Iwori Boshe: What does it mean, sayings, tips, says Ifa and more

Iwori Oshe

Iwori Boshe is the combination between the Older Odu Iwori and Oshe and corresponds to the sign number 60 in the lordly Order of Ifa, it talks about centralizing the former forces in a single activity, since by wanting to do or dominate several activities we end up neglecting the ones that really we they give some benefit. A single head cannot rule two separate lands.

Ifá says in Iwori Oshe that the person to whom this odu is revealed must offer the sacrifice to have healthy children and that nothing bad happens to them.

Other names for Iwori Oshe:

Iwori Boshe.

In the odu Iwori Oshe is born:

  • The loss of the head.
  • The saying "One head cannot rule two lands."
  • Feed OSHUN at the head of the rivers - springs -
  • Here: It is an Ifá of imperfections.
  • The bug fell on the banana. Talk about serious illnesses.
  • Egun is fed and ORUNMILA is placed next to him.
  • They speak ITA and IROLE, who are Orishas of ARA-ONU and are ancestors of the river.

The Iwori Boshe sign points out:

  • It was where ORUNMILA told OSHUN that he would never be short of money.
  • Iwori Boshe is a sign of money and luck, of vices and evil diseases.
  • Talk about a woman of light conduct (bretera)
  • Talk about wars, robberies, plunder, vices.
  • Foreign money is trafficked.

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Recommendations of the Iwori Boshe sign:

For this Ifá, the person has great problems in his head, because ambition can lead him to perdition or even death.

Here children cannot be raised spoiled or spoiled, so that they do not get lost.

Here, if the mother is deceased, she prays for you and will grant you great powers. But if ambition dominates him, that will be his undoing.

To save Awó IWORI BOSHE, you have to feed Odu a dove and 9 doves to his mother's Egun, so that she will forgive him. Also so that he does not lose his head, a cane must be prepared topped with a carving of the head of a woman or a man, depending on the case, and loaded, then that cane is buried.

The pigeons are given to the stick after it is loaded. A rooster and a hen are given to all the Eguns, calling them all with a certain suyere (see the path).

In this Ifá, it was necessary to feed OSHUN at the head of the river - spring -, to break what was holding the person.

This is an Ifá of imperfections.

Here the spiritual protections of the Mother are what give him the luck to enjoy. Here the mother must receive IKOFAFUN to solve a major health problem.

Here you cannot have two houses or two women, because when the principal finds out, she will shut up and pay you with the same coin. And when you find out, it will be a long time since others knew about it, and you will be embarrassed.

For this Ifá, the Godfather has to take care of the godson IWORI BOSHE, because he may be an invader who will rob you or try to make you work for him, or corrupt your other godchildren. Awó IWORI OSHE can have everything from the Godfather.

Here the bug fell on the banana. Talk about serious diseases, for having a corrupt life.

Here the person, if he engages in drink or drugs, will go crazy.

This Odu speaks of diseases acquired by leading a licentious life and of pleasures. You cannot have friendships or contacts with drug addicts, drinkers, effeminates, or thieves that lower your morale before society.

Here foreign money is trafficked.

Iwori Boshe Sayings:

  • A single head cannot rule two separate lands.
  • He who does not keep the oath loses his head.
  • Extravagance brings poverty.
  • Never leave the true for the doubtful.
  • Money makes you stop believing in God.

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Iwori Oshe: 

The Awó does not raise spoiled or spoiled children so that they do not get lost.

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Iwori Boshe bans:

  • For this Ifá, Egun and ORUNMILA are fed alongside.
  • This Ifá speaks of war, robbery, spoil, vices and infectious diseases.
  • For this Ifá, the person has not made a Saint or Ifá with his Godfather, since they have separated him from it.
  • Because of this Odu, the woman can have problems with her menstruation and cannot beget.
  • In Iwori Boshe, the person only thinks about money and stops believing in religion.
  • For this Ifá it is forbidden to leave the true for the doubtful.
  • Here the mother suffers from a disease that can only be cured at the foot of ORUNMILA.

What is the Iwori Boshe sign talking about?

