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Oyekun Iroso - Oyekun Biroso

Oyekun Biroso is one of the signs of Ifa corresponding to the book of Oyekun, I recommend the worship of San Lazaro (Azojano) to have a quiet and prosperous life, it is necessary to stimulate affective relationships since it talks about family disputes.

The Odu Oyekun Iroso is the combination of the older Odu, Oyeku and Iroso and in the lordly Order of Ifa it has the position number 35. Ifá warns this person not to be greedy. Anytime he drinks wine, he should always place the container lying on its side on the floor once the contents are gone. You are encouraged to serve your visitors and Shango with wine as a spiritually marked person who enjoys wine will visit you.

In the odu Oyekun Biroso is born:

  • Why Azojuano (San Lázaro) is not washed with water.
  • That the children of Azojuano have to receive Agayú and are born with Orishaoko so that they can live well. The reason why he was born with the Ibejis.
  • Flat feet and dropped metatarsal.
  • The call of all beings to Orúnmila.
  • The scars on his face.
  • The great power of the son of Ikú and Ifá.
  • The great power of the Paraldo.
  • In Oyekun Biroso the Guard of Honor was born when a Great Person dies
  • Pass the Irukere through the body when a religious dies so that death comes from within, that is, the obsessed.
  • Here: Brand dispute between siblings.

The sign of Ifa Oyekun Biroso points out:

  • It was where the Ikin, for disobeying Orúnmila, Ifá condemned him.
  • It is where Oduduwa sat on the throne of Olofin.
  • The Awó of Odu Oyekun Biroso overshadows the Godfather.
  • This Odu brand. Cemetery Path (Ona Orun)
  • The sick person does not get up.
  • It was the secret of Lucifer's curse to the Mud. The Pact of Ikú and Abita.
  • It is where Iku comes to look for the person.
  • It is the Ifá of smallpox.
  • You have to pay what is offered.

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Recommendations of Oyekun Biroso:

When this Odu comes out in divination, the person will be warned the same as Oyeku Iroso was advised. He must not offend any of his wives and if he does he must not accept food from him for a period of seven days. He must invite one of his other wives to prepare food for him. Before the initiation ceremony he must serve Las Brujas and Eshu. It is like having another divinity apart from Ifá, which he inherited from his father. He must offer her a rooster and ask her not to be a victim of his own oath. In ordinary divination the person must serve The Witches with a rabbit and Eshu with a black hen to ward off the danger of being killed by a woman.

Anyone who appears this Odu (Oyekun Biroso) in Igbodun must thank the higher divinities through an appropriate sacrifice, as he will not live long on earth. As soon as this Odu appears in Igbodun a special sacrifice must be made with a goat and a U-shaped iron with which the goat's skull must be grasped like a claw on the altar of Eshu. The new Ifá must give another goat at his party. He must carry the goat on his back and woo it, then it is given to Eshu to go well to heaven. This is done to prolong your stay on earth. This sacrifice must be performed after your next Ifá ceremony (Awofakan ati Imori).

When this Odu appears in divination, the sacrifice must be made without any delay

Ifá warns that no Babalawo should be disrespectful, not even with young fortune-tellers.

What is the sign Oyekun Iroso talking about?

  • In this Ifá, it is where Ikú comes to look for the person. There is a breaking of heads.
  • Here you have to pay for what is offered, with or without effort, because in the end, everything is paid in life.
  • In Oyekun Iroso alms are given to the poor.
  • Here the scars on the face were born, so you have to be very careful with accidents or problems of fights.
  • Parties are given to the Ibejis and the children.
  • This sign of Ifa is Maferefun: Oshún, Ibejis, and the children. He orders to have a party that he always used to do.
  • In this Ifá, although the person is fat, he is weak and has vascular problems.
  • Here you do not eat white beans and you should not eat late or go to bed after eating. The woman suffers from inflammation in the belly.
  • Constipation must be treated here, to avoid accumulation of toxins and thus avoid having a bad smell in the breath in the morning. And suffer from poisonings, which make your body itch.
  • Here the spiritual work must be attended to. Here, traveling suits the person.
  • For a woman with Oyekun Iroso: The husband is somewhat violent, he must handle it to avoid big problems.
  • Oyeku Biroso should not live with jealous women and less with daughters of Oshún.

