Osa Ojuani (Osa Loni)

ifa osa ojuani sign

Osa Ojuani (Osa Loni), is Odu number 157 of the lordly order of Ifá, which reflects the diversity and beauty of the rainbow under the domain of Oshumare and leads us to reflect on our interactions and the environment that surrounds us.

General Description of Odu Osa Ojuani

Names or Aliases:

  • Osa Ojuani.
  • Osa Juani
  • Owonrin Bear
  • Loni Bear.

What is born in the odu of Ifá Osa Ojuani?

  • Electricity. Oroiña taught her.
  • The exploitation of man by man.
  • The Rainbow. Oshumare.
  • The intrigue and unrest on Earth.
  • The alteration of the nerves.
  • Cosmonautics and Rivers.

What does the Ifá sign Osa Ojuani talk about?

  • The entire edge of the city is fed.
  • The Ebó is thrown to float in the sea.
  • The people wanted to take the land from Ifé.
  • It prescribes a break between godson and godfather.
  • Osa Ojuani talks about problems between compadres.
  • Obatalá, for not wanting to offer salt, got a hump.
  • Here: The person has a hard mouth.
  • He speaks of a mulatto woman ironed and without a bust.
  • You don't get happiness until you are separated from your family.
  • There is debt with Azojuano (San Lázaro).

What does the Ifá Osa Loni sign mark?

  • Shangó, with the help of Oyá, was able to defeat Ogún and reach Olofin, and he gave him the ashé of trade.
  • Ogún wants to see the inside of the human being.
  • The ram went to war and returned prisoner.

Analysis and Interpretation of the Odu Osa Ojuani

Osa Ojuani is an Odu that predicts the possibility of facing abrupt situations that require a quick exit to avoid embarrassment or greater consequences.. It is a call to be prepared for unpleasant changes, especially in personal relationships. This sign points to a duality between mortality and great blessings, especially for the youngest or least fortunate, reminding us that in the darkest moments the greatest opportunities for growth and blessing can arise.

Economic Aspects:

In the workplace, Osa Ojuani talks about exploitation and modern slavery, where the effort is not proportional to the reward received. This sign warns about the importance of recognizing the value of our work and seeking environments where it is fairly appreciated. Electricity and cosmonautics symbolize innovation and the exploration of new horizons, inviting us to look for creative alternatives to overcome economic limitations.


This Odu warns about the alteration of nerves and stress, suggesting the need to take care of our emotional and physical balance. The reference to diseases caused by insects and suffocation, vomiting and fatigue reminds us of the importance of paying attention to small details and taking care of our environment to prevent negative impacts on our health.

Religious Aspects:

Osa Ojuani highlights the importance of sacrifices and adequate offerings to avoid adversity. The rupture between godparents and godchildren, as well as problems between compadres, symbolizes the need for respect and care in religious and spiritual relationships. This Odu calls us to attend to and respect the deities, especially Shango, Eshu, and Azojuano, to maintain balance and harmony in our spiritual life.

Personal Relationships (Love):

In love, Osa Ojuani It warns about unpleasant changes and the possibility of facing situations that put relationships to the test. The takeaway here is the need for communication and understanding to overcome obstacles. This Odu also suggests that true love and happiness come with mutual acceptance and respect, far from family or social ties and restrictions.

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Sayings of the Sign of Ifa Osa Ojuani: 

  • When you see the fallen, do not hit him with your hand but with your foot.
  • Look at your home before anyone else's.
  • He who wears white must beware of butter.
  • Fail for talkative.
  • When you run out of trouble, you don't get embarrassed.
  • If you see yourself in front of the fort, face it with courage, gallantry is better than living under its feet.

"He who wears white must beware of butter" It reminds us of the importance of caution and integrity in our actions and decisions. Just as butter can stain pure white, our decisions can affect our purity and perception. This saying teaches to remain vigilant and pure in the face of temptations and risks.

