Osa Trupon

Trupon bear

What is born in the odu of Ifa Osa Trupon?

  • Sunflower oil.
  • The tarraya.
  • The OLOKUN doll representing AGANA-ERI.
  • The legend of the mermaids.
  • Here: The Anus dominates the head.
  • The godson saves the godfather.
  • Lightning stone (ODU-ARA) is put on OGUN.

What does the sign of Ifa Osa Trupon talk about?

  • The person is capricious and stubborn.
  • Banana bunch is put on SHANGO.
  • In Osa Trupon: The woman lives disillusioned with men and can even attempt against her life.
  • ORUNMILA must be received for marital tranquility.
  • He who goes wrong ends badly.
  • Talk about secret society.
  • The Cobra speaks, indomitable animal.

What does the sign of Ifa mark Osa Otrupon?

  • Head with large fish is requested.
  • Oddun weed is: stink weed (guanine).
  • Marks destruction of marriage or siblings.

Sayings of the Sign of Ifa Osa Trupon: 

  • Do not lift the gun for anyone, it may fall on you.
  • Curiosity costs your life.
  • Deception and slander, destroy happiness
  • He who goes wrong ends badly.
  • The song of the sirens, they are the daughters of Olokun.
  • The anus dominates the head.
  • A woman's vulva, wing more than an ox.

Odu Osa Otrupon Ifa Code of Ethics:

  • The Awó does not allow an obó to dominate its principles.

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Ifa says in the Oddun Osa Trupon:

That you are very stubborn and have a very hard head.- You plan to go to a point and should not go until you do Ebó first, because it will have a bad result.- Do not take anything that is not yours, or take Nothing that is covered or wrapped, because it can bring you trouble with justice, look at it first.- You should be careful that there are three doors or three corners that are working with witchcraft from Congo.

You want to do something that you have been thinking about for a long time and it always becomes impossible. You have to send a mass to your father or mother, who is already deceased. -Your enemies want to hurt your father or mother so that you have an embarrassment.- You have to give ORUNMILA a goat; Fulfill a promise that you offered, do not persist and fulfill the Angel of your guardian and buy tickets.- Do not go to any meal that they invite you.-You. they are four brothers or four

You did a good deed to a person and that person is looking for you to give you a present. Don't listen to gossip. You must be lucky, play at random.-Move from where you live. offered a service to the Saints. He asked for a woman to marry and he has two girlfriends and he did not-married. He walks with a knife or a machete. You have a child or you are going to have him. You have to go through an embarrassment. gets in the way of another person; For that reason that person wants you to disappear even if it is by killing him. you handle a lot of money. You have not yet done what you had to do, that is why you are behind. They have made a false testimony to you and that is why you have to suffer an embarrassment.

Feed your head a fresh fish.- Don't hesitate any longer and keep your promise. There is a woman who is pulling you into living with her.

Prayer of the Osa Trupon Ifa Odu:


Suyere Osa Otrupon:


Ebbo of the Odu Osa Otrupon:

Osa trupon Head Praying (KOBO ORI):

This prayer will be done with a large fish, which will be put on 10 hooks. After the prayer is given two white doves (to the body of the fish), roasted corn, red beans, flour with okra will be poured over it. It will be taken later to the sea.

For Ogún:

An Odu-Ará - lightning stone will be placed on it.

Recommendations of the Ifa Osa Otrupon Sign:

  • In this oddun is the saying: "The female genital organs pull more than a team of oxen."
  • Here the head (KOBO-ORI) is requested with a large fish, and 10 hooks are put on it. After praying, two pigeons are given to the body of the large fish, roasted corn, red beans and corn flour with okra are poured over it, and it is taken to the sea.
  • Here OGUN is put a Lightning stone (ODU-ARA)
  • Everything that the person has is due to witchcraft.
  • In this Odu the following Saints speak: OBATALA, SHANGO, OGUN, ALA, OLOKUN, OLOSA, OLONA, AGANA-ERI, EGUN, ORUNMILA and ESHU.
  • Marks destruction of marriage and siblings.
  • Here the person is stubborn and capricious. You have difficulty achieving what you want. You have to give Mass to your Mother or Grandmother; they pray for you
  • His enemies wish to harm and destroy him. Here a bunch of banana is put on SHANGO.
  • Here no one is despised, not even those who have a physical or moral defect, they must be considered and respected as others, as long as they have a correct position before you, because it is not known who will be who will be tomorrow. Help, whether a hawk, a dove or a bird.
  • In the Osa Trupon sign, the woman lives disillusioned with men and can even attempt against her life. Ikofafun must be received for marital tranquility.
  • So that the person does not destroy himself, he cannot give anyone any of the attributes or adornments of his Saints, because they will not thank him and only the person will lose.
  • Here he who walks badly ends badly.
  • On the effeminate and inverted:
  • According to the law of Karma, people who are born inverted is because in previous generations they did a lot of damage and belittled the underprivileged because they considered themselves superior because of the wealth, physical strength or social positions they enjoyed and in this generation or stage they return to the Earth to purge in their own flesh and spirit what they made others suffer.

