ofun nalbe

Ofun Ogbe

Care must be taken not to reveal secrets in a drunken state to a woman about something we want to do, lest the secret be revealed. IFA says that you are living with someone because you know something about the past. IFA of blackmail and contempt. Ofun Nalbe

Other names of Ofun Ogbe:

Ofun Nagbe.

Ofun Ogbe.

Ofun Nalbe.

In the sign in Ofun nalbe is born:

  • The fluids of the human body, air, saliva, gastric juice, semen, of which the King is semen.
  • Spermatogenesis.
  • The ashé of ORI.
  • OBATALA takes 8 otá.
  • Envy among the Awoses.
  • Law of unintended consequences.
  • The bad smell from the Obbo.
  • Give Akukó funfun to OBATALA.

Ofun Nalbe Speaks:

ORUNMILA (Our Savior).

To be great in the land of Oshá, because it will never be anyone in Ifá.

Here the ewé are tua tua, paraguita, remove curse and guacalote

Recommendations of the Ofun nalbe sign:

You should touch your belly and blow out.

You must be careful of curettage, they can be fatal, especially if they are twins.

It must be cleaned with pork and put on Oggún. Eyelé dundun is given to Oggún; later both things are buried in the mountain so that OFUN NAGBE can live in the world without disease.

Beware of a gray-haired person who curses you, for stealing your money or for not respecting you. You must give akukó funfun to OBATALA.

You cannot drink alcoholic beverages.

You should avoid eating wild melon as it loses its authority.

The person must do EBBO in order to grow old and be recognized.

Ofun nagbe sayings:

  • The fence must be strong in case the liana is pulled.
  • The thought of a wolf is enough to kill a sheep.
  • No disaster affects ringworm.
  • Money and women have no brothers.
  • The cocoa butter melts and destroys the gourd that contains it and its head can still be destroyed.
  • The one who grasps the bright fire (lightning).
  • The glare of lightning makes sparks come out (Illumination).
  • Someone who lives inside the house and cuts yam stakes.
  • Illness drives him to burial.
  • OLODUMARE will always bring you something to eat.
  • The ears of corn placed on top make us look like a dead man, but they are not capable of making us work with the spirits.

prohibitions of the sign of Ifa Ofun nalbe:

You must not mistreat anyone.

Milk hurts.

 Eating wild melon as it loses its authority.

Says Ifa odu Ofun nalbe:

He has war with brothers by blood or religion because of women of doubtful morality. the person is always sick to his stomach, he has to take baths with white flowers, which immediately catch their attention when picking or buying them.

Aroni: iron doll is prepared and a nickel steel scrawl is put on OBATALA.

Women have to take care of their clothes and their customs, men avoid that nobody stays with their shirt or clothes, much less take away the sweat, which is to delay it.

Take care of your nerves, regain your sleep and health, and leave your worries for no reason. Do not reveal your secrets in a drunken state to a woman or man about what you plan to do. You live with a woman because you know something about her past. That woman is transformed, she seems one thing and is another. There is a woman who wants to disturb the good relations with her partner out of jealousy, he was with her and left her for the current one, here there is blackmail and contempt.

There are two children, whose father has to do EBBO, so that his children do not die by accident of burns or drowning.

You should avoid doing Ifa to your child. It is an Ifá with humps on the body, for not complying with the Saints and Eshú ELEGBA.

The person is talking about doing some business, but their protective guides can spoil it. You can go to a place as you think, that Ifá will not allow anything to happen to you and you will not find the disease in that place. By attending to your spirit guides, you will help that person not be miserable. You must take great care of your eyes and avoid jumping holes, as you can have a fatal accident.

He must not drink any kind of drink, nor allow his wife to do so to maintain the marriage and not lose the house and so that his fortune is not lost by what his mouth speaks.

Prayer of the Oddun of Ifa Ofun nalbe:

Ofún Nágbe Ayere Yireo Ayeri Gui Ofa Pereguiki Obbá Oshún Lodafún Ofún Odafo Obbá Nuba Ogbe Donlara Ofún Ikordié Meta Elebo; Ebeyo Owo Elebo.