Ifa Code of Ethics of the odu Osa Juani:

  • The Awó does not allow his impulses to drag him down.

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Ifa says in the Odu Osa Ojuani:

  1. Pay off debt with Azojunao (San Lázaro) to avoid setbacks and illnesses.
  2. Offer a mass to a deceased person who requires it, thus improving the spiritual connection.
  3. Feed the head early to prevent illness and strengthen the spirit.
  4. Caring for the sick at home; one will improve, but the other may worsen without the proper Ebó.
  5. Perform Ebó before accepting invitations to new places to ensure success and avoid bad consequences.
  6. Avoid jumping holes and be cautious with the front door, preserving harmony and avoiding delays.
  7. Recognize that Oshun's discontent may be due to his own actions, and not external curses.
  8. Avoid exposure to adverse winds, especially near the door of the house, so as not to attract negative energies.
  9. Be aware of eating and drinking, as well as taking care of children from running too much or exposing themselves to the sun excessively to avoid suffocation.
  10. Appreciate that if money is received, it will be a test of Olofin to see how it is managed.

Recommendations of the Ifá sign Osa Juani:

  • Because of Osa Loni, Shango is not given a rooster, he is given guineas. Here neither happiness nor power is obtained until he is separated from the family, whether blood or religious.
  • You have to be careful with a bad wind when opening the door. Ifá kaferefun Oke.
  • For this sign, Osa Ojuani, you have to guard the door and swear in Osanyin.
  • You have to take great care and attend to Eshu and put Obatala's necklace on him.
  • Here the person has a stepdaughter and says she is his daughter; Take good care of her because she is the one who provides you with her luck. The day she leaves the house or side of it, she will lose her luck.
  • You have to be careful with a child who is not among many people because they can suffocate. Don't let him run too much in the sun.
  • Here it is said that one desires to have money. Olofin is going to provide it to you, to see what you do with it.
  • There has been a sick person in the house for a long time and he will get better in a few days, but another family member will get sick and, if they don't run quickly, he may die.
  • You have debts with Azojuano (San Lázaro).
  • You cannot jump gaps; Take care of the door of your house because your enemies want to do something bad to you.
  • Oshun is brave in this Odu and brings a lot of delay to the person.
  • Here you have to look first at your house than at someone else's. If this Odu comes
  • Osa Ojuani in Ire: An Egun favors him/her. If Osobo comes: An Egun disturbs him/her.
  • Here the entire edge of the city or town is fed.
  • A lamp is put on Olofin.
  • When an Awó sees this Odu, he puts ewo (crushed raw yam with honey, hutía and smoked fish) to Orunmila. He also gives a chick to Eshu and sends the stuffing to the jungle.
  • Here Ogun is given two wooden dolls with his wife's nickname written on them.

Meaning of the Oddun Osa Ojuani (9-11):

This Odu of Ifá, Osa Ojuani, predicts that one must act quickly to avoid falling into significant embarrassment. He indicates unfavorable changes in relationships and warns about the possible mortality of Babalawos when this sign emerges as Odu Toyale in the year, suggesting the performance of sacrifices.

The blessings coming from the youngest or less powerful are highlighted and the concept of labor slavery is introduced, where the individual is exploited and poorly paid, marking the origin of the exploitation of man by man. This Odu also mentions the possibility of ruptures between godparents and godchildren within the religion, as well as conflicts between compadres and comadres, reflecting the struggle for power and influence in the land of Ifé.

Cosmonautics and the creation of the Universal Ocean and rivers originate here, with Dada-Juero being the first to travel the entire planet. This sign is dominated by Shango, Eshu and Azojuano, and it is recommended to offer a rooster to Eshu, using the tail feathers to perform a symbolic cleansing.

The birth of electricity, taught by Oroina, and the appearance of the Rainbow, ruled by Oshumare, are significant events of this Odu. Oshumare is seen as a Rainbow deity, symbolizing blessings, mobility, permanence and wealth. He is described as androgynous and linked to several Orishas, ​​including Yemaya and Shango, and is offered guanajo and Florida duck as sacrifices.