Meaning of the Oddun Osa Trupon:

  • This Odu speaks of infertility and the need for sacrifice in order to have a long life. It is also the time for the person to sacrifice OGUN, to conceive.
  • Here the Cobra speaks; indomitable animal.
  • In Osa Trupon the godson saves the godfather.
  • This Ifá speaks of the Secret Society. The Secret Societies do not constitute religions but fraternal organizations, where their statutes at the base are the fellowship and the adoration or worship of a God, Example: Abakua Society, Masons, etc.
  • We put as data: The secret society Abakua: Secret society of single men, founded in Cuba in 1830 by black slaves from Calabares in southern Nigeria.
  • The Ñañiguismo is the transplantation in America of an African Esoteric Society, with the same rituals, beliefs, languages, songs, instruments, music and purpose of social defense, that goes beyond the Atlantic in Havana City, Regla, Guanabacoa and in the maritime ports of Matanzas and Cárdenas. There are no nuclei of Ñañigos or Abakua in any other population in America, not even in Cuba itself.
  • Whoever has this Oddun (Osa Trupon) that has not had an establishment, will have it. Here, ORUNMILA is given a bitter güiro woven with corojo pita and filled with Iyefá.
  • Here an Inshé Osanyin is mounted with the intestines of a majá or snake.
  • Here sunflower oil was born and made known. This was where the Anus dominated the head.

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Osa Otrupon in Traditional Nigerian Ifa. 


Igbòho, Igbòho
A day fún Yèyé Owójùwà
Níjó tí n tòrun bò wálé ayé
Ebo n won ni or se
Ngbà tí ó rbo è
Ebo ajé ló ru
Ó bá bèrè Síí lájé
Ó lówo layé, owó ò ní mòmó mó
Igbòho, Igbòho
A day fún yèyé Omójùwà
Níjó tí n tòrun bò wálé ayé
Ebo n won ni or se
Òun bá rubo omo
Omo pò
Ilè kún ngbà ó dojúde ìsálayé
Yèyé Owólójùwà n lájé
Bí yèyé Omolójùwà tí n se é ntiè
Béè làwon omo n je é
Ngbà or pé sàà
Yéyé Owójùwà bá kú
Wón se Ìta nlé è
Bí ón ti se Ìta so
Oníkálukú bá korí Sílée won
Kò kúkú lomo láyé
Owó bá dowo elòmíìn
Ojó wáá yí lu ojó
Osù yí lu osù
Àwon omoo yèyé Omójùwà bá la Ìyáa won
Òun náá lówó
Ngabà or pé sàà
Yéyé Omójùwà náà kú
Àwon omo è bá gbé ìyáa won
Wón without ín
Won bá ta mó esin
Wón n jó kiri ìlú
Wón n tànkúú lo
Won bá n darin
Wón n pómó jùwà or
Omó mò jùwà
Omó mò jùwà
Omó jùwà lónìí omó jùwà lóla
Omó jùwà or omó mò jùwà
Omó mò jùwà
Àwon onílù fìlù yes
Wón bá n yinbon pé ìyá àwón kú
Wón è é sì í yìnbon láàrin ìlú nígbà ìwásè
Obá bá gbúróó won
Obá ní kí wón or wá
È é ti rí tee fí n yínbon?
Won ni À!
Ìyá tú bí àwon nnú
N ló lo làwón n yò
Táwon n yìnbon yes
Obá ní see gbó pé enìkan a móo yìnbon
Wón ni baba mó bìínú
Ìyà ò níí kú léèmejì
Obá ní or dáa kí wón or tún orii won ko
Wón tún ni Ìgbòho
Omó mò jùwà
Omó jùwà lónìí or omó jùwà lóla
Omó mò jùwà
Omó jùwà or omó mò jùwà
Omó mò jùwà
Obá ni lóòótó ni àwon omo yìí n so
Níjóo Yéyé Owójùwà kú
Tó ra eru
Tóra erù
to kole
Wón túká nlé è ni
Èyin omo le wáá se éyí?
Or day
E moo jó
Kee my me.

Ifá wants this person to be well. But he must make the sacrifice for the compassion of the children.

