Okana fun


What is born in the odu of Ifa Okana Fun?

  • La Guabina (EJA-GOLD).
  • The head prayer with Guabina.
  • That when you receive INLE you must also receive ABATA.
  • The nonconformity.
  • Kobori brand with Guabina (EJA-ORO).
  • You have to receive INLE -ABATA.
  • The person by being unconcerned is lost.
  • Okana Fun is an Ifá of persecution.
  • You have to do Paraldo.
  • The person has in his spiritual picture an Indian Egun that protects him.
  • Talk about inverted person.

What is the Okana Fun sign talking about?

  • Mark disobedience with the Saint.
  • Speak: the Wind, Griyelú, Batuto, Inle Abata, ORUNMI
  • Here: People talk bad about SHANGO and YEMAYA.
  • The Moon is called IKUN and it is prayed for. You are asked to get power.
  • The rabbits ignored OBATALA and went blind and got lost.
  • Brand: marital separation. You have to do Ebó so as not to have a tragedy.
  • You have to do Santo.

The Okana Ofun sign points out:

  • To beat the enemies you have to give SHANGO a ram.
  • The money is said to be in the house and cannot be taken.
  • The rabbit speaks.
  • The beggar is fed.
  • The woman is the mother of the Saint.
  • The diseases are: Vision problems; Due to acute or secondary thaumatism, infection, glaucoma, myopia, night blindness. Blood pressure, Diabetes, impotence rashes.
  • You have to refresh the Kakuanaldo (Obe).

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Okana Ofun sign recommendations:

For the Ifá Okana Fun sign, the Kakuanaldo (Obe) must be refreshed with beef, 2 pigeons, prodigious grass, cocoa butter, husk, majagua grass, obi kolá.

For this Ifá, the Kakuanaldo (Obe) must be refreshed with beef, 2 pigeons, prodigious grass, cocoa butter, husk, majagua grass, obi kolá.

Ebó Misi (Bath) is made with: cotton leaves, prodigiosa, majagua.

Afterwards a spiritual mass is made to the Egun who pioda.

This is an Ifá of nonconformity, it marks disobedience to the Saint, skin eruptions, family separation.

Here's a long-haired woman who is the enemy of OKANA FUN.

Here people spoke badly of YEMAYA AND SHANGÓ.

For a woman: Because of her bad head she can be seen collected. She separated from a husband Omologú and when he knows that you. he is well and prospered, he will be remorseful with envy and he will work with witchcraft, to avoid this he has to do Ebo with: Ram, 3 paloma. The ram will be given to the Osha who takes: SHANGO or YEMAYA in the middle of the yard to win the war.

It can also be given to OGUN.

When this Odu is seen, the couple has to do Ebó on the run, so that the day of the tragedy never arrives and they do not separate, because if they separate, neither one nor the other will want to lower each other and they will be fought forever, because they are both proud and haughty

When Okana Fun appears in an ordinary record for a man, he is told that either an attractive woman or he will not meet him. She is the harbinger of fortune. He must marry her, for she is the key to the treasures of his prosperity.

If it appears in a woman, she will be told that she will travel to a place where she will meet the man who will make her happy with whom she will marry.

In an ordinary registry the person must make sacrifice in order to have children.

Okana Ofun in an ordinary record, the person will be told that he must make sacrifice to become honorable and respected.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Okana Fun:

  • Jack of all trades, master of none.
  • Feed the beggar when he cannot afford to pay.
  • If you don't look at your house, you can't look at the others.
  • Although it is not in the world that my mother's blessing reaches me.

Says Ifa Okana Fun:

When this sign of Ifa appears in an ordinary record, the person will be warned that he must make sacrifice, and have a party and invite his neighbors, so that he and his family are not victims of unexpected events.

When Okana Fun appears in an ordinary record, the person will be told to make sacrifice with a pig and a dove for eternal prosperity.

When this Ifá appears in IGBODU, he must make the sacrifice mentioned in the descent to the land of Okana Fun, without delay to avoid being killed by a woman. You are destined to get rich through someone else's wealth. The special sacrifice is made with a black goat, red, white and black cloth and the heads of a parrot and an eagle.

In IGBODU, the person is warned that he must serve the divinity of the town where he lives and that he must receive GOLD with a dog. In an ordinary search, the person must give a rooster to OGUN and a goat to ESHU to avoid getting lost.

Prayer of the Odu Baba Okana Ofun:


Suyere of the Okana Fun sign:


Ebbo of the Oddun Okana Ofun:


You take a deep plate, pour a little water, and say:


When the live guabina is to be given, it is placed in the plate that was previously prayed, then the ofiviante wet the tip of the middle finger and will pass it from the forehead to the neck of the person concerned and will say:


Then the nape, chest, temples, knees, feet, big toes, and finally the hands are wet.
Then he will do the same with the orí (cocoa butter) and the efún (husk) always saying the previous prayer.

