Ogunda Teatura


What is born in the odu of Ifa Ogunda Tetura?

  • Religious boredom.
  • That to do Ifá you have to have OLOFIN in the Igbodun of Ifá.
  • The slave trade.
  • Where AYA black dog is given to OGUN.
  • Here: Ile Koro speaking. The city of spirits.
  • It was where SHANGO stayed taking care of adalovo. The sacred crown.
  • It was where SHANGO hanged himself in embarrassment, accompanied by his faithful servant ABA.
  • A white person spirit called kalawo is worshiped.

What does the Ogunda Tetura sign talk about?

  • Talk about AKE EIYE. The bird of infinite beauty that was at the head of the kingdom of witchcraft.
  • OGUNDA TETURA speaks ADIKUN. OLUFON's mother.
  • You have to take great care of OGUN and SHANGO.
  • Two SHANGO oshé are made.
  • Speak zunzun -eiyé aroni.
  • Here: This Ifá marks suicide.
  • You are forbidden to carry things on your head and on your back.
  • It was where OSHUN had everything except a husband.
  • It is where it is said that every time an OGUN seat is made, you have to give it an AYA in the bush.
  • It is where the wife gives her husband charity because he does not take care of her.

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Recommendations of the Ogunda Otrupon sign:

Awó OGUNDA TETURA cannot be cursing for lacking things, he must always think that others are in worse conditions than him and are struggling to survive. Well, if he falls into this, he can threaten his life. So you have to settle for what OLOFIN has given you in life.

This Ifá also prohibits carrying things on the head or on the back, as it will harm your legs since here you have a fallen metatarsal.

In this Ifá no one considers OGUNDA OTURA, as he should not live a slave of the family.

Here you cannot have property in your name, just as you cannot buy a house.

The ewe of this Odu is the: curujey (ewe afuma).

In this Ifá the woman gives the man charitate or jealousy, because he does not attend to her, since he is dedicated to partying or other women. For this reason, it can even kill when it learns of an abnormal situation.

The sign of Ifa OGUNDA TETURA in women: marks internal operations.

Here the zunzun speaks. Where in a war with ORUNMILA, ARONI became a zunzún bird, which in Africa is called eiyé aroni.

Awó OGUNDA TETURA must study hard to achieve the knowledge of Ifá and thus get rid of the obstacles that arise in life.

For this Ifá in atefa, Awafakan or Ikofafun he wonders if the iré is timbelaye or timbelorun.

Here OLOGBO -cat- is given to OSANYIN, to give him power.

In this Ifá, the necklace of OSHUN is put on ORUNMILA beads, and that of ORUNMILA is put on coral. Coral is used in this Odu de Ifá.

Awó OGUNDA TETURA has to be careful with his brother, as he may have bad feelings and may cost him his life for him. In this Ifá they speak SHANGO, OGUN,

OLOFIN, OSHUN, OBATALA and OSANYIN. This odun prescribes that whenever an OGUN -santo- seat is made, an AYA dun dun must be sacrificed seven days before.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Ogunda Tetura:

  • God squeezes but does not drown.
  • What is hopeless, forgetting it is the best.
  • Death is not in our hands.

Says Ifa Ogunda Tetura:

May you thank all the saints; you are sick with your spine and legs, so you cannot carry anything on your head or back; you have to do praying with OSANYIN that you have; do not keep birds in your house; you have a bottle of otí, leave it for the saints; justice is after you, as is war, pray so that you can free yourself from those two things; be careful not to tie it up and take it somewhere; do not do it anymore, and that happened because of the misery that you were going through; In your house there is a sick person, treat him because he dies, there are three there who have safeguards; who of you suffers from the belly; You are chased by OBATALA and OSHUN, take care of them and see what they want.

Do not tell anything about what you do at the foot of the saints. You are complaining of severe pain in your feet; You have been working for someone for a long time, you dreamed of a ship or something to ship; you have dealings with people who are treacherous. If you are a woman: you have to be careful with operational matters. You cannot be a slave to the family; you can't kill butterflies or keep feather animals locked up, put candy on OSHUN. You have
to be careful with suicide, because of great problems or embarrassment, you cannot be thinking about taking your own life. There are many people living off you. Take care of your wife more, do not bring her a misfortune for this; you have to settle for what OLOFIN gave you, there are others waiting for you, to have. You have to give thanks to the saints every day. You can be separated from your godfather because of things that you are going to see that you will not like, this can bring you like
consequence religious boredom.

