Oshe lezo

Oshe lezo, Oshe iroso

The king loses his crown.

Other names for Oshe Iroso:

  • Oshe pink.
  • Oshe Lazo.
  • Oshe Lezo.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Oshe Lezo?

  • Oshún Awayemi, Owner of the Nostrils.
  • That Oshé Lezo is the very candle brave.
  • The Suyere of the basin ceremony: Eniwa, Eniwa, Oshun Eniwa.
  • The Oddun is retired, due to dirty aura and mistakes made. 
  • The King loses his crown by hard head. 
  • Oggún was taken from the mountain.
  • Every day you have to say Kaferefún Obiní. 
  • They accuse Olófin of murderer.

The sign Oshe Iroso (5-4) indicates:

  • Talk about diseases in the genital organs.
  • The person is stingy.
  • The Eweses are: Caltrop, Iroko, Cuaba, Ginger, Bramble, Guacalote (Remove Curse) and French Purslane.
  • The person dragged by the Apetebbí comes and hands it to the Babalawo.
  • You cannot be curious, nor can you practice two religions.
  • Talk about inheritance.
  • Two small cedar crosses are placed on Orunmila.
  • Eat rooster Ozún together with Eggún.
  • Talk about the coming war and dangerous enemies.
  • There is witchcraft with a witch's casserole.
  • Freshwater fish cannot go to saltwater.

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Sayings of Oshe Lezo:

  • King losing his crown.
  • The one who kills the cow is as much to blame as the one who holds its leg.
  • Do not overdo it, in life everything has a limit.
  • The battle is tough.
  • If water doesn't rain, corn doesn't grow.
  • The freshwater fish does not live in salt water. 

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Oshe Lezo:

The Awó should not be with different religions.

What does the sign Oshe Iroso talk about?

The sign of Ifa Oshe Iroso warns and announces that religious faith has declined; religious sacrifices have lost continuity both due to lack of faith and value to this beautiful religion.

Although oshe lezo talks about inheritances such as our ancestors, it is also interpretive for our religious habits since orula explains that things have been done wrong for a long time, bad ceremonies and ways to demonstrate that it is the religion where os has declined in credibility and effectiveness where the religious have had to return light years to what is spiritualism and attention to their spiritual picture.

Which is the same to wash a car by the wheels and later by the roof. They are doing things backwards. People who are not legal and go from house to house as if this were a matter of warehouses. Many moral values ​​of this religion have been lost.

Oshe Lezo explains that all this has fallen into customs that have been inherited in generations of religious and that has to end. We must renew our boats with our oshas and live organized with our saints and live the middle line, not the curve or the parallel. Our religion does not lack anything, it only lacks people who know how to carry it. It is so much that thousands of people misadvise and have thousands of followers and expand their beliefs and thus legalize them. so much failure. And that same failure eradicates the fact that everyone wants to be the head and the word.

Description of the odu Oshe Lezo:

This Oddun speaks of the removal of pain (withdrawal, removing obstacles) and misery. Also in a temporary chaotic activity unhappiness results.

In this Oddun (Oshe Lezo) material things or money are taken by inheritance.

Here it is advisable to take care of the stomach and moderate meals.

Secrets should not be disclosed to anyone.

The Apetebbí brings the person dragged to the Babalawo.

The person is raised by someone who is not his father, he is the son of King.

The son turns his back on the father, he is proud.

You have to be careful with the candle, which catches the rich and the poor.

It should not deny anything and be balanced.

A faithful friend will plot a ploy to remove his position, he speaks of friend betrayal.

Here you have to attend to dreams.

Children can become effeminate, inverted or you like to live with them.

The son of this Oddun (Oshe Lezo) is a cerebral person.

The woman is debased with a rough, clumsy and abusive man.

The person, tired of the abuse they commit to him, isolates himself from the world.

The person is badly advertised and deliberately accused.

Eshú (Elegbá) must be expressly attended to.

Avoid being curious, because this can lose you.

The person refuses to do the sacrifices and works, and therefore his life is chaotic and results in unhappiness.

Meaning of the Odu Oshe Iroso (5-4)

If Oshé Lezo removes the obstacles in front of him, he removes the misery.

A rooster is given to Oggún and one to Eggún from the father.

Oshún is given two yellow hens. They wonder if in the river.

The head (Kobo-Ori) should be asked with Guabina to be dry and Slug.

Orunmila is given two small cedar wood crosses.

Here was born the Súyere of the basin that is made on the tables of the day of Itá and Iyoyé de Ifá and on the table of Kakuanardo. Follow:

 Obbá: Oshún Eniwa Eniwa Chorus: Eniwa Eniwa

Obbá: Eniwa Eniwa Chorus: Oshún Eniwa

 Here the man likes to abuse women and possess them frantically, that's why they shun him.

Be careful raping a woman, that would be her destruction.

In the sign of Ifa Oshe Lezo you want to hurt three different people, do not do it, you will lose.

The person is a little greedy.

Here the Ifa brothers wish to harm him.

Diseases that afflict this Oddun: stomach problems, diseases of the genitals, blood, nerves, vision and circulatory problems.

Here nobody can be denied anything, so that they prosper and do not go crazy.

You have to be careful with revolution, tragedies, bad manners, etc.

You will not be able to walk in different religions.

It is recommended to do head praying with freshwater fish.

In Oshe Iroso, when he goes out in divination, he retires, due to a dirty aura and mistakes made.

