Ojuani Osa (11-9): Meaning, Tips, Sayings and Stories

Ojuani Bosa - Ojuani Osa

Ojuani Osa is the Odu by which the GOLDEN deity came down to earth, this being his Isalaye, this is the sign # 100 of the hierarchical Order of Ifa. Here Orunmila recommends that we stay away from the path of violence, we must resolve our conflicts in a peaceful way so our path will always be calm and undisturbed.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Ojuani Osa?

  • The restlessness on Earth and the alteration of the nervous system.
  • THE Elephant tusk IROFA.
  • That Iyefá was made of many herbs.
  • It was where people did not want the ORUNMILA woman to give birth.
  • Ojuani Bosa speaks of the man who had many enemies for not being a native of the Earth where he lived.
  • Talk about the land of the Kings (MO-OBA)
  • ELEGBA does not eat jutía.

What is the sign Ojuani Osa talking about?

  • It is when the person looks poor, he remembers Ifa.
  • OBATALA cursed the land OBARA NI LAYE.
  • It was where ORO came down to Earth and is called ORISHA ARUFIN ODU ISALAYE
  • It was where the IROFA was changed.
  • OSUN saves the life of the Awoses.
  • The main herb is Salvia.
  • The person offers and does not comply.
  • It was where ARONI consecrated OLUWO OSANYIN and ORUNMILA had to help him.
  • It is where ORUNMILA enforces the word of men and women.

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Recommendations of the Ojuani Osa sign:

This Odu speaks of the need to have courage to tackle conflicts that may have or come from new relationships. The person must take care of a relationship with a person in need.

This sign indicates a lawsuit by a person who tried to kill himself and blames you.

Here the person should not go out after 12 at night. The people of this Odu have great spiritual protections, just as bad eyes are the causes of all the bad things they suffer.

The Ifá sign Ojuani Osa predicts the birth of a child and for it to arrive safely, it has to do EBO, it is not something that drowns at birth, because there are those who are interested that it is not born. When the child is born, you have to give him the warriors and ORUNMILA, to remove the curse and the dragging that he brings because of the bad deeds that they did to the mother so that he would not succeed.

This was where people did not want the ORUNMILA woman to give birth.

Here the person does not hear advice and that is why he takes jobs. Also the person promises both to the Saints and to others and does not comply.

Here you have to feed a deceased who is grieving.

A sick person has to be cured with whatever you indicate. When that person takes you to another sick person to be cured, tell him to go and see the doctor, lest he die and you find yourself in a big problem with justice.

For this sign, you have to be careful with sexual diseases.

For this Ifá, OSHUN is angry with the person. They are all bad, because he who does not have one thing suffers from another. You do not comply with OSHUN.

Here you have to respect AZOJUANO (San Lázaro)

You must beg your head to counteract bad influences. You have to cross the child and do EBO so that he does not die.

Ojuani Bosa predicts struggles with her spouse's relatives, because they do not agree with this relationship.

Avoid tragedies because there will be blood and trouble of justice.

Here the secrets cannot be told to anyone, if you do, you will lose your luck.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Ojuani Osa:

  • He enjoys the sweet life.
  • To avoid embarrassment, be prudent and wise like ants.
  • Going to bed and getting up early, make health and energy in man.
  • My power is in the Ceiba, the night and the river.
  • The ambition of man brings death insurance.
  • When offers are not fulfilled, one lives in shame.

Ifa Code of Ethics of odu Ojuani Bosa:

The Awó washes his hands before eating, so that his own witchcraft does not harm him.

Ifa Ojuani Osa says:

That the cause that everything yours is left half is because you have many eyes on you. On the way a son comes to him and for him to get well he has to do Ebó, don't let him be drowning. You don't want to hear advice. Feed a grieving deceased. You have to heal a sick person with whatever you give him; That person after he is well will bring another person to cure him, but if you do not pray, instead of curing him, he will die, if he does, he will face justice problems. You have a pawned garment.

He's very silly when he's sleeping. You caught an illness at a party or got out of bed barefoot. You have very bad legs and your period is not working well. All the husbands that you have had, always want or have wanted you to work for them and, for that reason, they have never advanced. Sometimes he wants to go out and then regrets it. In your house there is a sick child who makes a lot of noise, feed his head. There is a plague in his house. Don't be a liar. Be careful, they are putting dirt on the door of the house, that is the regret that comes in
when you want to go out.