Igbòho, Igbòho
He made divination for Mother Owójùwá
The day that she was coming from heaven to earth
They advised him to make the sacrifice
When she was making her sacrifice
She sacrificed exclusively for wealth
She came to earth and began to have wealth
She had so much money of such magnitude that it could not be estimated
Igbòho, Igbòho
He made divination for Mother Omolójùwà
On the day that she was coming from heaven to earth
They advised him to make the sacrifice
She only made the sacrifice to have children
She had many children
Her house was full of children when she came to earth
Mother Omojùwà had all the wealth
But as for Mother Omojùwà I work for money
The children would consume it
After a long time
Mother Owójùwà died
People saw 'Ìta' at home
After observing the rites of Ìta at home
They all returned to their respective homes
She had no son
Someone else inherited your money
Then the days passed
Month after month
The children of Mother Omójùwà enriched their mother
She also had money
And after a period of time
Also Mother Omojùwà passed away
The children took their mother
They gave him a proper burial
Saddled up on horseback
And they started dancing around town
They were performing the funeral rites
They sang songs
They were singing 'Really, children are more than character'
Truly, children are more than character
Truly, children are more than character
Children are more than character today and even in the days to come
Children are more than character
The drums began to beat loudly
They started shooting in the air
But previously, no one could shoot in the middle of cities
The King heard about as a result of the prohibited act
He summoned them to the palace
The King asked 'Why do you fire your weapons?
They exclaimed Ha!
'The woman who gave birth to us is the reason'
'She is dead and we are rejoicing'
'And that's why we made the shots'
The King asked, visibly annoyed 'Have you ever heard that someone had done this before?'
'Don't be offended, káábíèsí'
They replied 'The mother of one, does not die twice'
The King then asked them to sing the song that he heard when they were singing
They really sang, Ìgbòho
Children are more than character
Children are more than character today and even in the days to come
The son is more than the character
Children are more than character today and even in the days to come
The son is more than the character
The King reasoned 'Really, what these guys are saying is true',
'The day that Mother Owójùwà died'
'The one who bought many slaves'
'And he had tons of loads to put on the slave's head'
'And he built many houses
'Everyone left their house'
In your case, you guys have had a party '
'That's fine'
'You can keep dancing'
'And rejoicing'

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Patakie of the sign of Ifa Osa Otrupon:


There was a family of farmers, who were very hard-working. These were a couple that had two children, a female and a male, they were very humble and dedicated themselves to sowing various fruits, they sowed for their consumption and what was left over they sold.

This family had a pond where they had a jicotea hatchery, and they sold and gave away to those who needed it, they also served to remove the malefic that there was, the same was used to bathe as to clean the house, that was the function of water.

Obá Niem saw how every day 7 or 8 people went to buy from the farmer, plus the others who came and went to get some food as gifts, and the one who stopped by the farm, he asked how much the yucca had cost him and When he saw that tomato was sold so cheaply, Obá Niem became envious and selfish, because he began to think that they could destroy him and put him in misery, and he determined to eliminate them, since that way he would remove such a threat to him.

Oba Niem came to think that the power of the farmers was due to the pond where they kept the jicoteas. He then began to tell everyone that the farmer was doing witchcraft so that they would buy from him. In addition, he was advertising his products badly.

Obá Niem's ​​farm was large, however people did not go to his house and his businesses did not go like that of the neighboring farmer being poorer. Obá Niem only planted corn and melon.

The neighboring farmers had a rooster that would stand on the roof and did not have time to sing, when the farmer began to collect his harvest, the rooster would watch, and when he saw the presence of an enemy, he would notify his owner, and so on. it was as they did not give the enemy time to see the development of their harvest, for when they went to sell it they could not make bad advertisements.

It was so much the demands of the people for their products, that they were forced to sow more and therefore to work more and that is how prosperity came to them and they became rich.

One day, the farmer sent his son on an errand, and he met Obá Niem and he gave him a powder of sandstone seed, told him to throw it into the jicoteas pond, the boy asked him why That served, and the man said to him: - "That's to keep the water clear," and the boy, in his nobility, threw it into the jicoteas pool, and they all died poisoned.

The father, seeing all the dead jicoteas in the pond the next day, went to ORUNMILA's house to see the case. ORUNMILA made him Osode and this Odu saw him and said: You have to make Ebo with: 1 rooster, 1 jicotea, sandbox seeds and the water from the pond that is poisoned. The man made the Ebó and then ORUNMILA ordered him to throw the Ebó on his enemy's farm.

Obá Niem's ​​farm had ditches, and when it rained the water overflowed and the poison spread through all the furrows, and the melon and corn plants dried up. The horse drank water and also died, and this aroused curiosity in Obá Niem, who drank the water and said: This water has nothing. And he kept drinking and died of poison.

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