Treaty of Otura and its Omoluos

otura signs of ifa

Book of Otura in the treatise of the signs or odu of Ifa that has for the Iworos, santeros babalawos and aleyos who want to get more information about their signs. All Otura Combinations: Otura Niko, Otura yekun, Otura Pompey, Otura sa, Otura She, and more.

Encyclopedic treatise of Ifa Book of Otura.


In Heaven there were two friends who agreed to go to Earth at the same time: ORI ALA (Who on Earth was called OTURA MEJI) and ORI ATOSI; they went to see two Ifa priests named ODOGBO KON AREYI and ODOGBO KON ORO RUN for divination. They were both advised to each make an offering with a ram to their Guardian Angels. The ram was to entertain the divinities: they were also advised to offer a goat to ESHU, a machete and porridge (ogiri). ORI ALA (OTURA MEJI), made the offering but ORI ATOSI refused to make it, and insisted that as soon as OLODUMARE authorized him to go to the earthly world, it was a waste of money and effort to make any other sacrifice to the lower-ranking deities, and
they both left for the earthly world.

After growing up on Earth, they became dear friends. The trade they performed was to collect firewood to sell, one day OTURA MEJI insisted that both should go by divination in order to find a way to prosper in the business, his friend named Alaroye on Earth, argued that it was useless to spend the money who earned from the sale of wood in divination.

They went to see an Ifa priest named Permu Sheke for consultation. OTURA MEJI gathered all his savings, which amounted to sixty-five cowries, and dragged his friend to accompany him for a consultation each. They had a machete with which they would look for firewood in the forest and a rooster that woke them up in the morning to go about their daily tasks.

At the consultation they told each of them to make an offering with a machete and a rooster, plus the clothes with which they had traveled to the forest. Alaroye jokingly expressed that the Ifá priest wanted to deprive him of the only thing he had and insisted that he would never make that kind of self-deprivation sacrifice.

When OTURA MEJI arrived home, he decided to return to the Ifá priest to make the offering, he picked up his only machete, his only favorite rooster, and he was left with only his pants on, he also took the money he had in the house.

In addition, they told him to add the bearing with which he carried firewood from the forest to the market.

The Ifá priest made the offering by burning the bearing and the clothes and left the machete in the Eshu sanctuary, through the incantation the Ifá priest told Eshu that OTURA MEJI had made the offering with all the instruments with which he performed a vocation opposite to the one he was destined for and begged Eshu to prepare him to correctly direct his destiny. Subsequently, he slaughtered the rooster at the Eshu shrine. After the sacrifice is made. OTURA MEJI went home empty-handed, without the slightest idea of ​​what to do next.

The next morning Alaroye went to look for him to make the usual trip to the forest to collect firewood. When they arrived, OTURA MEJI scooped up the wood with her hands, because she didn't have a machete. His friend brought firewood using the machete that he had refused to give in the offering.

It was time to find a rope to tie the firewood. He called his friend to lend him the machete but Alaroye refused, telling him that if he had not handed over his machete he would not have had to borrow. His friend finished his own homework and went home leaving OTURA MEJI upset. After his friend left, he used his own teeth to cut a rope and tie the firewood. While cutting the rope, he saw a huge turtle to which he tied the bundle of firewood and went to find another rope to tie another bundle. When he was bringing it he saw another turtle and tied it too. The first turtle tied it inside a bundle of firewood, and the second, to the bottom of the luggage.

The firewood was then brought home with one turtle clearly visible on top of the bundle, while the other was hidden within the bundle of firewood. When he got home it was almost dark and he was very hungry.

In Heaven, the daughter of OLOKUN, the deity of the waters, was going through a difficult birthing process and had been told that a turtle was needed to make a sacrifice for her to have a happy birth, OLOKUN sent messengers to the Oja market Ajigbomekon in search of a turtle at any price.

Normally, this place was attended by the celestial and terrestrial dwellers. At the same time, the wife of Allah (the deity of prosperity) was also ill in Heaven, on the brink of death.

