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ifa iwori batrupo sign

Iwori Otrupon or batrupon, is the Odu number 57 in the Genealogical Order of Ifa, it is the combination between the main Oddun Iwori and Oturupon, it recommends mutual help between the Babalawos, it also exhorts all the Awos to be instructed in the practices of Ifa.

Ifá in Iwori Batrupon says that this person must continue with the good work of his father, since he will not be wrong, if he has a male child, they must allow him to train as a Babaláwo, if he does this, he will have peace of mind .

Other names for Iwori Otrupon:

Iwori Batrupon.

In the odu Iwori Batrupon is born:

  • The novena of ORUNMILA.
  • May the Awoses help each other.
  • The division of the Ikines of ORUNMILA.
  • Here: The Ifá priest does not worry about studying.
  • YEMAYA flew by the force of her armpits.
  • ORUNMILA was enchanted with YEMAYA's sexual organ.
  • Talk about twins.
  • You have to clean up soon and put on the SHANGO necklace.
  • They speak inclement weather.
  • ODUDUWA's children were going through work and SHANGO bailed them out.
  • The good is in the house.
  • YEMAYA is given chicken.

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Recommendations of the Iwori Batrupon sign:

  • Here is a woman who has everything in life, but has been abandoned.
  • In Iwori Batrupon the family, both blood and religion, overshadow him.
  • Here a person crosses his path.
  • There is an obstacle and you have to make a sacrifice to overcome it.
  • This Ifá is traveling, but it will go through many stumbles before it can do so and stabilize.
  • For this Ifá, we must give thanks to Eshu and give him a lot of attention.
  • Here, in order for them to give one what belongs to or is owed, the person is blown Iyefá prepared with the following herbs: Túa Túa, Sensitiva, Guacalote and Algarrobo, which is prayed on the board by the Odu IWORI BATRUPON.
  • Here Apayerú is made with the house line.
  • Here YEMAYA eats chicken and is made Itá with ORUNMILA.
  • This Ifá is MAFEREFUN: OLOKUN.
  • Here one suffers from malarial fevers. This fever is produced by the bite of a female Anopheles, contaminated with Plasmodiun, called sporozoites. This disease can cause death in people, due to parasitic embolism, septicemia, malarial myocarditis and splenic rupture with peritoneal hemorrhage.
  • This fever is known as malaria or marsh disease, intermittent fever or marsh fever.
  • Malaria prophylaxis is based on the elimination of puddles, exposed water deposits and objects capable of retaining water, etc., in the vicinity of the house, in order to avoid the breeding of Anopheles.
  • In Peru, this disease was cured by supplying bark from the Quina tree, which later resulted in the extraction of the antidote that is used today.
  • The person who sees this Ifá Osobo, will be sent to move immediately because there are things that have him startled and he does not sleep well at night, and he is sick with nerves.
  • This Ifá states, in a conclusive way, that all Awó is in the obligation to help another who is in need of help.
  • For this Ifá (Iwori Trupon), YEMAYA is fed, which will be taken to the sea and, on the third day, feed her head and the first person who goes home that day.

The Iwori Otrupon sign points out:

  • For this Ifá, you cannot hit anyone with iron because of women because they are going to kill and go to prison. As you also have to take care of an assault by a woman.
  • In the Iwori Trupon sign the person has revelations in a dream, where he has to attend to them and beg his head.
  • Here are debts with SHANGO. "Pay them."
  • In Iwori Batrupon, to claim something that is yours in your own right, you must do Ebó, so that it is not denied to you.
  • The diseases that affect this Odu are: Tonsillitis or throat disease (from being exposed to excess dust), ulcers, gastritis, stomach tumors, malaria fever and skin problems.
  • In women: fibroma, cysts, boils and the breasts should be taken care of.
  • In men: prostate problems and loose nature.
  • You can also suffer from liver problems, due to ingestion of alcoholic beverages.
  • Here the person will be cleaned with beef and it will be thrown on the roof so that the tñosas can eat it.
  • Here the nights seem endless to the person.
  • In Iwori Otrupon you want to find tranquility, but you will face crying and sorrow if you do not make sacrifice (ebó).
  • Here another religion is practiced, where there are many brothers who esteem and love him.
  • For this Ifá, you have to help each other.