Sayings of Oyekun Biroso:

  • Do well and don't look at whom.
  • Always be in good shape, even to collect if you are owed.
  • He who has doubt, has no security.
  • Evil begets evil.
  • The night does not allow the day to rest.
  • Medicine that saves one kills another.
  • Take away death and take it off yourself.

Ifa code of ethics in the Oyekun Iroso sign

The Awó must avoid trouble, disease and scarcity.

Description of the odu Oyekun Biroso:

Oyeku Biroso is a strong Odu, where you have to be very careful because in him the Devil, Ikú and Abita reign, and mark, on the way to the cemetery (Ona Orun).

Oyekun Iroso also indicates that there is certain death and that the patient does not get up.

It is Ifá of gossip and slander, dislikes, diseases, scarcity, madness, etc.

Here was born why San Lázaro (Azojuano) does not wash with water and why Azojuano's children do not have to receive Agayú and be born with Orishaoko, so that they can live well. And why it is also born with the Ibejis, who are the ones who neutralize the Devil.

Flat feet and a fallen metatarsal were born.

The call of all human beings to Orúnmila was born, to be able to face great difficulties. A gon, a drum and a rattle are put on it.

The Osanyin of this Ifá is lined with Giraffe skin.

This Ifá marks a dispute between the brothers, because they both want the same thing. The older must handle the situation to avoid breakup.

This was where the Ikin, for disobeying Orúnmila, Ifá condemned him to be caught and placed in Eshu, Osanyin, Orishas, ​​Egun and Ifá.

It was in Oyekun Biroso that Oduduwa sat on the Throne of Olofin. Through this Ifá, the mother is lost very soon. This Odu will also overshadow the Godfather.

Here the patient does not get up. There is certain death and, if he gets up, he is doomed to die in the short term anyway.

Herbs (Ewe) of Oyekun Biroso:

Cotton, pomegranate, carob, dead scare, holy basil.

Meaning of the sign of Ifa Oyekun Iroso:

The person has problems with sperm, can suffer from spermagenosis, can not beget. The secret of Lucifer's curse to the Mud. The Pact of Ikú and Abita.

The sign of Ifa Oyekun biroso, marks dislikes, diseases, scarcity, gossip, slander, etc. Here the person is very concerned about his deplorable state of health, he is stunned, dull, like a drug.

Here they want to ruin the person at work.

This Ifá marks: anemia, general weakness of the organism, kidney and heart problems and general infections.

In women it marks: losses, loose womb, problems in the breasts.

Oyeku Biroso is a walker.

For Oyekun Biroso you have to receive Azojuano, Agayú, Orishaoko and the Ibejis.

You have to change the house inside. You have to watch out for smallpox.

For this Odu is not made Ituto al Awó when he dies. Here in this Ifá the Father is mistrusted. There is a debt to religion.

For this Ifá the funeral honors or Honor Guard are born and the Irukere pass through the body of the religious to remove death from within them, that is, the obsessor.

For this Ifá (Oyekun Iroso), the person has to receive Ikofafun or Awafakan and the Ibejis.

When this Biroso Oyekun comes out in divination the person must be warned to make sacrifices. They will have a son with a white complexion who will do him a great favor in his life and will benefit him, for the construction of his own house. 

Oyekun Iroso in Mano de Orula:

When a person has Oyekun Iroso in Awafakan or Ikofafun (Hand of Orula) and is the daughter of Santos Guerreros, the godfather performs the following ceremony in the river:


He will take him to a river, he will enter it and in the center of it he will take off or strip half of the clothes he has on, collect things from the place and make him an Inshé Osanyin, which will line him with Oshún beads, Elegua, Yemajá and Orúnmila, also has 7 Parrot feathers and other ingredients.
If the person is not the daughter of Santo Guerrero, the ceremony is held at the entrance Ebó (He must receive the Ibejis).

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Says Ifa odu Oyekun Iroso

That you are hurting another person, and don't keep doing it anymore, because it doesn't suit you. He is going to have a party or prayer that he usually does every year.

You want how to move; get everything you have pawned. You have many evil eyes behind you, who envy you what you do and what you do. Attend to Oshún and feed him. -All the good he can do, Orúnmila will make up for it. He has a headache from an upset. You are short of everything; The sick person in your house will surely die. "Shango is angry with you.

Be careful with madness.-The soles of your feet hurt.-In your house there is a person who drinks. You came here because they told you you have witchcraft. Do not have empty bottles in your house and if there are, cover them, death wants to enter your house. Beware of a tragedy with your husband and lose the house. She has several men, be careful that in three days she may lose her life. "Your husband and you have not understood each other for three days, as is your custom.