Allah had been told in divination to make an offering with a tortoise and he had also sent an errand to the market to find a tortoise at any cost. The heavenly messengers had scanned the entire market all day to buy the tortoise, but they couldn't find any.

Upon returning to Heaven to report the failure of the mission, they called on OLODUMARE for divine assistance. He sent the celestial police to take possession of the border between Heaven and Earth, and to divine by means of a crystal ball, all the places where there were turtles.

Meanwhile, Eshu had made all the tortoises that were alive buried under the ground, and others, he disappeared by making them invisible. That was the moment when OTURA MEJI was returning from the forest with his turtle on top of his wood bundle.

From the position occupied by the heavenly policemen, they saw OTURA MEJI walking with a turtle on top of his load. They measured the distance through the telescope and instantly went to OTURA MEJI and offered to buy his turtle from him. Then the auction of the turtle began and it reached the point where they were willing to pay him with two hundred men, two hundred women, two hundred bags of money. Two hundred pieces of clothing, two hundred bill costs, two hundred goats, two hundred rams, two hundred roosters, etc. When Eshu appeared as a neutral hunter, he advised the heavenly messengers to return home to bring up the offered prices so that he could convince the seller to accept.×280&!5&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=RQ2XEftPsM&p=https%3A//

The first to return were the representatives of OLOKUN, who received the first turtle in exchange for the prices offered. Then Eshu asked OTURA MEJI if he had another turtle to sell, and he replied that he had another one left in the wood bundle. When the OLOKUN representatives left, Eshu advised him to hide his prizes in a nearby hut. Afterwards, they awaited the arrival of the representatives of Allah. When they arrived with their offer, they paid and very quickly collected the second turtle, happy that they had been able to take the lead over the representatives of OLOKUN. When the heavenly messengers left, OTURA MEJI brought all the things to the hut and had the slaves build a dwelling place for their new lord. However, Eshu advised him to go sell his firewood and eat with his income. He sold it for sixty-five cowries and Eshu told him that
bought the food he normally ate, that was his last firewood sale.

His life was transformed instantly, he went from poverty to abundance, and he was one of the richest men around. Now he had a new abode of his own filled with wives, servants, and merchants at his beck and call.

One day his friend who had not seen OTURA MEJI in the forest for a long time and decided to go looking for him. He arrived at the door with his bearing and his machete, and observed an atmosphere of prosperity around him, the place was full of solid buildings and he was puzzled. The first thing that occurred to him when he did not see OTURA MEJI's usual cabin was that it had been evicted by wealthier occupants.

As the doorman was prowling around the place, he stopped him and he explained that he was looking for OTURA MEJI, his work partner. For daring to mention the name of his lord the doorman began to annoy him. However, insisting that this man was his friend, they brought him inside in the presence of the lord. When he saw OTURA MEJI he could not recognize him, so he insisted that he was looking for the friend with whom he used to sell firewood. OTURA MEJI asked him if he would recognize the man if he saw him, when he said this, he burst into tears and identified himself. He himself revealed that the day he left him abandoned in the forest, after refusing to lend him his machete,
it was the day he discovered his new fortune. OTURA MEJI remembered that his prosperity was the result of the sacrifice he had made.

He then asked him if he was ready to make his own sacrifice, to which he replied in the affirmative, but reluctantly, because he had no money to do so.
OTURA MEJI gave him the money to make the sacrifice and gathered five men, five women, five goats, five bags of money as thanksgiving to the Ifá priest who made the divination and the sacrifice on his behalf, and begged him to make the belated sacrifice of his friend. He also delivered to
He gave five goats in gratitude for the help he gave him.

After the sacrifice OTURA MEJI took him home to give him a place to sleep with his own entourage. They both lived together and prospered greatly thereafter. They remained very attached to Peremu Sheke, the Ifá priest who made the consultations and sacrifices on their behalf.


