Otrupon Bara

Otrupon Bara

What is born in the odu of Ifa Otrupon Bara?

  • If it goes out in ATEFA, 2 goats are given to ORUNMILA, one on the AÑARI and the Alawo bathes with that blood and the sand with blood.
  • If you go out in KUAKUANARDO, the AÑARI ceremony takes place on the beach.
  • Give a goat at the door of the house in ATEFA and bread is put in its mouth when sacrificing it, for gossiping.
  • The chase, they take the trail to harm it (The goat's footprints in the sand).
  • The bribe.
  • Let the Orishas eat goats, roosters and others.
  • Do not do favors, much less invalids.
  • The craving of the pregnant woman.
  • That Orúnmila escapes from prison in the trash can.
  • The cement and the sand.
  • The spy or scapegoat.
  • In Otrupon Bara Ife it was born that Orúnmila atefied with lime, plate and bone like Irofá in prison.
  • The requisition of garbage in the prison, so that the prisoners do not escape.

What does the Otrupon Bara sign talk about?

  • Give ESHU ATITAN food in the trash.
  • The owner of the Odu Otrupon Bara has to give ekú, eyá at the door every day.
  • The demonstrations and uprisings of support.
  • It should not help to load or lower anything, it implies misfortune.
  • That the lime from the walls goes into the Ebó
  • The goat lost its head for doing favors.
  • The children enter into antagonism with their mother.
  • The goat lost its head as a spy.
  • Orúnmila conquered the King's daughter.
  • The husband must praise his wife, he can die young.
  • Orúnmila was imprisoned by his wife OYA and never joined her again.
  • That the Awó does not throw coconut, without first breaking it.
  • ORÚNMILA was a stranger and was arrested.
  • The avaricious and proud King speaks, he believed himself to be the lord and master of the world.

The Otrupon Obara sign points out:

  • He puts a hairy yam to OBATALA.
  • You cannot eat in a hurry.
  • You don't eat peanuts or sesame.
  • Ants are not killed.
  • Parents do not fit anyone for their children.
  • You have to stay healthy to grow old.
  • It was the council of wise men.
  • Big and strong Ounko is given to ELEGBA, the person has to ride it.
  • In Otrupon Obara: The diseases are: cervical osteoarthritis, hernia, inflammation in the feet.
  • The Eweses are: pomegranate, maiden, supplication, horsefly, peanut.

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Recommendations and Advice of the Otrupon Bara sign:

No favors are done, the goat saved ORÚNMILA from death and he killed it.

The woman brings luck, misfortune and prison.

Otrupon Obara recommends avoiding being greedy, proud, pushy, and gossipy.

Otrupon Bara is a prison Odu; give food to ESHU ATITAN in the garbage with a doll, to avoid trouble, tragedies, ashelú and the ilé of OSHOSI.

Parents disparage the moral conditions of their children's partners as greedy and arrogant, so much so that they achieve fame and power.

Be careful if they catch the end of a cigar or tobacco, because if they catch it they will be fatal.

You have losses of money and family.

The lottery will be drawn.

To get someone out of prison, put osiadié in the garbage with a doll inside, dirt from the shoes and everything is left there.

Here the children tell the mother that they would be very healthy if she left home.

There may be a breakup between mother and daughter out of jealousy, the mother has not looked at the daughter for a long time, she owes OSHUN a chicken.

You have a dead brother and you must put a lamp up high with husk and cinnamon so that he can advocate for you.

Take care of accidents at work or on the street.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Otrupon Bara:

  • Honor goes, honor returns.
  • Someone dies to save others.
  • The lip of truth will remain forever, but the tongue of lies for a moment, the wicked tongue will be cut off.

Ifa Otrupon Bara says:

Don't do anybody favors because you hurt yourself. beware of enemies. You can lose money and family. Do not attempt against your life. When you go to the field or place that they send for you, first look at yourself with ORÚNMILA. His wife can lead him to commit robbery crimes.

Don't speak what you don't care about. Avoid going outside for seven days. Don't protest about food. Fix problems with your mother. You have a dead brother who accompanies you, take care of him, put a lamp up so that he can advocate for your person. Speak truths more gently. Receive ELEGBA and OLOKUN.