  • Here ORUNMILA told OSHUN that as long as the world is a world, the sand of the river would be his money. That is why OSHUN is never short of money and is the richest in the world.
  • For this Ifá, you have to get up early and greet OSHUN. This is an Ifá of money and luck, of vices and evil diseases.
  • Here you have to take a good look at who is given to the children to take care of them, it is not something that they are mistreated or that they see the wrong things, and learn bad things before their time.
  • Because of this Odu, you should not live up high, as there may be falls or collapses and you may be killed, due to poor house conditions.
  • Here the person likes gambling but is not happy. This will be your undoing.
  • You have to worry about your work so that you don't get thrown away, because they are envious of you.
  • This Ifá speaks of a woman who is a woman, everyone repudiates her for her bad ways.
  • You have to take care of a woman who visits the house and is going to be upset because of another woman, because of jealousy.
  • For a man: There is a woman older than him, who does not like him and it suits him, because she is very lucky.
  • For the sign of Ifa Iwori Boshe, we must give thanks to: OSHUN, ORUNMILA and YEMAYA.
  • This Ifá says that someone is cursing him.
  • The Saints say that you are satisfied with what you have, that there are others who have less and wait for you to have.
  • Because of this sign, you have to take care of a lame person who has bad will at you and is throwing bad things at you or is muttering badly about you.
  • When a dog approaches you, wave your hand.
  • You have a mistake with a Saint.
  • Here the person is scared by something that they have said.
  • Here the woman lives in love with herself, that's why she looks so much in the mirror.

Says Ifa Iwori Oshe:

That he has a fright because of a news that comes to him. You want to see one of your family who is far away.

You really like the game of interest, do not play, that is your misfortune, be satisfied with what you have. Never leave the true for the doubtful. He is in charge of a place, they want to hurt him out of envy to take away his job. Where he lives there is a woman who is scandalizing, singing and throwing pujas; ignore him because you will be disgraced. -She is the daughter of OSHUN and has good luck.

The neighbors fight with her and say that she is a witch. Thank YEMAYA and OSHUN. There is a person who curses him. When a dog approaches you, wave your hand. Pay the OSHINSHIN you owe to OSHUN. -You. you don't know how, here is a mistake with a Saint; MAFEREFUN OLOKUN and YEMAYA.

You must be satisfied with what you have, it is not going to be a thing that you leave what you have for something bad.-None of those who claim you is like your husband.

For the woman, she lives in love with herself and should not look so much in the mirror. You should not live high and if you have to live, see the state or conditions of the house because you can fall and kill yourself.

Beware of malignant diseases, as they can be acquired by leading a licentious and pleasurable life. You can not have friends or contact with drug addicts, drinkers or effeminates or thieves that lower your morale before the
society. You have to be begging your head periodically so that you do not go crazy

You cannot drink alcoholic beverages. Do not traffic with foreign money because you may be imprisoned, you cannot
having two women, much less two houses, because at any moment you will lose everything and have an embarrassment.

Prayer of the Odu Iwori Oshe:


Suyere of the Iwori Boshe Sign:


Iwori Boshe's Ebbo:

To resolve situations:

IYE -dust- is made with the head, heart and legs of Tiñosa and Banana with Iyefá praying on the board with the following athena: OSHE TURA, IWORI BOSHE, OTURA SHE. And the 16 Mejis, to blow where you go to solve the problem.

To break with what was holding the person:

You have to feed OSHUN at the head of the river, at the springs.
INSHE-OSANYIN for women:
Earthworm, tiger hair, birds, muleteer, parrot feather, carpenter's feather, sticks: victor, yaya,
Moruro, open the way, change voice; powder for love, lodestone, ero, obi, kolá, Iyefá del Odu.

Herbs (Ewe) of the Odu Iwori Oshe:


Change Voice.

Open the way.

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Patakie of the Iwori Oshe sign:

To not find the way of Death.

In the land of Ifá, there was a King who had many important businesses and had a friend, named ALAYEKI, who was the one who practically ruled. Also, this monarch had many slaves, but there was one who did not agree with what ALAYEKI was doing with the King's family.

The King died one day, leaving three small children, a female who was the eldest and two males. ALAYEKI remained in charge of the Kingdom upon the death of the King. At the end of time, the children of the late King were already grown and one day the slave called the female, telling her that he did not agree with the form of government of ALAYEKI, since she was the oldest of the three. In addition, he told him in the way he did business with his Father, the late King, and the authority that he maintained over him.