You have to cross the child. His enemies will not let him lift his head. You are not well received with several of your relatives. You are three friends. Avoid tragedy, as there is iron in the middle. You are too burdened by so many problems that you face in your life and many times the desire to continue fighting and even to live is taken away from you. You should not go out after 12 at night. You are a person with great spiritual protections. Respect AZOJUANO and comply with him. You cannot tell your secrets to anyone, because if you do, you will lose. You have to be careful with sexual diseases.

OSHUN is angry with you. Your son has justice problems. You have received a false testimony, do Ebo so that it turns out well. You will meet an old lover on your way, who has luck and money. He is the son of OBATALA.

Prayer of the Odu Ojuani Bosaso:


Suyere Oddun Ojuani Bosa:


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Ebbo of the Odu Ojuani Osa:

Inshé for the memory of Ojuani Bosa.

In a white cloth bag, add 7 leaves of white sage and 7 leaves of purple or coastal sage. These are passed around the board first, praying the Odu. 7 silver realitos are thrown into the bag, a little mouse, ero, obi, kolá. With this the Awó is cleaned well and the inshé is buried, giving it the blood of a white pigeon pigeon.

Iyefá of the sign Ojuani Osa.

In this Odu was born that the Iyefá that was used was made only with Ifá leaves and with that the Awó OJUANI BOSA lived.

The Awó of this Odu will always have anthill land to throw out the Eshu that there are, so that they walk and serve the people.

The Awó of this Odu cannot stop throwing the sage herb in his plants or consecrations (The sage is the Ewé Uro).

SUYERES of OSANYIN for this Odu.


Inshé for the heart.

Two hens are given to ORUNMILA, 2 quails to SHANGO, 2 Jimaguas shells are sought. The hearts of the two chickens from ORUNMILA and the two quails from SHANGO are taken. The OSANYIN charcoal is taken from a pot of Omiero de Ifá, ero, obi, kolá, obi motiwao, Iyefá del Odu, dog's head, from jutía, moruro and Ceiba sticks. The two shells are filled with these ingredients and lined with red cloth and chalked or embroidered with beads from all the Oshas.

This inshé eats together with SHANGO and ORUNMILA, and sometimes he eats banana with OLOKUN.

Ojuani Bosaso's work to get rid of the bad.

Malvaté is crushed with cocoa butter, Iyefá is thrown on the board, praying it and it is added to that paste.

He is given a pigeon and will be smeared in the morning upon waking up

Meaning of the oddun of Ifa Ojuani Osa:

Here the person, even if he is older, has little foundation and must change his attitude towards life, because he is no longer a child.

Here the woman: she has a bad leg and her menstruation is not going well. The men you have had have wanted you to work for them. That is the cause they were traversed by while they were by his side.

This Odu speaks of the man who had many enemies because he was not native to the land where he lived and was the head of all of them.

The land MO OBA (land of Kings) speaks, a place where many Santeros were born, who envied one who, not being from there, was the King, so they tried to do him a lot of harm. He was very serious and prestigious, because he knew a lot, but he was very stubborn and that was his misfortune.

Ojuani Osa is an Ifá of Crowns.

This Odu says: When the donkey is put on more burden than it can bear, it refuses to walk.

You are already burdened by so many problems that you face in your life and many times the desire to continue fighting and even to live is taken away from you.

Here you put bunch of bananas like Adimu to the Orisha Shango.

Here Elegua does not eat jutía, unless Osobo comes and then it is given together with EGUN.

In this Ifá, Malvaté is crushed with cocoa butter, Iyefá is added to it, blood is given to it and a paste is prepared to be spread in the morning when getting up.

Here all eyes are on you, that's why you're dirty.

Here ELEGBA is put on a rooster's tail duster that he ate, chalked in black and white thread, Iyefá is added and it is hung over ELEGBA.

The Awó of this Odu became obsessed with the work of OSANYIN to cure the sick and forgot Ifa and lost his luck.

In this Sign, GOLD came down to Earth and was called ORISHA ARUFIN. That is why this Odu is the GOLDEN Isalaye.

This Orisha had to come down to Earth to control the criminals, bandits and murderers of Earth.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Ojuani Bosa:


In the land of ARINTARO there lived a Queen named IGAN IDAN, who after the death of her husband AKINORO, was exiled and persecuted, having to flee along the river bank, hiding in the red mangroves. And, by dint of living among them, she was left naked, she lost all her clothes.

One day, when OGUN and SHANGO, who were woodcutters and hunters respectively, were near the coast and saw an apparition among the mangroves. And they said: Look at that woman. And she, covering herself with what little clothes she had left, came out and explained what was wrong with her. So they took her and took her and hid where the river meets the sea.