Prayer of the Odu Ogunda Tetura:


Suyere Oddun Ogunda Otura:


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Ebbo of the Odu Ogunda Otura Ifa:

Work to solve situations:

OGUN is given a bolo and ugly akukó.

Akukó bolo: without tail feathers or without tail.

You cannot have akukó tied up or in a cage.

Awó OGUNDA TETURA: he must raise a black dog, so that when there is something abnormal in the house he picks it up, and the bad action is cut.

He takes a banana strain, ties an ashó dun dun below and a pupua above, gives it an akukó and puts it in the bath for seven days so that it can join it.

Ebbo from Ogunda Otura to remove moorings:

You take a piece of iron chain, an akukó, you go to a railway line and on one of the rails you tie the chain and the akukó, so that when the train passes it will leave it and fill it with eyerbale. You collect the two pieces of chain and a bit of bloody earth and make EBO with that, and the other unmooring objects.

Secret of the Ogunda Tetura sign:

When seen in this Ifá, the interested party is sent to do EBO with: an osiadié in hand.
When you finish cleaning it, make sarayeye, everyone in the house is cleaned and then
gives ELEGBA. It is filled and carried to the nigbe.


Meaning of the Sign of Ifa Ogunda Tetura (Otura)

For this Ifá, both the Awó and the aleyo who have this odun have to be careful not to tire themselves within the religion, because here they tend to abandon the saints, because religious boredom is born.

Awó OGUNDA TETURA when he sees the things that his godfather has taught him, which are not true, he will deny the godfather and this can create rejection of religion and he gets tired of the work of Ifá. You have to give OLOFIN a fun fun eyelé from the Awó lerí.

In this Ifá it is born that to do Ifá you have to have OLOFIN in the Ifá room. OGUNDA TETURA is an odun of slavery since the slave trade was born.

Ilé koro speaks here. The city of spirits.

Awó OGUNDA TETURA should not despair in life and will always have to be praying, since it is an Ifá of ups and downs, and when he falls into great problems, in his mind he will have the temptation to attempt against his life, so that he problems escape him.

Here SHANGO was on the road and found the house of OMI BOMBO ARA, who gave him accommodation, which was a tree and from the past embarrassment he hanged himself accompanied by a faithful ABA servant.

Here a white person spirit called kalawo who was omo ORISHANLA is worshiped. A spiritual investigation must be done to determine it or receive ORISHANLA.

Here speaks AKE EIYE, the bird of infinite beauty that was at the head of the kingdom of witchcraft.

ADIKUN, OLUFON's mother, also speaks, who took her as a slave to Dahomey, there she was ODUDUWA's wife and from them Eshu ALANKI was born.

She bathed in palm oil and he was furious. That is why OYA is called ADIKUN, because palm oil is called ADI and this is the taboo for Eshu.

For this Ifá, OGUN is given a lerí de malú that will be stabbed seven times, and then the whole house is swept with a cloth and wondered where it is thrown away.

This Ifa predicts that OGUN and SHANGO Awó OGUNDA TETURA must be cared for and cared for a lot. OGUNDA TETURA should put a long white, yellow and black Asia -flag on the house.

For this Oddun of Ifa it is forbidden to have birds locked in cages in the house as well as to kill butterflies.

Ifa Code of Ethics of the odu Ogunda Otura:

 The Awó never gets tired of the work of Ifá.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Ogunda Tetura:

ORUNMILA's depression.

ORUNMILA had a very large house with many relatives. One day, in a very bad economic state, he woke up with 15 cents and very depressed, he said to himself: I'm taking my life. He bought 2 ekó, 5 buns and went to a hill. There he ate what he was carrying, threw away the shells and leftovers, took a liana that had a lot of leash and when he was putting it around his neck to commit suicide, two pigeons came, who told him three times: »AWO NAGUI ARAMAKO, AWO NAGUI ARAMAKO. «

ORUNMILA who heard them asked: What are they saying?

