Iroso She (4-5): Meaning, sayings and advice of this Odu

irous sign oshe (4-5)

Iroso She It is the sign of Ifa number 90 in the hierarchy of Ifa, orunmila In this Odu he says that you have to keep your mind clear and calm to avoid falling into provocations by adversaries who seek to destabilize the person.

Other names of the Odu Iroso She:

  • Irony Oshe.
  • Irosun She.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Iroso She?

  • Vegetable oil for cooking and for lamps.
  • The action of the obsessors Egun.
  • Physical imperfections.
  • The fire in the woods.

What is the sign of Ifa Iroso Oshe (4-5) talking about?

  • That here the arayé is a short, big-ass woman who wears braids, the Awó falls in love with her and she works his penis to tie it up.
  • In the Oddun Iroso Oshe is where the guardian angel comes to look for his omó at the time of death, and grabs him by the feet. Orúnmila then gives food to the guardian angel of the person and saves the person. Orúnmila is the intermediary with the guardian angel.
  • Of war that it has or will have.
  • The fact that Shango He was a swimmer and passed people to the other bank of the river and had a war with Agayú who was called Kushé.
  • To attend and take care of the mother.
  • That the person eats with the enemies, beware that they are preparing a bond.
  • Iroso She (4-5), talks about how everything around her is betrayal and falsehood.

What are the prohibitions of Iroso She?

  • You cannot cry for lack of money.
  • You cannot wear inherited garments because it delays it.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Iroso Oshe: 

  • One man saves a people.
  • The dead man is walking around looking for someone to catch.
  • The meanest pig always ruins the lot.
  • It has to rain a lot for the river to leave its channel. 
  • He who hides stolen loot bears the blame for the theft.
  • The soft tongue persuades the irate rampant. 
  • He who eats honey only gets fed up and vomits. 
  • Every day at your aunt's house it smells like filth. 
  • Like false teeth and feet that slip, the false one will fall before all. 
  • The wise man who does his enemy a favor places embers on his head.

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Ifa Iroso Oshe says:

When this Ifá appears in divination in the Igbodun, the person will serve his new Ifá with a guinea fowl and half a yam, in addition to serving Eshu with a goat to avoid the risk of being falsely accused of an offense that he did not commit . The person will be advised not to be tempted to make love to his Father's wife.

In divination (Iroso She), the person will make the same sacrifice to survive a greater test that will come to him.

When this Oddun of Ifa Iroso Oshe goes out for a woman, she will be told that she is in the first months of pregnancy, and she will be advised never to visit her friends without wearing suitable clothes to hide her pregnancy, as her friend is a witch, capable of ruining her pregnancy.

When this odu goes out in Igbodun divination, the person will be told that he will be prosperous in whatever vocation he takes, as he was destined to succeed in whatever he does. The new Ifá will serve with a goat, a hen and give a rooster to Ogún, and a goat to Eshu. You should also take care of your friends. If his instinct gives him to do something and his friend advises him not to do it, he must follow through with his purposes, without the slightest doubt of regret.

If it appears in divination, the person will be told not to rush in the acquisition of riches, that he will slowly but steadily prosper. In one year you will always see how much more you will prosper than the previous year.

If the river develops the tendency to acquire, he will become very rich.

Prayer of the Iroso Oshe Ifa sign:

Iroso She Olú Yenye adifafun Aoré tinyo launye okan akukó lebo. Osha kolofun kitifun shawo adifafun

Ebbo of the Odu Iroso Oshe:

He talks about war, he takes a fathom of a candle, stands at the door of the street at 12 o'clock in the day and an omituto igba is thrown over him and he says: Just as water extinguishes the candle, so Kekushé Iroso Kushé defeat all my enemies.
Ebó misí with: Rompesaragüey, Piñón and Higuera.

Work of Iroso she (4-5):

12 Akarina (wicks), oil, sulfur, epo, an Oduará, 2 akukó, ekú ejá, awado.

At 12 o'clock, 12 wick is lit in Shilekun ilé in oil and epo and then the sulfur is added.

When this is done, you have to put Shangó at the door and give him two akukó and when the wicks are lit, you sing:

Ware Inaye Unyere Egun Sirura Egun Baba Egun

Iroso Oshe sign in Santeria:

In Osha or Santeria, the Oddun Iroso She under the divination system of the dilogun (snail), is recognized as Iroso tonti Oshe and its number 4-5.

Advice from the Oddun of Ifa Iroso She:

When Iroso She appears in the divination, the person will be advised to make the sacrifice so that the next year he will find it much more prosperous than the current year.

When it appears in the divination, the person will be informed that the witches annoy him and that there is an evil bird that screams near the house at night. He must make sacrifice to ward off the Witches that disturb his life.

Ifá advises that this person should make sacrifice with chicken eggs against their real enemies. He is currently being tested with one thing, so he will need to keep his head cool or calm. If he raises chickens and one of his chickens lays an egg, he must grab that egg to make the sacrifice immediately.

Recommendations of the Ifa Iroso She Sign:

  • Give mass to your mother if she is dead.
  • You have to keep Oshún happy.
  • Iroso She orders to move soon to be able to win the war that she has or will have.
  • You have to do a lot of work to be able to achieve tranquility and save your life and that of your loved ones.
  • Two Snapper is given to Shango.
  • Take care of your hair so that it does not get strained.
  • Take care of your mother that you do not take care of her.
  • Be careful with the candle in your house, there will be fire and it will start in the kitchen.

