Iroso Ojuani: Meaning, Sayings, Tips and Patakies.

iroso ojuani ifa sign

Iroso Ojuani is the combination between the Odu Irosun and Owonrin, it is number 81 in the lord order of Ifa. Orula wants this person to be well, he will meet his good fortunes on the way following a straight path that leads to a crossroads to carry his sacrifice, another person is looking for the same fortune that is from elsewhere. Both will not lose their fortunes.

Other names of the sign of Ifa Iroso Ojuani:

  • Irous Juani.
  • Iroso Wani.

In the odu of Ifa Iroso Ojuani was born:

  • The electric bulb.
  • That if it marks death (ikú), you have to be careful with a bird that your enemy sends you.
  • That there are buried values ​​that you will find.
  • The electric light and the candle, where Shango kicked the earth and it caught fire.
  • Lightning.
  • That the person is about to lose everything.

Sign of Ifa Iroso Ojuani speaks:

  • Iroso Ojuani speaks of a king who can lose his crown.
  • Of pride and of spilling blood from the mouth.
  • To be careful in places where there is a candle, because it can burn.
  • That the man must be careful with the women, because they will make a tragedy for him.
  • That the godfather needs to teach his godchildren, so that they are happy with him.
  • Here Orúnmila had to leave Asia because no one gave up the vice of opium.
  • That if the person becomes addicted to drugs, they lose, because as long as they live they have no will to get rid of that vice.
  • That the person cries because he does not have a job or money and without doing anything he will find everything, because this is an Ifá of money (I will go owo).
  • That in this ifa the woman has an Egun who lives with her, and even having money and position she does not have marital security. If that Egun in life was a woman, Alakuata (inverted) will incline her to that situation. You have to make it Oparaldo quickly.
  • That the person has one foot in jail and the other in the hospital.
  • To give Shango in the middle of the door of the room what he asks for
  • Of social outbreak due to hunger and the need suffered by the peoples, due to the abandonment in which their rulers have them.
  • That your close relatives are going to leave you alone because while you are at parties and kites and even in the matter of drugs, your family has abandoned you and lacks your love, your good examples, and even what is most necessary to survive .
  • When he is sick at home, you have to make him ebo on the run.
  • Of a person who goes through a lot of stumbling blocks.

The Iroso Juani Sign points out:

  • Enemies expiring.
  • Of entanglements and that if you pay attention to those entanglements you will be lost.
  • Family opposition to the woman you live with.
  • Of a person who has no fixed whereabouts.
  • To be careful with a betrayal.
  • That you escape from your enemies, just as you cannot reach the fish in the river and the sea with your hands, so your enemies will not reach you. You should give two Ejah tutelage to your reader.
  • That here Orúnmila had short hands and was not enough.

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Recommendations of the Iroso Ojuani sign:

  • Put on some very showy clothes and go to where there are many people, return home and dress in white, so that Obatalá can see your face, and give you what he has for you.
  • Where you visit retire.
  • Avoid pride and all kinds of tragedies.
  • Wear metal Obatala handles.
  • Be very careful about shaking hands with others.
  • Be careful with the water you drink.
  • Receive Ifá.
  • Beware of tummy aches.
  • Watch out for the candle.
  • Yams are wealth, yams (Ishu) are not eaten here.
  • Be careful on the ground you step on, you can imagine that it is firm and empty.
  • Do not raise your hand to anyone because if you raise your hand if you hit it, it can cause death.
  • Do not treat anyone falsely who does not suit you.
  • Make ebo so that you can get out of a business that has it without rest.
  • Give thanks to the yam, Osun and Shango.

Sayings of the Odu Iroso Ojuani:

  • Raise crows and have your eyes gouged out.
  • Friends of today and enemies of tomorrow.
Iroso Ojuani Sayings

Prohibitions of Iroso Juani:

You can't curse because you can get yourself on top of it.

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Ifa says in the odu Iroso Ojuani:

When this Ifá appears in the Igbodun, the person will be advised never to practice medicine or Ifism, if he wants to live for a long time.

When this odu appears in divination for a man, he will be warned not to take an interest in another man's woman or lover. When it appears for a spinster woman, her parents will be advised to make a sacrifice to avoid the risk of her being macheted later by her husband for reasons of infidelity. The sacrifice must be made with a goat and its headdress.

