Okana ogunda

Okana ogunda

Other names or nicknames of the Okana Ogunda sign:

  • Okana Gunda.
  • Okana Kakuin.
  • Okanran Ogunda.
  • Okana Kuna.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Okana Ogunda?

  • Give food to the pipes and garbage.
  • That without recourse for sacrifice, improvise with others.
  • Teaching the Awó who does not know.
  • The self-preservation instinct.
  • Great faith in ELEGBA to solve.
  • The guard of honor to the coffin of the prince.
  • Agbalumo (cherry). The Rainbow.
  • Give the crocodile to the head and to Ifá.
  • That GOD gave the ashé to predict truths.
  • Here: The horse yawns repeatedly because he calls his Jokey (Ifá calls the Awó to work).
  • ESHU announces the visit of an efficient Awó.
  • It was guessed for EZIZA, the Divinity of the wind.
  • Barbarian son defeated Barbarian father. (Barbarian bo, Barbarian mole).
  • ORUNMILA came down from Heaven with the shell of the slug.
  • OKANA KUÑA establishes the creation of the Earth.
  • Battles can bring wealth and honor.
  • OGUN tied SHANGO with chain.
  • The chicken escaped the cat, and went to OBATALA.
  • OGUN and SHANGO were challenged by a woman.

What is the Okana Ogunda sign talking about?

  • A woman saves him from danger.
  • OYA saved when he threw the lightning bolt.
  • SHANGO, OSANYIN, ELEGBA eat jicotea and drink brandy.
  • A garment work submits a people.
  • The Astros, The Sun, The Moon and The Rainbow speak.
  • Jicotea is given to the door of the street.
  • The woman likes to have sex through the anus.
  • The man doubted that he was SHANGO's son.
  • A King dies.
  • The goat stole cherry to feed his family.
  • OGUN eats dog, rooster, jicotea and palm wine.
  • OGUN becomes everyone's servant.
  • The Awó doubted ORUNMILA's word.
  • You are in danger of being killed for something that belongs to you.
  • The young man threw the old man to the ground.

The Okana Ogunda sign points out:

  • He who cannot speak or fight cannot live long on Earth.
    Here: The son of this Odu ends up disabled.
  • The diseases are: Disability, problems in the woman's womb (abortion), throat to the stomach, constipation, nervous system, death from toxic, head diseases, operations.
  • The herbs are: Capulí, Iwereyeye, rose apple, star apple, cherry (agbalumo).
  • This is ESHU ALAYIKI the glutton.

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Okana Ogunda sign recommendations:

He is warned not to ignore his Ifá, but to take good care of him, because ORUNMILA could save him from the clutches of his enemies and take him to the peak of prosperity. A duck must be slaughtered. Then he will start to prosper.

In an ordinary Okana Ogunda registration for a man, he will be told that a woman who is not from his city will come to marry him. For a woman, she will be told that a foreigner will come with marriage proposals.

When this Ifá appears in IGBODU, the person will soon have a son who must be called Ewegbemi and who must be delivered to the divinity EZIZA to serve him. You must serve Ifá with a goat if you have one and if not you must receive your own Ifá, to avoid the danger of being killed for something that belongs to you.

In an ordinary registry, the person must serve ESHU with a goat to avoid being unnecessarily involved in someone else's problem because of something belonging to him.

If this sign of Ifa appears in an ordinary record, it is prescribed to make sacrifice quickly to avoid being the victim of unexpected consequences. If the divination is for a group of people, they are warned that they must make sacrifices to avoid losing authority and privileges over subordinates.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Okana Ogunda:

  • The candle melts the chain.
  • Black fades and white gets dirty.
  • Success breeds enemies.
  • The woodpecker is the sculptor of all birds.
  • Gray hair makes home to an old man's head.
  • The powerful enjoy the world.

Odu Okana Kakuin Ifa Code of Ethics:

The Awó studies and prepares for life.

