Osa Ojuani

ifa osa ojuani sign

What is born in the odu of Ifa Osa Ojuani?

  • Electricity. It was taught by ORO-IÑA.
  • The exploitation of man by man.
  • The Rainbow. OSHUMARE.
  • The intrigue and unrest on Earth.
  • The alteration of the nerves.
  • Cosmonautics and Rivers.

What does the sign of Ifa Osa Ojuani talk about?

  • It is fed to the entire shore of the city.
  • The Ebó is thrown to float in the sea.
  • The people wanted to take the land from Ifé.
  • It prescribes a break between godson and godfather.
  • Osa Ojuani talks about problems between compadres.
  • To OBATALA for not wanting to offer salt, the hump came out.
  • Here: The person has a hard mouth.
  • He speaks of a mulatto woman ironed and without a bust.
  • Happiness is not persistent until you are separated from the family.
  • There is a debt with AZOJUANO. (Saint Lazarus)

What does the sign of Ifa mark Pink Bear?

  • SHANGO with the help of OYA was able to defeat OGUN and reach OLOFIN and OLOFIN gave him the ashé of commerce.
  • OGUN wants to see the inside of the human being.
  • The ram went to war and returned prisoner.

Sayings of the Sign of Ifa Osa Ojuani: 

  • When you see the fallen, do not hit him with your hand but with your foot.
  • Look at your home before anyone else's.
  • He who wears white must beware of butter.
  • Fail for talkative.
  • When you run out of trouble, you don't get embarrassed.
  • If you see yourself in front of the fort, face it with courage, gallantry is better than living under its feet.

Ifa Code of Ethics of the odu Osa Juani:

  • The Awó does not allow his impulses to drag him down.

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Ifa says in the Oddun Osa Ojuani:

That you have a debt with AZOJUANO (San Lázaro), there is a deceased who asks you for a mass. Feed your head, as fast as you can, because disease always comes, and if it is neglected there will be no remedies. You have to get your head right in order to escape. There in his house there is a sick person and soon there will be another one, where the one who is sick will get up and the other sick person will die if he does not do Ebo.

They are going to send him to look for a place for good, but if he does not do Ebo before going, everything will go wrong.

Do not jump holes, and be careful with the door of your house, because there is a lot of delay and OSHUN is angry with you and with everyone in the house, because they have done a bad thing and they think they are throwing dust and curses and it is OSHUN that is giving leather.

Osa Juani says: There will not be the door right away, because it can catch a bad wind.- Be careful with what you eat and drink and with your children, that they do not run a lot, or get too much sun, or get in within many people because they can drown.

If you have to take money, OLOFIN will give it to you to see what you do.

Prayer of the Osa Ojuani Ifa sign:


Suggest Osa Loni:


Ebbo from Odu Osa Juani:


The Awó takes the board, throws Iyefá at it, prays this Odu and blows it into the street.


Take White white grass, guinea pepper, cocoa butter and corojo, oil, husk. Take two dry coconuts, scrape them well and paint them with little bits of husk. They are caught and rolled throughout the house and at midnight they are thrown into the street rolling so that they fall away from the house.


The Awó will be cleaned with a jio-jio that he will give to ESHU, fill it with: jutía and smoked fish, corojo butter and cocoa, shell and take it to the mountain.

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Recommendations of the Ifa Osa Juani Sign:

  • For Osa Loni, SHANGO is not given a rooster, he is given guineas. Here you do not get happiness or power, until you separate from the family, whether by blood or religion.
  • Be careful with a bad wind when opening the door. Ifá kaferefun OKE.
  • By this sign "Osa Ojuani" you have to guard the door, and swear in OSANYIN.
  • You have to take great care and attend to ESHU and put the OBATALA necklace on him.
  • Here the person has a stepdaughter and says that she is his daughter, take good care of her that she is the one who provides him with his luck. The day you leave your home or side, you will lose your luck.
  • You have to be careful with a child, who is not among many people because he can suffocate. Don't let him run too long in the sun.
  • Here it is said that one wishes to have money. OLOFIN will provide it to you, to see what you do with it.
  • There has been a patient in the house for a long time and he will be well in a few days, but another family member will get sick and if they do not run fast he may die.
  • You have debts with AZOJUANO (San Lázaro)
  • You can not jump holes, take care of the door of your house that your enemies want to throw a bad thing at you.
  • OSHUN is angry in this Odu and brings a lot of backwardness to the person.
  • Here you have to look first at your house than at someone else's. If this Odu comes
  • OSA OJUANI IN IRE: An Egun favors him / her. If OSOBO comes: An Egun disturbs him / her.
  • Here they are fed to the entire shore of the city or town.
  • OLOFIN is put a lamp.
  • When an Awó sees this Odu, he puts EWO (raw yam crushed with jutía honey and smoked fish), to ORUNMILA. ESHU is also given a chick and stuffing is sent to the bush.
  • Here OGUN is given two wooden dolls with his wife's nickname written on them.