It so happened that one day ALAYEKI noticed the King's daughter and wanted her. But she did not accept it and in revenge she gave him almost nothing for her support and that of her brothers. One day, the slave, not being able to take it any longer, said to the young woman: Don't cry anymore, OLOFIN is going to do justice very soon.

At night, the slave consulted with OSANYIN what he intended to do, and he answered yes. ALAYEKI was already taking extremes with this slave, since she saw him one day talking to the daughter of the late King and thought that she had not corresponded because she was influenced by the slave, so, from that moment, the strongest jobs were he ordered this one to be carried out.

One day, ALAYEKI wanted to put his room and his secret up high, which he ordered the slave to do. So this slave made the upper floor of palm boards, but the crossbars that supported the boards were made of the finest wild cane he could find, tied with yam vines, the kind he had planted where Eshu lived. Under this deck he placed a large number of stones left by the late monarch, who negotiated with them before he died.

Seven days after working on this building, the slave went to the river bank, where he begged his head, and the next day he told ALAYEKI that the work was finished. And when he went to inspect it, he climbed to the upper floor, it gave way under his weight, falling headlong onto the stones below, dying almost instantly. Then the daughter of the late King assumed the government of the kingdom, giving freedom to this slave, who while he lived was his faithful advisor.

When SHANGO respected AGAYU and OSHUN.

OSHUN lived with SHANGO and he put him through a lot of work and gave him some tremendous beatings and made him work for him.

Tired of the life that SHANGO made her lead, she went one day to the river bank, which had been her home, and met a big and strong man, who promised her love. This was AGAYU.

She, upset by that bearing of virile strength and his overwhelming words, when she returned to the house she kept thinking about him and the next day she met AGAYU again, whom, upon requesting her again, she could not resist the siege. and fell into his arms.

Thus passed the time, in which both lovers gored SHANGO, until one day he surprised them and a war broke out between SHANGO and AGAYU for the possession of OSHUN.

AGAYU went to see ORUNMILA, who saw this Ifá and said: KAFEREFUN OSHUN, marked EBO and told AGAYU: For everything to return to normal, you have to invoke two Orishas of ARA-ONU who are the ancestors from the river, which are called IROLE and ITA, which will help you.

AGAYU did so. With the two roosters of the EBO, he reached the river bank and invoked these two Orishas. ITA came from a bush in Jagüey and IROLE from a bush in Algarrobo. AGAYU made a pact with them and they gave him the power to be invincible. He demonstrated his power on earth, which SHANGO respected. And so AGAYU and OSHUN were able to continue living in the river with peace of mind.

Iwori Boshe Ifa Traditional


Ìwòrì wówó wówó
Ìwòrì wósù wósù
Ìwòrì wósù kóo túó wàwo Òyìnbó
A day fún Aláròóbò
A bù fun baba Olóko
Wón ní wón ó rbo
Baba Olóko n tajàa rè
Àwon aláróóbò n rà
Baba olóko ba n wo ìdí aláròóbò
Kò wo ojà ti n tà mó
Ìwòrì wówó wówó
Ìwòrì wósù wósù
Ìwòrì wósù kóo túó wàwo Òyìnbó
A day fún Aláròóbò
A bù fun baba Olóko
Tée ta gbogbo ojà nítàkutà tán
Ni ón bá n korin fun baba olóko
E è wowó lóóko ò
E e woowó lóóko ò
È n wòdí aláròóbò or
E è wowó lóóko ò.

Ifá predicts in Iwori Boshe, all good fortunes for this person. He must be careful with women and refrain from their friendship so they do not derail him. He should not look at women in a seductive way in order for him to be able to bring his wealth home, and in a way that women will not take all his money from him. A ceramic plate filled with kola nuts is the sacrifice.

Ìwòrì see the money
Ìwòrì see your menstrual period
Ìwòrì see your menstrual period before looking at the White plate
They made divination for the market woman
And for the farmer
They both advised to make the sacrifice
The farmer was selling his wares
Market women bought it
The farmer was then enthralled seeing the buttocks of a woman
And he was not aware of his merchandise
Ìwòrì see the money
Ìwòrì see your menstrual period
Ìwòrì see your menstrual period before looking at the White plate
They made divination for the market woman
And for the farmer
He sold all his wares and had losses
They sang and made fun of him
You were never aware of what you invested in your farm
You were never aware of all your money
You looked at the buttocks of the woman
They were singing. You didn't look at the money you invested from your farm!

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