When Iroso Ojuani appears in Ibodun, the person must entertain Ifá with a father ram and Ogún with a dog. After that the meat of the ram will be forbidden for him.

In an ordinary divination, the person will serve Ifá with a chicken already Ogun with a rooster, to avoid eating what is forbidden. Although you must be careful of enemies.

Prayer of the Odu of Ifa Iroso Juani:

Iroso Juani Anaboro ona odó adifafun Orú read oni okó dundun akukó lebo, ewefá lebo

Ebo of Odu Iroso Ojuani:

In this Ifá the woman has an Egun that lives with her and to cut this one eyele funfun is given to the woman from the breasts to her parts, leaving the Blumers that she was wearing, everything is taken to the cemetery and buried.

Description of the Ifa Iroso Juani odu.


Here you have to be careful with a bird or something that your enemies will send you.

Beware of arrogance and bleeding from the head and from the mouth.


Be careful with places where there is a candle as it can burn.

Talk about sick at home that you have to make him ebo on the run.


It tells of a king who loses his crown.

Talk about how the person is about to lose everything.


The man must be careful with the women, because they will create tragedies for him.

This is where Orúnmila left Asia because they did not give up the vice of Opium, they became addicted to drugs and he did not have the will to get rid of the vice.

The person has one foot in jail and the other in hospital.

He speaks of a social outbreak due to hunger and need.


There are buried values ​​that you will find.

Ifa of Kaferefun Elegbara, Lordafun Shango ati Yalorde.

Ifa de iré owo (a good of money).


Your close family is going to leave you just because you are at parties and kites and even on drugs, your family has abandoned you.

Now because he has no job or money and without doing anything he will find everything, Ifá de iré owo.

Here the woman has an Egun who lives with her and even having money and position she does not have marital security, if that Egun was Alakuata in life, it will induce her to that situation

Talk about a person who goes through a lot of stumbling blocks.

Ifa code of ethics of the Odu Iroso Ojuani:

The Awó never argue for women.

Patakie of the sign of Ifa Iroso Juani - Ojuani:


On this way Shango He had an assistant named Alabueli who learned with Shango, how to control fire and light, one day he went to visit his son-in-law and his brother-in-law in a town called Lese Oyó Inle, he burned 200 houses and everyone became afraid of him. And as this was a disciple of Shango, the people said: I do not give my children to Shango to teach them because everything destroys and burns it.

Shango, who was called Oba Leyé, went to see Orúnmila, who saw this Ifá and made him ebo, and left for the land of Ejiogbe, Mokun Inle, where some of his disciples lived and he remained after Ife, there they received him with a treat very big, but Oba Leye had 200 eboses and a lot of epó and ashé de enu in his bag (Apo), and when the treat was over, he stood at the door and said: Well, I have to go, to pick up the boys that his relatives They are going to hand me over, so that I can teach them, to go to lese Oyó, and when they got to the families' house they did not give him the children, because he seized 200 houses and rejected Shangó because of his disciple Alabueli.

Shango went to Orúnmila's house and did ebo with: Abo, etu meji, akukó meji and opolopo owo and for him to have a treat with bogbo tenuyen, when he did, nobody wanted to come and what they wanted was to kill Shango, but he began to sing and to dance and when people least expected it, he kicked on the ground and began to throw a candle through his mouth and all that caught fire, with a light that seemed like daytime and everyone was freaked out with fear and they put it as Oba de la Land Lese Heard and thus that light served to illuminate that town.

Thus was born the electric light bulb.

Iroso Ojuani - Owonrin Ifa Traditional

Your experience in agriculture.

He succeeded immensely in his Agricultural business so much that the Ram and the Dog approached him to learn the secrets of his cultivation. He provided her with land to cultivate but told them that it was strictly forbidden to plant the two products that he used to grow on his farm, which were yams and kolá nuts. Later they embarked for their respective farms.

One day, the Ram persuaded the Dog to eat the Kola nuts since he had eaten the yam. It was unknown to them that Irosun-Owanrin had watchmen on the farm day and night. When the guard reported the actions of his farmer guests, he caused the Dog to run away like a madman and the Ram to lose his voice to the point of being unheard. They were both speechless and for a long time they could not explain what had happened to him.

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