Aina: The spirit of the Candela

Aina, is the Yoruba deity that resides in fire, it is pure and transformative energy. Representative of the strength of femininity and invaluable companion for the triumph of wars. She is part of the group known as The Ibeyis.

Who is Aina?

The translation of the name of the Orisha Aina in the Yoruba language is: candela. Etymologically it is understood that its meaning is "He who came to save the world." Aina's mother is Oya. It is said that her birth helped to appease wars and conflicts at the time of her arrival on earth, which is why it was determined that the Orisha has a particular intervention in such situations.

His worship is done through fire. The shelter is also attributed to pregnant women. This beneficial action was developed because when he was born he had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. Because it is the spirituality of the candle, it is associated with the fire that springs from Shango's mouth.

Another quality attributed to him by his followers is his intervention in providing food and not allowing his initiates to lack food.

What is Aina in Santeria?

This is a spirituality that within the Yoruba or Santeria culture, is part of one of the basic elements in the balance of the world «the fire». Its existence as irunmole is very old, since it was on earth from the beginning of creation as one of the fundamental elements that balance the energy of the cosmos.


aina santeria

Between her CARACTERISTICS She emphasizes that she is a woman of strong character, capable of appeasing wars, but fearsome if her anger is unleashed. His actions are extreme, due to his high transformative capacity that can forge or end everything in a moment. At the same time, it is merciful, thanks to its protective energy of life and survival from the beginning of conception.


Aina's number is 6 and all its multiples, due to the relationship that the energy of this Orisha has with Shango, whose loyal ally she is.

Orisha Aina Soup Tureen

Its receptacle or Sopera is a clay jar painted red. It is usually accompanied by a little doll dressed in red and 6 small lightning stones.

Aina colors

Its color is red. Aina's necklaces or elekes They are made with red beads, in some houses they place 3 or 4 black glories dividing the necklace in equal parts.


  • Chicken cagadiña.
  • Small leaf.
  • hicaco
  • Paste paste.
  • Mamoncillo.
  • Manaju.
  • Sapodilla.
  • Cat's tail.
  • Tomato.
  • Poplar.

History of Aina (Deity of Fire)

Aina orisha

It happened that Oggun and Oshosi wanted to live with Ainá at any cost. Both of them went to see Orunmila who when carrying out Osode (consultation) saw this Sign of Ifa and told them: “You must make sacrifice with: an adié (hen), broom and ewefá.

Ochosi He immediately said: "Like me, I am the lord of the hunt and the savannah, I have no need to do ebo just to live with a woman, I have an army of poisonous yams and bushes full of thorns to protect me." Ogun for his part, he did the sacrifice recommended by Ifa and fed Osanyin.

It happened then that Ainá went to live in Oshosi's house. One day, being very upset, she made the fire march throughout the mountain, and the candle ran towards Oshosi without mercy. When he saw that, he shouted: "Ainá, the poisonous yams and thorny bushes have burned and the whole savannah is burning, stop it." To which she ignored and went to Ogun's house. Upon arrival, Osain threw omiero on his body and the fire went out, thus appeasing his candle and being able to live in peace from that moment with Oggun.

How is Aina received in Santeria?

This Deity belongs to the Orishas known as "Orishas of Adimú" that is, its foundation is received, but Ita is not realized, therefore, during its consecration only feathered animals are immolated. Its ceremonial is very simple. Its consecration is carried out and on the third day it is delivered into the hands of the Initiate.

In Ifa

This Orisha in the land of Ifa is known as: "Aina Yogun" translated as: the guardian spirit of Ibejis, guardian spirit of Odun Edibere. This deity is represented in a doll to which a rooster is immolated. It is washed with Ibeyis herb and loaded.

How is Aina cared for?

To serve Aina, she is offered corojo butter, honey, brandy or sweet wine, and white candles.


The adimuses that can be offered to Aina They are: sweet, eku (smoked jutia), eya (smoked fish), awado (roasted corn). Shredded yam in sauce. Tamales made of: black beans, red beans, black beans, black beans with bija, black beans with shell. Grilled corn with fried pork meat, fried fish, bread and popcorn. In addition, all kinds of fruits are provided.

That eats?

The animals that are sacrificed to this Orisha are:

  • Roosters
  • Pollo
  • Paloma
  • Guinea.

Benefits of receiving the Orisha Aina?

Aina is an Orisha who is received to connect with the energy of fire. To balance the intervention of that element in the physical and spiritual world of the individual. Also, it contributes to appease wars and conflicts or strengthen the initiate for his defense in such situations.

What is asked of Aina?

The Orisha Aina is often asked to balance our vital energies as part of the vital principle of existence that is made up of the four elements. We can also invoke your intervention in the following situations:

  • To end the wars.
  • Faced with major conflicts.
  • For the protection of pregnant women.
  • For the help in the moments of the birth of the children.
  • For help in cases where children suffer from any disease.
  • For the protection of children in general.
  • So that food is never missing from our table.
  • Faced with intense spiritual wars.

Aina's Prayer: Prayer to the spirit of the Candela

We respect Aina the great healing mother.

We respect the great protective mother.

We praise the spirit of the candle that transforms evil into good.

We pray to the spirit of the candle for our offspring to be fresh, our children healthy and their successful delivery.

We pray to the mother of the candle to provide us with food with good harvests.

We praise the spirit of the candle that frees us from our enemies.

We respect Aina the great mother who never abandons us. Asé.

Works with aina

Ebbo for love

Looking for a lodestone. The name and trace of the person to be tied with handsome tamed grass and red thread are chalked. A fire is lit with yamao sticks, for me, and it turns in a can. The Orisha is told that what is being done is to sweeten and soothe the love and feelings of the person to be attracted. And the prepared lodestone is thrown into the fire. Then, the ashes and the stone are kept in a red cloth envelope and it lives inside the Orisha's tureen. When the loved one returns, they will be fed a rooster in gratitude.

Work with Aina for the enemies

When you want to make war with Aina, you put a clay plate with 6 cotton wicks with corojo butter, they light a candle and the name of our enemies is thrown into it, telling the Orisha of the conflict we have and asking that free us from it.

Pataki by Aina

Shango and Oshun were married and had several children, along with the God of Lightning there was a woman, who was jimagua and her name was Aina, who was Alakuata. She was very quarrelsome, but she had all the confidence of Alafin.

One day, Shango received the news that his wife Oshun was imprisoned in the land of Inle Takua, this seemed suspicious to him and he began to investigate. He asked Elegua, Oggun, Ochosi, Azojuano, Oduwa and many more, but they could not give him an exact answer about what was happening with the Yalode.

So Shango began to prepare his army, to go to those lands to free his wife. It was strange to him that Aina did not appear to offer her support, she went to see Orunmila, who consulted him and revealed the Odu Otura Osa and told him: Your wife is imprisoned because she and Aina are reversed (ALAKUATAS) , since AINA gave Oshun concoctions and lived long with her. Then the King's soldiers found them and took her prey. But Aina, as she was a warrior, was able to flee and Oshun was arrested and no one knows the cause.

From everything ORUNMILA told him, SHANGO understood that if this was known, Ochun's shame would fall on him. He brought what was necessary for the Ebbo that ORUNMILA marked him and he did. The two Carmelite chickens were given to the river, tied with two chains. Then they released the Yalode and when she returned together with Alafin, he told her: Inverted women do not live with me and I will not kill you because you are the Iya (mother) of my Children. But you will never come back here.

Aina quotes

Aina says: "He who plays with a candle has to face the consequences."

The war with the religious is a war with the candle.

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