He wants to go to the field and when he returns he will find out about many losses.-And if you are going to collect some money, do it in a good way, because otherwise there will be a misfortune and several will have to run. Be careful with the candle from the bottom up. you have a bad belly.-Hang a bunch of bananas in the house.

Be careful, there is someone in your house who can go crazy because of a witch who has thrown him out.

Prayer of the Odu Oyekun Biroso:


Suyere from Odu Oyekun Iroso:


Eboses of Oyekun Biroso:

For Abita to be calm:

A hole (kutún) is made in the earth and it is constantly fed: smoked jutía, smoked fish, corojo butter, toasted corn, brandy, honey, it is covered and a rattle is touched to move away from his side.

For the Ibejis in Oyekun Biroso:

There will be a party where children are invited and, specifically, Jimaguas children are given noisemakers and whistles to ward off the Devil.

Paraldo of Oyekun Iroso:

The interested party is made to sit on a chair with four candles behind. It takes a black hen, herbs; cotton, pomegranate, carob, dead scarecrow and holy basil. A coconut, 4 candles, the ritual fabrics: red, white and black, other items from the Paraldo.

This Paraldo is done inside the house and in the place where the interested party always sits, because Ikú goes there. Afterwards you will bathe with Omiero of those same herbs.

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Oyekun Biroso Ifa Traditional


Òyè rùsùrùsù
A day fún won lÉgbàá Èésú
Nibi won gbé n kórí ajée jo
Wón ní kí wón ó rbo
Wón ni òpòlopò owó lebo
Òwúùrù eyelé lebo
Wón nire fun won
Wón bá rubo
Egbáá ni won sì n dá
Ngbà or pé wón bá kówó
Won nísinmi
Okàan won balè
Ayée won balè
Ayée won daa
N ni won wá n jó ni won n yò
Wón n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Wón ní béè làwon Babaláwo tàwón wí
Òyè rùsùrùsù
A day fún won lÉgbàá Èésú
Nibi won gbé n kórí ajée jo
Taa aló rbo báwònyí beere
Òyè rùsùrùsù.

Oyekun Iroso: Ifá wants this person to be well. Ifá exhorts you to form a group that contributes money called Èésú. This is the Ifá verse where Èésú was established. This person will have peace and will become a rich man.

Òyè rùsùrùsù
He made divination for the inhabitants of Égbàá Èésú
Where they recommended to make sacrifice
They were told that it would take a lot of money to make the sacrifice
A ripe pigeon for slaughter
They told him that the good fortune of wealth would come to them
The people of Égbàá Èésú made the sacrifice
Meanwhile they gave only five pence
After a long period of time, they shared their contributions
They all had peace
They also had peace of mind
Their lives became very pleasant
Then they started dancing for joy
They praised their Babaláwo
His Babaláwo praised Ifá
They said it was exactly as their Babaláwo had said
Òyè rùsùrùsù
He made divination for them in Égbàá Èésú
Where they wanted wealth
Who performed the sacrifice in abundance?
The people of Òyè rùsùrùsù
They were the ones who made the sacrifice
The people of Òyè rùsùrùsù.

Patakie of the sign Oyekun Iroso:

The Devil's Trap.

History of Oyekun Biroso.

There was a land that was stubborn by a King named Alosi, who had his people deceived and therefore did his will. Alosi had a very beautiful and beautiful daughter. This girl was of marriageable age and for the same reason all the young people of the region came to ask for her hand.

King Alosi said that to marry his daughter you had to tell her what was inside a chest of his. Whoever guessed it would take the daughter, otherwise he would hand her over to his secretaries, who were illness (Arún) and death (Ikú).

In this land, lived a young man named Beyila, who was ill but was willing to marry the girl. But first he went to Orúnmila's house, who made him bear and saw this Ifá Oyeku Iroso, marking him Ebó (the one indicated above), because he had to pass a very hard test to achieve his wish.

That young man, with great faith, did the Ebó and Orúnmila told him that he could go where he wanted, and to dress in white.

When the young man was going to the King's house, he met a little boy who was Elegba and he said: Hey, Beyila, there is nothing in that chest.

Beyila appeared for the test and the King asked her: "Do you want to marry my daughter?" Beyila replied, affirmatively. Then Alosi said: "Tell me, what is inside the chest?"