Ofun Nagbe's Ebbo:

Ofun Nagbe's (Ogbe) work for the stomach:

You make a ajiaco with everything your mouth eats, you make a paste, 3 malaguidí of carob, moruro and peaceful sea. They are loaded with pasta and erú, óbi, kolá, óbi motiwao, they wash themselves with omiero and eat eyelé meta dun dun with eggun.

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Meaning of the Sign Ofun nalbe (Ogbe):

You should touch your belly and blow out.

They drove AZOJUANO from the YORUBA land of the Ulkuma and Lucumí kingdoms. OFUN NAGBE is in danger of being burned or washed away. Spermatogenesis is born. It is an Ifá of firmness for the bad. OBATALA is always on top of everyone's head to save them.

In Ofun Nagbe, the Obiní have a bad smell from the Obbo and their menstruation is not good. And hence the bad smell.

In Ofun Nalbe a woman falls in love with one, which she does not accept. And when the first one dies, she does it as an enemy and in love and ends up interrupting her own marriage.

They steal the luck of OBATALA, who was his black goat. You should receive knife as soon as possible.

Obiní takes revenge on her husband for mistreating the children. You must not mistreat anyone.

You must be careful of curettage, they can be fatal, especially if they are twins.

The Obiní must avoid marrying the military, or men who drink, because they can kill her. It has a tendency to die from weapons and inclement weather.

Milk hurts.

This Oddun marks the birth of a female.

The oddun of Ifa Ofun Nalbe marks:

It must be cleaned with pork and put on Oggún. Eyelé dundun is given to Oggún; later both things are buried in the mount so that OFUN NAGBE can live in the World without disease.

Beware of a gray-haired person who curses you, for stealing your money or for not respecting you. You must give akukó funfun to OBATALA.

In this Ifá the children inherit the vices and virtues of the parents, the child is transformed as the Father or the Mother.

OFUN NAGBE talks about cheating and blackmailing the woman, and then they don't comply. The woman can fall in love with the man and it can bring him problems with his own husband.

Strong essences should not be smelled. He suffers from severe stomach pains and digestive system problems.

Luck is given by Saint Lazarus. You cannot drink alcoholic beverages. He gets an Ikoko with epo and a piece of Malú lerí.

Children defraud parents and deceive them. She cannot divulge her secrets to anyone, the Obiní must avoid conversations with others, because they unintentionally discover themselves, since there is always someone who watches them.

It is an Ifá of hereditary genetic curse and the alakuatas, the adódi and the cuckolds arise.

You should avoid eating wild melon as it loses its authority.

Ofun Nalbe leaves for the Headless World and therefore does not have a throne.

In this Ifá, a brother robs the other, even the Father.

Catastrophes occur on Earth, to the point that corpses disappear on it.

With this sign, the person prepares for a project, or to go to a certain place, or to establish a business.

The person must do EBBO in order to grow old and be recognized.

The head of OFUN NAGBE can be destroyed by its spiritual guides and protectors in Heaven, for not complying with the religious and Ifá mandates, or not doing the works.

Man can end his life alone, by mistreating his neighbor.

Advice from the Oddun of Ifa Ofun Ogbe

Ofun Nalbe tends to be hunchbacked, for failing to comply with the Orísha and Eshú, and for genetic and acquired malformations. You cannot eat with excess salt, it is forbidden to give OBATALA foods that contain salt.

To achieve your marital stability, you have to OFIKALE TRUPON for the benefit of your body.

Parents cannot impose on their children things that are not in their destiny, because inadvertently and indirectly they can cause death. Children should avoid being envious of others, including their loved ones, even their grandparents.

You cannot cross holes and watch your eyes.

It is an Ifá of epidemics and diseases produced by Oggú.

When OYA is seated, 2 jars are put in it and pray, luck and death.

You must give IKOFAFUN and AWOFAKAN to your children, to avoid danger of death.

In Ofun Nalbe, one brother kills or destroys the other.

You must avoid jealousy and keep your word.

The woman must take care of her usual clothes and cloths. To men, women can measure his parts when he sleeps, or take precautions with what he takes in places that are not of their confidence.

The nervous system must be taken care of by being stubborn in the face of affairs and things, including the partner, which implies transient outbursts of madness.

The Obiní, out of revenge, leave the home and the husband.

Unseen issues are discovered never before in the profession that is carried out.

