Oyekun Otura: Meaning, Tips, Sayings, Patakies and More

Oyekun Otura

Oyekun Otura or Oyekun Tesia, tells us that the pride of the person does not allow him to accept the reality of what he is living and that is why he will lose. Well, you will never hear advice. This sign of Ifa is number 43 in the lordly Order of Ifa.

Ifa wishes this person well. He would not fall ill. He should offer sacrifice for a partner or friend living abroad such that they would see each other alive.

Other names of the Odu Oyekun Otura:

Oyekun Tesia.

In the odu Oyekun Tesia (Otura) is born:

  • Born: The three brains of man.
  • That the children of Obatala do not drink.
  • The transfiguration in people.
  • Here: What is written cannot be erased.
  • It is an Ifá of Anima Sola and Oduduwa.
  • Aroni was drunk and came between Orúnmila and Olokun.
  • Obatalá found his children sick.
  • It's where some people's brains got changed.
  • Pride does not allow you to accept reality.

Meaning of the odu Oyekun Tesia:

This is an Ifá of transfiguration.

Here what is written is not erased.

Awó of this Odu (Oyekun Otura) should always have two guineas girls in his house to raise them. Ifá of Anima Sola and Oduduwa. You don't eat taro here, you put Egun on it.

Shango does all the marked things and that is why he plants a flag. It means: never sing victory.

Pay Shango to get him out of his perditions and the corrupt life he leads, because there are people who tell him that they are going to do it but they don't have the power to do it.

Here Aroni was drunk and interposed between Orúnmila and Olokun, so that Orúnmila would not do Ifá to Olokun's son. Eshu discovered the plot.

Someone stands between you and the person who is going to do Ifá.

Here Obatalá, upon reaching the world, found his children sick and prohibited them from continuing to drink alcoholic beverages and wash where it hurt.

Oyekun Tesia in Osobo, points out that the person has done something serious and that is why the roads are closed.

Here he suffers from nerves due to material and moral problems that overwhelm him, as well as the person does not sleep well and jumps on the bed, because of how disturbed he is.

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Oddun Oyekun Otura Tips:

Here the children do not respect their parents or consider them, nor do they listen to their advice.

This Ifá osobo Ikú or Arun Otonowa (death or illness): something can be done to make the sick person get better, but ultimately they die.

Awó Oyeku-Tesia and usually people who see this Oddun de Ifá, have the habit of not doing anything they are told because they consider themselves to know more than others or to be more Awó than others, because they have superiority complex.

This Ifá signals oral transmission of germs that will affect the mouth, stomach or intestines by sucking the female genital organs (mamú obo). If it is a woman, by sucking the genital organs of the man (mamú okó).

Here, in the mouth, the molars rotted due to the fact that it was in contact with mouths that performed oral sexual intercourse. Orúnmila did Ebó to him, but the damage had gained strength and had invaded the stomach and intestines, which Ebó had not done. They were affected and the body disgusted for not having done Ebo with the mouth.

This explains that the damage has passed from the mouth to the digestive ducts, which affect the physical state of the body.

At Oyekun Otura, the person is advised to stop having sex and see a dentist and digestive specialist.

Here one suffers from brain disorders, where there may be retardation, or otherwise, be mentally prodigal people.

For this Ifá, if the person is a Medium of Possession, he has an Egun that when he radiates it transforms him as if he were Shango in person.

The person of this Odu has a strong character and a lot of genius, that is the reason why they reject him. Here you can not deny food to anyone who comes home dressed in white, or is religious.

What is the Oyekun Otura sign talking about?

When this Odu (Oyekun Tesia) comes out in divination, for a person with a certain power and influence, he is told that he will become rich using a certain artifice or trap, that he will ignore his benefactor leaving his followers behind.

You must sacrifice one goat, three guinea peppers, and three ginger tubers.

When Oyekun Otura in divination goes out for someone who goes to a war or some mission, loaded with something, with tremendous risk to his life, he must be warned to make sacrifice with everything he eats (gbogbo tenu nje) and all the utensils of house tucked in a gourd and takes it into the river, so that it returns safely, that is if it is Iré. If osobo comes out, he is warned not to go to that war or mission.

When this Oddun goes out in divination, the person is told not to go shopping. If you are a woman, you will be told that in the next few months you will become pregnant and to avoid any anomaly you should not buy kolá nuts from any person or in a specific place so that you do not lose your pregnancy. You must offer a duck as a sacrifice.

When this Odu goes out for a man who intends to marry, he must be told that his wife comes from the kingdom of Olokun and that he must perform the aforementioned sacrifice, since this woman will bring him great wealth and prosperity. He, therefore, will proceed to sign the marriage contract after having made the sacrifice.

