Otrupon Irete (Òtúrúpòn Ìrete)


Otrupon Irete (Òtúrúpòn Ìrete) is odu #194 in the Lordly Order of Ifá. This sign teaches us that pride can blind us. Humility and following the advice of wise men, like Orúnmila, free us from problems. Valuing spiritual guidance is essential to overcome obstacles and achieve well-being.

General Description of the Odu Otrupon Irete

Names or Aliases:

  • Otrupon Irete.
  • Otrupon Biret.
  • Otrupon Disrupt.
  • Òtúrúpòn Ìrete.

What is born in the Odu of Ifá Otrupon Irete?

  • Put a piece of meat on Elegua, he eats jio-jio meta all the time.
  • Put a basket of okra to Elegba without choosing.
  • Everything he says is true.
  • The strategy, planning and intelligence in your events.
  • Up with work and down quickly.
  • The disarray.
  • The fish could be caught when catching them away from the coast.
  • Awó Shudú, Awó Didé.
  • Eshu Layibori.
  • The swamp, the shifting earth (there is no firmness in anything). The man got more into this every day.
  • Say goodbye to Oya and put on her necklace.
  • In Otrupon Birete it is said: that when one brother falls, another rises.
  • Ebo with: Owunko, Abo, eyelé meta, Ifá of the confluence, the river ends up in the sea.
  • Take care of the daughter / or of tuberculosis, hepatitis or leprosy.
  • That the mother of scabies consulted Ifá so that her children would not get leprosy.
  • Put the head of the father ram in front of Ifá to win the war it presents (make ebo).

What does the Otrupon Irete sign talk about?

  • Elegba got tired and dropped the pitchfork from the house (helplessness).
  • In Otrupon Irete Eshu Alaguana speaks.
  • You don't eat fish, give your leri a fish.
  • The Ivy speaks.
  • No crockery is broken in the house.
  • The Iyefá wears atata (pouting).
  • The planting of okra and Elegba speaks.
  • Yemaya showed that he is older than Oshun.
  • The King speaks and the thorn stuck.

The sign Otrupon Birete points out:

  • The disease is: stomach and head.
  • Yanya, Elegba's mother, is received.
  • Has something more or less in the body.
  • You don't choose the okra, you use whatever they give you.
  • They dump him from where he lives.
  • The sea made ebo, that's why it is always clean.
  • The eweses are: canutillo, purslane and tomato.

Analysis and Reflection of the Odu of Ifa Otrupon Irete

Otrupon Irete is a sign that symbolizes the lack of firmness and stability. It tells us about the shifting earth, representing the instability and uncertainty in our lives. This Odu reminds us that perseverance and persistence are key to overcoming obstacles. It is a sign that also highlights the importance of sacrifice and offering to the Orishas, ​​especially Elegba and Oya, to ensure balance and protection in our lives.

Economic Aspects

In economic terms, Otrupon Irete indicates that it is essential to be honest and avoid greed. Greed and lack of generosity can lead to the loss of all that has been earned. Ifá advises us to avoid gambling and be meticulous in our financial transactions. Planning and strategy are crucial to avoid financial failures. This sign also reminds us that we should be generous with Elegua and make the sacrifices necessary to maintain prosperity.


Otrupon Irete warns about health problems related to the stomach and head. It is essential to take care of your diet and avoid alcohol consumption to prevent crises and illnesses. Ifá also points out the possibility of hereditary diseases and advises not to worry excessively, but rather focus on performing ebo and maintaining a positive attitude. In addition, it is important to avoid lifting heavy objects and making sudden movements to protect the spine.

Religious Aspects

In the religious sphere, this Odu emphasizes the need to respect and honor the Orishas through sacrifices and offerings. Ifá advises us to receive Yanya and use her necklace as protection. Firmness in faith and devotion to the Orishas are essential to overcome adversity. Otrupon Irete also tells us about the importance of respecting ancestors and elders, since they provide us with spiritual guidance and support.

Personal Relationships (Love)

In love, Otrupon Irete warns us about the difficulties and conflicts that can arise due to the lack of firmness and stability in relationships. It is important to be honest and avoid selfishness and evil. Ifá advises avoiding mooring attempts for selfish reasons, as this can cause more harm than good. Relationships should be based on trust, generosity and mutual respect. This Odu also reminds us that we must be patient and understanding with our partners to avoid conflicts and maintain harmony.

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Meaning of the Otrupon Irete sign:

Otrupon Irete: Ifá ni Kaferefun Yemaya and Eggun.

Two people want to unite and cannot, one wants to bind the other out of selfishness and evil. If the indicated mooring is made, one will come to the other. By the same staircase that goes up, comes down. It is difficult for him to go up in life, but when he goes down he does so quickly.

The shifting earth represents the lack of firmness in things. In this house, there is an Eggun behind the door. A friend who is destroyed will help him, and there is a person who will come to his feet. This is an Ifá of impotence, and the war is lost by not preparing.

In Otrupon Birete, Ifá says that this person is suffering from a hereditary disease that should not worry him too much. There is not much he can do about it except continue offering ebo and not give in to panic or fear. Ifá warns that this person should not leave his location for seven days so as not to lose his life in the place to which he travels.


  • Don't be stingy, give up greed, because that's why everything is lost.
  • Do not haggle things with Elegua, so that he does not disturb your things.
  • You have to give Elegba a goat at the door, with a standing rod.
  • Sacrifice father ram.
  • Ifá advises this person to offer ebo to avoid being taken back home during a trip.


