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ifa Okana Irete sign

What is born in the odu of Ifa Okana Irete?

  • ISHONA AGBA IGUI. The spirit of the wood carvers.
  • The art of carving wood.
  • IBA ASIA AKEFUN. (ELEGBA's brother).
  • Give ELEGBARA white guanajo.
  • They Were Born: The Chills
  • OYA is given a scythe with Peacock, Guanajo and Tiñosa feathers.
  • So that the marriage does not separate, they must sleep crossed.
  • OSANYIN is called Sara-Ekó.
  • When the Okana Irete sign comes out, Shango is given a one-eyed rooster within 7 days.
  • The Guanajo woman fell in love with the Peacock.
  • The Guanajo chained the Peacock.
  • You have to feed your head.

What is the Okana Irete sign talking about?

  • The war between Totí and Guanajo speaks.
  • The man puts the woman into prostitution and handles the money for her.
  • The diseases are: Chills, digestive system, cardiovascular system, circulatory system, kidneys, lower limbs, blood, throat and nose.
  • The Odu Okana Irete speaks of long life with great government and great secrets.
  • Not eaten: corn, rice husk.
  • You have the protection of a man Spirit that does not allow its destruction.
  • His own people betray him.
  • The person seems clumsy, but is not.

The Okana Wete sign points out:

  • You have to beware of bladed weapons.
  • The Awó who abuses or lives with his goddaughter is punished.
  • Talk about having Abikú children.
  • Okana Irete, talk about poisoning.
  • Talk about the Jumping Awó.

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Recommendations of the Okana Irete sign:

Because of this Odu the person is not considered, because they do not know his virtues, he is so noble that he lives with those who are less than him. He is not proud, his virtue is due to his astral, over time his enemies will ask him to help them. In this Ifá his own people betray him. You should not count on your family because they will not help you in anything.

Witchcraft will not kill him, because dog does not eat dog. Beware of betrayals and attacks with bladed weapons. With a pause you will reach your destination and will live on your own abilities, because you have art to live in life.

Every opportunity must take advantage of it and make good use of it. You are the son of Obatalá or Oshún.

When the sign of Ifa Okana Irete appears in an ordinary record, the person is warned to make sacrifice to avoid sudden death. The sacrifice is made with a chicken, rat, fish, rope and a reed.

When this Ifá appears in an ordinary record, the person must make sacrifice to avoid being deceived by a small and sarcastic person.

When this Oddun of Ifa appears in an ordinary record, the person will be told that he has three indomitable enemies who are fighting to block his prosperity. He must make sacrifice so that all his problems become nothing after which his prosperity will flourish.

In an ordinary register (Okana Wete) the person must make sacrifice with a ram or a goat to defeat his enemies, especially a young person who believes himself superior to him.

In an ordinary register the person must serve his head with a guinea and offer adimu to the Divinity of Water in the sea, for children and prosperity.

When Okana Irete appears in Igbodun, the man is warned not to marry anyone who is from the royal family. He must take care of some woman who professes love for him. In any case he must make the sacrifice that Oyekunle did.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Okana Irete:

  • Menéalo, who has the sugar down.
  • Shame is the justice of man.
  • Justice is Olorun's revenge.
  • All the birds eat rice and Totí bears the blame.

Odu Okana Wete Ifa Code of Ethics:

The Awó calmly reaches his destination.

Says Ifa Okana Irete:

This person must make sacrifice. Ifá says that he would help him overcome his enemies. If anyone warns against him, the other person will feel it.

That at all times, your hairs get wavy and your head gets very heavy.

You are the son of OBATALA or OSHUN, you have neither money nor luck, because you yourself are to blame for what is happening. Do not give away anything that you have worn, because you are late and the other person will be ahead. You have a son who is always climbing and running, be careful not to have an accident and get lame. Feed your head.

You have to do Santo.-Be careful with a tragedy and a war overtakes you.-Do not go to wakes or use weapons on top.

Wherever you want to go, tragedy may strike and blood will flow.