He looked, saw them eating what he had thrown away and said: I take my own life, but others are worse than me. And he took it and left. After three days a very great wealth came to him, because before making the decision to commit suicide he had done EBO with 2 doves and released them, and those precisely were the ones that saved him.

NOTE: The Awó of this Odu does not buy a house because he dies. The ewé of this Ifá is the afoma and in aará guisimo.


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Ogunda Tetura Ifa Traditional Nigerian


Ogun polówó
Odò gbé Ìrègbà
Sànpònná ponígbówó
Eni ajé sojúu rè waá yìnbon je
A day fún Età
Ti ò lójó alé tí ò ní tàárò
Wón ní kó rbo
Ojó mérin ní sì n be láyé nígbà ìwásè
Kò si un táá se tí ò níí bó sikan nínúu mérèèrin
Ojú wá n pon Età
Età bá kówó lówó àwon mérin
Ó kówó lówó Oka
Ó kó lówó Alábahun
Ó kó lówó Ìkookò
Ó sì kówó lówó Ekùn
Tó bá ti looko isé enìkan lónìí
Ti ó lòó signbà fún eléyìun
Bó bá di ojó kejì
Yoó looko elòmín
Títí eye mérèèrin
Ngbà ó bá said Marùún òní
Táà n pé ni orún
Yóó tùún looko eni àkókó
Kò waá nísinmi ojó kan mó
Età bá rù ú; lo bá ó
Ó fi eéjì kún eéta
E è wa gbàhun
Wón ní kó ru òpòlopò otí
Won ni kó bo baba è
Won ni kó moo sodún dáadaa
Ifá tú jé á mò pé ìsinmi n be léyìn odún
Età bá se béè
Ó ní bèé lawon Babaláwo tòún wi
Ogun polówó
Odò gbé Ìrègbà
Sànpònná ponígbówó
Eni ajé sojúu rè waá yìnbon je
A day fún Età ti ò lójó alé
You ò ní tàárò
Wón ní kó rubo kó lè baà nísinmi
Età wáá gbébo nbè
Ó rubo
Wón sì ka èèwò spider won fun spider won
Oká ní won ò gbodò te òun nirú mólè
Alábahún ni won ò gbodò dá hèè òun
Ìkookò ní won ò gbodò ta èèpè si òun lára
Ekùn ní won ò gbodò wo òun lójú
Ngbàa wón dé ibi odún tí Età pè wón yes
Ó gbé oúnje àwon mérèerin
Ó gbé e si won nwájú
Alábahún sì pé léyìn
Òún pé kótóó dé ibi wón or gbèé mó o jeun
Oká de ibè
Ìkookò wà nibè
Ekùn náà n bè ní bùba
Àwon n jeun
won jeun tan
Alábahún ò bá oúnje nilè mó
Ekùn ní 'Hèè'!
Èyí yìí sèsè n bò
Inú bi Alábahun pupò
'Táwon sì jo sòrò pé àwón ò níí dá hèè ara àwon'
'I béé sì bèèrè pé se ò si nnkan túun fi pé'?
Ekùn tú dá Hèè
Alábahún bá lòó wo Ekùn lójú
Ekùn ní 'Òun lo wó lójú'?
Kí Ekún ó ta mó Alábahun Àjàpá
Èèpé ta si Ìkokoò lára
Wón bá bo sijà
Bí won ti n jàjàngbilà
Wón bá te Ìrù oká móle
Oká bá sán Ìkookò
Ó san Ekùn
Ìkookò bá wó le Alábahun móle
Alábahun ò para dà mó
Ekùn tí Oká náà sán
Ó say wìì
Ó wó lu Oká náà mole
Oká náà ò le yípo mó
oka ku
Ekùn náá kú
Alábahun Àjàpá ròrun
Ìkookó rèwàlè àsà
Gbogbo bí ón yes ti n jà
Età ti sùn lo
ó ti rè é
Kò jí tílè e su
Tílè tun e mó
Età ti ó lójó alé
You or ni tàárò
Ilè fi ta dokè Età ò jí
Ó jí ó ko hàáà
Àsé báyìí ni Olórun n káàyàn?
Ifá pé kí eléyìun or lòó bo baba è
Ó ní Ogún polowó
Odò gbé Ìrègbà
Sànpònná ponígbówó
Eni ajé sojúu rè waá yìnbon je
A day fún Età
Èyí tí ó lójó alé tí ò ní tàárò
Ebo n won ni or se
Eta gbébo nbè or rubo
Àseyìn wá àsèyìn bò
Età tí ò lójó alé tí ò ní tàárò
Età wáá dólóorun àsùn nara.

