Ideu: The Lost Son of Oshun

Ideu: The Lost Son of Oshun

Ideu is one of the Orishas of the Yoruba Religion, he is the son of Oshun and Shango. This deity is worshiped by the santeros especially by the daughters of Oshun and by women who have difficulty conceiving.

Who is Ideu?

Ideu is considered a minor orisha since he does not go to the head, in Yoruba mythology it is said that his name "Ideu ”means“ The one who is born after the Ibejis ”, he was given that name since he is the younger brother of Taewo and Kainde (The Jimaguas or Ibeyis).

There are different versions of his birth, some santeros believe that he is the son of Shango and Oshun, while other iworos maintain that Ideu is the son of Orunmila and the Yalode, since he was the only one of the three brothers who came to consecrate himself in Ifa.

Ideu history

Among the many opinions and diverse stories that this Orisha has, we find one that tells us that Oshun lived very happily with Shango and his son Ideu. One afternoon Oshun was walking along the river with her son, but he was moving away from her and was kidnapped by some criminals.

Victim of the ruffians, he was transferred to a remote town from Oshun, the years passed and he met Orunmila who helped him escape from his captors, both became friends and little by little Ideu learned the arts of Ifa. Orunmila decides to train him to later consecrate him as a babalawo,

As awo, Ideu was very dedicated to Ifa, he managed to become very famous since he had a natural gift for divination, so much was his fame that he managed to get rich and he shared all his fortune with Orunmila who was his friend and godfather.

One day Elegua He arrives at Orunmila's house and tells him that in a neighboring town there is a woman who needs his help, she is suffering because she cannot get her son, this was kidnapped some years ago by the abiku. Orunmila quickly understands that this woman was none other than Ideu's mother, talks to him and convinces him to go to the other town, telling him that he will find a person he lost a long time ago.

Elegua, Orunmila and Ideu left for the other town, when they arrive they see Oshun standing in front of a huge ceiba tree and there she has a gourd with candies, a plate with epo and a goat, Orunmila tells Ideu “That woman who is there , it is Oshun and it is your Iya ”. Mother and son finally met again and were very happy, they did not stop rejoicing and praised Elegua and Orunmila for having made this reunion possible.

At that moment Oshun decides to offer Iroko the sacrifice of the Eure asking that no abiku come near again, while they did the ritual she danced in a very beautiful way and sang this well-known suyere among her parishioners.

Song (Suyere):


(We speak to you for the long life for the mother).

(death takes my son).

(I offer you a goat)


(The child arrives)

(Talking helped him at birth).

(Take it, take IROKO take it, take it). "

Benefits of receiving Ideu

  • It gives stability in love relationships.
  • Economic evolution.
  • Helps women with fertility problems.
  • Keeps away dark spirits and Abiku.
  • Take care of the children at home.
  • Through this deity the spirituality of an unborn can be attended to.

This deity brings innumerable benefits to the one who receives and worships it, among its benefits it is said that it helps women who have had difficulties getting pregnant or being able to give birth normally. It also brings benefits of luck and prosperity, for which the believers have a lot of faith in him and entertain with some Adimu or Offering. This deity helps all his devotees especially the daughters of Oshun.

How is Ideu treated?

adimu to ideu

The attention to this deity is very simple, it is similar to the attention to the twins, it is advisable to attend them together. Candles, sweets, rice with chicken and honey are placed on it.

This deity can eat all the sacrifices made to Oshun, depending on the case, a Eure can be sacrificed together with orunmila and the Yalode. Being part of the cult of the jimaguas, he also eats chicken and with it the traditional yellow rice is prepared.

Adimu to Ideu

Ideu, because he is the son of Oshun, is served and similar adimuses are offered, one of them and that this deity likes very much, are the orange slices with honey, sugar and cinnamon. Whenever this adimu is placed, ideu must be placed next to Oshun by lighting two Candles.

Foundation of this Orisha:

  • Ideu carries 5 small stones (Otaces).
  • 5 snails, there are houses of saint where 16 Cauris are placed.
  • 5 jet.
  • 5 corals.
  • 5 semi precious stones.
  • 5 machetes.
  • A doll, this one is dressed in white until one year after his consecration, then he dresses in yellow.
  • Ideu's necklace is yellow with honey and coral colored beads.

In the consecration ceremony of this deity, Osadie, eyele and Adie meyi are sacrificed together with Oshun.

In what sign does Ideu speak?

In the dilogun this deity is manifested in: Oshe tonti Oshe, Unle, Unle (8) tonti Obara (6), these oddun send receive Ideu to find financial and emotional stability.

Ifa recommends receiving this orisha in the signs: Ogbe Bara, Otura Yekun, ogbeshe, Ojuani Birete among others.


Ideu can be received by both santeros and aleyos as well as the Jimaguas.

The babalawos give this deity together with a power they call Ibeji Orun, The dolls or Agboranes are made of wood.

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