Sign:


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Iwori Ojuani's Ebbo:

Iwori Juani's work due to illness:

The interested party is given an Ebó, where he carries a cane that is prepared for him to walk to the door every day.

For Eshu:

A rooster is given to him and the feathers of the wings and tail are taken, and a tinea feather, which will be placed in the middle and a duster is made with said feathers, which is lined with white and black cloth. Iyefá del Odu is prayed and it is blown and hung above Eshu.

Herbs (Ewe) of the Odu Iwori Ojuani:

  • ceiba.
  • Holy Thistle.
  • Atponla.
  • Purple Basil.

Patakie of the Iwori Ojuani sign:



EBO: 1 jicotea, 1 rooster, stick Open the way, sweaty clothes, dirt from a road, yam, land from a sowing, everything you eat, coconut, candle, brandy, tobacco, a lot of money.

On this road, there were two Princes who saw the poor talk about the miseries and needs that they were experiencing, and they went to ORUNMILA's house to tell them what MISERY, HUNGER and BACKWARD were.

When they arrived and brought it up, ORUNMILA laughed and told them: "Boys, you are crazy, that's a bad thing."

But they were infatuated with ORUNMILA showing it to them, which also responds: Those things are not looked at! They told him they had money, that's why they wanted to meet him.

ORUNMILA made them Osode and this Ifá saw them, IWORI OJUANI, and made them Ebo. When he's done, he gives them to them to throw away, explaining that after they have walked a lot, they will throw him away.

They did so and they got tired of walking in the mountains, they get lost and do not know how to get out, being days without eating, with dirty clothes, even drinking water was difficult for them. After several days, they found a jicotea and ate it raw, finding it very tasty.

They continued walking, lost in the mountains without eating, and OSANYIN appeared to them, to whom they asked: "Where can we get out of here?" OSANYIN said to them: -You. they wanted to know what it was MISERY, HUNGER and NEED. However, they ask him to get them out of that place.

OSANYIN went into the forest, making them think that he would not come again. But he came back and handed them two sticks of Abre camino and said: -When you get out of here, throw them away.

They thank him and walked a bit; when throwing the sticks, they see a thresher and some farmers sowing. They continue and arrive at the town and one of them says: "We are going to tell ORUNMILA that we already know the work that man goes through in his struggle for existence."

Iwori Ojuani Ifa Traditional


Bíìko bíìko gbàdàrà
Gbàdàrà gbàdàrà biìko
A day fún Ìwòrìòdérín olópò Obìnrin
Ebo n won ni or se
Ó bá rbo
Ó bèrè sií láya
hey hey
N ní wá n jó ní wá n yò
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Bíìko bíìko gbàdàrà
Gbàdàrà gbàdàrà biìko
A day fún Ìwòrìòdérín olópò Obìnrin
Ebo n won ni or se
E wáá ri ni à bé or ò ri ni?
Aya Ìwòrìòdérín
Or the bíìko lórèéré
E wáá ri ni à bé or ò ri ni?

Ifá foresees for this person the good fortune of women. His life will favor him if he could be devoted to his heavenly companions (Egbé).

It looks like raffia and is very long
It is very long and looks like raffia
They made divination for Ìwòrìòdérín, the husband of many women
They recommended that he make sacrifices
He offered the sacrifices
He then started having women
Life pleased him
And from that moment he started to dance and was happy
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwo had said
It looks like raffia and is very long
It is very long and looks like raffia
They made divination for Ìwòrìòdérín, the husband of many women
He was recommended to make sacrifice
Can you really see it all?
The women of Ìwòrìòdérín
Expanded like raffia is his vision from beyond
Can you really see it all?

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