Ogunda Osa

second mass

What is born in the odu of Ifa Ogunda Masa?

  • Erubawao, the slaves of OLOKUN.
  • The one that OGUN is delivered together with OSHOSI.
  • Igbodun of Osha, birth of the Saint.
  • The work of ORUNMILA and OBATALA so that the person does not die before their turn.
  • The igbordun call of Ifá.
  • The igbordun watchman of Ifá.
  • The OLOFIN cashier.
  • The pig dealer.

What does the Ogunda Masa sign talk about?

  • This is the safe.
  • It is where OBATALA reaches out for OLORDUMARE to hand over power to him.
  • It was where ORUNMILA told Heaven that it was immense but herbs do not grow.
  • In Ogunda La Masa the children eat their mother.
  • An Egún Obiní omo YEMAYA speaks who gives you everything you want as long as you attend to it.
  • Here: Talk about abandonment or throwing away the warriors.
  • Talk about settling Osha.
  • Ogunda Masa speaks of a rider of Egún.

The sign Ogunda Osa indicates:

  • This Ifá is called ogunda crossed because the story tells that OLOFIN had forbidden the passage through a road and OGUN passed through it, where the people told Olodumare, OGUN violated the law and Olodumare replied: «Let him do it; If he wants to lose the meaning of life, let him find the meaning of death. "
  • OGUNDA MASA is an Oddun who has problems with the family, regarding their union, which to obtain it needs to do works (see the list of works of OGUNDA MASA).

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Recommendations of the sign Ogunda La Masa:

Second Mass, must be baptized three times and the last will be in the saint. for this Ifá the children eat the mother.
Ogunda La Masa has a son sent by her spouse, to dominate him, to get rid of that he must do the cleaning work at the foot of OGUN. (see list of works).

For this Ifá you can have a child who will be the meat of a prison, so you have to have a measure before it happens.

For this Ifá Orunmila says that the person can smoke marijuana, so he is advised to do the work with ELEGBA, where they put 3 chamizo cigars, so that he prevents the person from doing it, since that will be his downfall.

For this Ifá (Ogunda Mass) the person must put a cedar cross at the head of the bed, and sleep at the foot of the bed.

This Sign «Ogunda Masa» speaks of an Egun son Yemajá Al who will give you everything in life as long as you attend to him. You must find out who this Egun is. If this Ifá is seen in an obiní: in ikofafun or sight: it should be said that a fibroma can form in the cervix, which should be treated quickly, and vaginal washes with jiba root.
When this Ifá is seen: the person is told that he has abandoned the warriors or has thrown them away.

For this Ifá the person likes to sleep naked. This hurts him. The Odu OGUNDA MASA predicts that the person should take care of their eyes, as well as their kidneys, since they can suffer from stones, and they should not eat pork.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Ogunda Masa:

  • The bird that imitates the ringworm dies behind the stove.
  • There is no bird in the world like the ringworm.
  • The ringworm knows when it rises, but not where it falls.
  • OLOFIN splits the difference.
  • As long as the world is this, the ringworm does not eat grass.
  • The misunderstanding of life.
  • The Saint is the being that never falls, and OLOFIN always speaks standing up.

Says Ifa Ogunda Masa:

That you thank OGUN for defending you for a cause; you want to fix everything with iron, let it not suit you; be careful not to raise your hand to anyone and your wife much less, if she asks you some questions ignore her, because you do not like her to give you advice; do to moderate your relatives so that you can be well, she is more beautiful than you. be careful with gossip, because you will always have it on top let it run; you are fighting, and after you win that war is when you will get scared, be careful with a tragedy where there may be blood or justice intervenes; you have to receive ORUNMILA; be very careful with a trap; you are in a pact with three people where justice can intervene, do EBO so that it goes well; you like to sleep naked, don't do it, it slows you down, your legs are loose and you have problems with your eyesight. You cannot live with your mother, you were not going to be born, because the mother did everything possible to abort.

Says Ifa in Ogunda La Masa

It cannot get fat because it is destroyed. Take care of your kidneys because you can get kidney stones. If it is obiní: a fibroma can form in the cervix, do works so that this does not happen; you are imprisoned for the saint or for Ifá; you have an Egún that can pull you off a ladder and stand up to take it off. You should sleep for the footboard of the bed and put a cedar cross at the head of the bed. You have to have in your house a garden with a cypress
so that you have everything in life. You have marks on your body; you suffer from constipation. you have to adore OBATALA, since in this Ifá he gave you the reins of the world by OLODUMARE.