When Oyekun Otura goes out for a man, he is warned that he must make sacrifice so that his wife does not have problems in pregnancy, due to heat generated in the tubes. The same is said to a woman.

When this Odu comes out in divination, the person is warned that if he is about to receive a legacy, he must make sacrifice so that he does not suffer a physical deformation.

Recommendations of the Odu Oyekun Tesia

Here Shangó is flagged to solve problems, both work and business. And greet him every day.

Here, in this Ifá, for the person to be able to undergo surgery, he must do Ebó, he will not die in it.

Here, thanks are given to Oshún and the dead.

For the Awó of the Oyekun Otura sign: this sign of Ifa prescribes that he must receive Osanyin in three pieces in order to overcome and achieve what he wishes to obtain.

Here the person is forbidden to drink as it will lead to both moral and physical destruction.

Here you must be careful in raising children and if they are females much more. There must be an understanding between their relationships and not impose things by force, because in the end they will do what they want.

This Oddun predicts impotence problems, a product of mental and nervous disorders, must do Ebó.

Here it was born that man has three brains that dominate him, which are: the cerebellum, the stomach and the sexual parts. When the second dominate the first, man advances towards destruction by the excesses he commits.

When the Odu Oyekun Otura comes out in Igbodu, the person is going to be a musician or an artist and his father does not want to help him with success. If he does not sacrifice his father will not last three years after initiation. A ram must be sacrificed to Ifá.

He must give a banquet or offer a sacrifice to the secret cult to which he belongs. In an ordinary divination a sacrifice is made to Awon Aje and a goat to Eshu to avoid the loss of a son but not through death but through the everyday things of life.

Sayings of the Odu Oyekun Tesia

  • He who does not know is like he who does not see.
  • What is written is not erased.
  • No matador likes to have a knife thrown through his neck.
  • Don't offer what you can't deliver.

Herbs (Ewe) of Oyekun Otura:

Sage, Purslane, Romerillo, Remove the curse.

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Says Ifa odu Oyekun Tesia

That he is going to go to a place, that he be careful because from there he is going to be thrown out.

Whose stomach hurts at home, Orúnmila is behind, beware of bad advice.- You are behind and have a lack of money.

Yesterday you didn't even have enough to eat at home.

They are going to fire him from his job. You have enemies who are going to sell you. You must receive an inheritance and you will have to do Ebó so that they do not throw you out of that place where you are going to go. -Don't eat anything backward. He came here to see his house because he thinks they have put witchcraft on him. you feel bad and your body, when night comes, feels weak.

If it is Babalawo who is looking; In his house where he lives, nobody calculates it like Babalawo. -You. She moves to later teach them all if she is or not, because she is going to destroy the house of her people.-La Apetebí is tired and the Awó has to find someone to help her so that she can rest a little. deny food to anyone, take care of your stomach.

Ifa says in the Oddun Oyekun Otura that if a woman is seen in condition, she is told that she brings a son who will be a fortune-teller and will bring her luck and happiness.- Moderate your temper and bad manners with your spouse, so that you do not separate.- Your husband can go with another, do Ebó.

Do not disrespect the Saints and even less Orúnmila, so that you do not get sick.

Oyekun Tesia is an Ifa Oddun that speaks of inverted people, and when an older person has a childlike brain, as we also see a child with the mentality of an older person, that is, a child prodigy. He points out that Eshu has changed paths for him, you have to break the one he has and make one of his path for him.

Prayer of the Odu Oyekun Otura:


Suyere of the sign Oyekun Tesia:


Oyekun Tesia's Ebbo:

Oyekun Otura's work to counteract impotence:

A white rooster, a lit charcoal, a dead charcoal, a small clay pot, grass: Ten of the Day, a white and red flag with its pole, coconut, a candle for Egun and Shango.

Inside the clay pot, he puts the grass, his sweaty clothes on his body, stands the white and red flag and stands in front of Shango and Egun. The charcoal on and off is put into the pot.

Coco (Obi Omi Tuto) is given to Egun, to Shango giving him an account of what he is going to do. The white rooster is sacrificed, giving it blood on the virile member of the person concerned, so that it falls on Shango and Egun's tile and the small clay pot. That small clay pot also has two chicken eggs. Afterwards, the interested party takes the casserole with all its contents and the body of the white rooster and places it at the foot of a flagpole.

There he will ask Egun and Shango about his problem.

Ebbo with Shango:

A bunch of bananas are placed on it with a red cloth covering it, it is asked and later, the next day at night, it is taken to a palm. With the fabric, Ebbó is made.

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Patakie of the sign Oyekun Tesia:

When the jicotea wanted to rule the world.