Do not fall in love with the wife of any friend.

Prayer of the Odu Okana Irete:


Ebbo of the Oddun Okana Irete:

Ishé Oriku Bambaya of the Okana Rete Sign.

In this Ifá, Orikú Bambaya de los Abikú is prepared. It is prepared with two wooden dolls, one female and one male. Its load is: dust of many sticks, ero, obi, kolá, obi motiwao, land of a small child's grave. This is washed with Ifá herbs and eats a chicken each. They live behind the door of OKANA WETE and are covered with a mariwó curtain. Afterwards they eat together with Egun from OKANA WETE.

Secret to OKANA WETE's son.

OKANA IRETE has to be careful with her children and perform ceremonies at the foot of SHANGO so that she does not lose them by increasing her power, they may suffer an accident that costs her life.

The secret is to pass the son into SHANGO's pan and give SHANGO a guinea right there, next to a gourd with akaraina, then with the guinea's head an Inshé Osanyin is made.

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Meaning of the Sign of Ifa Okana Irete:

Okana Irete talks about the art of wood carving. The great Spirit ISHONA AGBA IGUI is born, which is the spirit of wood carvers.

This was where the Guanajo woman fell in love with the Peacock and he poisoned her. The mocked husband can kill the wife's lover. Be careful with adultery.

For this Odu: You do not eat corn cooked in any way or rice husks. A fan is made with Peacock feathers and put on the Oshas for Iré Ayé Umbo.

You have to beg your head.

This sign speaks of the war between Totí and Guanajo. All the birds eat rice and Totí pays the blame.

When a child of ELEGBA has this Odu in Awofakan or Ikofafun, he will give a Tolo-Tolo (guanajo) to his ELEGBA and when he goes to make Santo it must be given again.

Awó Okana Wete must be careful with her son and perform ceremonies at the foot of Shango, so that he does not lose it as he increases his power, because the son may suffer an accident that costs him his life.

Because of this sign of Ifá, you cannot give or lend any of your clothes, because luck will incline towards that person and you are late.

Here you suffer from chills, digestive system and heart.

Here Oyá is given a scythe with Peacock, Guanajo and Tiñosa feathers.

For this Ifá so that the marriage does not separate, they must sleep crossed, one with his head towards the head of the bed and the other with his head towards the skin of the bed.

Here Osanyin gets a güiro with Sara-Ekó. Dove is also given to Osanyin or Ogún.

The person is asked for the head with Obi Omi Tutu and two coconuts are given to Shango, he is also given a one-eyed rooster before seven days, if this Odu comes out.

In the sign of Ifa Okana Irete, the man puts the woman into prostitution and handles her money and while she gives him more, he demands more and even beats her, praising himself and calling the public to see how he treats her.

You have to be careful with a red-haired woman who will be visiting your house or visiting you who is a friend or lover of you or your wife

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Okana Irete:


In this way, OKANA ISHONA dedicated himself to the art of carving dolls, where no one could surpass him in creating them (malaguidi).

He had his business in Ile Loya but despite the beauty of his creations they sold very little.

He had a son named ADAMALEKE who was very restless and was always jumping from one place to another (this was the cricket that went around the entire market hawking the merchandise of his father OKANA ISHONA). One day he met OSHUN who, upon seeing him, asked him why he was jumping so much, answering this that that was his temperament and that he also had to help his father to sell the merchandise he manufactured.