Prayer of the Odu Baba Ogunda Masa:


Suyere Oddún Ogunda Osa:


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Ebbo of the Odu Ogunda La Masa Ifa:

Cleaning at the foot of OGUN by the sign Ogunda La Masa:

A piece of beef coconut is taken, nine pins are put on it and wrapped in ashó dun dun, cleaned at the foot of OGUN and left to OGUN and buried the next day.

Ogunda Osa's work for the union of the whole family:

A clay ikokó is prepared, where the generals of all the relatives, 21 igí and the seven tools of OGUN are put on it. He is fed whatever OGUN asks for.

To avoid family problems:

A clay ikokó is taken, the following Athena of Ifá is painted on the inside: OSHE TURA, OGUNDA MASA, OTURA SHE. On top of it, a paper is pasted with the generals of the family -of all the children- and an igbín loaded with hair from all of them, poppy grass, tame handsome, silly stick, dominator, I can more than you, ekú, ahem, epó , tranquil balsam, oú seeds -cotton-, erú, obí, kolá, obi motiwao and it is sealed with orí. The Inshé carries land from the ilé, 21 igí, seven OGUN tools. Eat hee hee, rooster, and ayapa. The whole thing is cemented and he begins to live with OGUN and eats an ayapa right from the start.

Ebbo of Ogunda Masa to defeat the Arayé:

You take coffee grounds, burnt cork, grass: mugwort, burnt paper ashes with the generals of the Arayé; igí: mud with everything, black ink. He stands at the foot of the Osha or Orisha he takes.

To beat the Arayé for Ogunda Osa:

Take the crest of a rooster, eyerbale de uyen de OGUN, ashes of the role of the generals of the Arayé, Odu of the enemies if you have it, Odu ofo. It is buried in a wild anthill.

Work of Ogunda La Masa for luck:

OGUN is given a jabado rooster. The person concerned is handed over and a sarsaparilla vine is wrapped around his body and cut with a new knife, everything is wrapped and taken to the river where it is left. There he takes water and takes it home, to bathe for three days.

NOTE: For this Ifá, 16 eyelé fun fun are given to ODUDUWA for health.

Advice from the oddun of Ifa Ogunda Masa:


For this Ifá the person is told to be careful not to fall from a ladder since he has an Egun that can cause it. Awó OGUNDA MASA: he must reinforce his OGUN and be doing cleaning works with him to be able to overcome all his arayé. Awó OGUNDA LA MASA: it is the Babalawo par excellence to make the call of the Igbodun of Ifá; this Odu represents the Oyubona, as OGUNDA BIODE represents the godfather. OGUNDA MASA is the guardian of the Igbodun of Ifá.

For this Ifá the person is scared by anything or noise, without analyzing what are the reasons for it. Awó OGUNDA MASA: you must be careful not to be influenced by friends, to carry out irresponsible acts, because you will lose that. Here you have to be jealous to select your friends.

Meaning of the Sign of Ifa Ogunda La Masa (Osa)

OGUNDA MASA, her parents separated because of an obiní.

This Ifa predicts that you should live far from your mother and try to get along with her, so that she is not your enemy, because you can throw her off. That is why it is said that it is a harsh Ifá: because your mother cursed you, and she did not want you to be born, because she was intentionally aborting you. His happiness is not with his mother.

OGUNDA LA MASA should have a garden in his house with a cypress bush so that he has everything in life.

For this Ifá Awó OGUNDA MASA has a mark on the body, and should not get fat because it is destroyed. Here you have constipation problems where you have to take mineral oil by adding 5 drops of anise and 5 drops of oñí -bee honey-.

For this Ifá Awó OGUNDA LA MASA gives 16 eyelé fun fun to ODUDUWA. This Ifá predicts that the person can die before it touches him and to avoid that the work is done with ORUNMILA and OBATALA (see list of works).

This is an Ifá of gossip, in which he will always be entangled, the product of many arayés that the person has (do EBO).

For this Ifá, both the Awó and the aleyo must have their own house and not wander, or stay outside the house, so that they do not live like the tñosa.

This Odu predicts that the person or Awó will always have food, since as Olodumare arranged it that way.

Ifa Code of Ethics from odu Ogunda La Masa:

What is in the garbage can not be collected because in the end it always goes back to the garbage can.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Ogunda Mass:

The vigilant eagle of Ifá.

The eagle was iworo and he made alakoso and the gorse a saint, the eagle was the King of the birds and, once they were crowned by the alakoso and the gorse, he put them as an assistant. One day the eagle fell ill and cared for and called Alakoso to search him, but he could not do anything for him. Then he called the gorse with the same purpose but she could not do anything either.