Ifá advises this person to offer sacrifice. He will have peace of mind because his good fortune will come to him. He must offer wine to his father.
The creditor was killed in the war
Ìrègbà plunged into the stream
Sànpònná killed the surety
The witness to the transaction shot himself in the mouth
He made divination for Età
That I had no clear definition of day and night
They advised him to offer sacrifice
At first there were only four days of the week
Whatever I had to do, it should be done within those days.
Età was immensely poor
He then borrowed four people
He borrowed from the Cobra
He borrowed the Turtle
He borrowed the Hyena
The leopard also lent him money
He began to collect money from his creditors
He would go tend a creditor's farm on the first day
On the second day
He would tend the farm of another of his creditors
Until the end of the week which is the fourth day
On the fifth day
Which is called 'orún'
He would start another cycle
He had no day off
So Età began to think
He matched two cowries with three
He begged saying, 'Please help me'
They advised him to sacrifice a lot of wine
He must also offer sacrifice to his father
They also advised him to celebrate well his annual Ifá festival
This is the Ifá verse that affirms the period of rest after an annual celebration
Età did as he was advised
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwos had said
The creditor was killed in the war
Ìrègbà plunged into the stream
Sànpònná killed the surety
The witness to the transaction shot himself in the mouth
He made divination for Età
That I had no clear definition of day and night
They advised him to offer sacrifice so that he would have peace of mind and have rest
Età heard about the sacrifice
And he did
Meanwhile his creditors had listed each of his individual taboos
The Cobra said: No one should walk on my tail,
The Tortoise said: As for me, no one should put words in my mouth that I have not said
Said the Hyena: No one should throw sand on me
The Leopard roared: No one should look me straight in the eye
Each one arrived for the celebration of Età who had invited them
Their four's food was served together
Età put the food before them
The Turtle, however, was late
He was unable to attend the site on time
The Cobra was there for a long time
The hyena too
And the leopard
When they started eating
They all finished eating
The Turtle didn't get anything to eat when he arrived
Before the Turtle could apologize
The Leopard was ahead of him
'And this one, which has just arrived'
Puzzled and enraged
The Tortoise asked 'We didn't know that no one should put words in my mouth'?
'Instead of asking why the reason for my delay?'
In revenge for the one who got ahead of him
He looked straight into the eyes of the Leopard
The Leopard said angrily: 'You have come to look me in the eye?
So they started fighting
The two of them stepped on the Cobra's tail
The Cobra bit the Hyena
He also bit the Leopard
The Hyena fell on the Tortoise
The Tortoise was immobile
The venom began to travel through the veins of the Leopard
Who lost his balance, and in one fell swoop
Fell on top of the Cobra
The Cobra froze
And the Cobra died
The leopard died
The turtle died
And the turtle died
But when they started fighting
Età was asleep
He was too tired
He didn't wake up during the night
Even until dawn the next day, I was still sleeping
Età who had no clear knowledge of the night
Or the day
It wasn't until the next afternoon that he woke up
He woke up in awe to find out what was left on the ground
So can God be good to someone?
Ifá advises this person to offer sacrifice to his father
He said that, the creditor was killed in the war
Ìrègbà plunged into the stream
Sànpònná killed the surety
The witness to the transaction shot himself in the mouth
He made divination for Età
That I had no clear definition of day and night
They advised him to offer sacrifice
Età heard about the sacrifice and performed it
Età that had no clear definition of day and night
Età now rests and snores while sleeping.

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