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ogunda fun sign

Other names of the Sign Ogunda Ofun:

Ogunda Fun.

Ogunda Mafun.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Ogunda Fun?

  • Here: It says that everything that the earth gives to it has to come back.
  • It was where heaven did not want to do Ebo.
  • Pigs are not killed, they are used in ceremony as a change of life.
  • The person is cursed.
  • What you think gets done.
  • The person as he wants, he also hates.

What does the sign of Ifa Ogunda Fun talk about?

  • The Egun Babalawos speak.
  • It speaks of mass that is due to deceased relatives.
  • In this Ifá you are always at war.
  • The person can go blind.

The sign Ogunda Fun (3-10) indicates:

The transformation of the person speaks.

  • It was where the always alive defeated the enemies of Obatalá.
  • They treat the person with hypocrisy.

What are the prohibitions of Ogunda Ofun?

  • Drinking and drugs are prohibited.
  • Eating shellfish is prohibited.

Sayings of the Sign of Ifa Ogunda Fun:

  • Each one is as Obatala did, but he becomes as he makes himself.
  • The serpent does not measure its shadow, like that of the rainbow.
  • In the town of the blind the one-eyed is King.
  • What the land gives to the land comes back.
  • Pride and boasting are the bane of man.
  • The general goes to war, but the hunchback does not lose sight of him.
  • You have to know how to love, and then hate.

Odu Ogunda Ofun Ifa Code of Ethics:

Have a good beginning to have a good end, what starts badly ends badly.

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Says Ifa Ogunda Fun:

That you slow down in your affairs and do not talk so much.

You dreamed of your mother or another deceased in the family, do not call her more than they are going to do for you, celebrate Mass for that deceased, you are very ill, meet Oshún.

You have one thing in mind, conclude it, that what you think gets done.

You've had a headache for several days, pray that your head is cool.

Be careful with something you are going to do because it does not suit you, you have to drink omiero, they have blown powder down your back and it is to fight, do Ebo so that you can win or not to see yourself in a legal mess. -You. he must attend to Eshu-Elegba, Oshún and Ogún.

Do not forget about the dream you had last night, because by taking care of it you will save yourself from situations that may arise.

You feel like crying, you are stubborn with another person, they are also cursing you a lot, you have to wash your
head with omiero

Be careful with an explosion where you can get burned or another person in your family, look to see what Ogún wants.

Prayer of the sign Ogunda Fun Ifa:

Ashikuelu Orunmila. ORUBO.

Suyere Oddun Ogunda Ofun:


Ebbo from Odu Ogunda Fun:

Ogunda Ofun's work for the disturbing dead:

5 medium glasses of water are placed, of which three of them are poured: one with perfume, another with alcohol, and the third with brandy. A plate is placed with an egg, which is painted half white and half black. Ogunda-Fun is painted on the floor and a whole candle is lit. Mojuba is done and the Odu is prayed, and it is said: “There are the ingredients”, it is spoken to and given coconut (obi omí tutu), and the Egun is asked what is done with the egg (this work is carried out in the bathroom of the house).

When Eshu is given a goat by the sign Ogunda Mafun.

When the Awó of this Odu gives a goat to Eshu-Elegba, the head is presented to him and he is danced normally and then he is removed and buried so that he does not get sick and may die.

Oddun Ogunda Fun Tips (3-10):

Here everything that the land gives to the land has to come back.

When this Ifá is seen a sick person, it is made Ebbo with a goat, the head is presented as usual, it is danced and then it is removed and buried so that the patient does not die.

When this Ifá is seen to a pregnant woman, it is made Ebo with 2 black hens and when the boy or girl is born, Awafakan or Ikofafun must be given to him because he is the son of Ifá, if he is female it will be Apetebí de Orúnmila.

This Sign is the Ifá of the always alive, who was the one who saved Obatala from his enemies. So the main herb of this Ifá is the always alive or prodigious (ewe dun dun).

In this Ifá, all the Inshe-Osanyin that is prepared must be cast prodigiously, so that it has the desired effect and pray the Ogunda-Fun Sign. This Odu describes that you should slow down in your things and not talk so much as it hurts you. Also what you have in your mind conclude it, since what is thought must always be done.

For this Oddun of Ifá, you have to take care not to put powder down your back, and always try to remember your dreams, since attending to them will be of use to you. They powder you because they say you are very proud and a bummer.

Here you have to take care of explosions. As you must wear a crucifix, you cannot wear black clothes and even less in bed.

Ogunda Fun is an Ifá of blindness, so he has to do the necessary works so that this does not happen to him.

For this Ifá kaferefun Oshún, Obatalá and Ogún.

The Awó Ogunda Fun must beg his head (Ko-Borí) with dog vomit (AYA) to overcome all difficulties.

Here the person who sees this Odu must wash his head with omiero and water that falls in May and sits on the roots of the Ceiba.

This Ifá is one of transformation, so that people change their form and way of proceeding, according to the circumstances in which they find themselves, it is of a variable nature.

Babalawo Ogunda Fun must have an ever-living plant planted in his house as the pig must respect. You must be careful not to mistreat the dogs or the people who live with him, or his friends. You must control your character to succeed in life.

For this Ifá, one must be careful about marrying daughters of Oshún, since if in an argument his hand is raised, this will be his misfortune.