Meaning of the Oddun Osa Ojuani (9-11):

This Odu of Ifa predicts that you will have to run out of a problem, so as not to fall into great shame.
Here the person can find unpleasant changes with their relationships.

The sign of Ifa Osa Ojuani indicates the death of Babalawos. When this letter comes out of Odu Toyale in a letter of the year, in the course of it many Babalawos may die. So it is recommended to make sacrifice for this Odu.

Great blessings of the little ones or less.

It is an Ifá of slavery, because the person works too much and is exploited in his work and they do not pay him in relation to what he yields, because here the Exploitation of man by man was born. «Ogún ashé lenú akofá meta ashé Ogún»: - (His mouth is hurtful).

Here the godson dethrons the godfather. Prescribes the break between

Godfather and godson within religion.

Talk about problems between compadres and comadres. Here people wanted to take the Land to Ifé.

Cosmonautics was born here, then DADA-JUERO. It was the first to fly across the planet. The Universal Ocean was also created and the rivers were created. Here the Ebó is thrown to float in the sea.

This Odu is dominated by SHANGO, ESHU and AZOJUANO. A rooster is given to ESHU and a feather duster is made with the tail feathers, it is cleaned with it and it is put on ESHU.

Here Electricity was born, which was taught by OROIÑA (The entrails of the earth) The RAINBOW was born. It is governed by OSHUMARE.
OSHUMARE: This is the Orisha of the Rainbow. It is considered as a great serpent that apparently in Heaven, symbolizes a blessing for humanity.

It is said that he helped OLORDUMARE heal blindness and that since then he resides in Heaven and only receives permission to touch Earth from time to time. It is androgynous and represents both mobility and permanence, and also wealth, that is why it is considered the excretor of wealth.

It is Crown of YEMAYA, SHANGO's assistant. Eat guanajo and florida duck. Because of its colors it is related to OYA.

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Pataki of the sign of Ifa Osa Ojuani:


On Earth OSA OJUANI lived at the entrance of the town an Awó named BEBONIYE IFA, but he was dedicated to working with EGUN and EGUN had the entrance of the town covered with different planted woods. It had a great government that everyone who lived on that Earth could not leave for another. Here AWO BEBONIYE IFA had ELEGBA entertained, so every night he gave her a big cock and brandy and ELEGBA fell asleep. AWO BEBONIYE went to the entrance of the city with his garment and the population followed him, he carried brandy in his hand and sang: «FEFE LEKUN IKU EGUN AYORUBE» And a shadow was seen that covered the entire entrance of the population, which He knelt to pray and ask ELEGBA, who was asleep and entertained, also sang with his agogo: "EFEFE LEKUN EGUN IKU EGUN AYONIYE."

Then AWO ABEBINIYE IFA fed him the heads of the entire Jicotea population and had them ruled with the garment. OLOFIN was worried because he didn't know anything about ELEGBA, one day OMO ENI LUANO met SHANGO and told him: - «OLOFIN wants to see you because he doesn't know anything about ELEGBA». SHANGO left together with OSA JUANI for OLOFIN's house, when they arrived SHANGO gave MoForibale to OLOFIN and he asked him about ELEGBA, OLOFIN told him that in the land OSA OJUANI, but nobody knew how to go to that Earth because they did not know the way. That's where AWO BEBONIYE IFA lives. This Awó became Osode at four o'clock in the morning and OSA JUANI came out and told him: -I have to change ELEGBA's food because otherwise he will discover how I live. He looked for a banana, 7 ELEGBA herbs and told ELEGBA that he had to bathe with the 7 herbs and fed him the guinea on ELEGBA's head and sang: «EJE EJENIBE ELEGBA OSA JUANI»

