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Osa Bara or Osa Obara It is Odu # 157 in the hierarchical order of Ifa. Here Ifa recommends that we analyze our actions very well, as we must avoid acting impulsively. Orunmila predicts that the person's future will be prosperous, but he will have to make a sacrifice to stabilize himself.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Osa Bara?

  • Let intelligence dominate the power of force.
  • Make direct Agayú.
  • Let Oyá eat dark goat.
  • They were born: The stingers.
  • Here: The disease is on top of the person.
  • The person is ungrateful.
  • The one who saves is Egun.

What does the sign of Ifa Osa Bara talk about?

  • They speak two spirit in the person.
  • It is forbidden to go to the square.
  • Osa Bara speaks of foul with Yemaya..
  • Speak zombies.
  • He is an Ifá from Filaní land (China).
  • Talk about effeminate.
  • Here: Ogún believed himself to be the most powerful in the world.

What does the sign of Ifa Osa Obara mark?

  • Determine that Ogun's children are strong but lacking intelligence.
  • The trade is a shoemaker, saddleman or tailor.
  • Eshu had the people enslaved by means of a concoction.
  • It was where Shango ran for the first time.

Sayings of the Sign of Ifa Osa Bara: 

  • Two rams do not drink water from the same source.
  • Two leopards don't live in the same cave
  • The loss comes when we defend without knowing.
  • For defending myself with my body, I lost my life.
  • With intelligence, the power of force is mastered.
  • With the arrow that I shot, I killed my mother.

Odu Osa Obara Ifa Code of Ethics:

  •  Intelligence always dominates the power of force.

It may also interest you Treaty of Oddun Ifa: Osa Meyi.

Says Ifa in the Oddun Osa Bara:

That you dreamed of many Saints and a lot of money, you must be well and you will be very lucky, do Ebo so that that money ends up arriving with all happiness.-You have a list of clothes and your enemies want to see you go through an embarrassment, to laugh at yourself, be careful because you may even get caught.

If you do not become Ebó, do not enter the square.- People say that you have been very proud since you have a house and you have always been that way, and they envy you. You are poor today. In your house there is a pregnant woman who does not pay attention to what she is told, tell her to do Ebó if she wants to have a good birth, the child who is going to give birth has a mark on her body.

The sick person in your house is going to be well.- Do not talk about your affairs any more.- You have a very big war and it has been believed that it is over, but now is when you are strongest.- When you are Well people have to trust you, but when you are bad, people reject you.- Put a roasted yam to SHANGO. -You always talk about what you plan to do.- You are always in a hurry.- Nobody believes you, to the extent that you said one thing and they did not believe it and it happened.- Do not vote for anyone in your house.

You have money saved, be careful not to steal it. -You have to receive ORISHAOKO, because he wants to speak with you.- You cannot mistreat your wife and less if she is the daughter of OYA.- Be careful not to embarrass you in public.- You have as a shoemaker, saddler or tailor trade. 

You have Chinese relatives.

Prayer of the Osa Bara Ifa sign:


Suyere Osa Obara:


Ebbo of the Odu Osa Bara:

Osa Obara's work with Yemaya.

They put seven balls of gofio with cane syrup, they ask him with Obi Omi Tutu how many days and the way they take.

When she is angry for fouls.

Ebo is made with: 1 rooster, dove, ekrú, and a piece of Yemajá stick and it is taken to the sea or to the river (wherever it takes). When the Ebó is taken to its destination, Shangó is placed next to Yemajá and two candles are lit for him.

EBO: quiquiriquí rooster, 3 chicks, 3 chickens, 3 pigeons, machete, Ifá herbs: prodigious, ayo, Ceiba, cotton, mokogún, curse remover, 3 roosters head sticks, a lot of ashé, 3 arrows, doll, ministers, butter of corojo, Güiro leaves, a lot of money.

To the quiquiriquí rooster, Iyefá is thrown in its beak and it is given to the interested party to put it in the patio. Before the Ebó, he will take three baths with the indicated herbs, then the Omiero of sarsaparilla grass is made and the interested party wraps sarsaparilla liana all over his body and his head is given chicken blood, then the vine is removed with a new knife and finally bathes with the sarsaparilla Omiero. When it is finished, the excess of the bath is collected and with the Ebó it goes to the mountain or to the river.

After the Ebó you will bathe with another Omiero made of prodigiosa, cotton, and intamoreal. The interested party himself has to kill the cock and give blood to the Ebó while the Awó hits the edge of the board singing: "OGUN BELEKUN LERI EJE BELEKUN YERE EJE BELEKUN YERE."

This is sung three times. Finally, he prays his head with Obi Omi tutu, cocoa butter and husk. The heads of the big cocks go to the Ebó.