The person only believes in the spiritual power he has and forgets about the rest or undermines other religions other than spiritism. It is guessed but they do not do it in good faith and always try to occupy close-ups and take the applause, belittling others. And in the end they see their apparent victory frustrated, wearing rags as clothing, if they do not adhere to the Ifa path.

You must take care of night outings, because Iku chases the person at that time. Avoid pride and bombast.


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Patakie of the Ofun nalbe sign:

OFUN NAGBE lived together with BABALU AYE in a hut and they got along relatively well but OFUN started drinking and lay drunk on BABALU AYE's mat and filled her with vomit.

One day, BABALU realized that every time he lay down on the mat, his sores were altered and he forbade OFUN to lie down on his mat any more. OFUN no longer lay down on the mat but one night he arrived drunk and lay down on it. The next day, BABALU found the vomited mat but did not see OFUN. He washed the mat and that night he began to watch him. In the evening OFUN arrived drunk and lay down on the mat. BABALU, who was watching him, rolled up the mat with OFUN NAGBE inside and threw it into the sea. OFUN drowned.

The path cursed by inheritance.

On this path, in a tribe called ITASE, there was a character named Elegbara, with great economic power and prestige within the religion, since this was the oldest Olowo Osayin of the town. He believed nothing but him.

One day, it turned out that Baba became ill and sent his daughter to register her and prescribe some ewé because she had a great stomach decomposition, where he sent her the decision to go with him to Mount Orugan, so that she, as daughter, ask him for the ewé Osayin marked, accepting Baba and sending his own daughter back to him.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Elegbara went to the Orugan mountain with the beautiful girl, to a tree called Yanya, gathering the leaves and some vines that hung from the tree, giving it to the girl to keep and ordering her to go pulling for her and singing until she he will warn you.

When he got to Medilogun, finishing counting the girl, he made him believe that it was all for the salvation of his father but it was the opposite. It was a trap for herself, sending the leaves to Baba and keeping the liana, cheating Baba's daughter, who as soon as she saw that her father improved, she asked him for permission to go to the house of another family that lived in a tribe. neighbor.

But on the way, he remembered the one who saved his father, changing course towards the house of the Oluwó OZAIN; making your entrance and taking advantage to trust your desire more. Within a few days, Baba dreamed of a trap and a hole. She got up thoughtfully and, to be sure, went to another land where there was a wise man, arriving for him to examine him, where he greeted him with all honors, making himself known as ORULA.

Baba blessed him and said: My son, I want to know the truth. ORUNMILA looked at him and this Ifá came out, letting him know that there was a cheating with a daughter, telling him what is explained above and everything that happened with his daughter and marking him EBBO with the same, adding 2 akukó, abiti, eyelé meyi and oketé.

Once finished doing the EBBO at the foot of ORULA, Baba stood in front of the Sun and cursed Oluwó Osayin, asking him if he has a daughter or a son that the same thing that happened to his daughter would happen, for a good example of humanity.

After time, the Oluwó Osayin dies of sadness, leaving behind a daughter who also dies of sadness. And the son grows up and marries, receiving some of the curse left by his parents, the woman leaving him unfaithful, changing, and the one he believed to be the most faithful always betrayed him and they all went in search of witchcraft to give him something to drink to dominate him and so on. he was always sick to his stomach.

Note: This Ifá recommends that the woman take care of her clothes and cloths of her custom. To the man, women can measure his parts when he sleeps or he has to be careful with what he takes where he is not trusted and is not at all dark.

History of Ofun Nagbe: The curse of Oyá.

On this road, there was a town where the people were somewhat restless. Then, there was a moment when the whole world was filled with fear, because every night a deer appeared, which entered the whole town and stole all the things in the town and nobody could find this deer, since the Justice wanted to give an account of him for the damages he caused to the people.

There was a quarrelsome, talkative and vicious man, who set sail and followed the deer in one of his misdeeds. What would not be his surprise when he reached some bushes and in the pursuit of the deer he saw it that was transformed into a woman, which was OYA. The man, when he surprised her, and she, when she was discovered, because she kept the secret from him, began to live with him, on the condition that he did not reveal this.

At first, the man was nice to her. But in one of his drunks, he began to yell at him in the open air about the things he knew about that woman. And she, when discovered, cursed him in this way: You are already too old to be jealous, but as long as the world is, in your family there will always be invested, no matter the sex, and with it you will suffer, for not respecting or saving secrets or keep your word.