In this way it is emphasized that Eshu was the one who made the daughter of OLOKUN and the wife of Allah sick, he was also the cause of the concealment of all the existing turtles in Heaven and Earth, and he was the one who invented the subterfuges to create a favorable environment, in order to help OTURA MEJI. When the heavenly police returned to Heaven they informed OLODUMARE of the high cost paid for purchasing a simple tortoise from the earth. OLODUMARE wanted to know if it was possible that due to the prevailing poverty on Earth they had extorted money.

Then he ordered the heavenly treasurer to open the doors of the treasury so that the money would fall on the Earth and a constellation of coins went out in the direction of the World.

Once again Eshu went to OTURA MEJI and told him that money was coming in great armies to Earth, but it would only enter the house of the host who could decorate it with what he liked to eat. Eshu advised OTURA MEJI to spread a white blanket in front of his house and fill it with pounded yam (ewó) to water around his house.

After alerting OTURA MEJI of the approaching celestial visitors, Eshu went to meet the money bearers on the way, and warned them that the people of the World (Earth) were too disorganized to provide them with adequate accommodation; and that there was only one man named OTURA MEJI, who could offer them dignified hospitality, they flocked to OTURA MEJI's house, without stopping anywhere else, where in effect they found a family environment conducive to their prosperity, thus OTURA MEJI became one of the richest people in the known world at that time.

Note: When OTURA MEJI reveals himself in the consultation to a poor man, he must be told to have his own Ifá and to make the necessary offering for his fortune to flourish without a doubt.


LAHILA ILALA HU. This is the expression of invocation to OTURA MEJI, who is called in Heaven ENI BABA IAABA because he was the one who made divination to BABA IMOLE, before he left Heaven to come to Earth.


The person you meet again and again, and later as the eldest in the village, is called an elder.

This is the name of the Ifá priest (OTURA MEJI), who guessed the chief of the Imoles to allow them to inherit the property of the Earth with a minimum of effort, starting from a sedentary position. Baba Imole was told to make a sacrifice with four hens, four roosters, four pigeons, and four snails, and he performed this sacrifice.

When he arrived in the World, he fought a long time before he could realize his fate, but when he finally met OTURA MEJI again on Earth, he made the same sacrifices for him in the cave, and told him that his flock was leaving. to multiply, but the reward for his sacrifice would be collected by his descendants and followers. He told her that they would always get money with little or no effort, and that those who wanted to know the truth about OLODUMARE would come.
always to him in search of the message.


When the peanut came into the world, it was OTURA MEJI who made the divination. The peanut was eager to have many children on Earth so that his people could enjoy an everlasting popularity in it, but they told him to make sacrifice so that after having the children, his brothers and sisters could not turn against them and destroy them. . They advised him to serve Ifá with a ram, and Eshu with a goat, he refused and left to travel the world without making any sacrifice.

When he came into the world he was actually very productive, because he had many children at the same time. Meanwhile, Eshu told the rabbit that he had already had too and that he was looking for something to feed them. The peanut had also just had children, but had hidden the children under the ground.

Eshu attracted the attention of the hedgehog (urare), and of the hare (ekun), on the nutritional value of the peanut children. Following Eshu's advice, they all started feeding their children peanuts.

When the latter discovered that they were leaving him childless, it was where an Ifa priest named Jemi Sudi was for divination. The Priest of Ifá also advised him to serve Ifá a ram and Eshu with a goat, after these sacrifices were done Eshu went to where the peasant was and advised him to set traps around his farm to catch the animal intruders that devastated it . Consequently, the farmer surrounded the place with traps in which he trapped various animals. When the animals observed that the peanut had been heavily fortified, they left the plantation and let the peanut and its children thrive and survive, so that their crops would bring direct profits to mankind. Peanut seeds also survived, to keep their generation flourishing to this day. Later, the peanut was thanking ORUNMILA for helping her get out alive from the furious attack of those around her.

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