Otrupon Bekonwa

otrupon bekonwa

What is born in the odu of Ifa Otrupon Bekonwa?

  • I touch my chest for SHANGO, as he touches it for me.
  • A good with a bad pays off.
  • That OTRUPON BEKONWA was so bad that they didn't want it in Heaven.
  • The slave of AÑA.
  • That the bad thing he did once does not repeat it so he does not lose.
  • The pirate Awó.
  • That every year he gives Abó to SHANGO to avoid embolism (Great EBBO).
  • The cat with gloves.
  • Do all the good you can for luck.
  • Born: Los Corsarios.
  • This sign is put on the floor, ORUNMILA is given food and licks the food until everything is destroyed.
  • The spirit of AÑA ONI SHANGO.
  • ILU BATA and ILU KATO, drums from SHANGO.
  • Give unyén to the three Batá drums: Yobi aña, Iya tolokún aña, Itolele omelé.
  • Just playing SHANGO with the Batá drum.
  • The secret marks of the Iyá in the major and minor mouth.
  • That the sorcerer does not let the person go forward.
  • That the Odu gives attributions of Power and Force, is used to destroy the Arayé.
  • The bogie wheel was invented.

What is the sign Otrupon Bekonwa talking about?

  • SHANGO ate mockingbird.
  • SHANGO invented the bogie.
  • Receive the drum.
  • The execution of the famous acrobat boy, son of OLOFIN, and the forgiveness of his father.
  • That the Omo of the Odu does not eat canistel.
  • It forbids the Awó of the Odu to live with Omo of OSHUN.
  • The spider web.
  • The spider's war with the flies and the turtle.
  • Born: That OTRUPON BEKONWA was not wanted in Heaven.
  • Here: You don't eat star apple because it chills your belly.
  • Do not eat peanuts, beans, okra and red mamey
  • Head praying is done with a sea turtle, as it beat the flies with EBBO.
  • It is YOKO OSHA or IFA, it does not go around with wooden clothes.
  • The sign serves to obtain owó through works with igba and black akukó (By YEMAYA and the outsiders).
  • The tiger stayed under the stone to do favors.
  • No favors are done.
  • SHANGO steals two sachets of ogue from OLOFIN.
  • The ekuté carry the message of Inkán Ogú.
  • ORULA covered the letter to OLOFIN that SHANGO was a thief.

The Otrupon Ogbe sign points out:

  • The drummer threw puja, he didn't do EBBO, he played but it didn't sound, embarrassment.
  • The leather of the drum came loose.
  • ELEGBA and yams must be drummed.
  • OSHUN was a witch and she bewitched her husband SHANGO to have him by her side.
  • The spider, the archer and the Baobá speak.
  • Awó Ponlá builds the drum.
  • It was played with Guiro.
  • ORISHAOKO must be received.
  • Here: ORUN ABOROTOLA speaks in the form of EGGUN AFEFE LAYE.
  • The disease is: Abdomen, lungs, stroke, paralysis, memory loss, impotence, vector disease.
  • ADASILE KOSILE stays for Ogú (Impotence).
  • OSHUN was angry with SHANGO for YEMAYA.
  • Canistel is not eaten, OSHUN's favorite.
  • The pirates leave the loot of owó for YEMAYA.
  • Paraldo is made with ORUN.
  • OSAIN is received.
  • The person can be imprisoned.
  • The SHANGO dancer's commitment is ax on the back and red cloth at the waist.
  • You don't eat yams.
  • The Eweses are canistel and drum stick.

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Recommendations and Advice of the sign Otrupon Bekonwa (Ogbe):

Take care of lectospirosis and vector-borne diseases.

An air can twist and be deformed for life, speak the deformation and the column and base of the head.

He has no brothers or companions, they can usurp the throne, there is a group brotherhood. He himself can betray his closest people, including the Father or Godfather.

OTRUPON BEKONWA was so bad that they didn't want it in Heaven.

Merchandise is sold through the black economy, the product of robberies, assaults and force on things, as the corsairs did, it is the Odu of garbage.

You must give Abo (ram) to SHANGO, to avoid disease.

The thief is in his house, he will catch him setting a trap (SHANGO and OLOFIN).

Ifá of pilgrimage, make a cart with 4 wheels and feed it akukó with SHANGO, it is washed with omiero de aragbá, the spirit of this cart is ORUN ABOROTEFA EGGUN AFEFE LAYE.

The bad thing you did once, don't repeat it (SHANGO stole OLOFIN twice and get caught)

There is an evil spirit that harms the person.

There may be losses from not getting things done on time.

Someone hurts him with Ogú.