Says Ifa Okana Ogunda:

If the person with the sign of Ifa Okana Ogunda is allowed to speak, there is no one to kill him. The person has a candle in the mouth. The way of speaking should be moderated so that it is not harmed.

When this Odu appears in an ordinary record, the person will be warned to make sacrifice to avoid head disease. The sacrifice must be with a goat and a dark soap. The goat's blood and black soap will be used to wash the person's head at the ESHU altar.

If divination is done for a community or group of people to find the prospects for a particular year, they will be told that they must make sacrifice to avoid austerity during that year.

When this sign of Ifá appears in IGBODU, the person must prepare OGUN for it, so that no one can harm him with OGUN. He will be successful in all the jobs he does, but this success will make enemies. In an ordinary record the
person must have his own Ifá and OGUN, or must serve Ifá with a crocodile and ESHU with a goat.

If Okana Ogunda appears in an ordinary record for a man, he is advised that he must have his own Ifá. And if you already have it, you should learn the practice of Ifá. If it appears for a woman, she should be warned to marry a Babalawo, or persuade her husband to have his own Ifá for mutual prosperity. In all cases the client must sacrifice with a pigeon, a hen, akará and ekó.

Prayer of the Odu Okana Ogunda:


Ebbo of the Oddun Okana Ogunda: 


It is put honey from bees, so that it takes the deceived ESHU to the house. When you enter the house, ESHU is told, everything here is for you. This is done because the enemy is invited to eat to neutralize it.

Okana Kakuin's artwork with ESHU and SHANGO:

ESHU is given jicotea and SHANGO is blown brandy.

EBO: rooster, chain, arrow, a bow, other ingredients, a lot of money.

EBO: rooster, 2 bananas, a bald Chinese stone, cabilla, other ingredients, a lot of money. After praying the head, corojo butter is spread on the stone and the cauldron and the person takes it home.

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Meaning of the Sign of Ifa Okana Ogunda

The Odu OKANA OGUNDA establishes the creation of the Earth. It is also a good time for new businesses or relationships, if you start them with caution.

The person has family members of Kimbisa (Palero). He is also a believer in his own way. The end of his life ends up wasted. It is inherited from a cauldron of garment.

Here Albita is given a black cat.

This Ifá talks about the Planets and the Spectral phenomena of the light of the Universe. The Rainbow was born. Ceremonies are held for the Astros. Sara Ekó is put to the Sun and the Moon and the Stars the Earth is refreshed.

Give dog, rooster, jicotea to OGUN to avoid dying in his hands. Add palm wine.

Although Ifá is guessed in twenty or thirty ways, the important thing is that salvation and satisfaction derive from the interpretation.

It is necessary to sacrifice with roosters and cherry to avoid risk of hunger.

Ifá marks prison and chains, war and disunity.

The wife should be careful with two husbands at the same time.

This Ifá marks the helplessness of the mother and child, by abandonment of the man and his death.

Beware of theft by intruders.

For this Odu you have to prepare your OGUN and strengthen it.

The Awó of this Odu must work Ifa or in his profession and not rest on his laurels, so that he rises to the peak of prosperity.

Here the gandío does not fight with the cook. Here speaks ESHU-ALAYIKI

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Okana Ogunda:

SHANGO's son who doubted he was his father.

There was a man whose situation was terrible in relation to the economy and his relationships with other people, and for that reason he went to see ORUNMILA.

This made him Osode and this Odu saw him and said; that all the evil he had was due to the neglect he had with SHANGO who was his father. That he had to give him two jicoteas and then cook them together with flour and okra and take him
all at the foot of a palm, calling SHANGO good.

That man did not believe what ORUNMILA told him and did nothing. His situation worsened to such an extent that he found himself wandering from one place to another without tranquility.

One day he met OGUN who told him that all his problems were due to him because he did not believe that he was the son of SHANGO, to which the man replied that if it was true that he was the son of SHANGO, he should prove it to him, saying this act.
then thundered, lightning struck in front of him.

The man convinced that he was the son of SHANGO knelt on the ground and asked his father's forgiveness for having doubted him and from that moment his luck began to change, to the extent that people who did not love him at first,
then they would render him Moforibale.