OSHUN went with him to where OKANA RETE was. When he arrived he saw the beauty of the ERE (dolls) that he was carving. He found him crying and asked him the reason for his crying. He explained that despite their beauty, he could not sell them. OSHUN told him that he lacked the strength so they could move and that he would take him to OLUO POPO's house to teach him to give him strength

OKANA ISHONA was very happy and gave OSHUN two chickens. They left for OLUO POPO's house and when they arrived she knocked on the door and sang: «YANSE ALAKA AYANO POPO MALODE» OLUO-POPO who was working with her head greeted OSHUN with this song: «OFE NI TIYE, OFE NI TIYA. NANGA NIO. NANGA WEDEO TERARE OSHUN, OSHUN

They entered and OSHUN introduced them, telling him the situation of OKANA ISHONA. OLUO POPO told him that he would help him in his work and teach him that way. They immediately got to work and OKANA IRETE began to learn the secret of ERE cargo. After a while when he thought he knew everything, he left the OLUO-POPO house and with the secrets and his art he went back to carving, but it turned out that they did not walk either. Desperate, he became OSODE and OKANA WETE was seen where he told him that he would be a great man but in due time, that he had a good coming along the way, that he did ebo with an ere so that he would prosper and that he also be careful with his son not to be to have an accident.

OKANA ISHONA made the ebbó and put it on the door of ILE LOYA and in that they came singing SHANGO and OLUO POPO:

When they arrived, OKANA ISHONA gave OLUO POPO to eat guinea and told him that what he taught him was not complete because the dolls (malaguidi) did not walk, OLUO POPO answered that he had never told him that what he had learned was complete, since the Fruits ripen in due time and IFA knowledge is learned in due time. It lacks a consecration that SHANGO makes and you never saw him doing it. Then OKANA ISHONA asked SHANGO to consecrate the ere in order to live. SHANGO told him that he agreed and that he saw that he had learned his lesson. SHANGO lit the Akaraina (6 wicks), put the ere on top and began to pray to her:


At that moment ADAMALEKE, OKANA ISHONA's son began to jump with emotion and inadvertently fell into the ABA (fryer) of the akaraina (wicks) and burned, then SHANGO sang:


Despite OKANA ISHONA's tears, SHANGO put the akaraian (wicks) with ADAMALEKE's ERURU DE ARA (body ashes) inside the ere and they instantly began to move full of life through the mediation of ADMALEKE's spirit. So SHANGO gave the rest of ERURU from ADAMALEKE to OKANA ISHONA so that that afoshé would be the IYEFA in that land and would blow it from the rooftops to solve their problems. Since then OKANA WETE has been known as OKANA ISHONA, which manufactures the dolls that move.

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Okana Irete Ifa Traditional


Amepo mépo aloré
A day fún Irù tíí somo Òrúnmìlà
Irù wáá gbón pupò
Ó rubo
Oyè ilee baba è
Heh heh
Gbogbo ohun tí ón rò pé ò níí gbón gbón mò
ó mò ó
hey hey
Nnkan è ò bàjé
Ó rójú or ráyè
Ní wá n jó n ní n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Amepo mépo aloré
A day fún Irù tíí somo Òrúnmìlà
Wón ní ó saca káalè ebo ní ó se
Irù gbébo nbè, or rbo
Bée pée pa Irù
Araa yín pa
Èèyàn è é pa Irù omo Èdú
Be ba pee pa Irù
Araa yín pa.

Ifá advises this person to make sacrifice. Your things won't go bad. Ifá says that this person is the son of a Babaláwo. His earthly enemies will not arrest him. He must offer sacrifice so that his hands can touch the good things that he has in mind. There is one thing in particular that his enemies think he doesn't know; He wants to know what that is, which is the source of the problem that he is looking for. They will not be able to arrest you.

Amépo, épo aloré
He made divination for Irù, the son of únrúnmìlà
Irù is very intelligent
He had also made the sacrifice
His father's throne that was vacant
He would promote it
All the things they thought that he didn't have enough knowledge
He knew it
Life pleased him
His things didn't go wrong
He arrived in time to get things done
He began to dance and rejoice
He was praising his Babaláwo
His Babaláwo was praising Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwo had said
Amépo, épo aloré
He made divination for Irù, the son of únrúnmìlà
They advised him to take care of the land and make the sacrifice
Irù heard of the sacrifice and performed it
If you say that you will kill Irù
You are doing wrong to yourself
No one can kill Irù the son of Èdú
If you say that you will kill Irù
You will be doing wrong to yourself.

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