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Says Ifa odu Oshe Lezo

The person complains about his fate, sees it so badly that death is desired, do not be greedy, or deny anything to anyone, if someone asks for something and it is within his reach, give it to him so that Eshu does not get him in trouble. The aftermath of an illness he suffered is still felt. Comply with YALORDE and SHANGO. He lives with two women and one is married. You think to do wrong, don't do it, because it doesn't suit you. Give one rooster to ORULA and another to EGUN. A woman is destined for you, but there is opposition, she will bring you luck, women save you. You are going to take a short trip, but it will take time and when you return from it, there will be losses at home. The person eats and drinks with his enemies, who are amazed that he is still alive; always have a tureen with honey covered with a yellow cloth over it, dedicated to OSHUN and roar at him. Don't go into Mayombe matters. Do not put things away if you are not sure, they can be stolen and you will be in trouble and lose your mind. Serve OGUN. Do not carry knives, avoid justice. Do not trust friends, they are the first to betray and dethrone you. Seek peace with your opponents. Take care of women, but with great care, because behind a woman, the prison is hidden.

Prayer of the Odu Oshe Lezo:

Oshe Lezo Adifafun Runmila Oba Lorile Shefo Iyogba Fun Ibaro Imo Pupo Ni Orile Kaferefun Yalode, Eshu Ati Ogun.

Oshe Lezo's Ebbo:

Ebo to eliminate witchcraft from the stomach:

A clean Ifá Omiero, he is given a black hen and the next day he is given a glass to drink.

Oshe Iroso's work for the disease:

OGUN is given a black banana, it is roasted and placed under the bed of the patient and when it smells bad it is taken to the mountains.

Head prayer (KOBOORI) for madness.

2 white doves, one is placed on his head and the other on the back of his neck (Eshu BAKO or IPAKO) open in the middle and then he asks where they are going. This is to counter the insanity.

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Patakie of the sign Oshe Lezo:

When the king loses his crown.

In Ara Keke there was a King named LORILE. He believed in his own way and thought that being King he did not need anything. One day, one of his bosses, named BALEGUN, whom he had as his faithful friend, was plotting a change of power. One of his closest assistants caught his attention and said: If you don't believe me, we are going to the house of a wise man.

This sage turned out to be ORUNMILA. Obá replied: You are crazy. How is it possible that I, with my hierarchy, go to a beggar's house? Look, get out of my presence. But when the King went to bed, he fell asleep and dreamed that they wanted to dethrone him. When he got up, thinking that no faithful friend betrays another, he decided to go to the wise man's house.

He examined him and made his appearance this Ifá, advising him that he had to feed the river and then beg his head with fresh fish, give Eshu and OGUN a rooster, because before 5 days a week they could dethrone him, that he lived with his own enemies and did not know it. Upon returning to his Palace, he told his assistant what had happened, and in turn refused to do anything for fear that someone from the town would see him. Instead, he sent his assistant with the food, lacking the fish.

The assistant came to the wise man's house and he told him that it couldn't be. The assistant, afraid to return with everything, begged the sage. This one went and said to him: Come on, but you will receive the ceremony and not your Obá. The sage made his ceremony and said: Give OSHUN the food yourself. He presented the food on his head but the fish, who were fresh and hungry, saw the shadow when he threw the food into the water. A fish jumped to catch something to eat first than the others and it fell into his hand, saying the wise man: Don't let go! It serves to beg your head. IFA NIRE NIPA IWO ATI CHEFO NI DE OBA.

When the wise man finished praying, the assistant returns to the Palace and before arriving he feels the revolution. It was that BALOGUN attacked the King, having to leave the Palace, in the direction of the sage's house. This one said to him: It is late, you lost your crown by hard head. Eshu, OGUN and OSHUN have taken care of their matter.

In the Palace, as BALEGUN did not know anything about administration, he saw the assistant of the former King and since he had not fled, he named him King of the Palace and he accepted. (An inheritance is received)..

Oshe Iroso Traditional Ifa


e bùúlè
Kó you yagba
A day fún Òsé you are ìyá Ìrosùn
Wón ní kí wón ó rbo
Òsé òhun Ìrosùn rèé
Omo ìyá ni won
Wón ní kí àwon méjèèjì or rubo
Káyé or lè ye wón
Wón bá rubo
Wón bá n jó won bá n yò
Wón n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Wón ní béè làwon Babaláwo tàwón wí
e bùúlè
Kó you yagba
A day fún Òsé you are ìyá Ìrosùn
Ebo n won ni won or jo se
Won gbébo nbè
Wón rubo
Òsé Olósùn ló lajé
E bùúlè kó tú yagba
Kó you yagba
Òsé Olósùn ló láya
E bùúlè kó tú yagba
Kó you yagba
Òsé Olósùn loin
E bùúlè kó tú yagba
Kó you yagba
Òsé Olósùn ló nire gbogbo
E bùúlè kó tú yagba
Kó tu yagba.

Ifá advises this person to make sacrifice so that his life can be pleasant. His brother must offer sacrifice as well.

e bùúlè
Kó you yagba
They were the ones who made divination for Òsé the brother of Ìrosùn
They were advised to offer sacrifice
Here is Òsé and Ìrosùn
They are blood brothers
Both were advised to offer sacrifice
So that their life would be pleasant
They made the sacrifice
And then they started dancing and they were very happy
They praised their Babaláwos
And their Babaláwos praised Ifá
They said it was exactly as their Babaláwos had predicted
e bùúlè
Kó you yagba
They were the ones who made divination for Òsé the brother of Ìrosùn
They were advised to offer sacrifice
And they did
This is Òsé Olósùn who possesses riches
Pour it on the ground
And water it
This is Òsé Olósùn who has wives
Pour it on the ground
And water it
This is Òsé Olósùn who has her own children
Pour it on the ground
And water it
This is Òsé Olósùn who possesses all good things
Pour it on the ground
And water it.

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  1. My follow Orula, she is right, my aunt, daughter of Oggun, raised me and not my parents!!! I love my parents but I owe all my loyalty and respect to my aunt!

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