Recommendations of the Ifa Osa Bara Sign:

  • Here Olokun is given 9 pigeons.
  • When a person is poor because of this Odu, people despise him and when he has money they flatter him.
  • When the Awó is made Ebo by this Odu, it is fresh with its Irukere.
  • Here luck is given by a daughter of OYA, but she cannot be mistreated.
  • Yemajá is served with seven balls of gofio with cane syrup. He is asked with coconut (Obi Omi Tutu) how many days and the path they take.
  • This Odu determines that when it is done direct Agayu is done, when scraping the head it is done only on the right side, there the Osun del Leri is painted in the form of a Rainbow, from front to back, that is, from the facing the occiput, this is because in this Odu was where Agayu wore the shadow of his father's crown on his forehead.
  • In addition, the Iyawó on the middle day is put on a robe or blanket around his shoulders, white on one side and blue on the other. The Omiero to wash the stone and the tools only takes coconut water and the corresponding herbs. Also why you have to make Gold to Agayu.
  • At the moment there is a great controversy with Agayu, because they do not want to do it directly and each one exposes his theory. This Odu explains it well, the only thing is that you have to perform all the relevant ceremonies.
  • If it is not done directly, the Godmother or the Godfather are at liberty to make Shango or Oshún to the godson, because those two Oshas have the same right over Agayu.
  • In this Ifá it was where Agayu came down to earth, so it represents his Odu Isalaye.
  • This Ifá determines why the children of Ogún are of strong physical constitution but without intelligence.
  • For this Odu, Paraldo is made with 9 doves and a wooden doll with nine different heads and dressed in colored fabrics and bells.
  • Here Drum is given to Olokun.
  • This Ifá indicates that when the person is drunk, they can commit acts against morals and good customs. It also indicates that two people exercise a power of domination over the interested party.
  • This Odu speaks of a child who has half a spiritual unit and at any moment the Egun rides him / her. You have to hear what he says.
  • Osa Obara once shot an arrow and went to pierce her mother's womb, which was pregnant. The news spread. When everything calmed down, the son of the King who was about to be born, came into the world with the Crown in hand.
  • Here the father made Ebo and so did the one who shot the arrow.
  • This is an ungrateful Ifá. It also marks discredit in public. The person is watched to embarrass him in public. For this Odu it is essential to receive Orisha-oko with Itá.

Meaning of the Oddun Osa Obara (9-6):

Osa Bara says that if the person does not have a good defense, he will be a loser.

This Oddun is an Ifá of curses. Here the disease is above the person.

The person, for this Ifá, keeps a weapon because he wants to kill someone. Here the one who saves is an Egun. You are a spiritist. Two spirits speak in the person.

Here you put roast yam to SHANGO to solve.

This Ifa sign "Osa Obara" predicts that the sick will be saved and cured. To win you must wear clothes with crossed stripes.

The person has a big war and believes that it is over, but it will resurface more strongly than before.

It is forbidden to throw people out of the house, as the aleyos raise it up. Here it is forbidden to go to the square. The person is the worst and the best, as a result of his variable character. This Odu predicts that a Babalawo lives near your house who envies you and does not want you to live there, treats you falsely and wants something bad to happen to you to laugh at you.

Brand: Faults with Yemajá and for her to forgive him, Ebo is made with: 1 ram, 2 roosters, 2 pigeons, herbs and sticks of Yemajá, ekrú, other ingredients and it is taken to the sea or to the river as requested. When the Ebó is taken to its destination, Shango is placed next to Yemajá and two candles are lit for him.

Because of this Odu you have the ability to work with skins or fabrics.

Talk about Zombies here. The person is kind of stunned and does not see what is happening next to him.

Here the Stinger was born to the bee and the wasp, so that they would have to defend themselves from their enemies, but they told them that they had to do Ebó, where the bee for not having made Ebó, when it tries to defend itself with its sting, the intestines and dies.

Osa Bara is an Odu of Filani land (China), the person has Chinese ancestors. Here the person was not raised by his father.

For happiness and happiness to come, he begins to eat with Shango and Oyá.

Here Ogun believed himself to be the most powerful in the world. In Osa Bara he talks about effeminates. He also talks about a young woman who has two lovers and if she goes for a walk with one of them she can be seduced or raped.

She talks about a woman who wants to tie up a man who has money or a high position. Here was born that intelligence dominate the power of force.

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Osa Bara in Traditional Nigerian Ifa.


Ò sa bàrà mú tà
A day fún Dúrówojú
Omo Ajèerùsolà
Wón ni bíi isée baba è ni kó móo se
Awo ni baba Dúrówojú
Awo sìí jókòó kalè ni
Won ó móo wáá wá
Wón or dàá Ifá lówó è
Òun náà or ki Ifá fún won
Wón or wàá rubo
Wón or yes fún a lówó
Sùgbón Dúrówojú ò fé gbogbo èyuun
Ni bá n kirií kiri
Wón ní ngbà tú bá se bíi ti babaa rè
Neither nnkan rè or tòó gún
Ni Dúrówojú bá jókòó kalè
Ni won bá n wá
Ni ón bá n mú ajé wa
Wón làwon ò pèé jókòó tisée babaà re
Ni Dúrówojú bá n ji ní n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo náà n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Ò sa bàrà mú tà
A day fún Dúrówojú
Omo Ajèerùsolà
Kín làwá n seé là nlée wa?
Èèrù làwá n jeé là nlée wa

Ifá says that this person is in the world enjoying royalties. If this person is a woman, her job is circumstantial on that, as she will have to stay in one place to make her money come from heaven. If this person is in search of wealth, she would never get it.