NOTE: The bad smell was born in the Obo (by Oyá), her menstruation is not good and hence the bad smell.

Ofun Nalbe (Ogbe) Traditional Nigerian Ifa


Igi Gbígbe ni ò léwé
Àfòmó nor ò légbò
A day fún Míèéyè
A bù fun Ayaa re
Nijó tí won n sunkún àwon ò lajé lówó
Àtoko àtìyàwó ni ón pàwon ò lajé lówó
Súgbón kíké ti okon ké
Ó pò ju ti Obìnrin è lo
Okó waá ni àwon adìe kan tí n sin
Òkan nnú àwon adìe òhún bá kú
Okó bá bu purú sékún
'Adìe tí òún gbékè lé pàwon ó tà'
Tàwon or móo fowó is jeun
Adìe òhún náá ló kú yìí!
Ó bá bèrè Síí ronú
Esu bá dé
Ó ní 'yan adìe náà pamó'
Míèéyè bá yan adìe pamó
Ojo yí lu Ojó
Osù yí lu Osù
Kùkùsajà wáá mú omobìnrin Olókun
Omo Olókun or gbadùn
Olókun ba lòó bá àwon Awo è
Wón ní bó bá rí òkú adìe
Omoo rè or gbàádùn
Òkú adìe ni won e setútù fun
Wón bá n wá òkú adìe kíri
Èsù tí n sèhín sòhún
Òún bá gbo
Ó bá so funn on pé òkú adìe n be nlée Míèéyè
'Míèéyè ni e móo wá lo'
Nígbàa won e dé ilée Míèéyè
Èsú you must
Ó ní so fun won pé igba òké lóó ta adìe
Igba òké njó ojó náà
Eru owo ni
Lóòtó àwon ti n wa òké adìe dé
Won figba oké lele
Wón gba bye
Wón bá lòó fi sètùtù fomo Olókun
Omo Olókun bá gbádùn
Nígbà or tún se sàà
Kùkùsajá tùn mú omo Olósà
Òun náà rù ú
Ó sò Ó
Wón ní kóun náà ó móo wá òkú adìe lo
Won tún júwe ilée Míèéyè
Adìe rè kan ti tún kú
Ó tún yan an pamó pé bóyá Olóun a jé or tún rí béè
Wón tún san irú owó ti Olókun san
Igba òké tún bó sówóo Míèéyè
Ó tun dà á sápò
Sùgbón léèkínní àti léèkejì
Ìyàwóo Míèéyè ni won bá nlé
Òun nió lòó pe oko è wá
Péón fééra òkú adìe
Míèéyè bá pa gbogbo owó tán
Kò fún Obìnrin ní nnkan nnú è
Obinrin bá ko bà
"Oko òun ò tiè bun òun ní nnkan nnú owó yìí"!
Obìnrin Míèéyè náà bá mú òkan nnú àwon adìe tie
Ó bá lù ú nó gbóngó
Goodbye baku
Ó bá yan an
ófi pamó
ó tun pé sàà
Kùkùsajà tún dé si omo Olókun mìíìn
Olókun ní àwón ti mo ibi tàwón tíí ra òkú adìe
Wón bá tún korí Sílée Míèyè
Èsù ní sìí tèlé won
Ní gbogbo ìgbà tí won bá n bò
Bí ón ti de ibè
Obìnrin ni ón tún bá nlé
Obìnrin bá lòó mú adìe tiè tú lù ní gbóngbó pa fún won
Won ó móo ka owó
Èsù ní e duó
Njé adìe yìí kú fúnraa rè bí?
Tori ìmònràn lòun
Ó ti mo nnkantó kú yàtò yes èyí tí ón lù pa
Èsù ní kí wón or fì adìe Sílè
Obinrin bá bu sekún
Nígbà or dìgbàa tòún
Ni wón ko adìe Sílè
Ní n hubí enii won dá lóró
Wón ní 'a kìí forí wé Orí'
'Ìwo lo fOrí araà re wé ti Míèéyè okoò re'
Ifá pé kí Obìnrin eléyìí ó mó bìínú or
N ní wá n jó ní wá n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Igi gbígbe ni ò léwé
Àfòmó nor ò légbò
A day fún Míèéyè
A bù fails rè
Nijó tí won n sunkún àwon ò lajé lówó
Ebo n won ni won or se
Míèéyè nìkán ló gbébo nbè
Ló fòótó rbo
Èèwò Òrìsà
A kìí forí woríi Míèéyè layé.