There is nothing, he replied.

King Alosi, seeing himself lost and not wanting to give up his daughter, said: Okay, you guessed it, but you have to go through another test.

You have to pass the Great River, back and forth. If you can beat this test, I give you my daughter Alkula.

Beyila prepared to pass the Great River. There were two guards of King Alosi, there was also Orúnmila. When Beyila was in the center of the river, he was suffocated, he was short of breath. Then she stripped off the clothes she was wearing, began to feel better, and suddenly she heard a voice, singing:


Thus he was able to reach the opposite shore, where the soldiers of King Alosi were. Quickly, he started back. When he reached the center of the river, the same thing happened to him as the previous time and he dropped his remaining clothes, thus being able to reach the opposite bank, where Elegba and her sister were waiting for him with a change of new white clothes. Elegba said to him: Beyila, you have won the beautiful and charming Alkula.
Beyila married Alkula.

This, later, gives birth and when the King found out that they were even Jimaguas, she disappeared from that Earth and from there began to rule Beyila.

Note: When a person has this Odu in Awofakan or Ikofafun and is the daughter of the Holy Warriors, the Godfather makes him a ceremony in the River and strips him of half of the clothes he has on (underwear), collects things from the place and he makes it an Inshe-Osanyin, which lines it with beads from Oshún, Elegba, Yemajá and Orúnmila. It has 7 Parrot feathers and other ingredients. If the person is not the daughter of Holy Warriors but of another Saint, the ceremony is performed at the entrance Ebo. You must receive the Ibejis.

The dispute between brothers.



When Olofin created the Earth, he delegated Azojuano and Agayú, who were brothers, and their children to lead the Earth with Olofin and came to Earth and took with him everything that belonged by majority, both from Olofin and from his father.

The youngest, who was the most violent, stayed in the Land of his mother Oroiña and took the name of the Miyo-Miyo or Agayú fire.

Before they came to Earth, their mother told them that it was not fair for them to fight, that they could live together in a gourd. She prepared with a pointed cane, and told Azojuano that because he was the oldest he would occupy the upper part and Agayú the lower part and when they came down they gave that staff to Orishaoko to ensure their power on Earth, with a white chicken, ministras, jutía and smoked fish, toasted corn, honey.

Agayú did not want to accept and stayed with his mother. Azojuano did take everything and went down to Earth.

Agayú remained a confidant of the secrets of Oroiña and Inle-Oguere. One day, Agayú, who did not forgive Azojuano for being the oldest, did a job and the rain stopped falling to the Earth and the seed did not grow.

Azojuano, who had become King thanks to the Inshe of his mother and the power of Orishaoko, the people told him: Like you, who are the Obá, you do not make the rain come to Earth, to be able to live and have children. We are hungry. Azojuano told them that in a few days it would rain.

Three years passed and it did not rain. In that land there were two men named Onidan and Ologbala Arauje, who were from Ile-Ife and they told Azojuano that only Ifá was the only one who could tell him the truth about why it didn't rain. And they looked at Azojuano and Oyeku Biroso saw him, where he said that there was an argument or dispute between two brothers over the same thing and the older one had to seek reconciliation.

Then Azojuano explained to them that this was the dispute between him and his younger brother Agayú and that when he came to Earth, he did not pour water into the sack he brought, but he brought all the wealth of his mother.

They told him: -The water you did not bring, it is under the control of your brother Agayú. And they told him to take a little of all the riches and put two quail with that in a sack and look for Owo-Tutu, who was the great friend bird, this is the Gallito de Rio, so that he could carry the sack where Agayú lived and so he would not reject it.


When Agayú heard this, he went out to meet Owo-Tutu. Happy, they hugged each other and when Owo-Tutu gave him the things, Agayú received them and ate the quail and said to Owo-Tutu: Tell my older brother Azojuano that he is the oldest, but I have two powers that control the
health of the Earth, these two things are water and fire.

Then Owo-Tutu returned to Azojuano's house and a huge downpour began to fall and he ordered that Owo-Tutu in his land not be killed and it was always his secret, which was the crest of his head, where he took things to Agayu. And since then the two reconciled and Azojuano sang to Agayú to give him his food when he visited him.


Note: In Oyekun Biroso was born why Azojuano (San Lázaro) does not wash with water. Also why the children of this Saint have to have Agayú and why the children of the Land of San Lázaro have to be born with Orishaoko, to live well and also why they are born with the Jimaguas.

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