Sayings of Iwori Batrupon:

A good hunger no hard bread.

Ifa code of ethics sign Iwori Otrupon

The Awó must help each other.

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What is the Iwori Batrupon sign talking about?

Because of this Odu, the Babalawo has to study Ifá because he has a tendency not to, which will bring him loss of memory and ashé. Also not learning can cost you your life, or you will have many setbacks in it.

Here ORUNMILA is placed in front of an Ifá book and every day he reads an Odu, lighting 2 candles for ORUNMILA. This is the novena of ORUNMILA, so that he can see what the Awó studies every day.

For this Ifá, the Awó puts a daily Guacalote (ewe-ayo) in front of him and when 256 days of the year pass, he is given two black hens with ORUNMILA. Then they are pierced and a necklace is made with the 256 Guacalotes and green and yellow beads between each one. That necklace always lives on YEMAYA and the Awó will use it when he feels bad or wants to solve something.

This was where YEMAYA, with the strength of her armpits, flew.

This was where ORUNMILA was bewitched with the sexual organ (Obo) of YEMAYA and fell madly in love with her and killed the King of that land with an iron, making a small but deep wound.

For this Ifá, by infatuation with a woman can kill a suitor or husband of the same.

By the sign of Ifa Iwori Batrupon, one must clean up soon and put on the necklace of SHANGO.

Here he talks about inclement weather.

In Iwori Batrupon, you cannot be exposed to the Sun for long.

Here the roof of the house is in poor condition and leaks are falling.

The person, for this Odu Iwori Otrupon, has to take good care of his head, and try to cover it and make prayers.

Description of Iwori Otrupon:

Because of this Odu, he lives startled by two things that worry him.

YEMAYA has the roads closed for him, give him two white roosters, two coconuts, two candles and take him to the sea right away.

Here you want to do things that are impossible at the moment.

Here the person should not be neglected because they can be thrown out of where he lives, frequents or from his work.

For this Ifá, you have to tie your children with attributes of religion and love them all equally.

This Ifá speaks of twin children.

If this Ifá (Iwori Otrupon) is IRE: Ebó should be done and try to have peace of mind, that good will enter your house. After seven days you will be taken to OLOKUN of everything that you can eat or get.

If this Ifá is Osobo: care must be taken because they are going to throw him away from somewhere. You will have to watch out for enemies. Try to move from where you live to get rid of witchcraft and bad things in your house.

This Ifá speaks of the division of ORUNMILA, where it says:







In Iwori Batrupon Ifá it says:


"DIMU MAMA YUNINE BIKI KI AWANO" (ORUNMILA does not abandon you) Here the person falls in love only once and because of his character he has broken his house.

Herbs (Ewe) of the Odu Iwori Trupon:

  • itamoreal.
  • Sage.
  • Purslane.

Says Ifa Iwori Batrupon:

Thank you to ORUNMILA and to the people who go to your house during the day. Feed YEMAYA and take her food to the sea; and after three days feed his head and the first one who enters his house. You have to pay the promise to SHANGO; To avoid any tragedy that he may have because of a woman, who is going to hit him with an iron for her, the intention of his enemy is to hit him with a stiletto or a needle pick.

At home they have dreamed almost the same, they have to register. A son from ORUNMILA comes to you on the way.- Give thanks for the dream you had last night.

He dreams of the sea all the time, so he has to feed his house. There is a person who gets a fever every day after six in the afternoon. You have to give ORUNMILA two hens.

You have enemies because of a woman, beware of aggression.- When you go to claim something that is yours in your own right, they will deny you. Make Ebo before. You can get a sore throat from being exposed to too much dust. 

The nights seem endless. You want to find peace of mind, but you will face crying and sorrow if you don't sacrifice.

You have to help each other. He lives startled by two things that worry him. You want to do things that, for the moment, will be impossible.-You have to arm your children with attributes of this religion and love them all equally. They are going to throw him out of a place, he must take care of the enemies. You will have to move from where you live, so that you get rid of witchcraft and bad things that are in your house. You cannot drink alcoholic beverages as they can cause liver problems.