Ifá wants this person to be well. He must offer sacrifice so as not to be stingy with his wife; the wife should not be upset by her husband's actions for the next few days. If they are currently poor; he must be patient. But when wealth arrives, she is warned to maintain self-control so that her jealousy or envy does not jeopardize the source of wealth permanently.
It is the dry wood that does not grow leaves
Parasitic plants do not touch the roots
They were the ones who made divination for Míèéyè
And also for his wife
The day they were both lamenting because they had no wealth at hand
Both wife and husband were crying because they were both living in misery
Yet the husband's lament was more agonizing than his wife's
The husband decided to raise some local chickens as poultry
One day one of the chickens died
The husband began to cry
'The birds I put all my trust in'
'Since they would make a profit for me after selling them'
'What would feed us for a few days is dead'
So he wept bitterly and worried about his survival instinct
Up to that point, Èsù got to where he was
Èsù told him: 'Smoke the chicken and put it away'
Míèéyè did so
And the days passed
And months too
A typical disease inflicted on Olókun's daughter
She was sick and bedridden
Olókun then went to consult with his priests
They advised him to find a chicken that had died a long time ago.
Because if they do not seek it, their daughter will not improve
'This dead chicken that will be used to perform the sacrifice'
They started looking around for a dead chicken
But Èsù, the spirit that comes and goes between two opposite poles
Heard about the sacrifice
He told them that a dead chicken could only be found at Míèéyè's house.
Èsù said 'Go and find Míèéyè'
Before the servants arrived at Míèéyè's house
Èsù had already been there
'Tell them that you will sell each chicken for 200.000 units of money'
200.000 units of money in those days
It was a lot of money
Certainly, those who were in search of the dead chicken got there
They took out the 200.000 units of money
And they gave it in exchange for the chicken
They used it for the sacrifice of Olókun's daughter
Immediately she was cured
After a short time
The same type of illness also afflicted Olósà's son
He also thought of an immediate solution
So he consulted Ifá
And they advised him to look for a dead chicken
Míèéyè's house was described again
One of Míèéyè's chickens had died before that date
He smoked it and kept it also waiting for another fate
They came and paid the same amount of money that Olókun had paid
Another 200.000 went directly to the hand of Míèéyè
And he kept them
But the first and second time
It was the wife of Míèéyè that they had found in their house
She in the second instance looked for her husband
Since there were some people who wanted to buy the dead chicken from him
Míèéyè grabbed and kept or hid all the money
And he refused to give his wife anything
The woman was disturbed and exclaimed sadly
'My husband did not share any of that money with me'
And so it was that she grabbed one of the chickens
And hit it
Until the chicken died
She smoked it
After a while
The same disease afflicted another daughter of Olókun
Olókun said: 'We already know where to buy the dead chicken'
And they headed towards Míèéyè's house
The same Èsù that usually followed them
He did the same this time too
As soon as they entered Míèéyè's house
They saw the woman as usual
And the woman quickly searched for the chicken she had beaten to death
When they were counting the money
Èsù said: 'We must be careful'
He thought 'Is it true that this chicken died of natural causes?'
So he is a being with great knowledge
He was able to distinguish a chicken that died of natural causes from one that died from blows with a club to death.
Èsù said: 'Leave the chicken to her'
The woman began to cry
'Why is this happening to me?'
'Why did they refuse to buy me the chicken now?'
She cried deeply
'Nobody uses an Orí to compare it with another'
'You were even the only one who compared your Orí with that of Míèéyè'
Ifá exhorts this person's wife not to be envious or upset with her husband.
They then started dancing and were happy
They were praising their Babaláwos
And their Babaláwos praised Ifá
They said it was exactly as their Babaláwos had said
It is the dry wood that does not grow leaves
Parasitic plants do not touch the roots
They were the ones who made divination for Míèéyè
And also for his wife
The day they were both lamenting because they had no wealth at hand
It is the sacrifice of wealth that they prescribed for them
It was only Míèéyè who heard about the sacrifice
And he did
The hatred of the Deities!
No man will be able to compare his Orí with that of Míèéyè.

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