Ò sa bàrà mú tà
He made divination for Dúrówojú
The descendant of Ajèèrùsolà
They advised him to practice his father's profession exactly
Dúrówojú's parents were Babaláwos
And the Babaláwos will sit in a particular place
People will come from the walk of life
So he would make divination for them
He would advise them to make the sacrifices
And the money would be given to Babaláwo
But since Dúrówojú didn't want any of this
He started looking for a job
'It is not, until you follow in your father's footsteps'
'You will find the good things'
Dúrówojú sat down after
The people went to consult with the
It was then that they reminded him of the advice given previously
Dúrówojú began to dance and rejoice
He was praising his Babaláwo
His Babaláwo was praising Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwo had predicted
Ò sa bàrà mú tà
He made divination for Dúrówojú
The descendant of Ajèèrùsolà
What do we reap from our family?
They are the royalties that we enjoy in our house

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Osa Bara:


On this path, OGUN and IKU had the strength in the World. In the land of Bokura Yorun, under that rule they had deceived OLOKUN who was going to the party they were celebrating and all those who lived in these lands were crazy. IKU, EGUN AND OLOKUN went to the party every year and OGUN and IKU dressed in bells and fabrics of all colors and began to sing: «OLOKUN ABA IKU AWANA LOKUN EGUN EGUN ABA LODEO ARAYIRE IKU EGUN TABA ABA NIBE OLOKUN BAW BAWAO IKU ».

OLOKUN, brought everything to OGUN and IKU, but OLOKUN was a year with her daughter, who ORUNMILA had baptized her and named her LERI PESHI IKU EGUN, when OLOKUN, was arriving to the land where they were, OGUN and IKU, the OLOKUN's daughter LERI PESHI IKU EGUN, something entered her as if she were EGUN.


OGUN and IKU, who saw that ceremony were scared and saw that all the people were taking off their clothes and throwing OLOKUN up. OLOKUN was also scared, he grabbed his daughter and took her away;


Leri Peshi Iku Egun, took off the mask that he was wearing on his face and when IKU saw her, he was surprised, he broke off to run and got lost, the daughter of OLOKUN, came to a ditch, washed her face and continued with OLOKUN and she scolded her, she did not answer anything, that is why ESHU came along with SHANGO and OLOKUN greeted them, gave them Moforibale and then spoke secretly with ESHU so that SHANGO would not hear him.

ESHU, OLOKUN, his daughter and SHANGO, continued together on the road and he was telling him how the people of the earth dressed SOKUBA YOKUN, SHANGO said: You have to tell ORUNMILA, to see what to do.

When they saw ORUNMILA and they told them, he said that they had to make Ebó and dress a doll with nine heads and bells, before arriving in the city and that they had to light the candles at dawn, to take away the great power from OGUN and IKU with all the children of this world.

ORUNMILA asked SHANGO AND ESHU, when would OLOKUN return, and they said, we are going there, ESHU AND SHANGO arrived where OLOKUN and made him a meal and OLOKUN tells him the pain that happens to his daughter, when she was going to have fun, that what you do feed them and give them strength; "They are deceiving you."

The daughter immediately got that; OLUKUN. He noticed what happened to his daughter again and told her: - «I'm going with them, Osa Bara». You will go later to have the strength of OGUN and IKU removed and you will dress as you have to dress, we will go ahead playing the Baatá.

OLOKUN said: No, I will only carry one drum, ESHU will carry one; You, SHANGO the other, my daughter will carry the asheré. They did so at dawn, they lit a single candle, they put a jar of drink. The smell of that gave them and they all drank, OGUN and IKU.

SHANGO AND ESHU were playing the drum, dawn came, when OGUN and IKU saw that OLOKUN entered they were scared, ESHU and SHANGO grabbed OGUN, IKI and LERI PESHI LERI EGUN; They gave him more drinks and they fell asleep.

SHANGO AND ESHU, they made sarayeye to all the people and Ebó Misi and they were getting better and losing their strength. OLOKUN began to dance with all the masks he had.

OGUN and IKU got scared and asked for forgiveness; OLOKUN cursed them and said: You OGUN, you will have strength with your irons to receive fire and develop the world, you will be powerful in this, but from then on your intelligence will run out and you will be a slave. Your IKU, who has been deceiving me, you will not be able to eat any human being until OLOFIN orders you to.

So ESHU brought herbs and they made Omiero, they called LERI PESHI IKU EGUN, they gave him the blood of 9 pigeons along with OGUN and IKU and all of that land, and they took away his intelligence and gave him strength, and at the same time they spread the intelligence universally .

ESHU and SHANGO demonstrated to OLOKUN "That intelligence dominated strength." He blessed his daughter and left for Ifa and thanked her.

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