Awó Ogunda Ofun must receive Oshosi and feed him and respect Shango a lot.

Meaning of the Sign of Ifa Ogunda Fun:

Ogunda Fun is a sign of a curse, so much so that when the Awó sees this Ifá to a person, he has to feed his head (Ko-Bori), immediately because it can be in danger, and thus prevent the curse of that person reaches out to him.

For this Ifá, 2 white hens should be given to his head. And give his father a ram if he is deceased. If he is alive give it to his grandfather and beg for everyone's life.

The Awó who has that Sign cannot be absent in his Ifá Orí. In this Ifá, pigs are not killed and they are only used for delicate ceremonies, such as changing heads.

In this Odu a doll is prepared that wears the person's used clothing (ashó araé)

It is also this Ifá, the person washes his head with brandy (otí)

In this Ifa, the woman must be careful with marriage, because she does not live in love with her husband, and mistakes can be made that can cost her her life.

Ogunda-Fun is an Ifá, that the person as he wants, also abhors.

Here the husband sweetens her after fighting with the wife, he is crude and they do not understand each other.

Also the person is demanding in everything and more in sexual intimacy.

This Ifá in women: you have to take care of cysts in the ovaries and health in general. Your husband does not want you to work and neither do Orúnmila and Oshún. This Ifá also talks about pregnancy.

You are a fortune teller and have mental power. He must receive the warriors and work the spiritual work and develop.

When it comes out in Ikofafun, the husband should be told that he has to be careful because his life is in danger and he should be cared for religiously.

By this Ifá everything is destroyed and nothing is strengthened, since it is an Ifá of wars.

Everyone here treats him hypocritically.

For this Ifá there is a person who wants to dress like you and also take your shadow.

When this Ifá is seen in a view like Odu toyale, the one who comes to look at himself wants to know something about his spouse. Here for this Oddun, the woman can have three husbands at once.

This Ifá in boy or girl will be a diviner, he has a mark in the roof of his mouth, like a crucifix and you have to put the Orúnmila necklace on him, because he is suffering from blood and the head of the creature is very large. Let the sky of the mouth be registered, so that they can see what he has, and that his parents make Ebo so that that son does not go to kill them or die.
For this Ifá the mother of that boy has to give birth to two more who will be Abikús.

When this Ifá is seen in a child, you have to make him Ebbo and put the Idefa of Orúnmila on him so that he is not in danger.

This Ifá speaks of mass debts with deceased relatives.

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Pataki of the sign of Ifa Ogunda Fun:

The always alive.

On earth, the always alive was a plant considered the weakest, since when they stepped on it, it died.

It was a day where Obatala was to give him power and Obatala told him: -From today you will live forever.

But Obatalá had a neighbor who was his enemy and he would not leave him alone.

The always alive, in gratitude, went to that neighbor's house to ask him to leave Obatalá alone, the neighbor got upset, and gave him a beating and rubbed it in the mud. After the kick, he said: -Now go so that Obatala heals you.

The neighbor left, but when he got home, he found it covered by a huge ever-living vine. He entered, angry, and took a machete, pecked it and placed it in the sun.

The next day, which was not her surprise when she saw a mountain of always alive that barely let her pass. Furious, he tore it off and threw it into the river, so that it would rot, but the next day the ever-living one had covered the entire river, and in such a way that only she could be seen everywhere.

Obatalá's enemy, seeing that, then went to step on the covered river and sank into the mud, the more he struggled to get out, the more he sank in the mud, until he drowned.

Thus the always alive defeated the enemy of Obatalá.

Ogunda Fun - Traditional Nigerian Ifa.


Lékèélékèé kere letí opón
Òrúnmìlà yòyòòyò nibè
A day fún Òòsà Nlá Òsèèrèmògbò
Níjo tí n fomi ojú sògbérè ire gbogbo
Wón ní ó rbo
Ayé àwon give him báyìí?
Wón ní ó rbo
Wón ní yóó gbayì
Wón ní ò níí laíláí tea
Lékèélékèé bá rubo
Òòsà bá fi àse lé e lara
Lékèélékèé kere letí opón
Òrúnmìlà yòyòòyò nibè
A day fún Òòsà Nlá Òsèèrèmògbò
Níjo tí n fomi ojú sògbérè ire gbogbo
Lékèélékéé ta lémi
Làbàlàbà ta lémi
Ifá pé iré or tòó owó eléyìun.

Ifá tells you that everything about this person will be fine. He must be a devotee of Òòsà funfun. The good things in life would come to him.

Lékèélékèé kere letí opón
Òrúnmìlà yòyòòyò nibè
He made divination for Òòsà Nlá Òsèèrèmògbò
The day I was crying because I had no good things in life
They advised him to make sacrifice
Would my life improve?
They advised him to sacrifice
They told him that he would be renamed
He would never be ashamed
Lékèélékèé made the sacrifice
Òòsà then put Àse in him
Lékèélékèé kere letí opón
Òrúnmìlà yòyòòyò nibè
He made divination for Òòsà Nlá Òsèèrèmògbò
The day I was crying because I had no good things in life
Lékèélékèé, put your mark on me
Làbàlàbà, put your mark on me
Ifá says that good fortunes will reach where this person is.

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