EBO: 1 jicotea, 2 chickens, 1 güiro, soil from the foot of a palm, 1 doll, ritual paraldo herbs, ritual paraldo fabrics, coconut, candles, brandy, rope, honey, jutía and smoked fish, butter from
corojo, roasted corn, a lot of money.

Distribution: 1 jicotea and a chicken for Osanyin and Shango, where everything is sent at the foot of a palm and there it is buried, with its ingredients. 1 chicken for Ebó paraldo, with its ingredients.

In this way, the jicotea (AYAPA), lived in a land where she wanted to be the serpent and that the whole world would render her Mo-Foribale. She wondered how she could achieve her wish.

One day he said: "If I take away everyone's brain and have it in my power, I would be the wise one and everyone would have to come to my feet."

Then he looked for a güiro and a string and hung it around his neck, he went out to the street and everyone who saw him removed his brain and threw it in the güiro.

When he filled the güiro, he wanted to put it where no one would see it, deciding to put it in the cup of a palm.

When he tried to climb the palm, he could not because the guiro was a great obstacle, because he had it hanging around his neck. The jicotea didn't realize it and kept trying to climb and could only sweat and suffocate, but what she didn't know was that there was a boy watching her, who said: - «Hey, put your güiro backwards, towards your back, and You will see that you will be able to raise your palm.

The jicotea, realizing that the boy was right, got upset and said: - "There is still someone who knows more than me, besides, a boy."

Then, nervous, she threw the güiro and left.

Then the boy took the güiro and saw that there were human brains inside it and said: "What should I do?" But he realized that the only one who could solve this problem was Orúnmila, and he quickly went home.

Orúnmila made him Osode, seeing the Oyekun Otura sign, and told him: «You have to go out into the street and put it on everyone you see without a brain, but be careful not to make mistakes.

The boy, who was Eshu, went out to the street to fulfill the mission that Orúnmila entrusted to him, and to everyone who saw without a brain, he reached into the güiro and put it on, without noticing that he was putting it in exchange: the one with the the man put it to the woman and the woman to the man; that of the children he put it to the elders and the one of the elders, to the children.

Note: It is an Ifá of inverted people, and when an older person has a child brain, as we also see a child with the mentality of an older person, that is, a child prodigy. He points out that Eshu has the
changed paths, you have to break the one you have and make one of your own.

Oyekun Tesia Ifa Traditional Nigerian:


Elélùbó etí àjà
A day fún Òyè
Èyí tíí soko Òtúrá
Wón ní ó rbo
Wón ní kò gbodò se ahun yes èèyàn
Wón ní kó móo foúnje bull
Òyé bá rbo
Ní bá n fi èlùbó bull
Gbogbo àwon ìyá arúgbó ti ò ti rí nnkan je
Yóó bu èlùbó fún won
Ifá pé kí eléyìun or mó foúnje dùùnyàn
Òyé bá soko Òtúrá dalé
Ayé ye Òyè
N ní wá n jó ní wá n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Elélùbó etí àjà
A day fún Òyè
Èyí tíí soko Òtúrá
Ebo n won ni or se
Òyé gbébo nbè
Ó rubo
Taa ní or soko Òtúrá fún wa?
Òyè ní ó soko Òtúrá fun wa

Oyekun Otura: Ifá wants this person to be well. He should not be stingy especially with yam powder. He must not be intolerant of his wife so that he can enjoy all the good things in life. He should not deny food to anyone, because close to where he lives, people are denied food. As long as he's not selfish, he would enjoy his life.

Elélùbó etí àjà
He made divination for Òyè
The one who will be the husband of Òtúrá
He shall offer sacrifice
They told him not to be stingy with people
He must also give away food
Òyè offered the sacrifice
He gave yam flour as gifts
All the elderly women who lived near him who were starving
He gave them yam flour
Ifá advises that this person should not deny food to anyone
Òyè became Òtúrá's husband until the end
Life pleased Òyè
He danced for joy
He praised his Babaláwo
His Babaláwo praised his Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babalawo had said
Elélùbó etí àjà
He made divination for Òyè
The one who will be the husband of Òtúrá
Sacrifice was the prescribed antidote
Òyè heard about the sacrifice
And he did it
Who for us will be the husband of Òtúrá?
Òyè for us will be Òtúrá's husband

Eshu of the Odu Oyekun Tesia:


This Eshu is from Tierra Dahomey Arara-. It is said: EPOLA.

It is made with a doll with two faces, one behind the other, one for a man and one for a woman, each face with its corresponding blade, feathers and Orúnmila beads. The heads and trunks are carved in Ceiba wood and the arms and legs with Ceiba root wood, which are articulated to the body. He dresses half red and half black, and lives inside a clay jar. It's six months bad and six months good.

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