ELEGBA had convulsions and he was stupid and he was still following his government. SHANGO told OLOFIN: I am looking for ELEGBA anyway; Give me something and OLOFIN gave you sulfur and corojo butter. SHANGO went out on the road and sang: "BELIKE NI AWO LAROYE NI EGUN, BELEKE, NI AWO." SHANGO went out burning and sprinkling sulfur until he came to that land, and he knew nothing, and he saw nothing. ELEGBA who was in the corner heard the song and said: «That voice is from SHANGO, he snatched and dropped the feathers and began to sing. ELEGBA took the clothes from the Awó and went out to the patio and arrived at the foot of SHANGO, he gave the chicken to ELEGBA, began to burn all the hairs with sulfur and corojo butter and when he finished he left at the entrance of the town with AWO BEBONIYE IFA brought him to his knees and said: «You are kneeling
until OLOFIN comes ». ELEGBA went out to look for OLOFIN and sang: "AKOKOTI WE BABA" OLOFIN heard ELEGBA's voice and he said: - SHANGO is waiting for you with AWO BEBONIYE IFA, who has him kneeling at the entrance of the town.
OLOFIN came out together with ELEGBA and saw the crowd of people and they were happy. OLOFIN arrived and asked SHANGO what he had done, he told him everything and said: -Here he gave you the garment. He gave the entire population a chicken on the head and everyone started to feel good. AWO BEBONIYE IFA told him to forgive him and SHANGO told him: - «As long as the world is world you will have the opkuele to look at and you will feed the garment when
ORUNMILA tell you. SHANGO took a guinea and began to stand with the herbs, to all the people of that population and sang: "FEFE LEKUN ETU ETU IRE IRE EGUN IKU ALONA" And that shadow appeared and that was buried with the banana, and it was removed all that to the population and AWO BEBONIYE prospered and was able to do good to his people.


Osa Ojuani in Traditional Nigerian Ifa.


Isé nìse ìtójú
Òwò sise nìbéèrè
Bí on bá n gbóndo lójò
Omi a móo ta yes on lójú
Omi a móo ta si on lénu
A day fún Onílèfun Tèté
Omo Akéja wúrúkú bori ntorí omo
Won ní kí Onílèfun or rubo
Ó bá rbo
hey hey
Okaan is bale
Ní wá n jó n ní n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Isé nìse ìtójú
Òwò sise nìbéèrè
Bí on bá n gbóndo lójò
Omi a móo ta yes on lójú
Omi a móo ta si on lénu
A day fún Onílèfun Tèté
Omo Akéja wúrúkú bori ntorí omo
Ebo n won ni or se
Ó yes gbébo nbè
Ó rubo
E jé á rodò nilèfun
Ìlèfun mòmò nilé owó
E jé á rodò nilèfun.

Ifá says that this person's life will be pleasant and his plans will not be spoiled. Ifá advises you to be committed to your responsibilities and to be obedient to them.

Caring is a responsibility with your obligations
Trading is a questionable act
When they drain the rivers in the rain
The water will splash their faces
The water will splash in their mouths
They made divination for Onílèfun Tèté
The descendant of Akéja wúrúkú borí ntorí omo
They advised him to make sacrifice
He did it
And life pleased him
He had mental rest
He began to dance and rejoice
He was praising his Babaláwos
His Babaláwos were praising Ifá
He said his Babaláwos had told the truth
Caring is a responsibility with your obligations
Trading is a questionable act
When they drain the rivers in the rain
The water will splash their faces
The water will splash in their mouths
They made divination for Onílèfun Tèté
The descendant of Akéja wúrúkú borí ntorí omo
They advised him to take care of the land and make the sacrifice
He heard about the sacrifice
And he did it
Let us go to the river in Ìlèfun
Ìlèfun is the house of money
Let us go to the river in Ìlèfun.

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