Iroso Di (4-7): Meaning, Advice, Sayings, stories and more.

Iroso Di

Iroso Di, is one of the signs of Ifa corresponding to the book of Irosun, this Odu speaks that things are a bit difficult for him in the present, if not, he must offer sacrifice to prevent difficult moments. This odu is number 80 in the Ifa hierarchy.

Other names of the sign of Ifa Iroso say:

Iroso Odi.

In the odu of Ifa Iroso Di is born:

  • Love.
  • Achondroplasia, dwarf people with developed heads and bone defects in the legs and arms.
  • This is the IFA that lives in water.

Sign of Ifa Iroso Di speaks:

  • What do you have to give adié dun dun a orunmila.
  • That women rule here.
  • The cedar bush that is bitter and the almond bush that is sweet.
  • That the one who goes to the city does not return.
  • That it is about people with falsehood.
  • You have to be careful where you step.
  • Iroso Di Of the good bad who wrapped a stone in marabou and when the brother was careless he beat himself and fell deprived of knowledge, he put him in a box and threw him into the sea to drown.
  • That she will have a son who will be called iré (luck). You will have it with a person of light behavior, take good care of it, it will be your happiness.
  • Of three persistent enemies.
  • That the father, by opposing the relationships of the daughters, will only make them become light-minded.
  • That people do not have a seat in any of their things.
  • If she is a woman, Iroso Di speaks: She is more determined than her husband.
  • She has had more than one husband and has left him the wrong way. He suffers from uterine fire. Elegbara says that he is her father, her brother and her friend.
  • Of momentary fading. Go to the doctor.

The Iroso Odi Sign points out:

  • Enemies expiring.
  • Of entanglements and that if you pay attention to those entanglements you will be lost.
  • Family opposition to the woman you live with.
  • Of a person who has no fixed whereabouts.
  • To be careful with a betrayal.
  • That you escape from your enemies, just as you cannot reach the fish in the river and the sea with your hands, so your enemies will not reach you. You should give two Ejah tutelage to your reader.
  • That here Orúnmila had short hands and was not enough.

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Recommendations of the Iroso Di sign:

You have to meet Obatalá and clean his house and his bed

You cannot trust anyone including those of the same family.

Never open any guards you have.

Celebrate a woman who had died, who is deceased.

Do not jump or step on pipes, or hoses that loosens your manhood and lags behind.

You and the people who are with you, have to do ebo not to die.

Beware of a wrong move you may take.

Do not cry for the money or the misery that you are going through.

Do not fight with your wife and follow the advice she gives you.

Do not hang out with anyone because it is late.

Receive hand from Ifá Awofakan or Ikofáfun.

Do not treat anyone falsely.

You have to beg your head with two fresh fish.

If she is a woman, for everything to go well for her, she must have contact with an Awó.

You must make two pieces, one for the house and one for the person.

Elegua is put fish in sauce.

Sayings of the Odu Iroso Di:

  • The hand is short and does not reach down.
  • In the kingdom of love, some love and others are loved, happiness is being able to be both.
  • The slug for ebo is not to be thrown to the gods away.
Iroso Say 4-7 Sayings

Iroso Odi bans:

You cannot climb stairs, chairs, etc. To catch what your hands cannot reach, do not let it make you feel dizzy and fall and in turn suffer a fatal accident.

This Ifá prohibits going out with another person.

Ifa says in the odu Iroso Di:

Let him meet Obatala and clean his house and his way does not trust anyone or the people who are inside his house; you have gone over a hose or pipe and that is why you are behind, and before passing he said: wow, let me pass this way.

 She has a relic made with herbs or eye and because she is curious I destroy it, now she has to bring it to make ebo with it; do not cry for the money and the misery you are experiencing, or fight with your wife, follow the advice she gives you; do not walk with anyone because it is late, in your business or seat.

Prayer of the Odu of Ifa Iroso Say:

Iroso Di mandulain ati eintoshe oun omó Orúnmila. Adifafun Orunmila kowaye.

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Ebo of the Odu Iroso Odi:

  • Orúnmila is asked with sweets that have almond that is sweet.
  • Two fresh fish are given to the head.
  • Two adié dundun are given to Orúnmila.

Description of the odu of Ifa Iroso Odi.


  • Here the good-bad guy speaks who wrapped an ota in a Marabou and when the brother was careless he threw it at him and fell deprived of knowledge and then threw him into the sea to drown.
  • Here the enemies wanted to kill Orúnmila (The Jicotea and the Serpent).


  • Achondroplasia (the dwarfs) is born. Here Orunmila had short hands and was not enough.
  • If you are a woman, you have uterine fire.
  • It suffers momentary blackouts.


He talks about the loss of children from opposing their relationships and their becoming light-headed.