The eagle called ORUNMILA who made him Osode and he saw this Ifá «Ogunda La Masa» and told him: You have to become Ifá to save you from Ikú, giving EBO to OLOKUN, from a small elephant on his forehead he was tied, With the bones of the legs, the hands of Ifá were made, which were called ikines. And the ceremony was done.

The eagle was already consecrated to Ifá, but it was no longer iworo, but Awó, only the guardian of Ifá.

NOTE: That is why the eagle was consecrated Ifá, so that it was a watchman of Ifá, because it never sleeps and that is why it is also put in OSAIN.

OBATALA and OLOFIN's goalkeeper.


In this way, OBATALA was OLOFIN's doorman, but since nobody took care of him or treated him properly, he began to feel the shortage in the house and it was because all those who were going to ask him about OLOFIN in order to leave something good, he I diverted it with some pretext.

The situation at OLOFIN's house became critical and OLOFIN, alarmed, sent for ORUNMILA, before leaving he became Osode and saw this Ifá (Ogunda Masa), did EBO and the two eyelé fun fun had to take them with him. ORUNMILA did so and when he arrived at the OLOFIN ilé he met the doorman who was lying on the floor and asked him about OLOFIN and he answered him in a bad way, so that he would leave there, but ORUNMILA insisted and asked OBATALA : Sir, are you sick? OBATALA replied: I am hungry, because nobody feeds me and nobody takes care of me. ORUNMILA took out the eyelé fun fun and gave them to OBATALA, and he got up from the ground and told ORUNMILA what was happening, at OLOFIN's house. And that was how ORUNMILA was able to find out and enter OLOFIN's house and told him everything that
It happened at his house and everything he wanted to know. And it solved his problems.

NOTE: In this Ifá, the Awó takes a pan flute, opens it in the middle and presents it to OBATALA, kisses it and prays it in front of the street door and tells her: Just as the woman finds her food, so I I have to find mine. ARISHA NISHA NITO OGUN and throws the two halves of the bread for the street, one to the right and the other to the left.

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Ogunda The Traditional Nigerian Ifa Dough


Odán ojúde àbèyin kulugò kulugò
A day fún Òrúnmìlà
Wón ní kó rbo
Kí Onígbèsè òrun or lè baà sìn ín lówó
Wón níwo Òrúnmìlà rubo
Eni Onígbèsè òrun ò bà sin lówó
Kò wúló layé
Wón bá n rubo
Tí ón bá rbo tán
Wón bá n laya
won bá n bímo
Is this how lonígbèsè òrun?
Kò níí mo iséé se
Yóó sì mo òúnjeé heh
Níjó tí on bá ti bí I
Tí ón ti fomú yes I lénu
Láti ojó náà ni bàbá or ti móo fún un lówó
Ijó náà nìyá or ti móo fun un lówó
Àti gbogbo ebi
Nígbà or bá dàgbà tán ni wón or móo jère è
Ifá pé omo lonígbèsè òrun
Ní wá n jó ní n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Odán ojúde àbèyin kulugò kulugò
Awo Ilé Òrúnmìlà ló día fun Òrúnmìlà
Wón ní kó rbo
Kí Onígbèsè òrun or lè baà sìn ín lówó
Taa lonígbèsè òrun ò?
omo eni
N lonígbèsè òrun ò
omo eni.

Ifá wishes the good fortune of children to this person. He will have peace and quiet and life will please him. He should only offer sacrifice.

The Odan tree in an open space with protruding bark
He made divination for Òrúnmìlà
They advised him to make sacrifice
Since the creditor of heaven will come to demand you for your money
They advised Òrúnmìlà to offer sacrifice
They said 'Anyone who the creditor of heaven does not come to ask for money'
'That person's life would not be good'
He performed the sacrifice
Once he made the sacrifice
He had a wife
He had a son
So, which children are the creditors are from heaven?
I didn't know how to do any work
But if you knew how to eat
The same day he was born into the world
He started sucking on his mother's breasts
From that day on the father began to give him money
Since that day the mother began to incur expenses on him
And all the couples
When he matures, they will reap the investment
Ifá says that the child is the creditor of heaven
He began to dance and rejoice
He was praising his Babaláwos
His Babaláwos were praising Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwos had said
The Odan tree in an open space with protruding bark
He made divination for Òrúnmìlà
They advised him to make sacrifice
So that the creditor of heaven would come to demand his money
Who is the creditor of heaven?
The son of one
He is the creditor of heaven
The son of one.

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