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Okana Ogunda Ifa Traditional


Òkànràn kangun kangun
Òkànràn kange kange
Bó lè kaángún kó kaángún
Bó le kange ko kange
Òrò tú bá kán Ogún
To moo kan Àádóta
A day fún Òrúnmìlà
Níjó ti n lo rèé fi Mórinéwà omo Arèsà sobìnrin
Òrúnmìlà ló fé Mórinéwá omo Aresà
Àwon méjèèjì n bá ayéé lo
Ngbà or di ojó kan
Mórinéwà aya Òrúnmìlà bá ní òún n lo
Ó lóun ò fé Òrúnmìlà mó
Àwon ebíi Mórinéwà sì ti mo Òrúnmìlà
Ti ón ti jo gbé gbéé gbé
Ngbà Òrúnmìlà so soo so
you or gbo
Òrúnmìlà bá ni kó móo lo
Bó ti pèyìn dà tán
Òrúnmìlà bá sòrò ìwúrí fun un
Ó lÓkànràn kangun kangun
Òkànràn kange kange
Bó lè kaángún kó kaángún
Bó le kange ko kange
Òrò tú bá kán Ogún
To moo kan Àádóta
A day fún Òrúnmìlà
Yóó fi Mórinéwà omo Aresà sobìnrin
Mórinéwà waá buse gàgà
Ó lóun ò fé Ifá mó
Ó lóun lo
Ifá ní bí bá n lo
Ó ní kó kí Eésà lÓmù
Ó ní bó bá wolé tán
Kó kí Ejemu lÓrópo
Kó kí Àgbìgbò kan Àgbìgbò kàn
Ti won n jeyìn ní Ìjèkí ilé
Ti wón fí n kí wón ní aáà ladè gún
Omo a rójú epo ponbe
Omo asènì epo gùdù gùdù lalo
Mórinewà ko hàáà
Àwon Baba òun náà lo ti kì tán yìí
Ifá pé ire eléyiun ò níí dànù
Mórinéwà bá padà sódò Òrúnmìlà.

Ifá wants this person to be well. He will live so long to be old. His good things will not elude him, but he must make sacrifice.

Òkànràn kangun kangun
Òkànràn kange kange
If it's about masquerades, let it be
If it's about the chest, let it be
Discussions between twenties
May involve fiftys
They made divination for Òrúnmìlà
On the day he was going to take Mórinéwà, Arèsà's daughter as his wife
Únrúnmìlà married Mórinéwà the daughter of Arèsà
They were both enjoying life
On a fatal day
Mórinéwà decided to divorce Òrúnmìlà
She said she no longer wanted Òrúnmìlà as her husband
When the Mórinéwà family found out
Òrúnmìlà for a very long time
They had previously related and lived with each other in harmony.
After they constantly appeased Òrúnmìlà She refused to buckle
Únrúnmìlà asked him to leave
Immediately she left
Òrúnmìlà said some words of prayer
He said Òkànràn kangún kangún
Òkànràn kange kange
If it's about masquerades, let it be
If it's about the chest, let it be
Discussions between twenties
May involve fiftys
They made divination for Òrúnmìlà
On the day he was going to take Mórinéwà, Arèsà's daughter as his wife
Mórinéwà later thought
She said she wanted to end her marriage
She said she wanted a divorce
Ifá told her that when she was dating
She must greet Chief Onísà in the city of Òmù
When entering your home
She must greet Chief Ejemu in the city of Orópo
She must greet the renowned Àgbìgbò family
The one who eats palm kernel oil in the city of Ìjèkí
That is what people do to refer to them in Aráà ladè gún
The son of 'A rójú epo pónbe'
The donor of palm oil in large quantities when returning from a trip
Surprised, Mórinéwà exclaimed
You have sung all the pseudonyms of my parents
Ifá says that this person's good fortune will not elude him
Mórinéwà returned as a result to mrúnmìlà's house.

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