They went to where INLE was, they asked him for a fishing net. Then SHANGO took the quail feathers he carried from his bag and placed them between the mesh lattice. With this he covered OSHUN IGAN IDAN and led her into the cave to hide it from his enemies. Then they told him: -You will only come out with the noise of the cowbell of OGGUN and the SHANGO hunting horn.

Her enemies were eagerly seeking her. One day they organized an expedition and when they reached the mangroves and saw that, they said: It is an apparition, and they fled in terror. Her allies, eager to find her, became Bear at the foot of ORUNMILA, where Ebó marked them with: 5 green silk scarves, 2 Carmelite hens, cornet, cowbell and an IGAN, a triangle to call. In addition, that that Ebó was taken next to a mangrove forest and that they played the instruments there when they played the Ebó.

The allies came playing and singing: - «We want to see the mother». Then an apparition came out of the cave, covered in a mesh full of snails and quail feathers. And no one dared to come. But ORUNMILA, who had followed them with his IROFA, raised the mesh and said: It is Queen IGAN IDAN, to which OGUN and SHANGO, who were arriving at that moment, replied: No, from now on it is called IBU AKUARO.

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Ojuani Osa Ifa Traditional Nigerian


Now i'm ilé i'm
Balùwè níí se ilé òtútù
A day fún Láàrágbàgàsá omoyè Olórun
Wón ní ó rbo kó lè baà túbi láyé
Òun le tobi layé báyìí?
Wón ní kó ru eyin adìe
Láyé ijóhun
Méjì yes ni eyin adìe móo pa
Ló bá ru eyin adìe
Láàrágbàgàdà là´pé ile
Nínú omi ni ilè ti I jáde
Wón ní ibi tí ilè gbé jáde láti inú omi
Wón ní kí wón ó lòó bu yanrìn nibè
Kí wón ó sì gbón ìyè Ifá yìí yes I
Kí won ó lòó ri gbogbo è mó balùwè
Won't he
Nígbà tí eyin adìe bé pèé
Ó mú omo méjì jáde
Okán jé Àkùko oníka marùún
Èèkejì jé abo oníka marùún
Àwon adìe bá bèrè sií so ilè
Wón n pamo lórí ile
Àwon adìe oníka marùún yìí sì tanlè tanlè
Àwon ni ón le omi dé ibi táa wà
Níjó ti adìe ò bá so ilè mó
Ojó náà ni ilè or kàákò
Ilè òhún ni adìe n tàn tee dòni
Neither wón wá n jo nor wón n yò
Wón ní béè làwon Babaláwo tàwón wí
Now i'm ilé i'm
Balùwè níí se ilé òtútù
A day fún Láàrágbàgàsá omoyè Olòrun
Wón ní ó rbo kó lè baà túbi láyé
Láàrágbàgàdà gbébo nbè ó rbo
Riru ebo
Èèrù àtùkèsù
E wo Ifa ojóhun Bi Ti n
Bádìe tí n tanlè
Nile n fe lo!

Ifá in Ojuani Osa advises this person to offer sacrifice so that he becomes a great man. A hen with five fingers is the sacrifice. If he cannot get that type of hen, Ifá accepts 5 hens with one egg. This egg should be buried in a bath and the ìyèrosùn should be sprinkled on it before covering it with soil.

An abandoned house is a house where feces parade
A bathroom is the coolest part of the house
They prophesied Ifá for Láàrágbàgàdà, the descendant of God
She was advised to offer sacrifice to become a great person on earth
She had been wondering if she would be great on earth
She was advised to offer chicken eggs
In previous days
A hen had hatched two eggs
She offered those two eggs
Láàrágbàgàdà is an alias for mother earth
The one that came out of the water
She was advised to go find some place where the earth would come out of any river
They advised him to go and collect some dirt from there
And pour ìyèrosùn there
Then everything must be buried in a bath
They did exactly as advised
When the chicken eggs hatched
The chickens would come out of it
One with five fingers
The two chickens would start to scatter the land
And they will be raised in the same land
The five-toed chicken scatters and scatters the earth
They claimed the land from the ocean to where we are today
In the day the chickens would stop to spread the land
Mother earth would contract
This is the same land that chickens spread to date
They began to dance and rejoice
They said it was exactly as their Babaláwos had predicted
An abandoned house is a house where feces parade
A bathroom is the coolest part of the house
They prophesied Ifá for Láàrágbàgàdà, the descendant of God
He was advised to offer sacrifice to become a great person on earth.
Láàrágbàgàdà heard about the sacrifice and did
Offering sacrifices
And giving his part to Èsù
Come and see the other day's fortune telling that was true
Like the chickens that spread the land
The land remains expanded.

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