Be careful with being intoxicated and speak or do what is not your job and that will harm you.

You cannot walk with garments, or spirits, but with the Saint.

Ceremonies are made in the palm.

Be less trusting, more reserved and more believing so that you do not drag the cross that you carry, take the one who offers you the greatest sincerity, a friend out of envy can kill you and you will not be the first, because you have already done it again .

When Abo is given to SHANGO it is said:

ABO NILE EBBO NIYE AKUMAO ABO NIYA OKUMA, the EBBO of the ram is the largest ever made.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Otrupon Bekonwa:

  • Do good and do not look at who.
  • From a prince he becomes a slave.
  • The bad thing you did once, don't repeat it.

Says Ifa Otrupon Bekonwao:

Beware of stealing from close people who visit your home and at a door you can discover. Do not have empty cages to cover the prison letter. Your friend is your enemy. Don't do favors that are not appreciated. You don't appreciate what is done to you either. Attend your dreams, they favor you. Avoid displeasure in marriage. Give the Saints a drum. Respect the alien. Avoid going to the field.

Do all the good you can to bring luck to you. Don't try to kill anyone even if provoked. Beg your head and give a ram to SHANGO to avoid the disease. Work and fight to avoid misery, leave the holidays. Do not eat covered foods or drinks without knowing the source.

Prayer of the Odu Baba Otrupon Ogbe:


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Ebbo of the Odu Otrupon Bekonwa Ifa:

Paraldo from OTRUPON OGBE.

1 egg, 3 dolls, asho ará, ekú, eyá, epó, otí, ori, agbadó, carob, poplar, aberikunló, 1 clay pot, 1 osiadié, 2 eyelé, the three fabrics, three ataná, 1 obi, in the black cloth is painted OTRUPON BEKONWAO and OTURA NIKO, an aberikunló cross is put on and after three days for the street. Then he takes three flower baths and one with clear water.

Work of the sign of Ifa Otrupon bekonwa to obtain owó.

1 pound of salcochado carita bean, take a gourd and paint this sign on it; Epo is thrown on it, it is passed around the board and prays, Iyefá is thrown at it, the body is cleaned with a black rooster and it is quartered alive, it gets raw in the Igba on the above. The Igba is carried to the mountain with 1 hand and with the other it is distributing its content to all sides, saying: UMBO BOGBO ORISHA, EGGUN NAYE IGBO FUMI OPOLOPO OWO that says: Have all the Saints and dead of the mountain, and give me money .

The Igba stays in the bush. 

Meaning of the Sign of Ifa Otrupon Bekonwa

That the highest compromising conflict in the house is brought by a daring and conflictive child.

Do all the good you can for luck.

If he is Awó, he must make a drum and play in the house, as well as sing "EMI SOO ​​OBADOSO MONIJERENIYE".

The Odu indicates that the power of the ONI SHANGO is null if it does not have the four sacred and secret things that are the Odu Ará, the Sword, the Pylon and its Drum.

The father or superior gives his life for the son after he betrays him, and even takes his place after being rescued as a prisoner.

The person is lazy, he just likes to have fun and has no home and robs the Major after he takes him in.

Beware of a ridiculous party or gig, for not believing in ORUNMILA and Los Santos. SHANGO, YEMAYA and ORISHAOKO bring luck.

Rodents are the ones that transmit diseases, it must be used as a counterpart in religious elements and specific works.

In the Odu the Batá drums are consecrated.

Inshé de OSAIN should be used with tiger skin as a lining and loaded with eweses aberikunló, carob, poplar, marigold, bitter broom, always alive, stone, needle, hook, three tie, white and black cloth, and the other ingredients that ORUNLA says , for protection and avoid INKAN OGU.

The drums loosen, there may be impotence.

For being a greedy and greedy, he loses everything.

You must use your ruse, intelligence, cunning and the cooperation of others to achieve your goals.

The fox and the tiger are the characteristic animals of the sign.

Take care of the agreements you make, as it can cost you dearly or pay the debt incurred for life.

He must pay attention to dreams and their importance, to his origin, which will reveal saving solutions.

It is an Ifá of well-being in agriculture and advanced development in commerce. It must be supported by SHANGO, ORISHAOKO and ORUN.

The couple can be a witchcraft person, who applies them all in order to retain the lost love.

To recover or strengthen memory, Afoshé de Peto de Ayapá must be made ground with honey and eyelé al lerí, as well as taking the testicles of ELEGBA's Ounko for the impotence produced by Ogú.

The person loses everything because of pride, presumptuousness and atheism. He is selfish, self-sufficient and ungrateful and self-neglected.