  • Talk about three persistent enemies.
  • The woman has had more than one husband and has left him the wrong way.
  • Beware of a betrayal.


  • That he will have a son that he will call I will go, he will have him with a light person, take care of him that will be his luck.
  • Elegba says that he is her father, her brother and her friend.


  • Talk about three persistent friends.
  • The person does not have a seat in any of their things.
  • Of defeat of the enemies, you escape from your enemies, praying with two fresh fish.
  • Talk about family opposition to the woman you live with.
  • The person has no fixed whereabouts.

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Iroso Di:

The Awó does not take what does not belong to him.

Patakie of the sign of Ifa Iroso Odi:


Mandulain was like an emperor who had a daughter named Wintoshe, in that land he could not rule more men, but women, because of the title that Mandulain had and he wanted to marry her with a man with a title or a prince so as not to degenerate, his hierarchy did not allow him another thing and then he sent for an Awó and told him: I want you to make me bear my daughter, so that she can marry one of my rank. The Awó examined her and saw this letter and said to her: Your daughter has to marry Orúnmila and then Awó, otherwise she will not be happy; Mandulain astonished said to the Awó: My daughter will not receive Ikofáfun and will not marry (obeyague) with any Awó, so pick up and say nothing more, that this does not compete with my sheet, then the Awó replied: Wait a minute that I have to keep talking, her daughter is going to have three different men, with the first one, as soon as she has a son he will die and the man will leave and never come back, with the second, as he already knows his situation, he will love her, he will have another man who will also die and the man will also leave and the third man will mistreat her a lot, beat him and also leave. After hearing this, Mandulain told the Awó that he could leave.

Shortly after, a man appeared as a prince of another nation and asked for the hand of Mandulain's omo. Mandulain, very happy, gave it to him, announcing the marriage of his daughter and what the Awó had said happened.

Some time later another man appeared and as he knew that she was not in condition, he fell in love with what the Awó had said.

Then Wintoshe went from town to town and finally went into the bush, starving, she was almost naked and very thin. One day the Awó, who had examined her at her father's house, saw her and asked her about her father. She replied that she hadn't known about him for a long time, then the Awó told her; We are going to examine Orúnmila to see if Ifá affirms what he said the first time. He took out the okpele and put it on Wintoshe's head and this Ifá came out and Orúnmila affirmed it, then the Awó fell in love with Wintoshe and she loved him and left in a state, and he returned to Osode and saw that the child was female and they left then to Wintoshe's father's house, they arrived and the surprised father said: What is this? And the Awó explained to him, this is his daughter who is my wife, who is in a female state and this is his happiness, his daughter's and mine. Mandulain said: If you don't prove what you say, you will lose your mind. The girl was born proving what the Awó had said, for which Mandulain put Orúnmila at the head of his government and named her granddaughter princess.

SUYERE :: "I use poka asu pere Orúnmila asu pere Awó. "

Iroso Di Ifa Traditional

It was guessed for the Cat, the Rat and the Fish.

The Cat, the Rat and the Fish were by divination. He told the Cat to make a sacrifice to avoid taking the yoke of someone else's problems. He was told to sacrifice Eshu, his head, and his Guardian Angel. He served his head and his Guardian Angel, but failed to serve Eshu.

He also advised the Rat to make similar sacrifices; but did not do any. Meanwhile, the Rat approached the Cat to help him catch the fish from the river. The Cat replied that he did not know how to swim. However the cat decided to try when the Rat promised to give him a good piece of meat if he succeeded in catching the Fish for him.

The fish also went to see Orúnmila for divination, and was told that the enemies were plotting something against him. Orúnmila told the Fish to make a sacrifice with okra, soap and a chicken. Without wasting time he made the sacrifice. To which Orúnmila added white Bleo grass (ewe tete) irowa and odondon, for the okra, to prepare a soap with which to bathe. After that, the Fish established its abode in the water, where its body became slippery and scaly.

Finally when the Cat went in search of the River, he found him dancing. The Cat resumed his attack, but the okra on the Fish's body made it impossible for the Cat to catch it.

It was when the Fish swam into the depths of the river and was kept safe from the threats of the Cat, who returned home, disgusted. Before the cat got out of the water, it had already ingested a lot of water. It took him a long time to get rid of all that water in his stomach. After that, she went to see the Rat to ask for the piece of meat that he had promised to give her. He actually asked him for a goat to thank his head for not having lost his life in the river.

For his part, the Rat argued that since the Cat had not been successful in his endeavor to capture the Fish, he had no right to claim payment. Then the Cat attacked and killed the Rat while the children fled. It was from then on that the Cat began to kill the Rat for food, a product of the sacrifice that he had refused to make.

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