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Meaning of Oddun Iroso She:

Sign of Ifa Iroso Oshe in Osobo:


The Egun Obsessors are born.

This is where the guardian angel comes to look for the person and Orúnmila is the intermediary.

You have to do many works to save the life and that of your loved ones because there was a death in which you took part inadvertently and by chance, and now that Egun is after you.


You have to do ebo immediately and go to Shilekun ilé.

Ebo mission with Rompesaragüey, Piñón and Higuereta.


There are insurance losses, if ebo is not done.


Here arose the war between Shangó and Agayú.

It marks war between paleros.

He talks about betrayal and falsehood around him.

Oddun Iroso She (4-5) in Ire:


Maferefun Olokun, greet him daily and ask him for health and prosperity.


He talks about the war he has.
Talk about enemies who have set you up.
He says that a woman has worked his penis to tie it up.

Code of Ethics of Ifa of the Odu Iroso Oshe:

The Awó does not do what is not his role.

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Pataki of the sign of Ifa Iroso Oshe:

The Imperfections

Shangó was the owner of the board, where Orúnmila did Osode and Shango did all the work and eboses on the board and had two assistants: Elegba and Osanyin, but Shangó, because he dedicated himself to women and to parties every day had less time to dedicate himself to his tasks. , where one day he told his two assistants that he was going to look for a substitute to whom he could give the board.

Elegba was the errand boy who dumped the eboses and Osanyin was the one who entrusted him with the secrets of the Eweses and of course they both aspired to keep the board.

It happened that Shangó handed it over to Orúnmila, telling Orúnmila that he could not continue with that responsibility of the board, since I need almost all my time to go to parties and be with my women and because of these circumstances jobs accumulate and not I can look good with people and since you are the ultimate fortune teller, you are the only one called to stay with it.

Orúnmila replied: "No, my brother, handling it is very complicated." Shango insisted, leaving it to him and said: "I have two servants, Elegba who is the errand boy, the one who has to take the works to their destination, and Osanyin who is in charge of bringing the necessary eweses."

Then he taught Orúnmila how to manipulate the board and told him: If you have any problem in this matter, call me, I will come to your aid immediately, but you have to call me by putting 16 Odu-Ará on the ground, within a circle of Fula to which it will give candle.

Orúnmila took over the board, but when doing the work, they did not give results, therefore Elegba and Osanyin, who felt annoyed that none of them had been designated by Shangó to keep the board, did not cooperate with Orúnmila. Elegba did not take the jobs to their destinations, but put them where he wanted, and Osanyin went into the bush to work on his rule, turning everything into a great disorganization.

Orúnmila was forced to call Shangó in the way indicated by him, Shango appeared immediately and when he learned what had happened, he went out to look for Osanyin and Elegba and found Osanyin inside the mountain working his rule, where he unleashed a a great storm of lightning and the mountain caught fire and Osanyin, who was a perfect man, lost an eye, an ear, an arm, a leg and crawling he managed to reach Orúnmila's house where he lost consciousness. When he came to himself after several days, he saw with amazement that Orúnmila, far from abandoning him, took care of him and cured him and, repentant of his attitude, asked for his forgiveness and promised to be his slave.

When Elegba saw what happened to Osanyin, she hid, fleeing from Shango's wrath, but when she found out what Shango had done with Osanyin, she went to his house and told him: “Orúnmila, I was also cheating on him, because I didn't have the work to the place indicated by you, I ask your forgiveness and from today, you are the only one who has power over me here on earth ”. Since then Orúnmila has his two servants and sees the result of their works.

Iroso She - Traditional Nigerian Ifa.


Ajìwáwá jìwowo òpè ni ò seé gbòn rìrì ko
A dífá fun Ológbò jígòlò
Tiń lo rèé bímo sénu àjé
"Ibi tí òún bímo yes yìí?"
"Nňkan ò mú àwon omo òun báyìí?"
Wón ní kó rbo
Ológbò jígòlò bá rbo
Bí on bá gbé omo è báyìí
Ti ón ń pé àwon or yè é wò
A pé "òhun ni"
"Òhun ni"
Ni ón ba ń jùúlè
N ní wá ń jó ní wá ń yò
Níń yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo ń yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Ajìwáwá jìwowo òpè ni ò seé gbòn rìrì ko
A dífá fun Ológbò jígòlò
Tiń lo rèé bímo sénu àjé
Eléyìí ńkó?
Awo ni
Onítòhún ko?
Awo ni
Awo lOlógbò jígòlò tú bímo sénu àjé.

The person must sacrifice, in order to escape the problems and detractors that surround him. After giving, his enemies will see him enjoy its benefits, but they will no longer be able to do anything against him.

A well-germinated palm oil fruit cannot be harvested indiscriminately
He made divination for Ológbò jígòlò
When she was going to conceive her child in the presence of witches
'To the place where I am going to conceive my children?'
'Won't nothing bad happen to them?'
She was advised to offer sacrifice
Ológbò jígòlò heard about the sacrifice and did it
When the witches gathered their children
And they tried to examine them one by one
She said 'This is taboo'
'This is an abomination'
The witches were restoring their children in their place
She began to rejoice and dance
She was praising her Babaláwo
His Babaláwo began to praise Ifá
She said it was exactly what her Babaláwo had said
A well-germinated palm oil fruit cannot be harvested indiscriminately
He made divination for Ológbò jígòlò
When she was going to conceive her child in the presence of witches
'What happened to this one?'
'He is a priest'
'And this?'
'He is also a priest'
What Ológbò jígòlò conceived was a priest.

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