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Odu Otrupon Bekonwao Ifa Code of Ethics:

The Awó does not seek his fortune in someone else's house.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Otrupon Bekonwa:

The wheel of OTRUPON OGBE

ORUMBOTI AWO was an Awó from ORUNMILA, who lived near OYE. He had his house at the foot of a ceiba tree, where he used to divine people and worship his father ORISHAOKO, in that land that was a land of traffickers. They had to transport the merchandise on the back of animals and they could carry only what the animal could bear. ORUMBOTI AWO suffered a lot when he saw that his land was getting poorer, because the merchandise could not be shipped.

One day, he was called by OYO's Oni, which was Oni SHANGO, to guess a problem he had there. He saw this Ifá and told him that he had to feed SHANGO and ORISHAOKO.

Then he saw that there were some large boxes that dragged horses and buffaloes, which transported the goods in those boxes and he thought that this could help those of his land.

When he fed SHANGO and ORISHAOKO, he fed his leri, falling asleep. In dreams ORUN ABOROTOLA appeared to him, in the form of EGUN AFEFE LAYE, who told him to look at what he was going to teach him: he showed him a round thing and said: «This, together with the boxes they make on this earth It will help you to perfect what you need in your land so that they do not become impoverished ».

When ORUMBOTI woke up, he saw his Ifá, which was OTRUPON OGBE, for which he had 4 round objects made, with which he made EBO and nailed them to the four ends of those large boxes that OYO had. With that, he saw that those boxes moved without difficulty, transporting the merchandise. Then he began to sing:


OTRUPON OGBE thanked ORUN and SHANGO, and rode on what he had perfected and which turned out to be the CARRIAGE. He took him to his land, making him known to men, to make them useful in the trade and the traffic of goods that men used in the market, where OGBE OTRUPON was always worshiped as the one he gave to the people of Ifá and OYO the use of the cart with the wheels.

NOTE: SHANGO created the cart box and OTRUPON OGBE was the one who created the wheels for the perfection of the cart, which brought well-being to the land of agriculture and commerce, where SHANGO and ORISHAOKO should always be worshiped in this Ifá , and swear in ORUN with firmness of EGUN AFEFE LAYE.

Otrupon Bekonwa Ifa Traditional Nigerian


Òtúrú ní n pon Mógbè
Mógbè ni n pon Igbá
A day fun Igbá
Tì n looko àì leè ródún
Ebo n won ni or se
Òun le bí omo báyìí?
Wón nire omo fún un
Wón ní yóó bìí omo pupò
Igbà bá rubo
Ó doko àì leè ródún
Ló bá bèrè sií bímo
Layé ba ye Igba
N ní wá n jó ní wá n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Òtúrú ní n pon Mógbè
Mógbè ni n pon Igbá
A day fun Igbá
Tì n looko àì leè ródún
Níjó tí n fomi ojúú sògbérè omo
Wón ní yóó bímo lópòlopò
Ebo n won ni or se
Igbá gbébo nbè
Ó rubo
Riru ebo
Èèrù ètùkèsù
E wáá bá ni ní jèbútú omo
Jèbútú omo làá bá ni lésè Oba Òrìsà.

Ifá predicts the blessing of children for this person. He will have many children, but he must offer sacrifice for his earthly enemies who may attack his children.

It is Òtúrú who tied Mógbè to his back
Mógbè tied the pumpkin
They were the ones who consulted the Pumpkin
When I went to the annual planting
They advised him to make sacrifice
'Will I have children on earth?'
They assured him the good fortune of children
That he would have many children on earth
The Pumpkin made the sacrifice
He came to the farm from the annual cycle
And she started giving birth to her children
Life pleased the Pumpkin
He began to dance and rejoice
He was praising his Babaláwos
His Babaláwos were praising Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwos had said
It is Òtúrú who tied Mógbè to his back
Mógbè tied the pumpkin
They were the ones who consulted the Pumpkin
When I went to the annual planting
On the day that he was crying because he had no children
They assured him that he would have many children
But he must make the sacrifice for sons
The Pumpkin heard about the sacrifice
And he did it
Offering sacrifices
And giving his portion to Èsù
Come and meet us with the good fortune of children
It is with the good fortune of children that one finds oneself at the feet of the king of Òrìsà.

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  1. I consider my sign to be very strong but it doesn't describe me completely but about the memory loss I'm 22 years old I turn twice and I don't know where I left the key

    1. Ine good afternoon.
      I am bekonwao in ifa. I am 33 years old and I know what is being expressed. I can only tell you that to counteract that you can do the work of head rotation with a white dove and a jicotea breastplate. May it be as beneficial to you as it is to me. Igboru igboya igbosheshe

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