Prayer of the Odu Baba Otrupon Obara:


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Meaning of the Sign of Ifa Otrupon Obara

Do not do bad things, so that they do not speak badly of you, not opinions on matters that you do not dominate.

Marriage breakdown occurs.

You must receive OLUOPOPO, clean yourself with bogbo eré.

Paint the walls white.

SHANGO was violent and I wanted to solve everything that way, do YOKO OSHA and ask for


Do not help anyone to load or lower anything, because there will be a misfortune

Ifa Code of Ethics of the odu Otrupon Obara:

Orunmila is important to fix people's lives.

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Pataki of the sign of Ifa Otrupon Bara:

ORÚNMILA, the Ounko and the peanut planting.


On this road, ORUNMILA had her Obiní pregnant and she was going down a road and they saw a peanut board and the woman wanted to eat peanuts. He went to the fields and when he arrived, he began to dig in the ground.

The Ounko was the watchman of the peanut board and when he saw him, he asked him: "What are you doing there?" - ORUNMILA replied: "We are on our farm." The Ounko told them: "This farm is not yours and they are stealing peanuts." ORUNMILA told him to shut up and told him that he was going to give him a good quantity of peanuts and then the Ounko told them to take the peanuts.

At that, ESHU appeared and asked: «What is happening here? And ORUNMILA told him everything.

ESHU then told ORUNMILA: "OLOFIN's daughter is sick and the doctors are going to cure her and OLOFIN sends her to look for you." ORUNMILA went to OLOFIN's house, made her daughter bear Osode, saw this Ifá and marked her prayer. When ORÚNMILA was doing the EBO, he asked for ekó and took it, asking OLOFIN if he had a field planted with peanuts.

This answered affirmatively. ORUNMILA then told him: «To heal your daughter, you have to bring me the Ounko that
he takes care of him, the one with a red hat, who screams like SHANGO ». He put a piece of bread in her mouth so that she would not speak.

And that's where it was born that Oshas eat animals, such as goat, rooster, hen, etc.

NOTE: Do not go out in 7 days.

Otrupon Obara Ifa Traditional Nigerian


Òtúrú ní n pon Òdàràá lo Sílè Ifè
A day fún Ikúyèbá omo Àgùnnàre
Níjó tí n fomi ojúú sògbérè ire
Wón ní ó rbo
Ó ba rubo
Ó ru abèbè
Ní bá n jóó kiri
N ni àwon Elésù n se tee dòní
Wón ti ru egbàá
Gbogbo ibi won bá dé
Owó ni on fi n ké won
Ó ní Òtúrú ní n pon Òdàràá lo Sílè Ifè
A day fún Ikúyèbá omo Àgùnnàre
iku yebá
Omo Àgùnáre
Mo régbàá
Omo Àgùnáre
Òfo yèbá
Omo Àgùnáre
Mo rÀbèbè
Omo Àgùnáre
Mo régbàá
Mo rÀbèbè kan
ajogun yebá
Omo Àgùnáre
Mo régbàá
Mo rábèbé.

Ifá advises this person to offer sacrifice with 2 hand fans to ùsù. U work is related to the mouth; Ifá will not allow you to develop a leg disease; It is the same leg that will lead you to the place so that you can earn a living. He will have to be careful.

Òtúrú ní n pon Òdàràá lo Sílè Ifè
He was the one who consulted Ikúyèbá the son of Àgùnnàre
The day he was crying because of all the good things
They advised him to make sacrifice
He performed the sacrifice
He sacrificed a hand fan
He started dancing around town after this
This is why the devotees of Esu carry a fan in their hand today.
They had sacrificed twenty thousand units of money
All your places of visit
He was cared for with a lot of money
He said Òtúrú ní n pon Òdàràá lo Sílè Ifè
He was the one who consulted Ikúyèbá the son of Àgùnnàre
Death ducked aside and fled from us
The son of Àgùnnàre
I sacrificed twenty thousand
The son of Àgùnnàre
Loss ducked aside and fled from us
The son of Àgùnnàre
I sacrificed a hand fan
The son of Àgùnnàre
I sacrificed twenty thousand
I sacrificed a hand fan
Ajoguns ducked aside and fled from us
The son of Àgùnnàre
I sacrificed twenty thousand
I sacrificed a hand fan.

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