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ojuani odi

Ojuani Odi is the sign number 95 in the lordly Order of IfaOrunmila exhorts this person to offer sacrifice so that life pleases him, he seeks the Ire of wealth and children; he will achieve it but he will have to call Ifa inexorably. Anyone who believes in him must incessantly implore.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Ojuani Odi?

  • The rationale for why AZOJUANO eats goat.
  • Strong sweat.
  • That the mother of ODE lives in the front of the deer and ODE in the antlers.
  • NENGUE (Saint Lazarus)
  • Let the hunter make EBO with rotten meat.

What is the Ojuani Odi sign talking about?

  • This is the Awó policeman who looked after the beach.
  • No perfumes are used.
  • It is the Ifá of the deck.
  • Talk about women's tie.

The sign Ojuani Shidi points out:

  • It prohibits living high.
  • The person pretends to be dead to see the burial they do for him.
  • The impossible is sought.
  •  ODE had a reputation for being a good shot.

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Recommendations of the Ojuani Odi sign:

Here it is forbidden to live in high places and wear perfumes.

You have two friends, one has a lot of money, and both are your enemies and they will hurt you out of envy.

Here the person believes that no one is capable of hurting him, be very careful with the people you treat.

Here you have to take care of an attack, as well as problems of justice, because at any moment you can be arrested.

For the man Ojuani Odi: he may lose the job he was doing well at. The one he has now doesn't like him.

Here you have a feeling or great regret in your life, which can take you to the grave.

Here the person feels bored when he has no money, but soon he will be fine.

When you see this Odu on a young girl: she is capricious and that can lose her or make her unhappy. He lives sad because nothing catches his attention. When she falls in love, she will not notice the means to obtain the man and she will not care about the drag that he has, such as children, women, vices, etc.

Here you cannot do the evil you want to do, because you can lose your life.

Here you have a hidden firearm or you had one.

Here they want to betray him or they have already done so. You were born to be envied.

In the oddun of Ifa Ojuani ni Shidi the following Saints speak: OSHOSI, ODE, NANA-BURUKU, SHANGO, OSHUN, YEMAYA, ELEGUA, AZOJUANO, ORUNMILA, OBATALA.

The herbs of this Odu: Itamorreal, canutillo, Artemisa and bell.

By this sign of Ifa, the person pretends to be dead to see the burial that they do.

Here the person likes to masturbate.

Diseases: pimples on the skin, infection, discharge, problems with menstruation and in the uterus.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Ojuani Shidi:

  • He who gives, receives a blessing.
  • He who returns the things entrusted to him will always be prosperous.
  • Perfume is the spirit of flowers.
  • You have to do for those who do for you.
  • He plays dead to see the burial they make for him.

Ifa Code of Ethics of the odu Ojuani ni Shedi:

The Awó does not promise what he cannot deliver.

Says Ifa Ojuani Odi (Ojuani Shidi):

When Ojuani Odi appears in divination, the person will be advised to make sacrifice so that he can witness the survival and prosperity of his children. The sacrifice will be made with a sheep, a piece of white cloth. The sacrifice is prepared by adding gravel to the head of the sheep, together with the appropriate Ifa leaves and the Iyerosun of this Odu on the white cloth and tied the wrapped package, it is given to the person to bury it in the floor of their own house. The burial place will be prepared with cement blocks so that the person can sit on it from time to time. After that all her children will grow up and become prosperous before her.

When he appears in the divination, the person will be advised to make a sacrifice before embarking on a proposed trip to prevent the fortune that he will obtain in that place from arriving home with him, safe and sound.

Ojuani Shidi in divination for a woman, she will be told to make sacrifice so that she does not develop a disease in her genitals, which will not only make her disgusting to men, but will also be an impediment for men to make sex with her. . If it appears for a man, he will be told to sacrifice to avoid a disease transmitted by a woman. In both cases, the sacrifice will be made to avoid the loss of children.

Prayer of the Odu Ojuani Shidi:


Suyere Oddun Ojuani ni Shidi:


Ebbo of the Odu Ojuani ni Shidi:

Work of Ojuani Shidi at the foot of OBATALA to extend life.

A wooden doll with the face of an old man is loaded with: caiguairón stick, tengue, moruro, quicksilver, jicotea head, loma land, banana head, bibijaguero land. It is said OJUANI ODI, OSHE TURA, OTURA SHE.

The cargo also carries: obi, kolá, eru, obi motiwao, osun naború, the corresponding request written on paper, with the corresponding Odu of the OSANYIN requests. This doll washes himself and eats a chicken with OSANYIN, he lives in the living room of the house, at the foot of OBATALA. It is blown brandy, berraco vine, seedling, garlic and ginger.

Güiros by Inshé Osanyin of the sign Ojuani Odi.