  • Avoid gambling.
  • You don't eat fish.
  • You should never consume alcohol to prevent crises, failures and regrets.
  • You should never steal, embezzle public funds or appropriate what does not belong to you to avoid unconsummated fortune, dishonor, regrets and disasters.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Otrupon Birete:

  • Lose for disobedience.
  • Use strategy at events.
  • Don't be delinquent.
  • Don't go back to the same place.

Ethical code:

  • The Awó does not seek his fortune in someone else's house.

Òtúrúpòn Ìrete emphasizes the importance of seeking prosperity and well-being from one's own efforts and resources. It means that a true Ifá priest (Awó) does not depend on the wealth or assets of others to achieve his own success. Independence and self-sufficiency are essential to an honest and respectable life.

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Ifa Otrupon Irete says:

Ifá says that this person always tells the truth and acts honestly, but unfortunately, all his efforts are misinterpreted as lies. Most people around this person consider him or her a liar. This person needs to offer ebo to change this perception. The ebo materials are a mature goat and money. She also needs to feed Ifá a mature female goat.

Ifá says in Otrupon Irete that there is something or someone that is creating problems and chaos in this person's life. Unfortunately, this person has not been able to identify what or who is causing these problems. Whatever or whoever is responsible for all of her problems in life is part of him/her. This person needs to offer ebo with a ripe goat and money to expose the evildoer.

Otrupon Birete advises this person to offer ebo to avoid being taken back home during a trip. Ifá warns that this person should not leave their location for seven days so as not to lose their life in the place they travel to.

Ifá says that this person will be able to perform a very difficult task that will make him or her an important and respectable person in the community. This person must watch his words and never consume alcohol. In fact, alcohol consumption is taboo for this person to avoid saying something that will cause serious problems. If he is a man, he needs to propitiate the Ori of his wife. The materials for the ebo are: three pigeons, three guinea fowls, three roosters and money. It is also necessary to feed Esu a rooster.

Prayer of the Odu Baba Otrupon Birete:


Suyere (Song):


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Pataki (story) of the Ifa sign Otrupon Irete: 

The Peasant's House and Elegba

In this patakí, a farmer had his farm planted with okra. Orunmila, upon seeing her Ifá, told her that she should offer an ounko to Elegba so that everything would go well for her.

The peasant, however, was lazy to do works for the Saints. He had a house with a peculiar structure, shaped like an umbrella, supported by a single pitchfork. One day, while he was repairing the pitchfork, Elegba came to him asking for food because he was hungry. The peasant, showing his miserly nature, offered him just a little okra, and Elegba accepted.

The farmer asked Elegba to hold the fork so that the house would not fall while he went to look for the okra. However, being very miserly, he entertained himself in the planting by selecting the smallest okras to give them to Elegba. Meanwhile, Elegba got tired of waiting and putting up with the pitchfork. He let him go and left, and the house was destroyed due to the peasant's greed and lack of attention to the advice of Ifá.

Explanation: This story teaches us that greed and procrastination can lead to ruin. Generosity and prompt obedience to advice and warnings are essential to maintaining stability and well-being. Ignoring the needs of others and failing to fulfill our spiritual obligations can result in the loss of what we value.

Otrupon Birete Ifa Traditional Nigerian

Verse from Òtúrúpòn Ìrete

Ifá says that this person is a good priest but he must offer sacrifice because they are bringing an Ajogun to meet him; but he will win in the end. The enemies will not be able to take advantage of an inheritance from their ancestors, which they are about to steal. Ifá advises you to ask and find out about a particular property, since it can be stolen without this knowledge. He will prevail.

Òtúrupòon tètè
The royal priest, truthful
The royal priest, well positioned
He was the one who made divination for Àwòko
The descendant of the rich man in the deep forests
He is the father of Àwòko who owns the forests
Some people conspired to seize their possessions
There is no problem, Àwòko said
Àwòko made the sacrifice
They could not seize the bush of Àwòko anymore
Life pleased him that way
He said Òtúrupòon tètè
The royal priest, truthful
The royal priest, well positioned
He was the one who made divination for Àwòko
The descendant of the rich man in the deep forests
They advised him to make sacrifice
So they couldn't take over their father's forest
Àwòko heard about the sacrifice
He did it
Offering sacrifices and giving his portion to Èsù
Come and meet us with good news
It is with good news that one finds oneself at the feet of the king of Òrìsà
They could not take away the forest house that belonged to his father ever again.

Eshu of the Otrupon Birete Sign: LAYIBORI

This is an Elegba that is planted in Ikoko and a Pataban mangrove iguí is placed on top. He feeds himself with 101 snails.

Load: Ilekán, land of bibijagua, of the prison, of the door of the house, of the cemetery, of the scratching of a dog, of the scratching of the chicken, of the four corners, of the mountain, sea and river sand , quicksilver, gold, silver, copper, coral, amber, jet, ivory, charcoal, seven iweriyeye, twenty-one ataré, twenty-one Chinese peppers, ewé doll, get up, garro, red pigweed, remove curse, ortiguilla, roots and leaves of twenty-one palos, three ikines, lerí of akukó, of ayapá, of eyá, of ekú, of gungún and of owiwi, of sijú.

Other ingredients that Orula says.

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  1. Kind regards; My sign is Otrupon Irete omo Eleggua, I am aleyo, Orun received; and because of great economic stagnation, I threw away all my warriors. Now, with greater maturity I want to resume my iffa path. I need advice and recommendations from him and may Eleggua bless him!

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