Immediately afterwards, the plate will be placed in the leri with the Ejá-Oro and the water and all the saints will be called praying them in order from ELEGBARA to ORUNMILA and then the Mejis are prayed.

The rest is equal to koborí with ejá tuto. After praying, the water left on the plate will be sprinkled throughout the house.

Then you have to take some of the water where the guabina was to the river with a little ekó dissolved in it and you throw yourself into the river saying: ODE EMI ERIDE AWO ERIDE OMO ERAMI ODO WAS MI LOKAN AYE NAKOTO ARARISHE FUMI.

NOTE: The next day the prayer is taken to the river.

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Meaning of the Sign of Ifa Okana Fun

The Odu OKANA OFUN speaks of the end of troubles and tribulations.

The client will experience a new relationship or an increase in the intensity of the relationship he has.

The person has in his spiritual picture an Indian Egun who protects and cares for him. The wife of this Odu is a good head, mother of Santo, but she is very pretentious and conceited. If the marriage breaks up, they don't get together anymore, because they are both very proud. You have to do Ebó so they don't get separated.

The sign of Ifa Okana Fun marks eye disease, acute or secondary infections and even the worst case glaucoma. We must take care of the sight of blows or traumas, of detachment of the retina, of myopia, of northern blindness. You also have to be careful with blood pressure and diabetes that affect vision. There are also impotence problems due to diabetes problems.

Here was born begging the head with Guabina (EJA-ORO) for vision problems. You have to receive INLE-ABATA. The person for being carefree is lost. Eating rabbit is prohibited.

This is an Ifá of persecution. Here the person is endlessly persecuted by his spouse, his enemies or the law. You have to do Paraldo. Talk about inverted person.

Odu Okana Ofun Ifa Code of Ethics:

 The Awó does not use weapons.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Okana Ofun:



He made fortune-telling when she was striving for a following. He also made divination for Onigede when he was struggling to have money. They were both told to make sacrifices and they did. They sacrificed with white doves, ground yams, and white cloth.

While the divinity of fortune left Heaven in search of a suitable place to settle on Earth, Onigede, the Oba of Igede, was warned to collect the feathers of the pigeons with which he made sacrifice, to add ground yam (Elo or Ewo in Yorubá and Obobo in Benin) and gives it around his palace, because that was the favorite food of fortune. When the representative daughter of AJE stood at the border of Heaven and Earth to determine where she would go, ESHU directed her to the house of Onigede, where she saw all the necessary requirements.

She moved to Onigede's house and settled with all the fortune she brought from Heaven. This is how Onigede became lucky. At the height of prosperity he made a party for his subordinates where he sang and danced praying to ORUNMILA.

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Okana Fun Ifa Traditional


Ìyèròsùn abenu siìnrìsín
A day fún Títílolá
Aremo Agbeni
Òun ò layé òun tea?
Títíítí òun or fi lo ayé òun gbó
Wón ní ò níí tea
Wón nírú ó níí tea
Iyò ò níí tea
Tètè è é sìí láwùjo èfó tea
Wón ní ò níí laíláí tea
Títílolá Àrèmo Agbení bá rbo
Láyé bá ye Títílolá
Ní wá n jó n ní n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo náà n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Ìyèròsùn abenu siìnrìsín
A day fún Títílolá
Hey, I'll be Agbeni
Wón ní ó saca káalè ebo ní ó se
Ebo kó mó baà té nle ayé ni ón ni ó se
Títílolá gbébo nbè ó rbo
Irú è é tea or
Iyò è é tea o
Tètè è é láwùjo èfó tea
Ifá dákun más sì jé n laíláí tea.

This person will not be ridiculed. He will have a long life; He must offer sacrifice for affluence (abundance, wealth). Ifá tells him to sacrifice vegetable Tètè. He must gather the people and must feed him vegetable soup Tètè. He must add salt, Irú beans and oil. He would be influential in life.

Ìyèròsùn abenu siìnrìnsín
He made divination for Títílolá
Agbeni's eldest son
Will I not be ridiculed?
Will the rest of my life be okay?
They assured him that he must offer Irú so that he is never ridiculed.
Salt is never ridiculed
The vegetable Tètè is never ridiculed in the middle of other vegetables
They assured him that he will never be ridiculed
Títílolá performed the sacrifice
Life pleased Títílolá
He began to dance and rejoice
He was praising his Babaláwo
His Babaláwo was praising Ifá
He said it was as his Babaláwo had said
Ìyèròsùn abenu siìnrìnsín
He made divination for Títílolá
Agbeni's eldest son
They advised him to take care of the land and make sacrifice
So that he would not be ridiculed
Títílolá heard about the sacrifice and performed it
Irú's butter will never be humiliated
Salt will never be ridiculed
The vegetable Tètè will never be ridiculed in the midst of the other vegetables
Ifá, please, never allow me to be the mockery of anyone.

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