1st: The güiro is assembled with: cocoa and corojo butter, 3 stones, honey from bees, OKIKAN grass, soil from the door of the house, 7 kinds of oils, 9-colored cloth.

This güiro is put to the Sun and Iyefá del Odu is thrown at it, a piece of palm cluster rod is pierced, it is given a white rooster. A bottle of brandy with guinea pepper is prepared, for every Friday to blow on it.

2nd: The güiro is assembled with: yellow soap, basil, incense, myrrh, benzoin, garbage from the square, rainwater, water from 7 different churches, valerian and fine essence. 2 pigeons are caught and given to the güiro on the outside; then the hearts and entrails are taken and roasted, thrown inside and sealed. It hangs behind the door of the house. Every day it is asked.

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Meaning of the oddun of Ifa Ojuani Shidi:

Ojuani Odi talks about generosity and honesty, the secret to love and good success. Here it seems to the person that their businesses are in turmoil or not stable.

Here the person has a mania or nervous tic.

In Ojuani Odi the foundation of why AZOJUANO eats goat was born, NENGUE was also born. EBO is made here with rotten meat. It is born that the mother of ODE lives in the front of the deer and ODE between the antlers.

The person of this Odu has a mole or mark on his body.

This Ifá speaks of the Awó policeman who looked after the beach.

Here you can not use perfume, because because of it you can look for a problem. Here the person's sweat is strong. Send to beg your head.

This Odu is called the Ifá of the deck.

For this Ifá, the man has four women.

Here the person has a reputation for not fulfilling what he promises, but it is that he promises things that later are not within his reach to fulfill them.

This Ifá (Ojuani ni Shidi) speaks of a woman who has taken her husband from another woman.

Here you have to feed the Guardian Angel and the spirit of his father, so that things go ahead.

Here OSHUN claim the person. There is a debt with Elegua.

This Ifá speaks of a sick person, who has a very hard mouth and must receive AWAFAKAN or IKOFAFUN, and do Santo to resolve his situation.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Ojuani Odi:

The divination he made when he went to Elepin-Pin.

Lagbo-n-gbo-igi, Lagbo-n-gbo-igi, Akula igi mole gbora-gbara, were the three Awoses who guessed for Orúnmila when he was going to travel to do his Ifa practices to the city of Elepin-Pin. He was also advised to make sacrifice so that his enemies would not prevent him from returning home with all the gifts that he was going to receive there. He was told to sacrifice with a bird called (eye-oge), in addition to water and sand taken from a drainage canal. He made the sacrifice.

Arriving in the city, he guessed for various people, who provided him with certain earnings for his services.

He also received gifts and prizes.

Meanwhile, three girls, who came to see him to have him guess, told him that they were only ready to marry the man who succeeded in discovering their names. He divined for them, and sang a poem to them: Agbenu aro Isan, Ijokun titikin ewa, Agbenu adinmu pin pin pin.

These were the three fairies who had left Heaven in search of husbands on Earth. They had been told that they were Orúnmila's wives and that he would travel to find them there. As soon as he mentioned the names of the three fairies, all of them perched at his feet to revere him and welcome him as her husband, since he was the first to mention their names. Previously, several suitors had approached them to marry them, but they could not discover their names. When all those who were interested in the girls, they heard that all of them had agreed to marry the Priest of Ifá who was visiting.

They set out to arrest him so that they would not leave the village with the girls. When consulting Ifá in the morning, he was told to return home, furtively, during the night, before the conspirators could execute their evil plan, Orúnmila was already back in his house and with the three women and all the gifts.

Ojuani Odi Ifa Traditional Nigerian


Pòpá kan téérété
A dífá fun Àlúkúlákà
Níjó tíń fomi ojúú sògbéré omo
Wón ni or rbo
Wón ní wíndin wìndin loin è ó pò
Bí àbímo yè bí àbímo yè
Àlúkúlàkà bí àbímo yè o
À á séé mo Àlúkúlàkà làá pe Orò
A lóun bí windín windín windín windín
To tún ke
Bí àbímo yè bí àbímo yè
Àlúkúlàkà bí àbímo yè o
or bimo
Omo pó kárí ayé.

Ifá in Ojuani Odi, predicts for this person the good fortune of children. His wife will have many children for him; he must offer sacrifice. He will be famous and revered by people.

A thin cane
He prophesied Ifá for Àlúkúlàkà
The day I was crying because I had no children
He was advised to offer sacrifice
His priest assured him that he will have many children
Like a successful delivery
Àlúkúlàkà is Orò's alias
He sang: "I will have many children"
He sang loudly again
Like I will have a successful delivery
Àlúkúlàkà, just like she had a successful delivery
He had many children
And they were expanding all over the world.

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