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Prayer of the Osa Ojuani Ifa sign:


Suggest Osa Loni:


Works of Odu Osa Juani:

Inshe for Awó Osa Loni:

The Awó takes the board, spreads Iyefá, recites this Odu and blows towards the street.

Kofisari Cleaning:

White bleo grass, guinea pepper, cocoa butter, corojo, oil and husk are used. Take two dry coconuts, clean them well and decorate them with dots made of husk. Then, they roll around the house and at midnight they take to the street, making sure they land far from the home.

For the Awó Osa Ojuani:

The Awó must be cleaned with a jio-jio that will later be offered to Eshu. This is filled with jutía and smoked fish, corojo and cocoa butter, and cascarilla, and is taken to the mountain.

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Pataki of the sign of Ifa Osa Ojuani:

In the land of Osa Ojuani, there lived an Awó called Beboniye Ifá, who worked with Egun and had the population's entrance blocked. Awo Beboniye kept Elegba entertained, offering him chicken and brandy every night, which made Elegba fall asleep. Beboniye and the population went to the entrance of the city with his garment, singing and praying to Elegba, who remained asleep.

Olofin, worried about the absence of news from Elegua, sent Shango and Osa Juani in search of him. After an Osode, Beboniye discovered that he had to change the offering to Elegua. Shango, determined to find Elegbara, used sulfur and corojo butter to get his attention. Elegua, recognizing Shango, joined him, and together they confronted Awo Beboniye. Olofin, upon arriving, learned what had happened and, after forgiving Beboniye, Shango performed a ritual to free the population from the shadow that covered it. Thanks to this act, Beboniye prospered and was able to benefit his people.

Explanation: The story teaches the importance of spiritual vigilance and the responsibility to correctly guide the community. It demonstrates that, despite the detours, redemption is possible through the intervention and guidance of higher forces, bringing prosperity and collective well-being.

Osa Ojuani in Traditional Nigerian Ifa.


Isé nìse ìtójú
Òwò sise nìbéèrè
Bí on bá n gbóndo lójò
Omi a móo ta yes on lójú
Omi a móo ta si on lénu
A day fún Onílèfun Tèté
Omo Akéja wúrúkú bori ntorí omo
Won ní kí Onílèfun or rubo
Ó bá rbo
hey hey
Okaan is bale
Ní wá n jó n ní n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Isé nìse ìtójú
Òwò sise nìbéèrè
Bí on bá n gbóndo lójò
Omi a móo ta yes on lójú
Omi a móo ta si on lénu
A day fún Onílèfun Tèté
Omo Akéja wúrúkú bori ntorí omo
Ebo n won ni or se
Ó yes gbébo nbè
Ó rubo
E jé á rodò nilèfun
Ìlèfun mòmò nilé owó
E jé á rodò nilèfun.

Ifá says that this person's life will be pleasant and his plans will not be spoiled. Ifá advises you to be committed to your responsibilities and to be obedient to them.

Caring is a responsibility with your obligations
Trading is a questionable act
When they drain the rivers in the rain
The water will splash their faces
The water will splash in their mouths
They made divination for Onílèfun Tèté
The descendant of Akéja wúrúkú borí ntorí omo
They advised him to make sacrifice
He did it
And life pleased him
He had mental rest
He began to dance and rejoice
He was praising his Babaláwos
His Babaláwos were praising Ifá
He said his Babaláwos had told the truth
Caring is a responsibility with your obligations
Trading is a questionable act
When they drain the rivers in the rain
The water will splash their faces
The water will splash in their mouths
They made divination for Onílèfun Tèté
The descendant of Akéja wúrúkú borí ntorí omo
They advised him to take care of the land and make the sacrifice
He heard about the sacrifice
And he did it
Let us go to the river in Ìlèfun
Ìlèfun is the house of money
Let us go to the river in Ìlèfun.

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