Prayer of the Odu Iwori Batrupon:


Suyere of the Iwori Trupon Sign:


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Iwori Batrupon's Ebbo:

Iwori Trupon's work to give him what belongs to him.

Iyefá is prepared with the following herbs: Tuá-tua Sensitiva, AYO Guacalote- and Algarrobo herb. After preparing, pray on the board for the Odu IWORI BATRUPON. This Iyefá will be blown on the person.


You will be given two roosters and two bananas, and everything is taken to the sea. On the third day, head prayer is done.

Ebo from Iwori Otrupon by Osobo EYO: (tragedy).

Ebo is made with: rooster, red blood, knife, machete, trap, sweaty clothes, tape, gauze, needle, thread, jutía and smoked fish, toasted corn, candles, coconuts, a lot of money.

Patakie of the Iwori Batrupon sign:

The Strange Land.


On this road, ORUNMILA arrives in his walk through the different lands to this one, where the trees did not provide shade because the leaves were vertical, the birds instead of having feathers had hair, for which he was surprised and began to have work, because he was looking for a place to shelter from the sun and when he went to take refuge under a tree it did not give him shade. And when I looked up and saw the birds, they had no
feathers and, he was astonished, also noticed that the night was long and strange.

As he passed that night, early in the morning, ORUNMILA became Osode, seeing this Ifá IWORI OTRUPON, who told him that he had to continue traveling that land but that he had to do Ebó first (indicated above).

After making the sacrifice, ORUNMILA walked several days and nights through mound-filled fields, until he reached the entrance of a town. But what would not be his surprise, they were uninhabited, all their inhabitants had fled.

He crossed the town and reached the beach. And walking along it he saw IWORI OTRUPON written, which was the fortune teller of that land, which left him marked the way forward, even to a boat. And by this means ORUNMILA was able to leave the strange Earth.

NOTE: In this way it can be clearly seen that an Awó must help another who is in need of help and help each other. It is also an Ifá of emigration.

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Iwori Otrupon Ifa Traditional


Ìwòrì tútù ninini
Bí ení sáádá
A day fún Olomo ní ràdiràdi
Ekún omo ni n sun
Òun le bímo báyìí?
Wón ní kó rbo
Or I know
Nígbà ti iré or kalè fún un
Lódidi lódidi nire rè n dé
Olomo ni ràdiràdi n losèé jé
Bée bá la omo Òsé
Gbogbo omo inú è nìkó òwú so pò
Tó sì kún déle
A naà?
Lòún nire lódilódi lódidi báyìí?
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Ìwòrì tútù ninini
Bí ení sáádá
A day fún Olomo ní ràdiràdi
Ekún omo ni n sun
Wón ni ó sa káalè ebo ní ó se
ó gbébo nbè
Ó rubo
Riru ebo
Èèrù àtùkèsù
E wáá bá w aní màrínrín ire
Màrínrín ire làá bá ni lésè oba Òrìsà
Olomo ní ràdiràdi n LOsè é jé.

Ifá wants this person to be well. The good things that he desires will come to him complete. Ifá says the interlaced cotton and a piece of corduroy cloth is the sacrifice.

Ìwòrì tútù ninini
Bí ení sáádá
They made divination for Olomo ní ràdiràdi
When she lamented her lack of children and all the good things
He asked 'Will I have children in life?'
They advised him to make the sacrifice
He did it
The good news arrived
And it came in heaps
Olomo ní ràdiràdi is the nickname for the Baobab
When one cuts the Baobab fruit
All the seeds will be entwined in the cotton-like threads
And it's so full that it overflows
Surprised, he exclaimed 'Yo!'
Seen of many good things?
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwos had said
Ìwòrì tútù ninini
Bí ení sáádá
They made divination for Olomo ní ràdiràdi
When she lamented her lack of children and all the good things
They advised him to take care of the land and make the sacrifice
He heard about the sacrifice
And he did it
Offering sacrifices
And giving his portion to Èsù
Come meet us with all the good stuff
One meets good news at the feet of the king of Òrìsà
Olomo ní ràdiràdi is the nickname for the Baobab.

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