Treaty of Oyekun and its Omoluos

Hello iworos, here we provide you with all the information regarding Oyekun Meji as well as all its combinations, in this treatise you will find, Sayings, Patakies, Eboses, Birth, recommendations of each Ifa Sign. It is time to increase your knowledge with these Ifa treatises that are structured in the best way to help learning about the Ifa odu.

oyekun treaty

Treaty of the signs of Ifa «Oyekun»

Treaty of Oyekun Meji and all its variants from Oyeku Meji to Oyekun Ofun. Learn what all these odu speak and learn more about your sign so that you can better carry the recommendations given by Orunmila. 

The birth of Oyekun Meji

Oyekun's Father was as patient as the rubble dump (Otiton in Yoruba and Otiku in Benin), while his Mother was as strong as the crossroads of three roads. In other words, the Father was a layman while the Mother was a witch who used to transfigure in the Astral and psychic world to
attend meetings with the Elders of the Night.

When the powers of the wife became too dominant for the Father, the latter went by divination and was told to make sacrifice with a Boa (Okaa in Yoruba and Arumoto in Benin). He made the sacrifice and the wife soon became pregnant.

The night she was going to give birth, she was transformed again to enter the world of witchcraft. When he awoke, Eshu had placed the Boa, with which the husband had made sacrifice, in the back of the house. In that, she felt like relieving herself. He went to the back of the house to go to the toilet, which was traditionally away from it. When she was going to the toilet she saw the snake and ran in fear, away from the house until she reached the crossroads of the three roads. It was there that suddenly the pains appeared and a boy gave birth, without anyone helping her.

She was so happy for the double salvation and joy she had had in one night that the boy was named Oyeku-Meji. She had escaped death by surviving the Boa attack and, at the same time, had the child she had been wanting for years.

When Oyeku Meji goes out in divination for a woman who is wanting a child, she should be told that she is responsible for her infertility since not only is she stronger than her husband but she sees more than he sees. She must be counseled to subordinate herself to the authority of the husband if she truly wishes to have a child.

If it comes out in divination for a Man who is anxious for his wife to have a child, he should be told that she is not as anxious as he is to have a child. In order for the woman to have a child, he must use a Boa to make a sacrifice to his Ifa if he has one or he must make preparations to have his own Ifa in order to contain the superior diabolical powers of his wife.

How Eji Oye (Oyekun) solves the problem of death.

As soon as Oyekun Meji began to prosper, Death set out on his trail because it is often said that Death does not kill a goat that does not have an established existence. Similarly, Death seldom goes after beggars and bums. The moment a person begins to climb the tree of prosperity, that is when Death begins to pursue them.

That is why Orúnmila says that the path to prosperity is often tortuous and hard. On this occasion, Oyeku Meji started having terrifying dreams. He invited some of his surrogates to do divination for him.

The Awoses he invited were called:

They told him to make sacrifice with 4 chickens, 4 rats and 4 fish so that they could survive the evil machinations of Death against him.
He made sacrifice and Eji Oyekun lived to an old age. It has been revealed that he did not actually die, he walked back to Heaven.

As Oyeku-Meji I earn favors and gifts.

In order to enjoy the fruits of his labor without discomfort and without the risk of returning to hardship, Oyekun Meji had to make another sacrifice.
After offering a rat and a fish to protect himself from Death and disease, he was told to offer a pig to Ifá and a second goat to his head.
He made the sacrifices and got so rich that he couldn't believe he owned everything he owned. Oyeku Meji's children are often very prosperous due to the sacrifice made by him at the beginning of time.
The Awoses who made this divination for him were called:


He also gave a male Goat to Eshu, a rooster to Ogun, and a turtle to Osanyin.

Thus, he bought prosperity from all the major deities.

Oyekun Meji becomes King of the Night.

The divinities had the habit of holding meetings every five days. At one of the meetings a proposition was made that each of the deities should demonstrate their exploits for the others to see. For his part, Oyeku Meji boasted that he was the only one who knew how to prevent worms from penetrating a rotten thing and how to make a dead animal more famous than its living equivalent.

He was told that at the next meeting he must demonstrate the declared capabilities.

The next day, Oyekun Meji went to the market and bought a goat, which he walked around town with a rope tied around its neck. During the walk, the goat only made innocuous sounds that nobody noticed.

The next day, Oyekun sacrificed the goat and removed the skin to put it to dry. As soon as it was dry enough, he made a Drum. After the drum was prepared, its sound was heard throughout the town when he played it and it was so much that people began to wonder what it was bringing
In hands.

On the appointed day, he went to the meeting with his Drum smeared with a black soap, which was specially prepared to expel the witches from the environment where one develops.

He was then called in to demonstrate the points that had been made at the previous meeting.

He responded by asking if anyone had heard the sound of the live goat that had recently walked all over town. A few members confirmed that they had heard the howling of the goat, but many others stated that they had not heard any sound.

Again, he asked if anyone had heard the sound of the Drum that he had been playing for the past two days. They all confirmed hearing the sound of the Drum, though they wondered how he was going to prove his point.

Then he explained that the sticky soap on the face of the Drum was the rotten animal that had no worms, while the Drum was the dead animal that sounded louder than a live one. All the members understood the points and he was instantly made King of the Night.

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